Rasulallah Revolution 16

Rasulullah Revolution Session 17



Rasulullah – Actor 1 

Imam Ali – Actor 2

Abu Ayyub Ansari – Actor 3 (small child)

Mother of Abu Ayyub – Sana

Mr whoopsies – Actor 5 and Actor 6 and Actor 7

Mr guided – Actor 8

Bibi FAtema – Actor 5

Fatema binte Asad – Actor 6

Abu Bakr -Khalil –  Actor 9

Angel Jibareal – Actor 8

Detective Abu Karez – Actor 6

Quraysh of Mecca returned goods – Actor 5

Building the msq – Actor 8

Muhajireen going with Imam Ali – Actor 7

Bilal – Actor 6

Ammar Yasir – Actor 7



2 holy personality costume

Mr whoopsie lanyards 3

Black sheilas for robber bandanas

Blanket and pillow

Al Hafeez – Poster

Angel Jibrael outfit

Camels on sticks

Cave in backstage area

Spiders web

Nest and egg

Abu karez outfit

Magnifying glass for Abu Karez

Sadiq and Amin poster

Hessian sacks and documents

Bibi Fatema costume – green abaya and face covering

Both mosque cardboards

Tools to build msq

Blackeye Eyeshadow for face Bilal


Prepare students to be the Ansars

Teach children the iregelegele

Clapping and happy – Rasullulah has come!

Sign for tala- al


In the city of Mecca, there were many Mr Whoopsies. Allah made Mohammed a Prophet, the last Propeht of Islam to guide  the Mr Whoopsies. Some Mr whoopsies became Mr guided but there were still Mr whoopsies. 


Rasulullah on stage and Mr whoopsies and RAsullulah acting as if guiding the Mr whoopsies. The Mr whoopsies cover your ears and mime I can’t hear you then when you hear the rhyme, you can do the rhyme and boing boing together

RAsullulah leave the stage here

Mr Whoopsie Rhyme


The Mr Whoopsies would all going boing boing because they chose not to listen to the guide Rasullulah. They wanted to worship their idols and not believe in one God. 

Zohra to hold up the idol on a board and then all at an angle with the bells worship the idols

Idol Worship Rhyme rhyme 


They continued to worship their stones but they also did other whoopsie things. They gave really big ouches to Mr Guideds and to Rasullulah. 


Rasullulah to come and some Mr guided Actor 8 too. Mr whoopsies still on stage and pretend to backbite conversation and then laugh and say magician loudly 


The Mr Whoopsies had a big meeting and planned how they were going to ouch Rasullulah. 

Huddle and have a conversation. In the meantime, Rasulullah off stage Actor 6 and Actor 5 and Actor 7 huddle


The Mr Whoopsies decided they would go to Rasullulah’s house when he was sleeping at night and give him a big ouch. Hhhhhhh.

What a Whoopsie thing to do!

Mr whoopsies leave like in a group discussing-( Tie your sheilas at the back now like robbers )but go to your murderer positions, alone and hunched down around the stage area.  Costume mr whoopsie lanyard and black bandana tied back of head

But we all know Allah. He is Al Hafeez, the protector. 

Throw Al Hafeez posters from the back of the backdrop to front. As I narrate this line, Rasullulah to come on stage Actor 2 to throw poster from back


The Mr Whoopsies planned and Allah plans too, and Allah’s plans are the best plans. 


Allah sent Angel Jibrael with a message to Rasullulah saying

it’s time to move to Medina. 

Angel Jibrael to follow soon after with a revelation. Hold the Quran on sparkly base and open the quran. Actor 8 – Actor 2 help her get on stage come and speak to Rasullulah and then leave


Rasullulah obeys all of Allah’s commands just like all of you. 

He asked Imam Ali to sleep in his bed so that he could leave and head to Medina. 

Imam Ali on stage and talking to RAsullulah

Actor 2 comes on stage and talks to Actor 1 . Stay on stage


Will my sleeping in your bed help save you? Asked Imam Ali

Oh most definitely it will said Rasullulah. This made Imam Ali very happy. 

Imam Ali now go to side and sleep on simple bed on stage

Actor 2 take blanket and pillow and sleep.

At night, Imam Ali slept in Rasulullah’s bed. All the Mr whoopsies were waiting outside the house for the right time to go and ouch Rasullulah. 


Rasullulah left his house reciting this verse from the holy Quran. 

Wa ja’alna ….

Rasulullah- Actor 1  leave passing very close to all the Mr whoopsies who are crouched around the off stage area 

This made him invisible to the Mr Whoopsies. They could not see Rasulullah. He left and headed towards Medina. 

Rasullulah walk through crowd and through kitchen and then return from backstage sliding door

When the planned time came, the Mr Whoopsies entered Rasulullah’s house. They opened the blanket and found not Rasullulah but Imam Ali sleeping in his bed. 

Mr Whoopsies wakes up and goes on stage and pulls out a blanket to find Imam Ali there. 

The Mr Whoopsies were angry. Grrrrrrr!

