Rasulallah Revolution 1

The Rasullulah Revolution


I choose my leader!



Poster big – I am smart

Poster big – I am cool

Poster big – I am kind

Lots of lego boxes and baskets with the diff size lego – Actor 1

Backdrop matching to the red for Actor 1 as lego love – Tablecloth – who has?

3 inventions with lego – building/ airplane/ robot -Actor 1

Poster of Tidy up SIGN

Chef Shakshuka – Apron and chef hat for Actor 6 – Actor 1 and Actor 9

Harry Hover man – Blue trousers – Actor 2

White Jacket with H – Actor 9

Specs for toymaker – Actor 9

White top and green trousers – Actor 8 for your costume

White wig hair for tariq – Actor 9

TONGS – Actor 1

Hoover – Actor 9

Stethoscope – Actor 9

Steering wheel – Actor 9

Laptop with google on it. – Actor 2 to make a ppt with this. 

Wear a trouser and white shirt for this.  – Actor 2

Suit for president – Actor 8 

Tie  – Actor 8 or Actor 9

Wig for president – Actor 9

Rasulullah clothes- Actor 9

Green Sheila from Medina must be used – Actor 9

Holding Quran – Actor 9

Poster of ayat – Actor 5 – Actor 9 to explain

roll poster with qualities of Rasulullah looking like a scroll beautiful handwriting with teabag effect +green accents- Actor 4 K

Legible from distance

Poster – sadiq in Arabic and English – Actor 4 K

Poster  amin – Arabic and English – Actor 4 K

3 hairdryers – Actor 9 and who has?

Specialist Poster – Actor 9



Actor 1 – Luqman lego love

Student who passes by and gets pens and toy from Luqman

Actor 6 – Chef Shakshuka (female)

Actor 2 – Harry Hoover man

Actor 8 – Tariq Toymaker

Actor 2 – Google Guy

Actor 8 – President

Actor 5 – Rasulullah

Actor 7 and Actor 3 – Curtains and Set changes




Salaam Alaykum, my name is Luqman Lego love.


I am smart! 

Actor 1 to tap his head and wear some nerdy glasses and pick up a book and read!

From background – Actor 8 drop smart sign


I am cool!

Actor 1 to drop down sunglasses and do a cool walk on stage.

Actor 2 to drop down the cool sign from background


I am kind.

Actor 1 to take out erasers and crayons from pocket and give to a fellow student- Actor 6 who passes by on stage who has a sign that says do you have an eraser

Actor 8 to drop down the kind sign from the back


And yes, you guessed it, I loveeeee lego! 

Actor 1 to hold up a huge heart made of lego. Hold up and then give to someone in the back quickly


I have all kinds of lego.  

Actor 1 to remove from the baskets that are already on stage 

Large size lego, medium size lego and tiny tiny lego. I can make the most amazing things with my lego. 


Let me show you. 


Actor 1 to go and bring some of the amazing models, really bizarre ones 


This one here is a lego love skyscraper

The top touches the sky and makes it smile!

Actor 1 to show the building tall with really cool additions. Big Smile


This one is the ultimate space rocket to the moon

This one is the fastest. It’s the safest. Come on, Count down with me everyone. 

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 BLAST OFFFFFF!!!!

Actor 1 countdown yourself and lift your rocket to space


And this one is  robot number 1

It can do all sorts of things. Look!

Actor 1 to show the next one. 


Now you know what I do when I finish playing, I tidy up,

Actor 2 to drop down the I tidy up sign,

 just like all of you. 


With all the bits and pieces of lego, it does take a while. 

Actor 1 to start tidying up the lego

Hmmm How about I come up with a really cool and quick way to tidy up. I am an engineer. 


Let me tinker around and see what I can come up with. 



Actor 9: Do you guys play with lego?

How about tidy up time? Does it take a while?

Do you have some ideas on what could make it super quick?


Luqman lego love spent a bunch of days and nights thinking up a really cool way to tidy up his lego and this is what he came up with. 




Luqman Lego loves  presenting the ultimate lego and tidying up. 


Actor 1 to bring out the machine that you have made and demonstrate how you tidy up the lego. It is slow and tedious. 

