Phases of the Moon


The Moon is ever-changing! Make a point to watch the moon each night of Mahe Ramadhan. Carry out some research about the moon and create the phases of the moon through with oreos cookies. Think about the power of Allah and how this is possible. It is but easy for Allah.

Phases of the Moon Kit:

  • Oreos
  • Phases of the moon worksheetPhases of the Moon OREO


Watch the you tube video:

  1. Open up the packet of Oreo cookies.
  2. Carefully pull apart the Oreo cookie sandwich and use the cream on the dark biscuit to display the phases of the moon.
  3. Place the correct shape on the sheet provided, like so: IMG_2261
  4. Think about how light is reflected from the sun. Think about the position the earth.
  5. Find a dark room and conduct your own phases of the moon experiment using a lamp, pencil and a foam ball.

All this is perfection! Only Allah is the Master Designer and Planner. Praise Him with Alhamdulilah! Share your phases of the moon cookies with other moon lovers.


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