In the Mosque of Kufa


In the mosque of Kufa

One Ramadan morning
A praying man attacked
With no need or warning

His head was slit, bleeding
By a poisonous sword
He rose successful
By Allah, his lord

We know about prayers
But by him we’re amazed
His son made to finish
While he lay dazed

We know generosity
But his is much more
He asked for kindness
Who wounded him sore

We know about covering
But at this time too
Protected Zainab’s voice
As she would cry he knew

We know about pain
Cannot imagine how much
That would bring down this lion
What force could be such?
We know about honor
But never have we seen
Martyrdom in a mosque
Born in Ka’aba who’d been
Master you’are the best
In all qualities superior
This month we pay tribute
O’ believing warrior

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