Make this sound yourself one after another. Actor 2 leave the stage- go backstage and open curtain to reveal the cave area and be ready to place the spider web

They rushed to catch up with Rasullulah who began to head towards Medina. 

Mr whoopsies to now go through the crowd as if to chase after RAsullulah. Go with a gap between yourselves so we can get the crowd to look away for a while. 

As this is happening quickly open the backdrop curtains to reveal the cave. 

Backstage remove the blanket and bedding

When Rasullulah approached the cave Soor, he hid inside the cave with Abu Bakr who he met on the way. 

Rasullulah to come on stage with Abu Bakr – cardboard Khalil and then go inside the back stage curtain and back stage crew to place the web and egg nest on stage – Actor 2 this is you

Abu Lahab Whoopsie asked a Detective to find Rasulullah and bring him back. Detective AbuKarez was really good at spotting clues. When he reached the cave Soor, he saw that a spider had spun a web around the entrance of the cave and a pair of birds had built a nest and laid an egg. 

Detective Abu Karez to come on stage ( Actor 6 takes off whoopsie lanyard, roll down the kanzu and wear Sheila loosely and takes magnifying glass)  and begins to look all around with magnifying glass and then to look at the back where the nest and spider web is.

Rasullulah can’t be in here thought Detective AbuKarez. The web would be torn and the birds nest would have been broken. 

Rasulullah again, protected so peacefully beautifully by Allah.

Detective looks at the audience and says no, with head and fingers and facial gestures. Then get off stage. 


In the meantime, back in Mecca, Imam Ali returned all the things the Mr Guideds and the Mr whoopsies had trusted Rasullulah to keep for them. Rasulullah is Sadiq and Amin. 

Imam Ali stood at Abtah morning and evening and called everyone, to collect anything they had given to Rasullulah for safe keeping. He’s just like all of you. Sadiq and Amin

Imam Ali to come and stand near me and Arab – Actor 5 to come and take back hessian sacks and precious documents. Actor 2 come back and 


Imam Ali then collected the Mr guideds and Rasulullah’s daughter Sayyida Fatema and his mother, Fatima binte Asad and they all headed towards Medina. 

Imam Ali to go from one side of the stage back stage and the other side and one by one gather people who join him but walk behind him. Actor 2 Pick up some sacks and camels if Actor 6 and Actor 5 and Actor 7 are not ready. Once they are ready, you can leave and say the following Actor 2

Say yourself Imam Ali Laailaha ilalah There is no god but Allah

Hasbiyallahu wa nemal wakeel

 Allah is enough for me. -Others repeat after him

Walk through crowd and go to kitchen and return from backstage sliding door

In the meantime Rasulullah is on stage now and pretends to build and bring the small mosque on stage with Masjid Kuba labeled on it. 

When Rasullulah reached Kuba, he stopped to wait for Imam Ali and the family and all the Mr Guideds. 

Actor 1  to come on stage with Actor 8 and build the msq. Actor 1  pls guide Actor 8 what to do

Here he built a mosque and called it Masjid Kuba. 

Rasullulah come and build with hammer and tools and Actor 8

When Imam Ali and the family caught up with Rasullulah they headed out to Medina together. 

All those with Imam Ali to now come on stage and meet Rasullulah here in Kuba. Actor 2, Actor 6, Actor 5 on stage and greet Rasulullah

Say yourself  Salaam Alaykum Rasullulah . Wa alaykum salaam O Ali. Shall we proceed to Medina? Yes, by the grace of Allah 

Begin trekking. Go behind stage and come out the other side and come back on stage

The Ansar, that’s the Mr guideds from Medina who wanted a just and kind leader like all of you waited for the day when they would be able to welcome Rasullulah to their city. Everyday they would go out to the edge of the city waiting for Rasullulah to arrive. 


One Friday, in the distance, they saw a caravan coming. All the Ansars clapped in excitement, and chanted Rasullulahs coming Rasullulah coming Yahoooo Yippeeee Alhamdullilah

When they got closer the Ansar clapped and welcomed Rasullulah’s caravan…

Narrator get audience to regelegele and clap


Tala al Badru ……

Here, Bibi FAtema and Fatima binte Asad now fade into the background and you can change to become Muhajireen people on scene. As soon as you are ready come on stage


Everyone was sooo happy and sooo excited to have their leader in their city. They could see him and be guided by him. 

Slowly slowly all mualims can go into the background until RAsullulah left alone


The Ansar said, please stay at my house. (get mums to say these lines. – Zahra Dhirani/ ilham/ Abbas/ Rubina) No please stay at my house. Wouldn’t you like to have Rasulullah as your guest. 

Rasulullah is just! Qist. He said, I will stay where Qaswa my camel stops. So he let go of the reins of his camel and qaswa walked. Everyone followed from behind. 

Walk holding the camel from one side of the stage to the other. 

Qaswa the camel Qaswa the camel, Qaswa the prophets camel. 

