Rasulallah Revolution 11

Rasullulah Revolution Session 11


Mr Whoopsie – Actor 7

Actor 1- Rasullulah

Actor 2 – angel jibrael

Actor 3 – Brother Bear 

Actor 3 – Abu Lahab 

Actor 4- Mama Bear 

Actor 5 – Papa Bear 

Actor 6 – Sister Bear 

Actor 6 – Imam Ali 

Family members and chief – Actor 4, Actor 5, Actor 2

Actor 8 – Sound 

All are guests at the party



Mr whoopsie lanyard

Mr guided lanyard

Bear ears and headgears for 4 bears

Face paint for noses

Forest backdrop

Props for different things at starting

Basket with picnic stuff. – bananas

2 Holy Personality costumes – 

Small mini cave in back stage area

Spot light


White namaz chador for angel jibrael

Sparkly lights for angel jibrael

Hoop glider for sister bear

Kalima poster


Rhymes at the beginning

Dua Hujjat



Brother Bear – Actor 3

Mama Bear – Actor 4

Papa Bear – Actor 5

Sister Bear – Actor 6


Have you seen any of the bears from the bear family today?

Please point them out if you see them. 

A little game for the kids to engage in:

Actor 3 pop head out from one side. Then hide 

Then from other side Actor 4 to pop head out and then hide after children say “there”. 

I’ll turn around and say where and you hide again. 

Then Actor 5 and Actor 6 same thing until finally I spot all of you behind me.

Ahhh there they are! They are a playful happy bunch of bears aren’t they. 



Actor 3, Actor 4, Actor 5, Actor 6

OPEN CURTAINS with forest backdrop

All bears  on stage doing different things.- props for each bear

Hi! My name is Papa Bear. Lets Breathe in some fresh Air!

Hmmmm Ahhha Hmmm Aaaaah

Hey! you got your lungs going!

Hmmmm Ahhha Hmmm Aaaaah

Thank Allah in your bowing!

Repeat 2 times

Hi! I’m Mama Bear. Mama is my name. Love is my game!

No two days are the same. And yah! Alhamdullilah I exclaim!!!

Repeat 2 times


Hi! I’m Sista Bear. Cucumbers I like to eat. Sharing with others is oh so sweet. Mawla is my heart beat. Hardwork is a treat. Then…….Rest and repeat.

Repeat 2 times


Hi, I’m Brother Bear. Caps is what I like to wear. I am a grizzly guzzly black bear. I’m striving for a job in health care and oh yah, Quran is my love affair. Repeat 2 times


The Happy Bear Family live in Fantastic Fair Forest. 

Like they often do, they set off for a nice afternoon picnic. 

Bears walk together on the stage and off the stage 


Sing: We’re going for a picnic, Yipee Yahooo Oh Yahh

We’re going for a picnic, Yipee Yahooo Oh Yahh

Mama!! Papa! Brother!! And Sister Bear – Picnic! Oh Yeahh!



Actor 3, Actor 4, Actor 5, Actor 6, Actor 2, Actor 7

As they walked, Brother Bear said,

Actor 6 n Actor 4 Begin to set up the picnic. Actor 3 and Actor 5 picking leaves from a tree for the picnic or something slightly away from the picnic. 


Dad, we’ve been learning a lot about Mr guided and mr whoopsie from Surah Yasin


So Mr Whoopsies don’t worship Allah?


Actor 1 come on stage and stand on one side and shake your head exaggerated and say nooooooooo and hold a phone


Immediately Actor 8 start playing the Mr Whoopsie rhyme

We are Mr Whoopsie Whoopsies making lots of whoopsies

We close our ears and our heart, we all go boing boing

We are Mr WhoopsieWhoopsies, we love the dunia

We don’t believe in Allah, we all go boing boing


And they don’t believe in Rasullulah, the Messenger of Allah who is also called Yasin?


Actor 1 shake your head saying noooo!


And they don’t R U A RUA Read understand Act on the holy Quran?


Actor 1shake your head saying noooo!

Then head off – get ready to be RAsullulah and 

Actor 2 enter quickly

Zehr aand Actor 1just stand on one side of the stage. 

Don’t participate with the bears. You appear and then disappear.

What about Mr Guided, Brother Bear asked Dad

Do they believe in Allah?


