Rasulallah Revolution 14

Bibi Fatema Blanket Story Feb 2020



Golden Wall Cardboard

Spot Light


Bear Ears and Costumes

Black Face Paint for nose

Face Wipes




Monster Manners Book

Skipping rope

Props if any for forest skipping and rhyme – flowers etc

Bear Pillow

Fluffy Blanket

Mama Bear Knitting stuff 

Mama Bear specs

Mama Bear Sofa 

Pet Puppet

Captain hat or origami hat


Back pack

Yogurt pot helmet

Rocket MEandmawla

Beautiful Costume for Nabeeha as Sayyida FAtema

White gloves

Spot light

Titles in colourful nice handwriting in order

Old white lovely dress

Another white dress with twinkle lights and really beautiful

Rolling pin

Ready khubz


Beautiful tray with lights from jannah

RUA Lolly pop





Actor 1 -Mama Bear, 

Actor 2 – Angel Jibrael 

Actor 2 – Tarik The tortoise puppet 

Actor 3 – Poor Man in Surah Dahr

Actor 4 – PoorMan Asking for Clothes, Orphan Captive– 

Actor 4 – Black Backstage outfit to layer on each name of Sayyida Fatema 

Actor 3 – Brother Bear 

Actor 5 – Sayyida Fatema 


Salaam Alaykum Everyone. How are you today?

Are you ready for a Blanket Story?

I’m gonna need some help. 

Can you help me with some sounds?

We need a rain sound effect. Clap your thigh really slowly and then really fast. And say pitter patter with your mouth at the same time.

Thank you. Awesome etc.


Need your help. Can’t find the bears. Have you by any chance seen any bears around here? If you spot them, just tell me where. 

Hide and when I look back to where kids are pointing, please hide so I don’t see you. 

Then pop your head out again. 2 times at least till I find you and then we begin.


Ahhh, There they are. They love to play hide and seek don’t they. 

Actor 1  starts waving.


Introduce yourselves: Mama Bear and Brother Bear.


Hi! I’m Mama Bear. Mama is my name. Love is my game!

No two days are the same. And yah! Alhamdulillah I exclaim!!!

Repeat 2 times


Hi, I’m Brother Bear. Caps is what I like to wear. I am a grizzly guzzly black bear. I’m striving for a job in health care and oh yah, Quran is my love affair. Repeat 2 times


Bear Rhyme and moves together. Toe Taps and sprinkling lots of love and pats on kids heads etc. Nabeeha sound effects and Actor 1  and Actor 3 sing a rhyme here. Do we have a bear one, with some good values coming through. 


Mama Bear took Brother Bear to school. He had lots of fun at school. He painted a picture. 

Actor 1  to take Actor 3 to the school location where easel is. 

Then disappear.

Take paints and paint a flower and then write the words fatema. Or stick the stickers of fatema letters from meandmawla shop.

Make the petals in heart shape and make sure there are 5 of them.


Then he read a story. Monster Manners. 

Tell the kids what you can see in the picture book and say that’s not like Bibi FAtema and that’s like Bibi Fatema etc.


Then he played skipping. Skip and Spell Fatema. 

Let’s make sure there is space for Actor 3 to skip when making the stage area and skipping rope can go round and not hurt any child. 

Point to it on an easel with painting there. Faaa say out loud as you skip one Tii as you skip second and maa say out loud as you skip. You can do it several times. Come on everyone together. Fa te Ma. 


When the bell rang, Actor 8 school bell sound, Brother Bear could not wait to see Mama Bear. 


Actor 1  arrives and picks Actor 3 from school. BearHugs.

They skipped through the forest and sang their favourite rhyme. 

I’m going on a honey hunt…. Actor 1  please make it 

Ends with a sharing is caring or some good message. 

Use full stage so that their attention is on you. 

Actor 8 can put things for Actor 3 to sleep. Bear pillow and fluffy blanket.


Later that evening, Brother Bear yawned so loudly. 

Actor 3 yawn exaggerated  He was sooo tired. 

Mama bear tucked him in bed and he fell fast asleep. 

Actor 3 centre stage and sleep loud snoring exaggerated.


Actor 1  to go off and sit on a little arm chair on the side. Wear your specs and start knitting. 


Suddenly it began to rain.

Narrator  gets the kids to begin the rain sound. 

It began to rain really hard. 

Increase speed (Narrator)

Thunder rumbled until it got sooo loud that it woke Brother Bear. 

Actor 8 thunder sound. 


Mama Mama Actor 3 say yourself

Actor 3 rush to Actor 1 


I’m scared Actor 3 say yourself. 

Then Actor 1  and Actor 3 just stay hugged and cuddled up to each other. 

Don’t worry, Brother Bear. It’s just the storm making all that noise. Go back to bed. Said Mama Bear.

Actor 1  to stroke/hug  Brother Bear. Actor 1  sitting on sofa. Actor 3 sit with head in lap of Actor 1 . Make sure audience can see you and your expressions


I want to stay close to you Mama Bear said Brother Bear


You know we are always connected together, no matter what. 

