Allah Hears Us In a Special Way

Allah hears us, in a special way,
He has no ears, or a mouth to say,
But when we pray, to him everyday,
We feel His reply, straight away!
Does it go to him, fast like a plane?
Or as a racing car, speeding in a lane?
Or carried in the beak, of a tiny bird?
Or by an angel who, our prayers heard?
Asma ul Husna are, names ninety-nine,
That describe Allah, in a way so fine,
Each expresses, his style in a way,
Depending on what, we want to say.
Ud’ooni Allah says, call on Me!
So I can answer you, super quickly!
Don’t you worry, even a little bit,
Now you’ve told me, I’ll work on it.
To give you, I don’t need, you to ask,
So don’t think of praying, as a task,
Have fun when, you speak to me,
As I love you, very much clearly.
Remember Me, when you sit or play,
Remember Me, always night or day,
Ask me anything, whether big or small,
You’ll need me too, when strong and tall!
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