Courage is the ability to stand up against all hardship, for what it is right, whilst remembering that Allah has all power. He supports us when we are doing the right thing. If we want to be brave and courageous, we make sure the reason we are doing what we are doing is right and for Allah’s pleasure. We trust Allah and rely on Him completely. Practice makes perfect! Its the same with developing courage. Practice being courageous. If for example, you break the neighbours window, be brave and own up. Take responsibility for what has been done. Standing by what yo believe in school is a great way to practice courage. Whenever you have a choice and stand for what is right, that is courage. That is LIVING HUSAYN! Imam Husayn (a) and his 72 man army fought a giant army. They were brave and courageous. Let Imam Husayn (a) be your role model. LIVE HUSAYN!

Your memory ayah from the Holy Quran to guide you in instilling this value is:

Surat Muhammad, (47:7)

“O you who believe! If you help the cause of Allah. He will help you and make firm your feet.”

Courage activity kit:

  • Canvas boards
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Sponge
  1. Select a word or a sentence that reminds you about Imam Husayn (a) and his courage and bravery. It could be, “BE BRAVE” or “STAND STRONG” for example. Choose what works for you.
  2. Select 3 colours from your paint palette.
  3. Dab a wet sponge into the paint and using  horizontal create a background with your 3 colours, that merge gently into each other.
  4. Once you are happy with your background, let it dry.
  5. Write your chosen word or sentence on top of your background in pencil.
  6. Paint over the pencil in black or another colour.
  7. Set your painting up in a prominent place in your home to remind you about how you are going to be brave and courageous like Imam Husayn (a).

Remember to practice being brave and courageous. Be affirmative, tell yourself you are brave and courageous and stand strong and face all your choices.

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