Rasulallah Revolution 13

Rasullulah Revolution session 13


As ibn Wail chief of pagans met HP coming out of msq. 


Quraish men sitting and watching – asked who were you talking to?

With the abthar one. 

No successor. 

Console the Holy Prophet Surah Kawther revealed with glad tidings of highest degree of grace, allah bestowed on Rasullulah. 

No male children, his islam legacy will be dead upon his demise.  Surah Kawther revelation – answer to enemies that Islam and Quran remain and continue forever. 

Abundance – Kawther

Kawthere comes from Kathrat meaning a lot of goodness

Gracious people are also called KAwther

Impossible to count them. 

Sali lirabika wanhar

Turn to your Lord in prayer and Sacrifice

Intention to worship and sacrifice for Allah not sacrifices for idols. Because He is the provider of everything. 


Enemy is the one who will be without off spring.

Predicted the future – Informs Prophet of coming of Abundance. 

No Ummayads around that we know about

But plenty of syeds and of course the 12 Imams


Through her, his family his descendants would grow in abundance in this world and in the hereafter


All mualims on stage together for rhymes this week. 

Festive week with chichra up in audience and in stage area.

Don’t build you house & Sibghatullah and Dua before anything



Actor 2Actor 1  Actor 4Actor 5 Actor 6 Actor 7 Actor 3


Flowers – Actor 1 and Actor 2 and Actor 3

Bee  – Actor 4 and Actor 5

Brother Bee – Actor 7 

Rasullulah – Actor 3

Mosque – Actor 2

Arab Shop keeper – Actor 6

Arab in home – Actor 4

Halal Food – Actor 2

Water – Actor 1 

Sleep – Actor 7

Sun – Actor 4

Knowledge – Actor 6 

Ball – Actor 2

Actor 4– Quran

Qurashy people – Actor 2 and Actor 1 

Angel Jibrael – Actor 6

Bibi Khadija – Actor 1 

Doll – Sayyida Fatema born



White Board


Petal Head gears for 3 flowers

3 green sheilas

Bee wings and costume for 3

Book with title  Antibiotic Stories for Anti Giving

Holy Personality costume

ISLAM canvas

Canvas of laailaha ilalah


Arab Shopkeeper stuff

Halal Food plate

Jug and glass

Blanket and Pillow 


Books for Actor 6 


Quran and lights etc

Speech bubbles – He’s abtar, hahaha, 

Namaz chador white



Sparkly lights

Dua TAwassul Props

Images of children

Images of syeds

Water project board




White board large and Artist narrator (use hat maybe) do the colour pencil box sharing starter with white board pens on stage. 

Someone help take away the white board and we begin with curtains open. 



Actor 1 
Actor 2
Actor 3
Actor 4
Actor 5
Actor 7

Each time I sing I am a flower, one of you comes on stage

One by one flowers come on stage.
Actor 1 
Actor 2
Actor 3

Actor 8 play rhyme 

I am a flower. I am a flower I am a flower in the garden of Allah. 

I am a flower. I am a flower I am a flower in the garden of Allah. 

I follow the sun. I follow the sun I follow the sun and blooom

Blooom Blooom! 

Narrator can sing this rhyme live

Actor 1  Actor 2Actor 3move from side to side and spread hands up like growing. Maybe turn around once Use hands to match words. 

Flowers are just black outfits, with the colour of your petal Sheila tied around your waist and your petal head gear. Or if there are enough green sheilas then all of you tie green Sheila around your waist as leaves and your face is the petal headgear.

Towards the end of the rhyme Actor 5 and Actor 4and Actor 7 as the bees come along 


Actor 4 to come and sing bee one. 

Bees can do like flowers too and come one by one with Actor 4being the first one.

I am a bee. I am a bee. I am bee making honey

I am a bee. I am a bee. I am bee making honey

I’m looking for a flower. I’m looking for a flower I’m looking for a flower to share some nectar with meeeeee! 

Come on stage and start buzzing. Soft buzzing while narrater says 

The bees were busy fluttering from flower to flower GIVING the flowers a chance to get pollinated. The bees were also busy collecting nectar from the flowers so they could GIVE honey to all the humans who use it in cooking and as medicine. 

Bees take the pompoms from the flowers and place in your nectar bags. In actions trying to get brother bee to sing and buzz but he refuses and sits. Others carry on.


Brother Bee was rather upset today and sat by the side of the garden with no buzz and no bizz. 

He didn’t want to make any honey.

Actor 7 sit by the side not wanting to do anything. Sit huddled down on stage

Hey Brother Bee, whats wrong, lets get busy buzzing and bizzing. Actor 4and Actor 5 to ask. 

Flowers at the back with sad face

I’m tired of GIVING all my hard work to the flowers and the humans. Hmmm said Sister Bee, we have a case of ANTI GIVING.

All the other bees and flowers repeat loudly together in sync,  ANTI GIVING Hhhhhhhhh

Yes, said Sister Bee, Anti Giving! 

