Rasulallah Revolution 10

Rasulullah Revolution – session 10


Green car – actor 1

Stop sign lollipop – actor 2

Slow sign – actor 3

Petrol Station Ahead sign – actor 3

Petrol attendant – actor 3

Rasulullah – actor 4

Angel Jibrael – actor 5

Car wash people – actor 6 and actor 3 and actor 2

Donkey – actor 6

Desert camels – actor 7 and  actor 5 – brown clothes only needed

Green cars friend – actor 5

actor 3 and actor 2 to come as actor 5s mum and dad



Yellow car – actor 1

Sports car (Blue) – actor 8

Red car – actor 6

Green car – actor 7

Purple car – actor 5

Stop lollipop sign with RUA at the back – actor 2

Other sign – actor 3

White coat for actor 2 lollipop sign

SLOW head band for actor 3

Camels on sticks

Bumps ahead – sign

Petrol Station ahead  sign

Shaikh Zayed Road sign

Petrol pump vacuum cleaner

Soapy bubbles car wash sign 

Rain poles – Thanks actor 7 for saving them


Squirt bottles – 2

Cave tent  with brown fabric cover

Bull dogs

Calendar with wabil walidayna page open

Quran and Quran stand

Halal Adverts along Sheikh Zayed road. – About RUA Quran

Bump pole 

2 meandmawla t shirts


Spot light



The stage is long and designed to be a long road jetting into the audience. The curtains are partially closed. The stage jets through the backdrop too. Backdrop curtains are closed till the stage. 


Curtain opens with you guys as cars whizzing down the road. When you get to the end you u Turn and whizz back. Green car actor 1 is the leader here. You whizz from backstage down to the audience, then back up and then down again and then you introduce yourselves. actor 4 you increase and reduce volume of the whizzing car sound as introductions are made. 


actor 4 sound effects here of cars whizzing. 

Whizz back and forward a little then once all cars are in a row with the first one at the curtain entrance you introduce yourself. 


actor 1 at the front of the audience and introduce yourself and then u turn and whizz away. Next car gets ready.

Salaam, my name is Yellow car. 

I am a Mawlas Star car. 

Allah’s creation, I look at, this way and that way (point to right and left)

I shout out, Allahu khaliqu kulli shay!


actor 7 come and introduce yourself and u turn n whizz off

Salaam Alaykum, my name is Green car.

Vroom vroom Fast fast Fastabiqul khairat

I rush, oh yah I rush to do good work

That’s my lifes framework


actor 8 come and introduce yourself and then u turn whizz

Salaam! My name is sports car

Engines on, step on the accelerator

Driving on the sirat, Pleasing my creator

Now that’s an awesome navigator


actor 5 come and intro and then u turn whizz

Salaam my name is purple car

Atteeulaha wa ateeur rasul

Obey Allah and obey Rasullulah

That is my motto! Oh yes! Me and mawlaaaaah!


actor 6 come and intro and then u turn whizz

Salaam my name is red car

I love cruising down the lane

Ayatim bayinat, often I exclaim!

Finding clear signs of Allah, my favourite car game!


All cars with actor 1 in the front ready to whizz again down and up and then down again

Say with me, cars: Engines on, seat belt buckled! Bismillah! 

Ya Hadi! Ya Hafeezu! Allah my Guide Allah my Protector

Lets gooooo!



Fast cars sound again! actor 4 

Let them do I or two up and down sheikh zayed road

When actor 1 is in front and all others are behind her put in this sound effect  Shriek stopppppp car sound- louddd.

When you guys stop you exaggerate your stopping 

Same time – actor 2 comes out as a stop sign

actor 2 and actor 4 make sure you are in sync


actor 1 to say yourself: What’s that? It says stop! 

What does that mean!


actor 2 to say yourself: It means you stop driving when you see this sign.


actor 1: This is a road. Why would you want me to stop? I’m driving my car


actor 2: I am a sign. My job is to keep you safe. When you read and understand me, then act on my meaning, you are safe. 

Look, there are lots of other cars speeding fast on this road too. 