Actor 2 come on stage and say Yesss and Nod your head.

Actor 8 play Mr Guided rhyme


And do they believe in Rasullulah as the messenger of Allah?


Actor 2 say yes and nod your head


Actor 6 as Sister Bear to call out: Brother Bear, I’m hungry.

Lets have our picnic.


Who wants the bestest bananas in the world? Asked Papa Bear

Actor 5 to open the picnic basket and give bananas out


Me please said brother and sister bear politely. 


Who wants the sweetest slurpiest honey in the whole world? Asked Papa Bear ( no need for real honey – just pretend)


Me please said brother and sister bear excitedly. 


Who wants the bestest thing in this world and the hereafter asked Papa Bear? Better than bananas and sweet honey!


Meeee please said Brother and sister bear but what is it?


What is the bestest thing in this world and the next?


Lets see you figure it out from my story


Papa and brother bear stand up and begin walking across the stage

Other bears go back stage and start changing

A long long time ago in the land of Arabia, 

Very quickly, get rid of the green and reveal the beige curtains



Actor 7, Actor 2, 


As soon as Papa Bear exits the stage, Actor 1Rasullulah enter and Actor 5 and Actor 4 open the back stage curtains little to reveal the cave hira. Actor 7- Rasullulah to enter the cave from front stage and sit there. Spot light on

Prophet Muhammed sat thinking about Allah in the cave of Hira. Angel Jibrael brought the news that Prophet Muhammed had been chosen to be the last messenger. He revealed to Rasullulah, the first ayats of the holy Quran. 

Actor 8 play the verses 1-5 of Surah Alaq in a soft and beautiful qari recitation


Actor 2 as Angel Jibrael to come on stage and enter the cave. 


Iqra. Read. Read in the name of your lord and cherisher who created. Created man out of a clot.

Read and your Lord is most bountiful.

He who taught the use of pen.

Taught man what he didn’t know. 


This blessed night when these ayats were revealed began Rasullulah’s mission. His mission to bring the best thing in the world. The Religion of Islam 

Actor 8Islam sound effect


Actor 2 to go into cave and get closed in by the back stage curtain closing

Close back drop curtains and mr whoopsies on stage quickly



Actor 4 Actor 5 Actor 3 – come quickly on stage as Mr whoopsies.

Now remember, the world was full of Mr whoopsies. They worshipped idols and had forgotten about the truth from the prophets before them like prophet Ibrahim and prophet Musa. 

Actor 4 Actor 5 Actor 3 come on as Mr Whoopsies wearing Mr Whoopsie lanyards and worship idols and ring bell and do idol worship rhyme here 

Actor 8– Play Idol Worship Rhyme 

Mr whoopsies leave quickly and Actor 1 Rasullulah back with Actor 6 as Imam Ali 

Bibi Khadija and Imam Ali were the first ones to accept the best thing in the world. ISLAM.
Actor 8 Islam sound effect



Actor 6 as Imam Ali
Actor 1 as Rasullulah
Actor 3 as Abu Lahab
Actor 4 as family guest to Rasulllah
Actor 5 as Family Guest,
Actor 2 as family guest,
Actor 7 as family member


Later on, Rasullulah was commanded by Allah to invite all the  other family members to the best thing in the world. ISLAM.

Actor 8 Islam sound effect

Wa andhir ashira takal akrabeen

And warm your near families 26: 214

This meant, all his uncles and cousins and family 


He asked Imam Ali to invite 40 family members to a dinner. 

Actor 6 as Imam Ali come on stage and do like a pretend knocking on door and talking and then giving a pretend letter.  


When the guests arrived, one of the guests was Rasullulahs uncle, Abu Lahab, a very big Mr Whoopsie. He had heard about what Rasullulah wanted to do. 


No narrating. Give plates – give time to eat and chat softly amongst youselves. Don’t be quiet. Talk in soft whispers. 


After eating, just as Rasullulah was about to begin speaking, he was rudely interrupted by Abu Lahab

Everyone sitting now and everyone is whispering. Then suddenly quiet. Actor 1– Rasullulah stand up  and before he can say anything, 


Actor 3 as Abu Lahab: Say yourself: Don’t listen to him. Don’t stop worshipping your idols. If you do, you will make all the Arabs angry. 