Said Mama Bear. 


How can we be together when you are out here and I’m in my bed said Brother Bear. Actor 3 point towards bed 


This is how said, Mama Bear. 

Actor 1  to stand holding a pretend string right in front of you. 


Brother Bear rubbed his sleepy eyes and tried to see what Mama Bear was holding. 

Actor 3 now also stand and rub eyes and look


It’s the invisible rope. I was about your age when my Mama first told me about it said Mama Bear


I don’t see any rope – Actor 3 say yourself. 


You don’t need to see the Invisible Rope. People who love each other are always connected by this very special Invisible Rope made of love, said Mama Bear. 


If you can’t see it, how do you know its there asked Brother Bear


Even though you can’t see it with your eyes, you can feel it with your heart and know that you are always connected to everyone you love. 


When you are at School Brother Bear and you miss me, your love travels all the way along the rope until I feel it tug on my heart. 

Actor 1  to do actions for this.

Does everyone have an invisible rope? Asked Brother bear. 


Yes, everyone has one Brother Bear, even little Tariq, your pet Tortoise Actor 2 holds a puppet up. 


Does the invisible rope reach even if I were the captain of a ship far out at sea


Actor 3 put on a newspaper boat hat origami or a captain hat if we have  and pretend to ride the high seas.

Actor 8 sound effect – sea and ocean waves


Yes Brother Bear even there. Actor 1  says to himself. LOUDLY EXCITEDLY


Or how about if I were climbing to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro

Actor 3 wear binoculars and backpack and take over stage and do mountain climbing

A climbing we shall go. A climbing we shall go. Hey ho, a climbing we shall go. – Actor 3 sing yourself


Yes Brother Bear, even there. Actor 1  says himself. LOUDLY EXCITEDLY


How about if I were an astronaut in space asked Brother Bear 

Actor 3 pick up the rocket and wear a yogurt pot – we can get the 2 kg one 


Yes Brother Bear, even there. Actor 1  say yourself. LOUDLY EXCITEDLY


Does the invisible rope reach all the way to Uncle Bear Ebrahim in jannah?


Yes Brother Bear, even there. Actor 1  say yourself. LOUDLY EXCITEDLY


The invisible rope reaches anywhere and everywhere, even to Sayyida Fatema, our Lady of Light. Said Mama Bear lovingly.


Really – Actor 3 say yourself. I love her so much. 


She loves you brother bear and you love her. You are connected by the invisible rope. 


The more you are like her, the stronger and stronger your invisible rope becomes. 


Mama Bear, I want a super strong invisible rope with Sayyida Fatema.  Can I cuddle up for a Sayyida Fatema story before I go back to bed asked Brother Bear


Sure Brother Bear said Mama Bear grinning.


Actor 5 come out as Bibi FAtema now. Actor 8 Put on spot light for S. Fatema


Sayyida Fatema is our mummy. She’s lovely isn’t she. 


Slowly slowly, Actor 1  and Actor 3 go behind the partition and change.


She has lots of other lovely titles. 


Zahra is one of them. It means the Shining one.

Actor 4 comes out from backstage and makes Actor 5 wear the first title. Then go back


Raadhiya is another. It means to be Pleased with Whatever Allah plans for you. 

Actor 4 to come back out and make her wear the next one then go back backstage


Mardhiyah means to be super Duper Pleasing to Allah

Come out again interchanging the sides you go backstage to create movement of how she is these names everywhere. Put next title on then go backstage


Another one is Mujahidah, said Mama Bear.

And finally come back to put on the final lanyard. 

Mujahidah ???? What does that mean? Actor 3 say yourself


Mujahidah means one who strives for Allah. 


I want to strive for Allah Mama. 


Then let’s learn from Sayyida Fatema how best to do it. 


When Sayyida Fatema was getting married, she had one dress. It was not new and had a few patches. Narrator pauses the narration while she shows the dress her Father Rasullulah had given her a lovely new dress to wear for the wedding. She was super excited to wear this dress.


Actor 5 to first lift up the olde dress in a hanger hanging on a partition just at the back. Show the audience and then hang it back and pick up the white dress, show the audience and then hang it back. 


In the evening, there was a knock at the door.

Actor 3 to come on stage as poor person

I ask the family of the holy Prophet if you have any clothes to spare. Actor 3 say yourself loudly like speaking from outside but humble.


Sayyida Fatema remembered a verse from the Quran. 


Lan tanalul birra hatha tunfiqu mimmaa tuhib buun.3: 92

By no means shall you please Allah until you give what you love 


That was a jihad, a strive to please Allah by giving. Should she give her old dress or her new one. 

Nabeeha to lift up the old dress with the patches and then the new one. Act like you are thinking

She gave the new one.

This is one of the reasons she has the name Mujahidah. She strived for Allah. 