Other cars – actor 6 and actor 8 n actor 7 to driving from right to left to emphasize the stop. 

If you don’t stop, you could have a big ouch accident


actor 1 and actor 5 driving down to up on stage and get stopped by actor 2

When actor 2 in conversation with actor 1, actor 6, actor 8 and actor 7 to go backstage

actor 2 points to diagonal road where others are driving cars.


actor 1: Ahhhh! I see what’s happening here. 

actor 1 and actor 2 to sing together, move side to side together 

actor 2 to say yourself. Turn your lollipop to reveal the 3 steps.


Rua Rhyme 

R  U A – RUA  R U A – RUA 

Read! Understand! Act!  Read! Understand! Act!


 Let’s play a game said STOP SIGN. You and your friends drive around Dubai and when you see me or any of my friends, You R U A RUA Read Understand Act. 

My friends and I will have different signs. Just R U A them Read understand Act and you will always be on the siratal mustakeem. 


actor 1 to say to yourself: That sounds like fun!


We can do this! 

actor 4 revving car sound!

actor 1 say yourself: Are we ready friends. 

actor 4 increases the revving volume!

Cars say yourselves: YESSSS!


Drive the car along the path. actor 2 to come up with a stop sign. 


CARs sing basic R U A – RUA Read Understand Act!

I read the sign. It says stop! I understand what that means! Press on the break just like that. I’ve acted on my reading and understanding! R U A – RUA   R U A – RUA! Read Understand Act! Read Understand Act! 


actor 4 can we have road sounds here


actor 3 to come with  SLOW – sign. Use hands to gesture slow down


actor 1, actor 8 and actor 6 driving down here only

Hey guys, that’s a new sign. Let’s read it! 

It says. S L O W  in phonics

SLOW. It means go slow

From backdrop camels come and walk across – actor 5 and actor 7 to do a quick camouflaged walk across with the camel heads from one side to another

Oh look. The desert camels are crossing. 

Wow! We are safe and the camels are safe caused we R U A RUA Read Understand Act! Read Understand Act!

Once camels crossed get back into car outfit

Zohra to put the bump in the road pole

Cars driving again now. actor 4 sound effect

Hey everyone, what’s that sign. 

actor 2 to come with bump sign and actor 6 actor 1 and actor 7 Driving. 

actor 5 and actor 8 to come skipping into MEandmawla. Wear meandmawla t shirts on top of what you wearing

says B U M P 

Bump Ahead. 

Oh look, there’s MeandMawla School. There might be children crossing. We drive slowly near all schools. This is really fun

R U A RUA  R U A RUA! Read Understand Act! Read Understand Act!


Drive a little. 

actor 4 sound effects

Hey everyone. Look at that sign. 

It’s a guiding sign.

Can you read it out loud audience?



That’s where I get my favourite meal. 

Petrol and Fuel! With Injection fuel juice! 

Yumm Yummm! Said Green car to her friends!


I’m gonna head over to the Petrol Station. Anyone wanna join me. 

All other cars say I’m good. Will catch on Shaikh Zayed Road later Green car! 

Fi Amanillah I leave you in Allah’s care. 



Here we will bring partition to close off the stage area so as to prepare the cave. 

actor 6 brings partition.

actor 3 dressed as petrol attendant with cap on and name tag

actor 8 and actor 2 bring the rain poles and bubbles and squirt bottles ready for the car wash

actor 1 outside also for this scene


Petrol attendant. Filling gas and injection fuel for cars. 

How did you find us? asked the petrol attendant. 


Yellow car actor 1 singing  


Read Understand Act. Read Understand Act.


I read the sign, Petrol station ahead and found my way here!

Awesome, the Petrol Attendant said. 

I also read that you have a really cool soapy bubbly car wash. 


We do, said the petrol attendant. Your RUA is awesome! 

Would you like the soapy bubbly car wash now. 

Ohhh! Yes please. I love having a bath with all those bubbles and soap suds. . Car wash, here I come!


