Rasulallah Revolution 12

Rasulullah Revolution – session 12



Curtains Magical colours

Magical Popsicle stick

card trick cards

juggling balls

Costumes for Actor 2 and Actor 1 

Ribbons 2 

Lanyards of Ahmed and Dad

Magic Tricks props

Table for Magician

Table cloth for magician

Table cloth for Quran


Spot light

10 Artworks

Kalima poster 



Actor 1  – Sparkly Actor 1  – Magician

Actor 2 – Fantastic Actor 2 – Magician

Actor 3and Actor 4 – Engaging Entertainers at the back

Actor 5– Ahmed

Actor 6– Dad

Actor 7 and Actor 4– Standby Mr whoopsies

Actor 7 and Actor 3– Standby My guided

Bring the images as per the script – Actor 7, NAdiah, Actor 1 , Actor 4, Actor 2



Narrator , Actor 8

How many of you like magic?

Have you seen a magic show before?

Let me try and show you a magic trick

Pick a card…..


Actor 8 plays the rhyme for the card they pick. This is after the trick is over.  If it’s a Mr Whoopsie play the whoopsie rhyme and 2 Mr whoopsies come out with regular clothes and mr whoopsie lanyards. Each comes out from the 2 ends of the curtain. 

And if it’s a Mr guided, Actor 8play Mr guided rhyme and 2 Mr guideds  come out from the 2 ends of the curtains and do some moves. 

Now that’s Magic!


Now let me show you some juggling! I love to juggle!


Actor 8 comes out and says Mummy stop showing off, let’s start the story! 


Narrator: Oh yaahh! The story. 


Actor 8 – I will throw the 2 juggling balls to you without looking facing audience and towards the back and you catch and then disappear behind the curtain. Practicing may be beneficial 


Welcome my friends from far and wide! Feast your eyes on…


Umm wait a minute. You all know, now that I’m a magician n my name is Magical Mummy (insert name)

Actor 2 pop hand out from the curtain with my name on popsicle stick and then stays for a bit and then disappears. 

You must introduce yourself too but if we all go one by one, it will take too long. So can I ask you to at the count of 3 say your name out nice and loud.

One Two wait wait a minute. Some of you may have the same names. So at the count of 3 say your name and your surname.  

One Two wait wait a minute. We all want to greet each other as well so Say Salaam Alaikum and then your name and surname at the count of 3. Are you ready?

One Two Three!


Wa alaikum salaam everyone. Ahhaa! I totally got that! Thank you very much. Now, put your hands together for the first of its kind, the biggest the bestest the most magnificent the super wow meandmawla magic show. 



Actor 3Actor 4 Actor 2 Actor 1 


Actor 3and Actor 4 to open the curtains.

Applaud. Mualims applaud at the back to create the energy. 

Actor 6and Actor 5applaud in the audience and get others going. 

Actor 8put some amazing welcome sounds for the magic show. 


Actor 4 and Actor 3dressed identical and doing the ribbons at the back in sync. Go from opening curtains to your place on stage as the back entertainment. 

Put your hands together for Sparkly Actor 1  and Fantastic Actor 2


Actor 2 and Actor 1  to come up with an amazing comical routine that shows 3 tricks with your own pattern and fun. 

Actor 1  can do one and Actor 2 assist with bringing the table, then Actor 2 do one and Actor 1  assist and then Actor 1 do one and Actor 2 assist. 

Actor 4 and Actor 3at the background doing some amazing things too in sync.


Actor 6n Actor 5sitting in the audience from the beginning dressed as Ahmed and Dad. Wear lanyards with dad n Ahmed 

Clap in the audience and be loud. 

After the show, Actor 1  and Actor 2 receive the applause and then do something cool to end – do not bow – we only bow to Allah. 

Actor 2 you can make Actor 1  disappear 


Sparkly Actor 1  and Fantastic Actor 2 will be back with some more magic at the next Magnificent Meandmawla Magic Show.  


Be ready and very quickly Actor 4 and Actor 3take centre stage and do some moves. – Then fade away once Actor 6and Actor 5make their way to the stage. 

Actor 8sound effects to work with Actor 4 and Nadiah. 




That was amazing, Dad! Actor 5 say yourself

Actor 5 Add a few comments about the show. 

Ask dad which trick he liked and describe something about the magicians. 

