MnM Duas


Allah tells us in the Holy Quran to call on Him. Read ayat (40:60), “And you Lord says, Call upon Me, I will answer you.” Discuss what this means with mum or dad.

What a wonderful month we have before us in which we spend more and more time talking to Allah. We are His guests in this Holy month. Lets get ourselves closer and closer to Him each day. Lets use our MnM tubes to pray for one and all. Enjoy some sweet duas!

MnM Duas Kit:

  • Tube of mini MnM chocolates
  • Sample card & sheet for you to design your own colour coded duas (attached below)


  1. With your parents talk about what it means to talk to Allah and why? Mahe Ramadhan is a beautiful month in which we spend a lot of sweet time praying and invoking. Talk about the significance of this in this blessed month. Read a story book like Noor Kids on Prayers or any other story. See the beauty of dua.
  2. Get your sample card out which shows you how you can designate colours to each group you are praying for.
  3. With some felt pens design your own designations that are colour coded.
  4. Through the month, open up your MnM tube, recite the ayat feeling Allah’s call deeply in your heart. Pick out 3-4 MnM’s a day. Using your own colour code make a dua. Begin with Bismillah and Salawaat and end with Salawaat too.
  5. Shhhhh…Its a secret, nobody needs to know you are praying for them. Allah hears you overtime. Every night make your duas. Carry on making duas, even once your tube of MnMs has finished. Continue making daily duas even after Mahe Ramadhan.


Sample card and sheet for you to fill in! Print Me!

MnM Duas colour coded

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