Bring the rain poles and the bubbles and some squirty bottles for the kids in front of curtain

actor 1 to be behind the rain poles and switch bubble machine on and then squirt water on the kids with a spray bottle.

In the meantime, get the next scene ready. 

Cave Hira and Rasulullah


Did you enjoy the soapy bubbly car wash?

Yes, thank you very much. 


You know, yellow car, all this RUA reminds me of a story. 

If you have some time, We can go check your tires and I can tell you the story. 

That sounds amazing! I’d really like that. 

All car wash people and actor 1 go backstage. 

All those who are backstage help to make cave Hira ready

actor 4 on stage as RAsullulah




Scene opens with a cave and Rasullulah in actor 1da in the cave. 

Spot light on

This story is all about the history of the best word to read, understand and act on. 


It was the 27th Rajab a long long time ago when Rasullulah was 40 years old. He spent lots of time meditating and praying in a cave not far from the Kaaba. 

This cave is called Cave Hira. 

Rasullulah gets up and sits in silence.

He would think deeply about Allah and meditate. 


Rasulullah is deep in thought in the cave. 

Angel Jibrael to come wearing namaz chador and halo and covered face

Angel Jibrael appeared and said to him, 

say yourself: IQRA READ. 

RAsullulah welcomed Angel Jibrael and said he hadn’t been taught by anyone to IQRA READ! 

Angel Jibrael Repeatedly again say yourself : IQRA READ! Again RAsullulah said, He hadn’t been taught by anyone to IQRA READ!

The third time, Angel Jibrael said, Iqra bismirabilazi khalaq

Read in the name of your Lord who created you


And you know what happened. 

Rasullulah said, 

actor 4 says in a male voice IQRA! READ!


Allah taught him! 


CLOSE CURTAINS in front of partition

actor 3 and actor 1 talking 

Petrol attendant and yellow car outside curtain pretend talking

These words that Rasullulah read are the first ayaats revealed from the Holy Quran. 


This great event that took place in Cave Hira is the birth of Islam.  The birth of a world full of the doing the best R U A.

Read Understand Act. 

It began the revelation to humanity of the whole Quran. Islam was born on this day. 


Oh My god! Thank you for that lovely story Mr Petrol Attendant. It tells me to RUA the whole Quran. That’s gonna keep me safe and always keep me on the sirat!

I’m gonna practice Quran RUA right now with all my cars and people friends. 



actor 6 go get ready to be donkey with books on back. You will be on all fours at this time

actor 5 to come on as actor 5 bring Quran calendar of Raadhiya


Salaam I’m Yellow cars friend. We ride together during the week. I read the Quran and love to act on what I understand. Last week, I read this ayat. 

actor 5 show audience the ayat 

Hold up the calendar on this page. 

Wabil walidayni ihsana And be good to your parents. 


actor 5 to try and learn these lines but if not, I will say for you. 


These are my parents.

actor 2 and actor 3 to come on 

I do what I can to help them, care for them and listen to them and I always speak to them kindly, even when I’m tired or in a bad mood. 


My mum says this love and kindness to parents is a door to jannah! I’m driving down the sirat al mustakeem by being this way. 


Everyone together


Read Understand Act! Read Understand Act!

RUA gets me on my way! In Allah’s pleasure I will stay!



Hey let’s open the Quran and read, cars! 

actor 8 , actor 7, to come and be actor 1 car friends now 

Ya Lets! 

Car sound revving. actor 4

Since it’s Friday today, let’s read Surah Jumaah.

actor 6 to come on with books on back as donkey

Last week my mum was telling me to think of a donkey with sooo many books on his back. Having the books on his back does not make the donkey know what’s in the books. It’s only until you read and understand and act on it that those books are alive. Allah reminds us every Friday in Surah Jumaah not to just read, not to just read and understand but to read, understand and act! 


Donkey comes on with books on back and heehawww. 

actor 1 actor 8 and actor 7 say yourselves

I’m not gonna be like that. 

I’m gonna R U A! RUA! Read Understand Act!


actor 6 to come as donkey back from behind scenes and say,

ME too! Hee Hawwww


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