Rasulallah Revolution 15

Rasulullah Revolution 15 – Me’raj


Rasulullah been to the aakhirah proof so his telling us about belief and doing good with reference

Reviews concept today. Rasullulah giving reviews of bashir and nadhir of aakhirah from dunia choices

Salaat is born in heavens and forms the opportunity to dwell there. Born from this trip.


Kaaba in Mecca to Masjid Aqsa then to heavens

Miraculous experiences bestowed on Rasulullah 

No journey ever taken in human history


Glorified is He Who carried His servant for a journey by night from the Holy Mosque (in Makka) to the farther Mosque (in Jerusalem) – whose surroundings We have blessed – that We might show him some of Our signs. Indeed He alone is All-Hearing, All-Seeing.” (Sura Al-Isra 17:1)


Ain Ra Ja  Ladders, stairs, ascending roads staircase upon which they ascend 43:33

Surah 70 so named because of reference in verse 3 to ways of ascent


Khalil – Actor 1 

Maryam – Actor 2

Mum – Actor 3

Dad – Actor 4

Angel Jibrael – Actor 3

Rasulullah – Actor 5 

Nabi Musa – Actor 6

All mualims are angels, prophets and quick change to Quraysh and Arab men RAsullulah talked to on return and the Arabs from caravan.


Images to design

Backdrop- Desert mountains with Kaaba and some arab homes around.

27th Rajab

Angel Jibrael 



Then Angel Jibrael Buraq and Rasullulah merge into one image

Masjidul Aqsa

Jannah signpost

Rasullulah praying with prophets image

Group of angels

Sad face angel

Mr whoopsies-talk about others

Mr whoopsies don’t eat halal

Mr whoopsies not kind to orphans

Mrs whoopsies

Angels glorifying 

Prophets group

Jannah rivers



Stress Free

River of Kawther

Smell so good Ahhhhhhh

Cup of sparkly water

Dua hands Rasulullah

Angels and Rasullulah praying




40 crossed


30 crossed


20 crossed




Multiplication- 5 x 50=250

Salaat gift


Arab talking lost camel bubble



Props list pls generate




Actor 1
Actor 2
Actor 3
Actor 4

When curtains open, the family is already on stage facing the backstage and watching the screen. Either a real computer screen or the projector if it is fixed. Sit in a way that allows the audience to also see but also understand the context of the opening of the story.
Actor 8 –pls find suitable pictures for this scene and make a powerpoint


The holidays were coming and Khalil and Maryam were super excited. The family sat around the computer screen looking at the different places they could visit. 

2 slides of diff places to visit in Egypt

There were very keen to see the pyramids in Egypt. 


We get to crawl into the pyramids of Giza and see Firawns skeleton bones at the museum said Khalil excitedly.


Dad clicked on the reviews for the hotels in Cairo. 

This one’s got a 5 star rating. 


What does that mean dad, asked Khalil


A review is what people think about the place and they rate it out of 5 said Dad kindly. 

Sit around the table and show computer screen with 2 images of Egypt then show hotel review 5 star 


I know a place that has a super 5 star rating like no other place. We should all go there! (Actor 2 say yourself)


Where Where ?? said Khalil excited (Actor 1  say yourself)


It’s a place, only one person has gone to and his review of the place is a Better than a 5 Star Rating! 

It’s the best place to go. The best food, best scenery, rivers, trees, the best fun things to do, the most comfortable, most peaceful and it’s the safest place in the world – no robbers, no coronavirus, no ouch and guess what!  It’s freeeeeeeeee as well. 


All these displayed on the projector. Line by line click while I narrate. ppt of this

That’s impossible. All that for FREEEEEEE!!!


And the Super star rating has been given by the most Trustworthy man that has ever walked the earth. 

Actor 5 come on stage holding the Jannah frame and put star rating stars with Allah written inside the stars all around the frame. Come on stage and back stage free mualim come and hold Sadiq and Amin posters while the above is being narrated. 

And then leave. Its like you are Actor 1 s and Actor 2s thoughts

I know, it’s Jannah! Actor 1  say yourself

Absolutely Actor 2 say yourself

And the rating has been given by Rasullulah, the only man who has been there and BACK to earth to tell us all about it. 