Basically you are buying some time to get the set ready

Not writing here so you can speak naturally 


Actor 5talking to Actor 6outside the curtain. 

Backstage – take off all the magic show stuff

Actor 6nod your head acknowledging



Scene 3

Actor 6 

 Actor 6 to act out with hand gestures but I will speak for you.

 It sure was. Magic and magicians are super amazing. It’s almost like they know the future. Did you see how Sparkly Actor 1 / Actor 2 knew the ………. But you know what Ahmed, Shall I tell you what is way more amazing than the magicians. 


The Quran. Quran on the table and someone BE READY WITH THE SPOT LIGHT SWITCH. 

Actor 6 and Actor 5don’t block the Quran on the table. Maybe keep in the front left side.

It knows the future. It really knows what is to come. I mean, …


When you hear the word Quran, it lights up and the kids look at the holy book. 

Actor 6point to the Quran 


You remember the mr whoopsie uncle of Rasulullah, Abu Lahab. There is a whole surah in the Quran about him. And it was sent down before he did the mean things that he did. The Quran knew what he was going to do. It knew the future a little like the magicians. Magicians don’t really know the future, they play eye tricks and mind games while the Quran is the truth. It knows the future. It’s no trick



Actor 6
Actor 5
Actor 7
Actor 9
Actor 1 ,
Actor 4,
Actor 2


When I am narrating about the image you take a step forward and bring the image forward. 

Then step back when it is the next person. All images should have a space in a row by the end. You can stand in an inverted semi circle to fit. 

Actor 7 and Actor 5 on the left side allowing audience to see and being able to point at the end


Tell me more about the Abu Lahab surah Dad! What does it say? 


You remember Rasullulah was trying to share the bestest thing in this world with the people. ISLAM! 

Art work Image ISLAM here. Actor 7 dressed in all black brings 2 artworks.

After RAsullulah invited the family to Islam in Dawat ul Ashira, he climbed on top of Mount Safa and said. If I told you there was an army behind this mountain would you believe me? 

Because Rasullulah was Sadiq and Ameen, Truthful and trustworthy, everyone said yes.  Posters here

People said, Yess! We have neer seen you lie. 

Artwork image 2 – Actor 7 Now reveal the 2nd Artwork 

It was at this time that Surah Lahab was sent down and it was after this that Abu Lahab began to do such mean things. The Quran told the future. 


Rasullulah was trying to spread the message of Islam. 

Actor 3bring artwork 3 and 4. Revel 3 only

Artwork image 3 of Rasulullah in bazaar saying La ilaha illallah. 

Hearts and birds peaceful and happy sounds Zohra

Actor 8 sound effects subtle

There is no god but Allah. Abu Lahab would throw stones at Rasulullah and give him so much ouch. 

Actor 3 reveals Artwork image 4 of Abu Lahab throwing stones at Rasulullah.

Actor 8sound effects of stone throwing – sad sound effect

Can you imagine your uncle throwing stones at you

Oh by the way do you know what Abu Lahab means? 

Abu means father and lahab means flames

So Abu Lahab is the daddy of flames.

Actor 5say yourself: What a yucky name!!!! 

Tabat ya da abi lahabiw wa tab. 1: 111

May the hands of Abu Lahab be cut.


Actor 1  Artwork image 5 – Abu Lahab – Father of Flames. 3D

Actor 8cackling fire sounds

If he chose the bestest thing in the world, ISLAM he would have proved the Quran wrong. But he did just as the Quran said. It knows the future. No tricks

Maa aghna anha maluhu wa ma kasab 2:111

His wealth will not help him, nor what he gains. 

Actor 1  Artwork image 6 – Abu Lahab kissing his money and spending it to hurt Rasulullah. 3D

Actor 8sound effects of money money money and coins drop

He was a rich man and he used his money to hurt Rasulullah. 

Money does not help us. Good deeds does. And guess what, Abu Lahab is the poorest man on earth. Oh noooo! I’m so crazy. I’ve really got nothing. Noooooooo Actor 8sound effect

Actor 8wahhh wahhh wahhhhhh sound effect here He has no good deeds. 

Actor 4 Artwork image 7 mr Whoopsie picture of Abu Lahab with his money and how sad face he has. 3d


Sayasla naaran zhatalahab. 3: 111

He shall be thrown into the flaming fire. 