This is fun, but it’s taking too long! Boy o boy, it’s taking too long. I guess it would be faster with my hands.


Maybe  I should ask a few of my friends to come up with a legoland tidy up idea. They might think up something fast.


Here’s my friend, Chef Shakshuka! He makes the best food in town. Actor 6 to come up on stage looking like a female chef.


Chef Shakshuka, you are sooo good at rustling up things in the kitchen

Would you be able to come up with a good way for me to tidy up my lego?


Sure thing, Luqman lego love! Give me a couple a days 

Thanks Chef! Hi5 and bid farewell


Maybe I can ask, Harry Hoover man too. He’s always got good ideas. Actor 2 to come on stage looking workmanish. Tools and luminous jackets etc. 

Hey, Harry Hover man, How are you? Was just thinking about you. Would you be able to come up with a way for me to tidy up my lego?


Sure thing, Luqman lego love. Give me a couple of days. I won’t let you down! 

Actor 2 to go off stage in a different direction to Actor 6. 


Maybe I should ask one more person. Hmmmm, let me think who?

Actor 1 to do a quick tafakur on stage. 


Ah yes! How about Tahir the Toymaker. If he makes toys, I’m sure he knows the best way to tidy them up too. 

Actor 8 to come on stage wearing a simple white shirt, glasses, green pants, a white apron and a hat with toys in them. 


Tahir Toymaker, I wonder if you can help me. Would you be able to help me come up with a way for me to tidy up my lego. I am looking for something super fast too. 


Sure Luqman lego love, give me a couple of days. 

Thanks Tahir Toymaker! 

Actor 1 and Actor 8 to Hi5 and fist bump and Actor 8 to leave.

Actor 1 then leaves and returns from the other side of the backdrop to the side you left. 


A couple of days later, Chef Shakshuka brought along his legoland tidy up. 


Actor 6 to come on stage and announce yourself. 


Introducing the Lego Tong! The ultimate Lego land TIDY TONG. Look and Learn Luqman lego love 

Actor 6 to demonstrate how the lego is picked up piece by piece and placed in the basket. 


That’s amazing Chef Shakshouka. Can I try? Asked Luqman Lego love!

Actor 1 to try and take time and show how it is a slow process. Fun with the whole tong thing but slow. 


Thank you Chef Shakshuka. I I can pretend my legos are chicken legs on a sizzling BBQ, 


My point exactly! Booms Actor 6

I must go now, I have a shakshouka to make! 

Actor 6 to leave.  Actor 1 to keep tidying up the lego. 


This does take a while! I think I need something faster.

Actor 1 thinking out loud


Well, don’t you fear, Harry the Hoover man is here!

Actor 2 to come on stage with this hover 


Pls feast your eyes on….the Lego Land Zap and Zipper! 

Actor 2  make sure the hoover is powered in the socket and works


Luqman lego loves, watches and learns!

Actor 2 to switch on the hoover and all the lego gets zapped into the hoover! 


Now that is quick! Shouts Actor 1 

Actor 1 jumping up and down and super excited


BUT, Harry Hoover man where is all my lego?

Actor 1 asking Harry but look at audience.


Aha! Don’t you worry, it is stored with all the dust and rubbish in here! Actor 2 to open the hoover and show Actor 1 the lego! 

Actor 1 coughs


So I got a dumpster dive to find my lego? Actor 1 asking eeu face


You can’t beat the fastest zip and zapper way of tidying up the lego.  Actor 2 still smiling and convincing face

Thanks Harry Hoover man. Collecting my lego has never been faster than this. 

Actor 1 to cough again and make a face like eeeeuuuuu! To go and get lego from the dirt bag. 


I must be gone now, got more Harry Hoover man hoovers to make!


Actor 2 to leave. Actor 1 to shout out , thank youuuuuu!


Actor 1 to stand in Tafakur holding the hoover 

I like the speed but this is not gonna work. There is no way I am going to get my lego out of that dirt bag every time I tidy up. I mean I gotta tidy up and then wash up too. 


Naaa aaaahhh!


Then Actor 8 to come on stage. Actor 1 to put the hoover away on the side and come to centre where Actor 8 now shows you the ultimate  tidy up. 


Hey Luqman lego Love, I came up with the most amazing way to tidy up your lego! You wanna see? 