After Actor 3 says these lines, all of you start talking loudly and start leaving, only Actor 1 and Actor 6 on stage

Abu Lahab managed to create so much confusion at the dinner that Rasullulah could not give his message. Everyone left 

All guests at the dinner leave making so much fuss and noise and argue with each other as you leave. Actor 6 and Actor 1stay on stage.



Actor 6 as Imam Ali
Actor 1 as Rasullulah
Actor 3 as Abu Lahab
Actor 4 as family guest to Rasulllah
Actor 5 as Family Guest,
Actor 2 as family guest,
Actor 7 as family member


Rasullulah could not share the best thing in the world ; ISLAM with the people, but he never gives up just like you. 

He tried again a few days later. 


Again he invited 40 guests for a dinner. 

Actor 6 again act out knocking and inviting.

All of you return as the guests and sit to eat

After the guests had eaten, Rasullulah rose and said:

Actor 1 do actions with hands 


Thank you Allah and Praise be to you. Thank you for your guidance. I believe in Allah and put my trust in Him. There is no god but Allah and I am his messenger. 

Allah has commanded me to invite you to ISLAM.

I call you to belive and say Laa illaha illalah there is no god but Allah and Muhammadar Rasullulah. I, prophet Muhammed is His messenger.

If you accept, you are accepting the best thing in this world and in the hereafter. 

Who will help me in spreading islam will be my advisor and next in command. 


Rasullulah paused to allow everyone to think about what he had said. Nobody responded. At last when the silence was too much, young Imam Ali said I will help you and support you. 

Actor 6 to stand up and raise hand

Wait said Rasululah Please sit down. Maybe somebody older will respond to my call. 


Who will help me in spreading Islam and be my advisor and next in command?

Again, nobody responded. Again Imam Ali responded 

I will help you

Actor 6 to stand up and raise hand

Again Rasyllulah said Wait, Please sit down Maybe somebody  older will respond to my call. 

Who will help me in spreading Islam and be my advisor and next in command?

The third time, the same thing happened. Imam Ali again stood up and said, I will help you. 

Actor 6 to stand up and raise hand


Rasullulah this time, accepted Imam Ali’s offer and drew him close to him and said. This is my wazir, and next in command. Listen to him and obey his command. 

Actor 8 Imam Ali nasheed in English. 




Actor 6 and Actor 1t o go outside and shake hands with the children to go and buy time for bears to come back




Bear Picnic. 

Actor 4 Actor 3 and Actor 5 back on stage as bears. 

Actor 6 can change and slowly join the family with the hoop glider. As you enter the stage you can throw it. 

So that’s whats the best thing in the world is! ISLAM said Brother Bear

Actor 8 Islam sound effect

Yes! Said Papa Bear

Better than the bestest bananas and the sweetest honey is ISLAM! 

What is Islam Papa Bear? Asked Sister Bear 

To do everything for Allah and guided by Allah. 


It’s a bit like my hoop glider, said Sister Bear.

Actor 6 hold up the Glider. 

To glide through life living for Allah and guided by Allah. That’s why my glider has 2 hoops. One hoop for Prophet Muhammed and one hoop for Imams 

Cool Sis, Said Brother Bear. Please teach me how to make one of those. Sure thing Brother bear. 


Exactly! Said Papa Bear loudly. Just like you want to know how to make the hoop glider, How do we do Islam?

Simply by RU A RUA Read Understand and Act on the book and follow the Guides, the Ahlul bAyt! Its as simple as that!


Lets recite the beautiful Kalima together everyone! Our Hoop and Hope in Life!

Mama Bear to hold poster up of Kalima.


Laa illaha illalah – There is no God but Allah

Muhammed ar RAsullulah – Prophet Muhammed is the messenger of Allah

Ali un Walliyullah – Imam Ali is the friend of Allah

Wasir Rasullulah –




Actor 4 , Actor 5, Actor 6, Actor 8, Actor 1 with Actor 2 in separate stations all first to do the Hoop Glider Station. 

Then you will stand by to help do the activities especially the cooking in the next station


Paper straws / Paper / Tape / Scissors /Felt Pens


All children get the chance to make a hoop glider. 

The children get to first design the hoops. One hoop represents Prophethood and the other hoop represents Imamat from the Dawat ul Ashira.

