Mosque Marvellous Mosque


The mosque is a marvellous place! Everyone comes together to pray here. What a wonderful place visited by lots of people and lots of angels all talking to Allah! Yes, we can talk to Allah anywhere, but the mosque is a special place where we can talk to Him. Talk about how a mosque is a building that has a dome and a minaret. When you hear the Adhaan, this is the lovely call Allah gives so we can all come together and talk to Him. When we are in the mosque, we have marvellous akhlaq. We have marvellous mosque akhlaq. We take off our shoes, speak gently and softly, we share space with everyone, talk to Allah and keep the mosque clean and beautiful.

Read Surat al Jinn, (72:18), ” And the mosques are for Allah, so do not call anyone with Allah.” Think about your heart in the marvellous mosque you visit. Think about how peaceful you feel.

Mosque Marvellous Mosque Kit:

  • A4 Black card
  • Assortment of coloured paper
  • Glue
  • Star and moon stickers


  1. Cut out dome, minaret and and other shapes to create a mosque from the coloured card.
  2. Build your mosque by arranging the coloured paper on the black card however you like.
  3. Add the moon and star strikers around the mosque to create the night sky.
  4. Recite the ayat and talk about it with your parents.
  5. Using the internet look up mosques around the world. Look at their beautiful designs and architecture. Talk about their purpose. What is special about mosques in comparison to other buildings? Look at the mosques of the Aimmah (a). Say a Salaam to them as you virtually visit them.
  6. Mashallah! A special building made to come together and remember Allah. Say Alhamdulilah!




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