Humanity Pack

Imam Husayn (a) is an example of the best people. He is Imam to all. Caring for all, wanting all to join him in the quest for truth. Lets join the Humanity Care Program. Every human needs a helping hand. As a helper to the Imam, make a plan to assist humanity. You will find people need assistance at different times. Lets be the ones who are the change and attempt to assist people through these difficult times.There will be a time when you are at the checkout counter of the supermarket and the lady in front has a crying and tired child. You can help them! Give them something, or play with the wild. Be humanitarian. If you are at the mosque and theres someone who needs something, for e.g., an elderly lady wants a glass of water or  helping hand to stand up, or a child drops their toy- step up and help them out. Lets be Husayni! Lets LIVE HUSAYN!

Your memory ayah from the Quran to guide you in instilling this value is, Surat al Hujraat, (49:13):

“Surely we have created you of male and female, and made you tribes and families so that you may get to know each other.”

Humanity Pack Activity:

  • 2 Zip lock food bags
  • Items to start off your humanity pack- for e.g.


  1. Think about who might benefit from a humanity pack. It could be a neighbour, it could be someone who lives on your street, it could be a builder, a friend in need, a pregnant lady,  it could be anyone! Pack your bag with a few essentials that are sure to help that person.
  2. Go out there and distribute your humanity packs! Did you know, in doing so, you are serving Imam Mahdi (atf)!
  3. Make a plan to do this regularly, perhaps once or twice a month, or weekly.
  4. Think about how the person might feel to receive something like this.
  5. Think about how the world would change id we all took the step to genuinely care for each other.
  6. Be the change! Be humanitarian! Be Husayni!
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