Forgiveness Fizz

We all make mistakes sometimes. We can always say sorry. Allah is so forgiving, He offers us the chance to ask for forgiveness. What a kind Creator we have. When we make a mistake, we can fix it by apologising and try to make things right. When others do something wrong, we can be forgiving just like we like Allah to forgive us. We can solve many things with a forgiveness fizzzzz

Read ayat (24:22), “…and they should pardon and turn away. Do you not love that Allah should forgive you? And Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.”

Forgiveness Fizz Kit:

  • Plastic/ transparent cup
  • Forgiveness fizz tablet ( effervescent vitamin C tablet)
  • Water


  1. Under the supervision of a grown up, fill your plastic cup with water.
  2. Talk about forgiveness. Forgiving others, asking for forgiveness and asking Allah for forgiveness. Talk about Allah’s name: Ya Ghaffuru. From your heart, ask Allah to forgive you and to fizz away the mistakes you might have made.
  3. Add the forgiveness fizz tablet to the water.
  4. Watch how it fizzes and bubbles.
  5. Talk about how it might be hard at times when we are hurt to forgive, but we can do it. FiZz! fIzZ! FiZz! fIzZ!
  6. Once the tablet has dissolved, look for it. Look! It has disappeared! When we really and truly ask for forgiveness, the wrong or mistake goes away. Deep inside our hearts, we must also forgive others and make the mistake fizz away just like we want out mistakes to fizz away in Allah’s eyes. FiZz! fIzZ! FiZz! fIzZ the Forgiveness FiZz!



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