Habit 3: Put Things First

We always put Allah (swt) first. We should always think of Imam Mahdi (a) before ourselves too. This way we will achieve the true purpose of our existence.

Quranic Ayat – Surat al Asr, 103:1-2

“By time

Surely man is at loss

Except those who believe and do good”


STREAM- Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, Math 


Allow the children to learn the word asr by finger painting the Arabic text in. 

Talk about how Imam Husayn (a) put Allah first before everything, including himself and this is the cause that we are reaping from now. He put first things first. We also begin everything with Bismillah- this means we are putting Allah (swt) first before we begin anything. 

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Putting First Things First Activity

What are first things? 

First things are those acts that are most important. 

When we set the table first we put the table cloth, the mats and then the plates and glasses etc. We also do it first before completing our game because Mummy has asked us to. Serving Allah (swt) is comes first before anything else. When we hear the adhaan, we should stop everything else and rush to pray. We should put Allah (swt) first. 

Similarly, when we create a tower with the different sized cups, we need to follow a pattern of biggest to smallest. The biggest cup must be placed first for the tower to stand tall and be successful.  When we place the biggest cup down first we are creating a strong foundation or base for the cups that will follow it. Similarly, in our lives we must put first things first to create a strong foundation for ourselves that will steer us towards success. We can create this firm foundation by placing Allah (swt) first and by keeping our Mawla the Imam of our time,  Imam Mahdi (atf) at the forefront of our minds. This is surely the way to success. 

Creating a tall sturdy tower- biggest to smallest, the biggest cup comes first.




Filling Me Up- Filling The Jar Up! Activity 


  • Plastic jar x 1
  • Table tennis balls x 3
  • Small marbles x 10
  • Pom poms x 10
  • Sand
  • Paperclips x 5

The jar in this activity represents us. The objective of this activity is to fit all the objects into the jar. The table tennis balls represent the important things in our life, like Allah (swt), our beliefs, good deeds/acts, parents, family and so on. The smaller objects represent the more minor components of our life, such as eating and playing. The sand represents the very minor and unimportant things in life, like watching tv. 

Through this activity the children will learn that when we put the important things into the jar first, everything else fits. Similarly, when we give  precedence to the important aspects of our life everything else falls into place around them. However, if we put the sand and marbles into the jar first then the table tennis balls don’t fit and you cant close the jar comfortably. There is not enough space left inside us for God if we put Allah (swt) last. So lets put love of Allah (swt) and Imam Mahdi (atf) first.  

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Engineering My Own Train Track (Age 2-5 years) 

Allow the children to engineer their own train tracks and then ride their trains along the path they have created. We should put Allah (swt) first in our path towards Him.

Guide them towards thinking about how we must build the train tracks first before we can ride a train. The train driver must prepare the train first, before we can sit on the train. Similarly, we must prepare ourselves for riding the journey along the path towards Allah (swt) by first living and loving the Thaqalayn. This will allow us to be successful in our journey InshAllah! 


Allah Comes First (Age 5+ years)

Allow the children to creatively express themselves by painting their own personal expressions of how Allah (swt) is first in their lives. Some children did a calligraphy of the names of God, others painted the Holy Kaba which they said represented putting Allah (swt) first. 

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Tartib & Muwalaat (Age 5+ years)

Teaching tartib and muwalaat through ‘salaah fun cards’ sold by Buzz Ideazz . Children learn about putting Allah (swt) first in their lives through the example of salaah and the importance of getting the sequence right. 



Children learn to prioritize and their tasks through this amazing tool 



You are my sunshine my only sunshine 

O Mawla Jaan yes you are

I Love you Mawla so very much 

and I want to live the Husayni way!

I’ll listen to my Mother

Share with my Brother

Make time to thank Allah 

I’ll use my day in Allah’s way 

So my Mawla will come so soon

I’ll put things first thats putting Allah first 

To live the Husayni way 

I’ll be caring to all mankind and in all things Allah I’ll find 

I’ll support you my Mawla Jaan I will in every little way I can

My Mawla Jaan I’ll put you first every single day 

*Ayah (Surat al Asr, 103:1-2)*

You are my sunshine my only sunshine



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