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Quran is Everything

by  Sarah Pirmohammed


“Quran talks about everything. It tells us stories about the past and about Prophets. It tells us about what you should do to go to Jannah. It tells us what the bad people did and they will go to Johanna.

We have the best things at the end of our rainbow! And it is real!! Quran is better than a pot of gold and diamonds. Money wont take you to heaven but the Quran can take you to the first, best heaven.

Quran is a magical book. It is not like other books but it is special because you cannot stop learning from it.

Quran is better than everything and no one can even write one line like it. In the past at the time of the Prophet (s), people had tried to write like the Quran but the Quran is so beautiful that they couldn’t write like it.

If we read Quran our face will get light like the Prophet. No other book can make you shiny. And we will get lot of blessings.

In my picture, I have drawn a sun behind the clouds. It is like Imam Mahdi (a). When the sun is behind the cloud we can’t see it but we know its there because we can see the shine. Like that we also know Imam Mahdi (a) is here even though we can’t see him. The Prophet (s) said he is leaving behind the Quran and the Ahlul Bayt (a) and Imam Mahdi (a). “

Zahra’s Love for The Holy Quran

 by Zahra Rattansi, age 2


“I showed Zahra the Holy Quran and told her about how much we love it and why. The Holy Quran talks about the milk she drinks and about her mummy and daddy. She did this painting to show her love for the Quran.”

My Favourites from the Quran

 by Hawra Rattansi 


“We had an intriguing conversation about the Holy Quran, discussing why it was sent down to us, what it tells us and what lessons we learn from it. Hawra has been inspired by the Me & Mawla classes as we as the ‘Quran word a day’ we are doing this Mahe Ramadhan.

Her favourite stories from the Holy Quran were Prophet Yunus being swallowed by a whale and how Prophet Suleiman could talk to ants and all animals.

Having memorised a few short ayahs such as the ayah from shafa which she understands is to be recited when someone is unwell, the ayah Prophet Yunus recite when asking Allah for help and the ayah for the well being of her parents.

Habra knows that Allah talks about the night and day in the Holy Quran, ‘And He it is that made the night a covering for you, and the sleep a rest, and He made the day to rise up again.’

Being Mahe Ramadhan, she knows that the Holy Quran was revealed on Laylatul Qadr.”

Nabi Nuh’s ark 

by Hadi Abbas Bimani


Surat al Shams

by Hussain Abbas Bimani


Directions to the Treasures of the Quran!

by Maryam & Hasan Rajabali

IMG_4555 (1)

Surat al Rahman

by Ali Abbas Bimini


We Love the Holy Quran

by Hasan & Ali Hurr Khimji


“We love the Holy Book because just like our favourite nasheed, ‘Ali Ibn Abi Taleb’ he is in the Quran. He is the siraat. All of us on the siraat so unique, yet all united in his love. Hold on to the Quran and Ahlulbayt (a) and you will be on the siraat too.” – Hasan Khimji


“We love the Holy Book because we love Allah!” – Ali Hurr Khimji

I Love the Quran

by Raadhiya Tejani, age 4


“I love the Quran because it is full of words which Allah (swt) gave to guide us on the siraat al mustakeem. I want to hold tight to the hablullah to the Quran. If I read the Quran I will be sibghatullah. The Quran is like a sibghatullah flower. The Quran is sparkly.”

Quran is Magic!  

by Hasan Pirmohammed


Nabi Musa (a) along the River Nile

by Zahra Manji


“I love the Holy Quran because it tells us stories and has lessons. It also increases our knowledge. I chose Prophet Musa (a)’s story from the Holy Quran because at the beginning Prophet Musa (a)’s mother listened and had faith in Allah (swt) and got her baby.”

The Holy Quran

by Bilal Thawer, age 6


“Bilal’s painting shows angel Gabrial bringing the lovely Quran to our Holy Prophet (s). Bilal says he loves the Quran because its such a beautiful book and we have such lovely rhymes from it 🙂 He also says that he is working very hard to read it all by himself one day InshAllah!”

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