3D image of Abu lahab as Mr whoopsie being thrown into the fire .

Actor 4 reveal Artwork 8

Helppppppppppp sound effects Nabeeha

The surah goes on to talk about his wife Umm Jamil and how she used to throw thorns into Rasullulah’s path. His legs would get cut and hurt so much. 

Image of legs with bruises and drips of blood from dripping paint or red nail polish. 

Actor 2 reveal 9

Soft Rasulullah sound effect Nabeeha


You see Ahmed, said Dad. The Quran is amazing. It knows the future. It says those who do good please Allah and go to Jannah.

Jannah is in the next world. The Quran knows. We haven’t seen it but it knows. 

Garden and birds sound effect nabeeha

Actor 2 reveal Image 10


Let’s get ourselves to the wonderful place we are made for. We are made for Jannah. Belief in Allah and good deeds is the way. 


Thank  you dad. I’ve learnt so much today.

I’m striving to be with RAsullulah here  – Actor 5point to the Jannah image not here with Abu Lahab. Yuckkkk! Actor 5say yourself 


That’s Awesome Ahmed. Living the Kalima is going to get you here, son.

Let’s recite it together. 

Actor 6hold the Kalima poster and recite together. 


Actor 2 gives Actor 6the Kalima poster and Actor 6take centre stage and everyone in one voice recites together. 


Laailaha ilalah – There is no god but Allah

Muhamedur RAsullulah – Prophet Muhammed is the Messenger of Allah. 

Ali youn Waliyullah – Imam Ali is the Friend of Allah

Wasiyur Rasulullah wa Kalifatahu bila fasl

Imam Ali is the representative of Rasulullah right after Rasullulah. 



Actor 7 with purples for kalima and make the kalima station more age appropriate for them (we can discuss if you like or you can plan and share what you decide to do prior to Monday pls) and then bring down and separate with Actor 1  and Actor 2 for magic trick at the end. 


Magic Trick Station

Actor 1  and Actor 2 in separate stations teach the children magic tricks from the show.

Show the Quran and talk about it. It knew before.


The children get a chance to do it too. 

Then Show the Quran and how it too knows.

Take a holy Quran and get Rasullulah to come out of the book trick. And Abu Lahab to go down down down trick . 


Where do we want to be in this group or this one?

Get children to put a stamp thumb print in the group they want to be in. Have two easel boards with a beautiful border with RAsullulah on one and space in the centre and a dark yucky burnt horrible border on the other and space in the centre, even a burnt hole in the middle of the page and mounted on black 


Kalima Station 

Actor 5and Actor 3– one group

Actor 4 and Actor 8– one group


If you feel it works, you can give children a kalima lanyard and collect stamps from you after completing each task. This station can be quick and snappy and you can do just a few of them with the younger yellows if you like. 


La Ilaha illallah – There is no god but Allah

Play a running game where you have an idol image and a phone and Allah on the wall. Children begin in the centre and they have to run to the answer. After the question they come back to the centre. Explain first where the answer is and how to play the game

You ask questions and children have to run to the correct place. 



Who made me?

Who is made of stone or phone?

Who can see me all the time?

Who can be broken?

Who can help me when I need help?

Who loves me and is always watching lovingly over me?

Which one can’t look after itself?

Who gave me my mummy, my family?

Who hears my prayers and my wishes?

Who needs to be charged otherwise it also dies out?

Who is wise and does wise things?

Who becomes an old model and old design?

Who am I going to return to?


Muhamedur RAsullulah – Prophet Muhammed is the Messenger of Allah. 

Show the children the word wall and talk about Rasullulah making some sign language for a few of the words

Let the children choose which word they want to talk about and sign. Make it fun


Ali youn Waliyullah – Imam Ali is the Friend of Allah

Give the children a chance to artwork Ali in Arabic

Use crayons and A6 size pieces of paper


Wasiyur Rasulullah wa Kalifatahu bila fasl

Imam Ali is the representative of Rasulullah right after Rasullulah. 

Act out being in the office and how the manager needs to leave for a few days. He selects someone to be in charge. 


Mum needs to get groceries and asks you the big brother to watch the little brother or sister while she is away. Mum puts you in charge while she is away.

In the same way, Rasullulah placed Imam Ali in charge like everyone does.


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