Prophet Muhammed shared the deen asking them to believe in nothing but Allah and that he was the Messenger and that the next in command is Imam Ali. This makes us soar and glide in this life and in the next. 


You can talk about the science to the older children. How it works. The two sizes of hoops help to keep the straw balanced as it flies. The big hoop creates “drag” or air resistance which helps to keep the straw level while the smaller hoop at the front keeps the hoop glider from going off course.


The curved surface on top of the glider generates lift.


Station 2


Actor 3 – Sportswoman – hand hygiene

Actor 2 – Doctor – cooking

Actor 1– Chef – dribble

Actor 2 – Host of the show – use the pink handy mic with a big sign on it.


Welcome to The Bestest Best! 

Our very own Meandmawla Game show.

We show you the best of the best and you get to meet the stars and learn skills from them each. 


So lets welcome our stars with a round of applause.

Our first star on todays show is Fantastic Actor 3 the Sportswoman

Clap clap


Our next star is none other than Doctor Pinadol

Clap clap


And our final star for this evening is Chef Shafshuka


Each star will begin sharing a winning way. Watch them closely, then you will all get an opportunity to do the same. 


First up is Fantastic Actor 3 the Sportwoman.

Actor 3 you are dressed in football outfit with number, leggings and shorts and the children think you are about to show ball skills and then you do a quick talk and demo on hand hygiene. Be really bad at it and show bad skills. 

Wow! Thank you for that not the BEST way to hand hygiene Fantastic umm mish  Actor 3.

Clap clap. All mualim, now free help keep the energy with the claps. 


Next up, we have the lovely Doc Pinadol.

Actor 2 you are dressed as a doctor- white coat, stethoscope, gloves.  Introduce yourself and talk and demo how you make truffles. You add wrong ingredients, looks clumpy and smells yucky. You even add some vitamins to the recipe and it tastes so bad. You can give it to me to taste and I almost choke. 


Wow! Cough splutter. Thank you for that Doctor I almost don’t feel well, not the best way to make truffles Pinadol.


Next we have the lovely, the delightful Chef Shafshuka. 

Actor 1you are wearing an apron, chef hat, whisk in your pocket and gloves and using your kitchen gloves on, you show the children how to dribble the ball and score a goal and you do really badly, fall and don’t even score. 


Wow! What a not so best way to play football. Chef Shafshuka.


There seems to be a problem today. 

Audience what do you think it could be?

This really isn’t the bestest best. 

Any ideas how we can learn the bestest best.


Children will answer. If not, one of the free mualims answers that we should swop what each are teaching. 


Then we proceed to learn balls skills from Actor 3

Drag back/ step over step/ volley and score a goal


Then we learn hand hygiene from Doc Pinadol

Actor 2 you explain proper hand hygiene to the kids


Then Actor 1you proceed to show the children how to make a quick healthy truffle 


Actor 2: Aha now we have it. When the best at what they do show us how to do it, we get to learn the best.

Reminds me of Rasullulah. He is the best at ISLAM so we learn how to live for Allah and are guided towards Allah by the best – Rasullulah. 


Don’t oyu love him. Flying kisses to Rasullulah. 

Lets all clap for the stars of our show this evening and now go and learn from them


Actor 2 and Actor 1make healthy truffles. – Blue

Just enough for one child.

Date paste/ coconut/ almond powder/ coat with crushed corn flakes.  Add sweet milk little if you want or not. 


Actor 3 and Actor 4 line children up to learn ball skills – Yellow and Green


Actor 2 and Actor 5 teach hand hygiene – Red


Actor 6 and Actor 8take purples to make healthy truffles – Purple and then Purple to go to Actor 3 and Actor 4 in free slot.


For truffle station we keep lots of plastic bowls and spoons ready. Children get a small amount of date paste. Add a little coconut powder, almond powder and they mix and make date balls. They can coat it with corn flakes. 


For ball skills we keep a couple of balls so children can learn in rows like football coaches do. 


For hand hygiene we use hand soap and water in the bathroom.



We’re going on a picnic!

We’re going on a picnic! 

Yippeeee, Yahoooo!

It’s gna be FUN!


It’s a Mama bear, Papa bear, sister bear, brother bear,

Picnic, picnic,

It’s gonna

 be FUN!

Dua Hujjat







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