I Can Talk to Allah!


Allah tells us in the Holy Quran to call on Him. Read  Surat al Ghafir, (40:60), “And you Lord says, Call upon Me, I will answer you.” Discuss what this means with mum or dad. What a wonderful month we have before us in which we spend more and more time talking to Allah. We are His guests in this Holy month. Lets get ourselves closer and closer to Him each day. Lets use our, ‘I Can Talk to Allah’ cards to pray for one and all. Enjoy talking to Allah!


  1. Take out your ‘I Can Talk to Allah’ cards each day.
  2. Play a game with an adult where we have to follow an instruction. For example, “can you give granny a hug” or  “can you read a book please.” Explain that all this helps us communicate with each other. We can also communicate with Allah.
  3. Allah is everywhere. We see Him through His creation. We can talk to Him anytime and tell Him anything. He hears us.
  4. Bring out the ‘I Can Talk to Allah’ cards. Allah tells us in the Quran to call on Him and  He answers. Recite the ayat. Allow your child to select one card and discuss how beautiful it is that we can tell Allah about what the card is saying. Fell the joy of talking to Allah. Show your child that you can talk anywhere, not only on the prayer mat.
  5. Use the cards over the month and give your child the beautiful joy of talking to Allah.
  6. Show them by example. Talk about how Mahe Ramadhan is a beautiful month. We make special duas in this month. Keep talking to Allah, He never leaves us.


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