Actor 2 act this out exaggerated especially the word back

Really! Actor 1  say yourself

Tell me more Maryam. Tell me more! When did he go? What happened

Actor 2 to get the board and book to begin this part of the narration placing the board as we discussed in the location that suits the tandem story tell

Sure Khalil, let me get my board- bring and Actor 2 say yourself



Actor 2 and Actor 1 , you can build the board together. Actor 2 you can pass the pieces to Actor 1  to make it more interactive sometimes

Actor 2 Actor 1 

It all began one evening on the 27th night of Rajab. Angel Jibrael visited Rasulullah asking him to join him on the only journey of its kind to the Hereafter on a very special ride – Buraq the flying horse. 

Actor 5 as Rasullulah still on stage. Backstage sadiq and Amin people have left. Angel Jibrael to come on as if telling Rasullullah to join him for Meraj. 

Actor 2 to build the storyboard with Actor 1  here. Get the large white board on which we have masking taped the background.

The pieces are in the yasin felt book to make it easy.

27th Rajab – piece 1

Angel Jibrael visiting Rasulullah – piece 2

Buraq – piece 3


(Actor 1  say yourself) That must have been amazing. Pause for a moment to let the  children get a chance to also imagine here

I know nothing is impossible for Allah just like making the earth, Actor 1  hold up earth from basket the spinning solar system, Actor 1  show the image from book in basket  saving Nabi Ebrahim from a giant burning fire Actor 1  show image from book in basket and Nabi Yunus from the belly of the big fish. Actor 1  holds up Nabi Yunus and big fish. A flying horse is a piece of cake for Allah, the creator of everything. He has everything in His hands. Allahu khalilqu kulli shay.  Actor 2 and Actor 1 sing together just the following few verses. 

He’s got the whole earth in His hands. He’s got the whole earth in His hands. Allahu khaliqu kulli shay.


Actor 5 and Angel Jibrael leave stage now as if travelling

Actor 8 from here, put a sound effect that is soft and soothing and breeds this aura and magnificence of the journey.
As soon as they finish the allahu khaliku kulli shay rhyme

Rasullulah’s special journey began at Kaaba. 

Now Actor 8 adds the labbyakh allahuma labbaykh and then tapers off, keeping the other sound going.

Actor 1  pick up the Kaaba from side of stage while I narrate this and ayat

Subhanallazi asraa bi abdihi laylan minal masjidil haram

Glory be to Him who made His servant to go on a night from the Sacred Mosque

Actor 2 takes the piece with Rasullulah and burak and angel jibrael to the Kaaba.


and from there, up to the heavens. 

Soft subtle sweet sound

His first stop was Masjidul Aqsa which is the mosque in the heavens directly above the Kaaba.

Actor 2 add image of MAsjidul Aqsa directly above kaaba with markings to show on the background

Ilal masjidil aqsa Allazi baarakna hawlahu. To the furthest mosque which we blessed its surroundings

Rasullulah led all the prophets in salat here. All the prophets prayed behind Rasulullah. 

Add image of Rasulullah leading salat

Actor 5 to come on stage and all mualims come as Prophets and pray a salaat behind Rasulullah. All Prophets dressed as diff colours. Blues, burgundy, light green dark blue etc

Sound effect of jamaah allahu akber and salaat and taper off keeping the other soft sound going.

Actor 5 and Mualims leave stage

Rasullulah then carried on his journey. He travelled to the place we are all made for. Heaven. Add signpost Jannah here Actor 2 It is soooo beautiful. A group of angels greeted Rasulullah. 

Add angels group greeting Rasulullah

Actor 5 back on stage and one by one angels come on as soon as you are ready and go close to Rasulullah, hold his hand with both hands. 

Salaam Alaykum Nasheed softly with the breeze and birds also playing. Let this play till all angels on stage. All angels come on stage with smiling popsicle sticks except on who comes with straight mouth.

 All of them were happy and smiling except one. Now switch off all sweet sounds Nabeeha Add Sad angel Actor 2

The one who lights the fire for Hell, the place for all the mr. whoopsies. Hhhhhhhhhhh everyone loud

 He was so sad to know about mr. whoopsies who disobey Allah. His work is to make the mr whoopsie homes made of hot fire. Not nice to disobey Allah. This angel took Rasullulah to see the different layers of the yucky mr whoopsie place.


