Habit 4: Think Win Win

Hadith al Kisa Station 

Through this station children will come to realise that the Holy Prophet (s) was always thinking Win Win. In the part when Imam Ali (a) asked the question, “what is the significance of getting in the kisa?” Rasulullah (s) replied, “we and our followers are the winners.” 

Rasulullah (s) is always thinking of us at all times. Even in the ayah of mawadah. In this ayah he asked for love of his near and dear ones. Not because it was his family but rather because it was Win Win for those who love them. 

What can I do to be like these winers?

What can I do to be like Rasulullah (s), what can I do to be like each member of the Ahlulbayt (a). 

Allah (swt) made this earth for the love of these 5. The way in which we look after this earth should be Win Win. 

Imam Husayn (a) is always thinking Win Win by continuously educating and advising all people to go on the right path till the end, even his last last moments. He never stopped wanting to guide till his last moments in Karbala.

Arts & Crafts Activity

Using recycled material they are going to make themselves -The Win Win  winners.


  • Tissue rolls
  • Cereal boxes 
  • Google eyes
  • Markers


Recycling Station

When we use recycled material we are thinking win win for the earth. At the moment the earth is hurting. The earth provides us with so much. The earth also needs to win so by recycling are thinking win win for the earth. Connect the ayah by looking at how we call out to Allah in wisdom. 


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