Welcome to, “My Lego’s Already Tidy, Tidy!”


First Actor 8 places the circular cloth down. Do some drama and movement while saying things yourself.Sprinkles lego pieces on and say, Now it’s tidy up time. You got loads of lego around. 


All you gotta do is pull the string. All your lego is tidy! When you want to play again, open it up and you are ready to play!


Tahir Toy maker! This is the best. I literally don’t have to tidy up. The lego is already nice and tidy! 


Can I try? Actor 1 to try

Sure you can! Have a go! 


This is amazing! Absolutely ingenious!


Thank you sooo much! Your invention has given me 10 more minutes of play time, cause I don’t need to spend 10 minutes doing the tidy up anymore! 




You are welcome! Gotta go, got a truck load of toys to make!


CURTAINS CLOSE Actor 7 and Actor 3 to close curtains allowing me to pop outside and talk to audience


Actor 9 on the outside.

Which one did you like? 

Chef Chakshuka’s tongs? Thumbs up or thumbs down


How about Harry Hoover man’s Lego zap and zip

Thumbs up or thumbs down


What about Tahir Toyman’s My lego’s already tidy, tidy! 

Thumbs up or thumbs down!


Shall we see what Luqman lego love is up to now?




I know I am smart, I am cool, I am kind but I’ll say, the specialist came up with the perfect way to tidy up my lego. This has got me really thinking. We need a specialist for the job. And the right specialist at that. 


How about in my life, I know, I don’t know everything? I don’t know the unknown? This means I need a life specialist.


When I was unwell last week, I went to the doctors. He is the specialist for health. 

Actor 1 to wear the stethoscope and but hand on forehead like fever


When mum’s car broke down, we went to the car mechanic. He is the specialist for cars. 

Actor 1 to hold the steering wheel we have and drive pretend. Use the stage area. Don’t be afraid to move


What about life. Who is the life specialist?


I know. I will choose 3 again and see which one fits best just like I did with the lego tidy up. 



I could choose Google Guy! 

Actor 2 to come on as a computer screen on legs. With the google page showing. 

Google maps! Google classroom! Google goggles! But google only knows what google is programmed to know. It does not know everything. I mean if I ask google guy, guide me to heaven, 

Actor 1 to click the screen then Actor 2 to say

I’m not sure I understand!  I am only programmed to say and do things. I don’t have a brain. 


Actor 2 to go and stand on the right of the stage. 


How about I choose a country president. They are the leaders of the country. Maybe they can be my guide. 

Actor 8 to come on wearing a suit and tie and wig.  


I make laws to suit my country and myself. Life is about you. Make choices to make yourself happy always. That’s success


Hmm. That does not make any sense at all. 

Actor 1 to come and do Taffakur here. Walking back and forth on stage


Actor 5 to come on as Rasullulah holding the Quran


I am Prophet Muhammed (SAW). The holy Quran says 4:59 atiullaha wa atiur rasul wa ulil amri minkum. 


I have been charged with authority from Allah.

Some of my titles are Sadiq and Amin. This means truthful and trustworthy. 

Poster to come out from the back- Actor 2

I have never sinned in my life. Never lied. I am not greedy and selfish. 

I know what humans do not know. 

My job is to guide humanity to know Allah and live a life of justice, peace and love. 

I know all of Allah’s laws. I don’t make them myself or get anything by you obeying the laws. Your obeying the laws helps you. 

I am the talking walking Quran. Allah made man to know Him. You can know Allah through his prophet. I am His Prophet.

I am not forgetful.

I am always aware of what I say and do. That’s why I cannot sin.


Hmmmm. Actor 1 in tafakur on stage walk back and forth back and forth in front of the 3 select to guide


Ask the crowd – Who should I choose as my life leader and guide?

Google Guy – Actor 2 on stage with screen saying choose me

The President – Actor 8 on stage looking edgy with popsicle stick poster saying choose me

Or Prophet Muhammed – Actor 5 to remain calm and composed.


Crowd answers then Actor 1 asks, Who do you want to choose for your life leader and guide?

Children answer and Actor 5 in the centre front and rhyme starts with movement


Crowd answers and Actor 1 to recite a loud salawat and then immediately Actor 3 to play the rhyme on the mic from laptop.

