I Raise My Hands and Make Dua- Maarifat of Imam Zamaana (a)

Maarifat of Imam Zamaana (a) means to know and recognise my Mawla (atf). The best way to achieve this maarifat is through the remembrance of Imam Husayn (a). I remember what Imam Husayn (a) did and I do that too. I strive to become a better Muslim and do wonderful things for all people. At school, I find friends who bring me closer to Allah. I visit the mosque where the Ahlul Bayt are remembered. I LIVE HUSAYN(A)!!!

This activity has a beautiful dua to learn and ask Allah for everyday.

Maarifat Imam Zamaana (a) kit:

  •  A4 print out of Dua e Maarifat of Imam Mahdi (a)
  • Frame
  • Passport sized photos x 6
  1. Read the dua with your mum or dad and talk about what it means.
  2. Stick the photos on to the print out where it says ‘fix photo’
  3. Draw images in the spaces provided
  4. Frame the dua
  5. Read it everyday and reciting it from your heart.


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