We’re gonna have to give you the ANTI GIVING ANTIBIOTIC  to set you right. Its right here in this story. Actor 5 to whip out the Story book

A Story! Yeyyyyyy! I love stories. Actor 7 say yourself beginning to look up a little delighted

Hold up book which has a cover written ANTI GIVING ANTIBIOTIC STORIES for young and old

Give book to Zohra

Flowers gently leave and take off head gear and get ready for next role in black to bring the GIVERS in the next scene



It all began al long long time ago, when RAsullulah was busy GIVING Islam to the people. 


Spread the word of Islam nasheed.

Black backstage person holding canvas o flaa ilaha and back stage hold ISLAM canvas  and RAsullulah come on using hand gestures. Actor 1 and Actor 6 come and hold canvas from last week. Stand on the side allowing children to see. When I begin to narrate about msq you leave.

RAullulah holding speech bubble of be kind and laailaha ilalah

2 other mualims there as Quraysh and listening to him. Walking off and then turn back after a bit to listen.

As soon as Rasullulah is on, bees exit 


RAsullulah never stopped GIVING Islam to the people. Sometime he would chat to the people at the mosque.

Actor 2quickly come n with mosque and then off

Sometimes he would chat to the people at the shops. 

Actor 6 to come as Arab shop keeper with bags and talk to RAsullulah 

Sometimes he would chat to the people at their homes. 

Actor 4as Arab to come on stage and pretend to be visited by RAsullulah and pretend open the door and listen to Rasullulah

Rasullulah and home person to go off stage

Actor 8 this whole time, you are tapering up and down the sound, the nasheed playing throughout. 


He GIVES just like everything else. 

Look Brother Bee. Actor 5 and Actor 7 quickly back as bees and point to the givers. Stand off stange on the side as they come along.

Please all come and go quickly so there are no gaps on stage. One leaves and the other has already entered



Actor 2, Actor 1 , Actor 7, Actor 4, Actor 6, Actor 3

Salaam Alaykum. My name is Halal Food on your plate. I GIVE you lots of energy and strength to live your life. This is me obeying Allah’s command.  I love GIVING

Actor 2Dressed in all black. Actor 2Holding the gial silver thali with lots of images of food masking taped on. 


Salaam Alaykum my name is water. I GIVE your body what it needs to be A ok on the inside and the outside. 

More than 70% of you is made of water! This is me obeying Allah’s command. I love GIVING!

Actor 1  Hold jug and glass of water, dressed all in black. Pour water inot glass drink and make a very refreshed look on face.Just a bit and exit.

Actor 8 water flowing sound effect

Salaam Alaykum, my name is Sleep. I GIVE you rest so your body, your mind, your heart is strong throughout the day. This is me obeying Allah’s command. I love GIVING

Come with pillow and blanket and eye mask and cosy teddy.


Salaam Alaykum, my name is Sun. I GIVE you light and warmth and Vitamin D. You need all these things to live. This is me obeying Allah’s command. I love GIVING

Come wearing the sun and yellow t shirt


Salaam Alaykum, my name is knowledge. I GIVE you lots of things to know and think about. This is me obeying Allah’s command. I love GIVING. 

Books Science History Math etc fann them out as you come to show the children


Salaam Alaykum, my name is Ball. I GIVE you lots of fun while you play with me. This is me obeying Allah’s command. I love GIVING.

Come with football. Play a bit and leave


Salaam Alaykum, my name is Quran. I GIVE you ayats, all of them show you the way to live for Allah. I AM Allahs commands. I LOVE GIVING!

Come with Quran and twinkle lights on. 

Spot light from back goes on stays on for Rasullulah part


Salaam Alaykum, my name is Rasullulah, I GIVE you guidance and I am an excellent example in your life so you find it easy peesy in your life living it towards Allah. I love GIVING!

Actor 3as Rasullulah to come on. SPOT LIGHT ON



Actor 5 Actor 7, Actor 3Actor 2Actor 1 , Actor 6

Brother Bee, you see we are all part of the Giving. 

The Giving Tanks are Filling up!

Mr 3G Give Grow and Glow Mr 3G Give Grow and Glow

I go about my day, Mr 3G joins me and shouts

Fill up my tank! Fill up my Tank

I give, share and care, my stuff, my time, myself

Every give makes me grow and glow

I shout! Give Grow and Glow!

Give, grow and glow!

Actor 4 and Zohra come with tank and do moves and grow the tank.


You know Brother Bee, Through Allah, we never stop giving. 

a long time ago, during the life of Rasullulah, some of the people of his time laughed at him and called him abtar. That means that he would never have a family after him. 

Calling names is not giving, its hurting isn’t it. 

Rasullulah come on and a couple of Quraysh people  – Actor 2Actor 1 come on and hold speech bubbles saying. Hes abtar. He has no family after him. Hahahahaha and then leave and immediately Angel Jibrael shows up.


Well anyway, we all know the Quran knows the future and right there, Surah Kawther was revealed. 


Angel Jibrael come on with Quran and spot light ON. 

Stand centre stage while I recite and narrate about the surah

Rasullulah sitting there receiving the revelation.

Surah Kawther. 