Allah loved this act so much that soon after, Angel Jibrael was sent down with the most beautiful dress from the heavens for her. 

Actor 2 to Angel Jibrael to come with a dress with twinkle lights on the inside switched on and give it to Sayyida FAtema.

Actor 8 to put on some soft twinkle sound effects.
The sounds should last the whole time Actor 2 is out there


Another time, when Imam Hasan and Imam Husayn were not feeling well, Sayyida Fatema made Nadhr to fast for 3 days. A Nadhr is a super duper Promise to do good deeds to please Allah and pray that they get better. 


The family fasted on the first day. Sayyida Fatema made some bread for iftar. Actor 5 roll the bread acting

 At iftar time, there was a knock at the door. It was a very poor person. 

Actor 3 to come again. Change colours a little if possible. Knock at the door 

 Please can I have some food. I haven’t eaten in days. 

Sayyida FAtema and the family all gave their bread to the needy man. 

Actor 5 to give the plates of bread to Actor 3


The next day, the whole family fasted. Sayyida Fatema made bread for iftar. Actor 5 roll the bread

At iftar time, there was another knock at the door. It was an orphan. He said, I’m so hungry! Do you have anything I can eat. Actor 4  to come as orphan and hold hands out for food. 


Sayyida Fatema and the family all gave their bread to the orphan and broke their fast with water. 

Actor 5 give the bread


The third day, Sayyida FAtema and the family fasted. She made bread for iftar. At iftar time, there was a knock at the door. It was a man who had just come out of prison. He was sooo hungry. He knocked. 

Please can I have some food. I am soooo hungry. 


Sayyida Fatema and the family gave him all their bread. 

Actor 5 pls give the khubz to Actor 3


Allah loved this strive to please Allah by giving. 

Angel Jibrael brought food to Sayyida Fatema and the family from jannah. 


The Quran talks about this strive for Allah, 

Innamah nutimukum liwajhil lahi la nuridu minkum jazaa an wa la shukuran

We only feed you for Allah’s pleasure. We desire no reward nor thanks. 


Actor 2 to come as Angel Jibrael and bring this beautiful sparkly tray and give to Actor 5


Actor 5 take it and place it on the table. Begin to set up. 

Keep the sound effect ready to play here for SAyyida FAtema as she sets the table. 


Fatima you are the lady of the light – Actor 8

Actor 5 you can do stuff around the house here and make this real, helping someone, praying, reading Quran, giving love, cooking, doing a tasbeeh. Let this play a little bit. Then leave and when Actor 5 leaves, Actor 8 – you then taper the sound down ever so slowly 


Actor 1  and Actor 3 be ready as bears

When Actor 5 leaves, Actor 3 you come on scene and from the other side Actor 1 .

Actor 3 in the meantime comes back as brother bear. 


Wow Mama Bear said Brother bear. I want a new title. My name is now Brother Mujahid bear from now on. I’m striving to please Allah just like Sayyida Fatema. 


That’s wonderful Brother Bear. 


The biggest and bestest strive for Allah is by Holding firmly to this invisible rope of Allah. That is the Quran and the Ahlul bayt. 


When you go to Madrasah or read the Quran anytime, read with understanding. That’s the biggest Mujahid thing you can do. So that you can live what the Quran says. 


That will make your invisible rope with Sayida Fatema super duper strong. 

Do R U A RUA Read Understand Act on the quran and your rope will be super duper strong. 


R U A RUA Rhyme here with bear moves and High Fives and R U A images coming up everywhere. 

Use RUA Lollipop in your moves

Ok Brother Bear, Time for Bed. 

Ok Mama Bear. 


Brother Bear starts singing softly and then after a bit Actor 1  joins in and starts singing holding on tight…


Night Night everyone! Actor 3 stay and place yourself in centre stage. Yawn so loudly and fall asleep and snore.


And whose birthday are we celebrating???


Sayyida FAtema. 

Actor 3 to get up and Say Birthday! Sayyida FAtema’s Birthday. 

Mama can I go to the party….. pleaseeeee pleaseeee mama.


Actor 1  to ask Audience. Shall we let Brother Bear come to the party?



Let’s all sing for her. 


Happy Birthday to you


Actor 1  and Actor 3 to come and join the party. Sparklers 


Actor 3 now announced how for today we are going to the Park. Be very vigilant about each mother taking their own child. Have a leader to guide them where to park.

Take water and a first aid kit. And food. 


Would you like the boys to play football in the pitch off the swimming pool near gate 1. If yes, 2 mualims go with the boys and be in charge and nabeeha book the court and make sure consent from mothers is taken and pls arrange a football.


Honey Hunt Rhyme


We’re going on a honey hunt 

We’re going on a honey hunt 

Mmmmmm yummy 

It’s going in my tummy 


Honey on bananas

Honey on toast 

Mmmmm yummy 

I’m a bear that shares his honey. 



We’re going on a honey hunt 

We’re going on a honey hunt 

Mmmmm yummy 

It’s going in my tummy!


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