Forgive and Give


It’s time to live.
Time to forgive,
All your relatives and friends.

It’s time to live,
Like Mawla Husayn,
Honesty with no pretence.

Wa saari’ooo ilaa maghfiratim mir Rabbikum.
And hurry to forgiveness from your Lord.

It’s time to share,
It’s time to care,
About every move you make,
It’s time to share,
And to declare,
The hope in my heart won’t break,
It will not break.

Yaa ayyuhal lazeena aamanoo anfiqoo mimmaa razaqnaakum.
O you who believe, spend out of what we have given you.

My aim in life is to work for the awaited savior,
For him I yearn,
I call on him,
Al Ajal; Adrikini,
Hurry and rescue me. x2

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