Lets Drive in the Right Direction


We love to travel! We love to get to our destination. We will not get there if we go round and round in circles. We need to travel on the right path to reach our destination. Just like a map or GPS helps us the Holy Quran helps us to get to Allah, our Creator. Lets get our guidance from the Holy Quran and travel on the Siraat al mustakeem.

On the roads we see many signs that help us to be safe and know that we are on the right path. The Quran is also full of signs and arrows guiding us through its words. Every time you go on a journey, remember that your heart. It is always travelling. Give your heart what it needs to reach Allah and enjoy what He has in store. Compare and contrast the two styles of travelling shown above. Talk about which one is the better option and why. Read ayaat (29:69) and (1:6) of the Holy Quran. Discuss.

Lets Drive in the Right Direction Kit:

  • Two sided sheet (side a- road & side b- blank)
  • A small car
  • Coloured felt marker
  • Sticky tape


  1. Align the felt marker pen with the back of the car.
  2. Attach the pen to the car using using the sticky tape.
  3. Allow your child to use the sticky tape as much as is needed. Avoid getting the sticky tape on to the wheels of the car.
  4. Open the lip of the felt pen and allow your child to drive the car along the blank side of the paper.
  5. Now flip the paper to the side with the road across it. Show your child how we always want to stay on the path. Allow them to go zooming up and down the lanes. The Holy Quran helps us to travel on the straight straight path.
  6. Show your child a Quran and talk about how it tells us, like roads signs, where to go, what speed is best to travel at etc..
  7. Compare the difference between no guidance ( the scribes on blank side of paper) with the straight path laid out. Share the ayat connecting to ‘ihdinas siraat al mustakeem,’ (Surat al Fateha, 1:5).


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