All mualims on the stage , Actor 7 and Actor 6 to join and do the actions and sing along. Actor 5 in the middle. 


Actor 3 to talk to Actor 5 to know how to switch on the rhyme and keep the mic so the rhyme is playing from the laptop and on the mic. Pls make sure you have this conversation as Actor 5 will be Rasullulah and on stage.



Mualims pls read all the stations and the extra info at the end.


Actor 5 and Actor 8


Actor 8

Purple Group will concentrate on the self analysis and discussion of choosing a leader and answering the questions. They will do the spot light sun experiment to allow themselves to frame their thoughts and the play will allow them to see that no matter if I have a spot light, I still need the sun. 


After that the mualim will allow them to select from the character locator wheel and do a couple of stories with them. 


This will cement the Aqeedah of Nabuwah and then to add on after having chosen the leader, – Rasullulah, that means we are going to do what he says. In Ghadeer, he said Allah chose the next leader – Imam Ali (as). Share the hadith – ana madinatun ilm wa Aliyun Babuha. 

Discuss practically how to get to the knowledge you got to go through the gate. The gate is Imam Ali (AS). This strengthens and cements the next Aqeeda which is Imamat. 

Throughout the discussion refer to 2 ayats. Atiulaha wa atiur rasul wa ulil amri minkum and uswatun hasana which we have done before. My leader is by best example to follow. Remind them of the origami activity and talk about it to reinforce the message. 

There will be a document and lots of lovely pens for the purple group to use to answer the questions. They complete and can take the document home. 


Actor 5

The purple group will now get to learn about an Asma ul Husna – Al Hadi. Discuss it and then get a chance to use art technique to allow it to come out. The artwork demonstrates the prophet as a magnet attracting the heart of a believer towards Allah.

Time permitting use the magnets to show the children what this means. The big magnet attracts the paper clips with its magnetic force. The Holy Prophet attracts humanity with his Allahi force. We could use the magnetic play dough here too. 

Al Hadi in arabic needs to be featured on the artwork. 


Actor 1 and Actor 6 in separate stations

Train tracks and follow the leader game. 

In this station we are cementing the nubuwwah concept using the play as a hook. Play a follow the leader game to illustrate the need and importance of a leader. Aqaid concept here. 


Then talk about how a train goes on the train tracks. The children build the track and then play with the trains and be trains on a track.

In this example, – the train tracks are the life guide, the law giver and the law – the prophet. The train is me and I am heading to my destination which is Allah. The train must follow the tracks.  The tracks are the trains leader. It leads the train to the destination. The prophet leads humans to Allah.


If the train does not go on the tracks, will it be able to get to the destination? 

Talk about the metro and how it follows the tracks every single day. What would happen if it didn’t?

Ask the children to go for a field trip on a metro or tram ride 


For older children you can now tie in the imamat concept and share the hadith – Ana madinatun ilm …..

In the train game, the children get the train to go through the doors, we make that lead to the destination. Must go through the doors. 

Pls use the ayats in your station. Please know them and use them. 


Actor 7 and Actor 2 in separate stations. 


We talk about Al Hadi and how we are so guided by Allah. When Nabi Adam was sent to earth, the first thing Allah said was that He was sending guidance. What a gift from Allah to find our way. 

Connect to both the ayats of the week where we realize that Allah has given the authority to Rasullulah to guide people and that he is our uswatun hasana – best example. 

Children get to do the artwork of Al Hadi. 

A4 size document with the text written and the children use the masking tape and marble effect on the backdrop to do the artwork.

For the yellow and green and blue group, the masking tape has already been done. 


For the red group, they can put the masking tape on and then do the marble paint effect. 

Use the hairdryer to speed up the process

Pls connect to the ayats and the play and the rhyme as the children are painting.



Nabuwah – I choose my leader. What qualities does he have?

Why? Activity sheet



Character locator Wheel


Children get to spin the wheel and get told short stories based on the character of the leader – Rasullulah.

The wheel is made of the lazy susan and divisions made which have his characteristics. 



Laqad kana lakum fee Rasullulahi uswatun hasana 

Certainly you have in the Apostle of Allah, an excellent example


In this station we are going to sing the rhyme for the younger children to get familiar with the ayat and for activity.

