Empathy Paper Plates

Empathy is  awareness of the feelings and emotions of other people. It links ourselves with others. We understand what others are going through as if we are feeling it ourselves. Imam Husayn (a) is a role model of empathy. He showed us why it is important to show empathy to others. He showed us how to put ourselves in the shoes of others. What a wonderful world we would live in if we all showed empathy towards each other. Lets delve into learning about emotions and how to best deal with different situations as guided by Imam Husayn (a). If you see your younger sibling stuck and needs help , help them out. Put yourself in their shoes. If mum is tired, think about how you feel when you are tired and if someone offers you something like a glass of water, you feel so loved and cared for. Do that for mum! Give her a hug. Give her some love. If you see a friend at school, cheer them up by giving them the gift of your company. LETS LIVE HUSAYN!

Your memory ayah from the Quran to help you in instilling this value is, Surat Tawbah, (9:128):

“Surely, an apostle has come to you from among yourselves; previous to his is your falling into distress, respecting your and to the believers compassionate.”

Empathy Activity Kit:

  • Paper plates
  • Emotion faces printed out
  • Bits and bobs! – to make your faces on the paper plates, e.g. pom poms, buttons, paint, markers, sequins, feathers etc
  • glue
  1. Select faces from the attached sheet (emotion faces). Try and make these faces. How does it feel to be happy, sad, angry, shocked?
  2. Make them in front of a mirror and think about what you look like with each emotion.
  3. Select a face to make with your paper plates.
  4. Using the bits and bobs of your choice, make faces that show the different emotions – happy, shocked, sad, etc.
  5. Bring out your situation cards. Which emotions do they evoke?
  6. Use your paper plates to show these emotions.
  7. Think about what Imam Husayn (a) did in Karbala. How did he respond to Hurr?
  8. Think about Imam Husayn (a) and what he would do in some of these situations.
  9. Make a silent promise to LIVE HUSAYN.

Emotion Faces


Situation Cards

situation cards younger.jpg

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