Mahe Ramadhan Lantern

In darkness we can’t see. Lets put on a light. This allows us to see so much! The Holy Quran is a light for us. It helps us to so so much. Rasulullah (s) revealed ayaat after ayaat of the Holy Quran so people could understand how to live their lives better and to believe in one God. The Quran is light. It guides us. Read the last part of the verse Surat al Anfal, (7:157), “… and follow the light which has been sent down with him.”

As you make your lantern and add the lovely light, see how it illuminates. Enjoy lightning up your lantern all through Mahe Ramadhan. As you do, remember how the Quran illuminates and is the light to see. Watch the tutorial for ideas on how to design your lantern.

Mahe Ramadhan Kit:

  • Clear glass
  • Gold paint
  • Tea light & batteryIMG_2192


  1. Use the gold paint to create an intricate lantern pattern or any design you like on the glass.
  2. Allow the paint to dry.
  3. Place the battery inside compartment beneath the tea light, correctly aligning the positive polars. Close the cap.
  4. Pick the light up and gently flick the tea light downwards to switch the light on. Another gentle lift will switch the light off.
  5. Place the tea light into your designed lantern.
  6. Use your Mahe Ramadhan lantern throughout the month.



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