Children watch the mualim and her wing chick play a follow the leader game and what goodness and what ouch comes from following good ness and following not so goodness. 

It could be funny things to make the children understand through humour that we don’t follow the wrong way, we follow the right way, and that is by following the guide, who chooses the perfect right way. 

Children get to 



Al Hadi – The Guide

Hadi comes from Hidaya which means to attract someone to something, such as attracting the heart of a believer to al Hadi.

Guidance means bringing the hearts closer to Allah. 

Allah has guided whatever He has created to satisfy its needs. 

Al Hadi guides the guilty to repentance.

He guides those blessed with ilm to facts regarding nearness to Him. He guides hearts to know Him. He guides souls to obey Him. He guides sincere ones to nearness to Him.



Ana madinatun ilm wa aliyun Babuha

I am the city of knowledge and Ali is the Gate


Purple Group – Choosing My Leader

Think think think tafakkur think, like Rasulullah 💛

Is it important to choose a leader? Why? Leaders shape our values, our beliefs and our actions. Who do we see as leaders? What are their qualities? How do these influence me? Understanding that leaders play a huge role in guiding us, help us make the right choices. Even if I have the spotlight, I need the sun. We would therefore want to follow the best of leaders, with the best of qualities. 


Laqad kana lakum fee Rasullulahi uswatun hasana. Certainly you have in the Apostle of Allah, an excellent example. How would Allah know? He created us. Toymaker knew how to tidy up lego best. Atiulaha wa atiur rasul wa ulil amri minkum – all leaders have a purpose or a goal – Rasulullah’s purpose is to guide humanity to know Allah and live a life of justice peace and love. 


Rasulullah is our leader, he showed us who to follow next – ana madeenatul ilm wa Aliyun babuha. Gate = access = the right way. Constant guidance from Allah – Al Hadi – to show us the the right path back to Him.


Purple group- Al Hadi (Painting Station)

– Who is al hadi? Rasulallah 

– How? he attracts all of humanity to the right path as well as towards goodness and reminds people of the message of islam (and how to live a life where Islam and Religion come together (not separate)) 

– He teaches us sincerity and when we falter we can always come back through repentance! 

-Uswatan Hasanah: we want to follow why? best! 


E.g. A magnet 

-use magnetic playdo to show the strength of the magnet (rasulallah) and the impact it creates for those who choose to be guided (attracted).


Red and Green group- Follow the leader/Train tracks 

Train and follow the leader 💛 🚂

Train tracks– I am like a train , I need guidance , The tracks are my guide ie rasullalah  

When I get off track I can be guided back on ..its so fun to be on track yipeeee  thankyou Allah for guiding me love you Allah and Rasullalah  


Follow the leader 

Have fun allowing each child to be a leader. We always follow the best leader rasullalah  

Smile, Do good, Worship one Allah 


What if someone asks me to follow something that isn’t in line with my values ..like Rasullallah I say no to anything but goodness biri  and taqwa make wise choices ..follow the hakim guide. Thankyou Allah

Connect to the story and characters luqman etc and Play a game of gates and trains ..connect to hadith

Ask lots of questions: 

Where am I headed ?

A metro in real life what is the purpose of its tracks ? 

Why should I follow rasullalah?

Who benefits from the train being  on tracks ? The tracks the destination or the train ??

Focus on how Allah loves us so immensely each train is special loved guided

Because some trains have magnets the wooden ikea ones we can connect to good friends help us on the track also ..mum n dad help me also etc etc


Yellow and Blue Group: Follow the Leader/Train tracks 

Follow the Leader

Importance of having a leader- who do u think should we choose as the leader from the play, Mr. Google, Mr. President or Rasullulah … and how he always made the right decisions- we strive to be like that kind of leader. Use rhyme. Bring in ayah of how Rasullulah is the excellent example so play, ayah and station is all connected. 

Train Tracks

Look at these tracks, how perfect they are….. they help the train guide to be on the right track and reach its destination. The Prophet is like the track when we hold on tight we can reach our destination(ie getting closer to Allah). If the train falls it ok.. but once it back on track it smooth journey. 