Rasullulah saw what happens to those mr whoopsies who talk about others. Hhhhhhhhhhh everyone loud

Add Mr whoopsies in fire image Actor 2

2 mr whoopsies to come on stage – talking like as if talking about others Actor 6 and Actor 4

He saw what happens to the mr whoopsies who don’t eat halal food. OUCH! Mr whoopsie. Hhhhhhhhhhh everyone loud

Add eating mr whoopsies Actor 2

Actor 6 and Actor 4 eating no halal food sign and eating


He saw what happens to the mr whoopsies who are not kind to orphans and take their things. Hhhhhhhhhhh everyone loud

Add more snatching stuff from others mr whoopsies Actor 2

Fizzza and Actor 4 act this out no props

He saw what happens to the Mrs Whoopsies who don’t dress how Allah has asked. Hhhhhhhhhhh everyone loud

Add the mrs whoopsies Actor 2

Mr whoopsie rhyme here 

Actor 6 and Actor 4 here doing the boing boing

Actor 5 on stage the whole time seeing all this

He then met a group of angels who are always praising Allah sooo beautifully. Such peaceful peace.

Add more angels

Actor 5 greeted by more angels come back and wish Rasulullah

Nabeeha soothing sweet encompassing sound effect here


Rasullulah met lots of prophets on his journey. All the wonderful people of the wonderful place. All the Mr guideds. 

Actor 5 as Rasullulah to come onstage and all others to come on with lanyards dressed Arab with names of prophets. 

ProphetAdam, Prophet Musa, Prophet Ebrahim,  Prophet Isa. Prophet Yusuf. Lanyards are with yellow mr guided icon

Mr guided rhyme here

RAsullulah saw the beautiful rivers of Janaah and the beautiful tree that has a branch reaching every place, giving you everything you want. 

Actor 2 now add all the images to build the jannah here


He saw the River of Kawthar and the River of Mercy. He drank from the Kawther. The best drink ever. Yummmmm! Alhamdulillah!  

Actor 2 add the beautiful cup here image

Actor 5 have twinkle lights inside your costume. Drink from a beautiful cup After you drink from Kawther, you switch them on and glow even more than only spot light.He then saw his home in jannah. The ground of jannah smelt soooo nice like perfume.

Actor 2 Spray rose water on Actor 1  and around a little but don’t spend too much time on the scent.


The breeze was so perfect. The fruits and flowers, trees and time there was sooo soothing and peaceful and happy. Truly the best place to be, where you belong. 

li nuriyahu min ayatina. We may show him some of our signs….17:1

The meraj trip is a big ayatim bayinat clear sign for us all!


Rasullulah asked Allah to give to all his people the wonders he has given to the angels.

Rasullulah praying hands image Actor 2 Add

Actor 5 raise hands in dua


Rasullulah then heard an angel call out the adhan.

Play a very soothing adhan. Not too slow though

Actor 3 Angel comes out and hand to ear pretends to call out the Adhan.

It was soooo beautiful. He then led the angels in salaat.

Actor 5 as Rasullulah and others come out all dressed in white and pray behind Rasulullah. 

Actor 2 add image Rasulullah and angels 

Actor 8 to put a soothing Allah nasheed in Arabic while they pray here.

When he was in sajdah, Allah then told him that he has made 50 salaat each day, something that all believers must do. A gift.

Actor 2 to add the 50 salat in gift box for Rasulullah’s people up on the board

Actor 5 picks up the 50 salaat sign and show audience and goes off stage and straight away Actor 6 on stage. Actor 5 return from the other side of backstage that you left


On Rasulullah’s return down the heavens, he met Nabi Musa. 

Actor 2 add the Rasullulah talk to Nabi Musa image 

Actor 5 meet Actor 6 Nabi Musa and pretend to talk

Rasullulah told him about the 50 salaat. Nabi Musa advised Rasullulah to go and ask Allah to reduce the amount for he feared the people would not pray 50 salaat.


Allah reduced the amount by 10.

