Make a Mosque

What is a mosque? A wonderful place we can all go and gather together and worship Allah. Yes, we remember Allah everywhere, but we also have special places we can go and worship Allah. Mosques have a dome and minaret. The Muezzin long ago, used to climb up the minaret and call the adhaan from there! Don’t you love the call to prayer? Read this ayat from the Holy Quran, Surat al Jinn, (72:18). Talk about it with an adult. What is Allah telling us here? As you build and decorate your mosque, think about what life might have been without a mosque. Thank Allah from the bottom of your heart for this great place. Once your mosque is ready, set it in your living room and using a digital device (with the permission of your parents) play the adhaan at prayer time daily during the blessed month of Ramadhan.

Have a look at mosques around the world on the internet or in a book. Look at the variety in designs of the mosques in different countries.

Make a Mosque Kit:

  • Mosque template
  • Cardboard
  • Sharp cutter
  • Newspaper
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Accessories to decorate your mosque


  1. Set your template on a cardboard box or a safe cutting surface and cut out he mosque pieces. PLEASE NOTE: cutter is SHARP, adult supervision is required at all times.
  2. Slot the pieces together to build your mosque.
  3. Once built, place newspaper underneath your mosque and begin decorating it!
  4. Be as creative as you like! You can paint the mosque in different colours, add some sparkle with glitter or use coloured tissue paper to decorate your mosque.
  5. Allow your mosque to dry.
  6. Give your mosque a name.
  7. Place a digital device in your mosque and allow the call to prayer to emanate from your very own mosque!




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