We are all like the Trains, and our best track is Rasulullah(uswatun hasan) holding on tightly. We may fall of the track at times… No worries with strive we can get back on track closer to Allah and become Mr. Guided. 


Red and Green group- Al Hadi/Spotlight Activity

Red Group

Who is our creator.. Allahu khaliqu Kulli shai. Allah is our creator n creator of the worlds. He is our ultimate guide.. He guides all of his creations towards goodness. He loves us in gazillions.. and made sure we always find our way stay closer n connected to him.


By sending us the Best of Guidance.. as Rasulluah Our uswatun hasana. 

Eg: if we use the metro  to reach our destination. But which way is the right way.. only through guidance from the map we can reach closer to our destination. 

Same way Allah wants us to reach closer to HIM by choosing the right path. Hence he sent us the best guidance with the best if knowledge… ana madinatul Ilm.

Spotlight activity- Look at the spotlight.. What does it do? How much light can it spread? What about the sun? Which is more powerful? The Sun, lightens up everything that comes in its way. Rasulullah is like the sun whose noor is super power that spreads far and beyond and guides everything that comes in its way.

We all have noor in us as well.. just like the spotlight. This noor can grow more and more through the guidance from Quran and Ahlulbayt. 


Green group

Who created this world? Who created u n me? 

Who created mummy? 

Do we loves our mummies? Do we need her? She loves is so much and looking after us n guiding us so we dont get ouch. 

Allah loves us sooooo much more just like our mummies.. He is Al- Hadi, our guide always guiding us to sir atul mustaqqem so we always have a sparkly golden heart n not be like mr. Woopsie. He guides all his creation towards goodness(siratul mustaqeem) like this white line on the paper.

He sent Rasulullah( best example) uswatun hasana, he sent us the Quran n Ahlulbayt so we can always be closer to HIM… just like our mummies.

Look at these beautiful colors.. they all come together and make a beautiful painting(Sibgatullah). We all are guides for each other.. just like mummy guides me to stay away from getting ouchy, I can guide my friend with homework. 


Yellow and Blue Group – Al Hadi/Spotlight

Blue group:

– Switch on the spotlight. See how this spotlight is emitting light. Look at the bright light that we are receiving from this spotlight in this area. Now, look at the sun, look at how bright the sun is. Is the spotlight just enough or is the sun’s light more? 

Rasulullah is like the sun whose noor is super power that spreads far and beyond and guides everything that comes in its way.

We all have noor in us as well.. just like the spotlight. This noor can grow more and more through the guidance from Quran and Ahlulbayt. 


– Who is our creator? Allah.

– Who has Allah sent for us to guide us to the right path? Rasullulah, our uswatun hasana, the best example. 

– Allah, Al Hadi, The Guide, has sent us Rasullulah to guide us with so much love and care and we always do choose to follow the right path! Rasullulah’s guidance brings our hearts closer to Allah. 

– (Surah Ahzab: 21) : Allah tells us in the Holy Quran as well that Rasullulah is our uswatun hasana. He is an excellent example for us.

– (Surah Nisa: 59) : Obey Allah and to Obey Rasullulah. 

– While removing the masking tape, talk to them about the white pure siratul mustaqim that we follow.


Yellow group:

– Look at the sun! It gives us so much light, it keeps us warm, it helps plants to grow!

– Look at this spotlight! If i switch it on, it lights up. This light is bright! It can light up a room and it can help us to see.

– Which light is more? The light of the sun, which lights up the whole universe and the whole planet? Or the light of this spotlight?

Rasulullah is like the sun whose noor is super power that spreads far and beyond and guides everything that comes in its way.

We all have noor in us as well.. just like the spotlight. This noor can grow more and more through the guidance from Quran and Ahlulbayt. 


– Who is our creator? Allah.

– Let them touch and feel the masking tape. It is smooth and straight (siratul mustaqim). Who guides us on the siratul mustaqim? Rasullulah.

– Allah, Al-Hadi, The Guide, has sent us our Rasullulah, to guide us to the right path and to bring our hearts closer to Allah. Rasullulah is our uswatun hasana. He is our best example.

– Rasullulah guides us with so much love and care always and we always choose to follow the right path!

I Choose My Leader Worksheet

Dua Hujjat

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