Actor 2 add the crossed out 50 and then after audience answer add the 40

Actor 5 to hold up the 40 sign

How much does that make? Ask the audience…. 40!

Actor 6 and Actor 5 to meet again

Nabi Musa again advised Rasullulah to ask for a reduction. The ummah would not pray all those salaat in one day. Again Rasullulah asked Allah for a reduction. Salaats were reduced by 10. 

Actor 2 remove the 40 and put the crossed out 40 and after audience answer add the 30

How much does that make?…. Ask the audience …. 30

Actor 5 to hold up 30. Actor 6 talk to Actor 5

Again Nabi Musa advised Rasullulah to ask for a reduction. He got another 10 reduction.How much does that make?…..20

Actor 2 remove the 30 and add the crossed out 30,then after audience answer add the 20 

Right! Still too much thought Nabi Musa. Again RAsullulah asked for a reduction.  

Actor 2 remove the 20 and add the crossed out 20 and then audience answer and add the 10

Salaats were down to 10 salaats. 

Still Nabi Musa Advised Rasulllah to ask for a reduction. 

Actor 2 remove10 add the crossed out 10and then add the 5

When it was down to 5 salaats. Rasullulah was too embarrassed to go back and ask for any more reduction in salaat. He would be patient. Actor 5 to hold sign of I am a sabir together we are sabireen

 Allah said, He loved patience and because of this patience, He would make each salaat value at 50 salaats. 

Lets count now. If I pray 5 salaat each day. What’s the total value of salaat if each is worth 50 salaat? …… 250

Actor 2 add the multiplication of 5x 50 = 250

Rasullulah then returned from the aakhirah having seen the place for all the Mr guideds and all the mr whoopsies.  and getting the gift of Salaat for us all.


On his return from this busy one night journey. He met a caravan from the Quraysh. 

Actor 2 add caravan ofQuraysh searching for camel

Actor 5 on stage meeting the Caravan. All free mualims come as Arabs and give Rasulullah water to drink

They were busy looking for their lost camel. He asked them for some water to drink.


When he returned, Rasullulah told the people about his journey to the heavens, meraj. He told them everything that he saw. 

Actor 5 talking to Quraysh and Arab people. Actor 6 is the Quraysh

He gave them the super star rating of Heaven and how to get there. He told them about the mr. whoopsie place and what to avoid doing so as not to land there. 

Actor 2 to point to heaven and hell here when I narrate

He then told them about the caravan and the lost camel and asked them for some water. 

Add the Quraysh people image talking to Rasullulah

The Quraysh did not believe a word Rasullulah said. Actor 6 act like deny what Actor 5 saying . However, just at sunrise, the caravan entered Mecca and told them all about Rasullulah’s visit, the lost camel and Rasullulah asking for some water. 

Mualims of the caravan – come back and tell Actor 6 and Rasulullah all about what happened. Acting only

Just like the Quran knows the future, Rasullulah, the talking walking Quran knows the future too. He’s even seen it. 

Everyone leave. Actor 5 leave last

Now I get it, Maryam. Rasullulah has seen where we can live forever depending on our deeds and he wants us all to go to the place we are meant for. That’s why he keeps on guiding and warning us. 


Absolutely Khalil. Absolutely. He’s Sadiq and Amin, Truthful and trustworthy. He only tells us what is true! 


I want to go there and smell the musk and feel the breeze and drink from the Kawther and play in the best water slide park and eat the yummiest food. 

Actor 2 and Actor 1  standing here talking

You absolutely can, Khalil. It’s all there for free waiting for you. All you gotta do is believe in Allah and do good deeds. No yucky ones. Just good deeds. 


And now we know the bestest deed which Rasullulah brought for us from the me’raj. 




Rasullulah has given us the true rating of the most wonderful place ever. 


Just then, Dad’s phone began to make the call for salaat. 

Actor 4 to come onstage with adhan playing on phone

Maryam lets go get our tickets for the better than 5 star rated place ever! Lets go PRayyyyyyyy!


Family pray together!

Actor 1  Actor 2 Actor 3 Actor 4 pray family salaat while I narrate the rest


Irjie illa rabiki raddhiyatan mardhiya Fadkulii fee ibadi

Wadkulli janati! 