The first line says Inna a’atayna kal kawther.

Surely we have given you lots and lots and lots more.


What is Kawther? Kawther is the biggest giving gift in the world.  He hadn’t got it yet but sure enough a while later, Rasullulah received it. 


Do you know what that is, Brother Bee? Actor 7 and Actor 5 there pretend talking


Allah gifted Rasullulah a daughter. A GLOWING GIVING daughter. 

Sayyida Fatema. She is the Kawther She is the enending gift. 


Actor 3, Actor 1 , Doll, Actor 4, Actor 5, Actor 7

Bibi Khadija and Rasullulah on stage with the baby. A very soothing rhyme of Sayyida FAtema here. Lights on, spot light on. Curtain twinkle lights on. 

Sayyida FAtema rhyme here

Actor 4in black bring decorated sparkled white board  Actor 5 begin to place the pieces as I narrate on the board. When you bring the board, you go in front of Rasullulah and Bibi Khadija and then they can disappear so we now using the story board, Board already has Rasullulah Imam Ali and Sayyida FAtema. 

And from Sayyida Fatema who was the wife of the first Imam, Imam Ali (as) came her two sons, Imam Hasan and Imam Husayn. Together with Rasullulah, they make the Panjatan. 

Place Imam Hasan and Imam Husayn then we sing

When I think of Panjatan rhyme Jamaa sing toegether


And from there came the rest of the Imams. 

4th Imam, Imam Ali Zaynul Abedeen, 5th Imam Imam Mohammed  Baqir, 6th Imam Jafer Sadiq, 7th Imam Musa Kazim, 8th Imam Ali Reza, 9th Imam Mohamed Taqi, 10th Imam Ali Naqi, 11th Imam Hasan Askery and our final 12th Imam Mohammed Mahdi Jaan atfs. And this is why she is the Kawther. Lots and lots and lots more. Actor 5 add till you get all 14 on the board with panjatan at the top and the rest of the Imams in line below


On the easel board in a triangular growing kind of way place Imams in line one after the other to show the Imams. 

Wow! The Quraysh laughed and laughed at Rasullulah but from him came his daughter Sayyida Fatema who is the mother of our Imams. 


There’s more Brother Bee.


The children of the Imams are called Syeds. You will find lots of them all over the world. The preacher syeds wear a black amama. 

Stick some Syeds on the Board Actor 5

You will not hear about any of the Ummayads or the Quraysh. They are the ones who ended up being Abtar. No family after them.


The Quran knows the future. 

And whats more, Sayyeda Fatema’s love and guidance is alive. We are all her children living our lives the way she has taught us, by GIVING! Heres where we are part of the Kawther. 

Stick photos of the children



Actor 5
Actor 7
Actor 4
Actor 2
Actor 1 
Actor 3

Brother Bee, I want us to travel to one more place. Come fly with me. Actor 4take board away now an get ready to be bee again

Short bee rhyme while fluttering. 


Here we are.

Actor 2 and Actor 1   Bring cardboard model on stage and give to Actor 5 then leave to quickly become flowers again

Bees on either side. 


Look this is Jordan. And this is the Jordan River. 

It feeds its water into the dead sea and into the Sea of Galileo. 

Look the water is flowing into both.

The Dead Sea looks really dead. There are no fish, no coral, no oyster no nothing. Its totally dead. Infact, nothing is alive in the dead sea. That’s because it keeps all the water it gets. It does not give it to any other body of water. 

But now 

Look at the fish and the underwater world of the sea of Galileo. Its soo beautiful. That’s because it gives its water to so many other places. What makes it have life in it is because of its GIVING. 

The dead sea does not give. 

Actor 5 to point as I narrate

Sister Bee, if I don’t help the flowers and make the honey, I too will be like the dead sea. 

Lets hurry home. I’m a GIVER! Like Sayyida Fatema and the Sea of Galileo. Im no Dead Brother Bee. 


Buzzzing Action with the Bees and Flowers are back and in sync do moves and do I wanna grow grow grow…..


Mr 3G Give Grow and Glow Mr 3G Give Grow and Glow

I go about my day, Mr 3G joins me and shouts

Fill up my tank! Fill up my Tank

I give, share and care, my stuff, my time, myself

Every give makes me grow and glow

I shout! Give Grow and Glow!

Give, grow and glow!


All mualims to come with tank and do moves and grow the tank.



Children get to watch a video of the Sea of Galileo and the Dead Sea and talk about the giving concept from there. 

Younger children get to stick fish and plant life into a ready made worksheet. Older children get to free style this work. 



Pack a I am Giving like Sayyida FAtema Kit for the Workers. 

This will have Dal and Rice in brown bags. They each take their bag and go and give it to humanity. 



Choose one thing that gives you its sweetness, one thing that gives you its saltiness and one thing that gives you love – A gift from Sayyida Fatema


Here we have packets of crisps/ something sweet/ a book mark with a Quote from Sayyida Fatema or something from deira.


Purple get to begin with Quran Hero part one with Actor 1 



sea of galileesea of galilee older kids






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