Jowshan Kabeer Rhyme


Have you ever seen an armour
Of words entirely made
Praiseworthy names of Allah
In tens beautifully laid

Each one of the hundred
With a specific aim
Once you read a set
The prayer is the same

Glory be to you Oh Allah
There is no god other
Help us please help us
From fire keep us further

Prayers in it for this world
For our body to have no pain
We also ask for blessings
Of this world lots of gain

A need in it for each kind
An answer we do find
Recite it from our heart
With the presence of mind

In matters of forgiveness
There are sections few
Allah opened the doors
For both me and you

How beloved was the prophet
For whom this prayer was sent
No one should ever hurt him
Protective these words meant

A treasure in each word
Dictated by our Lord
It shows the pen is mightier
Forever than the sword


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