Return to your Lord, well pleased with Him, well pleasing Him.

So enter among My servants

Enter into my garden. 

89: 28-30


Do you want to go to the super star rated place where you belong? ……..

Do you want to go to Jannah????? 

Actor 2 and Actor 1  to ask together to audience after I share the ayats above and you have completed one rakaat



Actor 4, Actor 6, Actor 5 

Purple can centre the whole stations around salaat.


Ask the children to position themselves in a way that displays the following. Let all children come up with their own pose for each. Look at the pose and after each pose look at how closely they resemble a position from salaat. 


  1. I don’t own anything at all. I have nothing


Let all children do and then look at the resemblance to Takbir where we say Allah is the Greatest. In this position we can see that we have our hands up showing we own nothing and the one who is asking us to raise our hands owns all the power. 


Do we own anything? Does Allah own everything? How so? Discuss allowing the children to bring their views and discuss. 


  1. Please help me

Look at the different positions that the children come up with and ask them why they chose this position. Let them see each other’s point of view. When we ask Allah in salaat, we raise our begging bowls.- Hands in Qunoot. In this position, you get the feeling that this person is needy and is asking. That means, we don’t have, hence asking. We don’t have the means, hence asking. Isn’t asking Allah asking the one who can give ? 

Does He give? Yes /No discuss


  1. Nothing but you. I am completely at your mercy. 

Again let the children come up with the position that best describes this. Then talk about Sajda and why Allah chose this position to be the one in which we are closest to Him. We can’t even look at our phones in a Sajda. 


  1. Looking respectfully

When we look down, it is a form of respect. In Salaat we look down. The whole salaat speaks about our obedience and respect to Allah


Now let’s look at a couple of things we say in salaat to get a presence of it all. 

Bihawl lillahi…..

Here we say, with your help I stand and I sit. 

Do we think about thanking Allah while we sit and stand. Isn’t it His Mercy reaching us so beautifully that helps us stand and sit. 

Think of all the things we do where we need to sit and stand. Act them out. 

What bones, what are the mechanics of standing and sitting. Could we stand and sit without the help of Allah? 

What would life be like without the ability to stand and sit. 


Talk about intention and how our parents wake us to pray and how do they feel about this

Talk about Allah and all that He daily bestows upon us and our basic obedience in doing one thing He has asked us knowing fully well it’s for our own good. 

He says pray one reward 50. Buy 1 get 50 free. That’s a mighty bonus. 

Rasullulah asked to be like the angels he saw in heaven. Angels are lower in rank to us because they obey Allah 24/7

Can we do that? Why Why not? Do we want to? 


Purple group can look at meaning of Surah Fatiha and Surah Ikhlas




Actor 6, Actor 2, 

Climbing station. In this station we want the children to get a feel of what it’s like to climb up a ladder. Once they do, and it’s challenging we get to the top without lots of difficulty and once up top, we realize it’s the wrong ladder. Do we want to be in that position. ?


For younger children, they can get a feel for climbing a ladder and the joy when you get to the top. Me’raj comes from a’raj which means to ascend. Ladder.


Our beliefs and deeds make us climb higher and higher and reaching Allah’s pleasure and jannah will be the peak of ascent any human can achieve. 


For homework, children get to select a building or a hill to climb in the desert hatta al ain or locally. When you get to the top, the last thing you would want to be told is that you climbed up the wrong mountain hill building. 

Lets not live our lives climbing up the wrong ladder. 

The hub dunia ladder is always available but does not really take you to the top we are talking about. 


Purple groups can get to help put something up. If we get a student to climb up only to be told, you are a little off in terms of distance, you have to come down and place the ladder in the right place and then start right from the bottom. This is not going to be available in the next world. So let’s get it right from now. 

Let’s say how we dress. It’s a ladder to climb. Climbing the right ladder is dressing in a way that reaches the aakhirah as sound and blessed. Not dressing correctly serves as a wrong ladder.


Apply to other things that the students might be going through. 


The younger children can then get to do a ladder activity to design a ladder and themselves right there at the top.


Purple students can also do the next lesson in Quran hero. 

A conversation can also be hand with reference to school and how we want to climb up the learning ladder. We strive. Same way, our deen strives up the right ladder. 



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