Mahe Ramadhan Box

Me and Mawla’s Mahe Ramadhan Box is bursting with fun activities for you to enjoy with your child from the onset of Ramadhan up to Eid! The Box has been designed to teach ayats of the Holy Quran through your (the parents) guidance and questions. The activities work at tandem with your discussions about the meaning of the ayats and their message. Remember the activities are secondary, the primary focus is the guidance from the Holy Quran.

The Mahe Ramadhan Box is accompanied by video tutorials which you can watch and re-watch with your child, aiding you with the ayat from the Holy Quran and its meaning, plus rhymes to instill the learning. Reinforcements will be shared with you over the course of the month. Be sure to log on to daily.

The activities within the box are relevant to Holy personalities like Sayyida Khadija (a) and Imam Ali (a) as well as to key events of the Holy month, like Laylatul Qadr.

Your child will gain an understanding of and learn many ayaat of the Holy Quran through the Mahe Ramadhan Box.

Lets work together to make the Holy Quran’s noor and guidance spread all around for our young soldiers!



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