Sing live Zohra and others

Qaswa stopped at Abu Ayyub Ansari’s house. Actor 4 gets Actor 3 (small child) ready to stand up and hand shake Rasulullah. Actor 4 close your eyes or wear dark glasses, Come on stage, do your part and then be there in the rhyme and then you can go back and sit

Abu Ayoub’s mother said, open the door for Rasulullah. She could not see, she was blind and how she wished, how she wished she could see her guide, her prophet. 

Rasullulah drew his hands over her eyes and her eyes opened for the first time and she could see. This is Rasullulah’s first Medina miracle. 

Abu Ayyub and mother to come on stage as blind and welcome Rasullulah.

Rasullulah to pass hands over her face, then open eyes and see


I look I look I look see

I see a world of beauty

Actor 6 Actor 5 Actor 4 and Actor 3 (small child) do moves for this rhyme whatever you think is appropriate matching your character


Rasulullah’s first mission in Medina was to build a mosque. The vacant plot of land outside Abu Ayyub Ansari’s house belonged to two orphans. He asked to purchase the land. The orphans were so happy and wanted to gift the land to Rasullulah. He refused to take the land as a gift and insisted on paying for the land. Once the payment was made, work began to build the mosque. (Actor 6 pls read)

Men start working on the msq building it. Actor 6 Actor 5 Actor 7 and Actor 1  to build the msq. Bring the pieces to build. Green dome and all. While you are doing this 


Salaam my people Rhyme 


Rasullulah loved his people so much. Ammar Yasir was one of Rasulullah’s friends and you would find Rasullulah rub off dust from his face and head. 

Rasulullah building and others and Ammar yasir – Actor 7 with lanyard with powder on face and RAsullulah cleans this – Actor 5 

What a caring prophet. 


When the mosque was ready, Angel Jibrael descended from the heavens and taught the adhan. 

Bilal the first Muazzine learnt the Adhan and called the first Adhan in Medina. 

Everyone prayed together led by Rasullulah. Actor 6 as Bilal

Bilal to come and call the Adhan. RAsullulah to lead prayers with Bilal in the row behind him


Rasullulah wanted to instill love and brotherhood amongst the people. He called the people from Mecca the Muhajireen, the ones who did Hijrah and the people of Medina, the Ansar. 


Each Ansar would have a Muhajireen brother. Inamal muminnena ikwa Surely all believers are brothers. 

After pairing everyone together, the only one left was Imam Ali.

Then Rasullulah said, you are my brother in this world and in the next. 

Everyone on stage and pairs and Rasulullah and Imam Ali as pair in front 


Ali Ali Nasheed. 



Symbols and images of the story and children put the story together through images on ppt for purple.

After that, we look at the values and create scenarios to power up living those values. Or give scenarios and try and apply the learning lessons to these day to day scenarios. Get the children to do the thinking. 


Al hafeez protection

Serving holy prophet with giving my life


Building msq – building relationship with Allah

Tawakkul – trust in Allah – cave soor

Imam Ali is Holy Prophet brother 


Symbols of values on paper all around the garden. First we do circle time and children get to understand these better through the images, Then place them around the garden. Share a scenario and children run to that value. Thye uphold it and get bubbles of blessings from angels for being like uswatun hasana. 


Purple Group placed on one ppt slide jumbled up and labeled 

Purple group have to put the symbols in order explaining why they made that selection. 

Remember, a child will have their own reason for why they chose that. Validate and allow them to explain why.

Give them white boards to write the numbering.

In the next slide, look at the values from today’s historical narration. 

Discuss and do the science and engineering experiment 

For purple, they can do the trust fall experiment. 

When we know we got each other, we can let go. In the same way, we know Allah is there just like Rasullulah knew that Allah would protect him in the Cave Soor when he was with Abu Bakr or when he was leaving his house with all the Quraysh outside wanting to capture him. 


Scenarios for young children.

Meet someone at the park who is not from your community or looks like you. Playing with them. Sharing food with them, working together to build a fence for the local park, helping them when needed etc. – Brotherhood


Coronavirus around us right now. Tie and Rely concept. 

The Quraysh all around Rasulullah house. He asked Allah for protection and left Allah to do his part. Tie and Rely. 

Wash your hands properly and then rely on Allah. 

Here you can teach the children again, hand washing.

If you don’t wash hands, you are not tied then how can you rely. 


Brush teeth and then cough and sneeze on black Sheila and see how much toothpaste specks all over – Actor 1 , I can come and do that for you and Actor 2 I can come and do that for you upstairs. That is why we cough into the elbow and wash hands. 

Kids will enjoy watching this experiment live. 

Tawakul in Allah. – Trust. We tie and then rely just like Rasullulah did.


Station 2 Separate Stations


Build Islam. 

Purple have to engineer a structure out of newspaper and tape that is 2 feet high that can hold a Quran. Connection. The building of the Mosque straightaway in Quba and in Medina was to create a place where the Quran and its guidance is upheld. 

Discuss what happens in a msq. Let children come to answers so they are thinking. You can write their answers on white board. Add if any get missed. 


Prayers – connect to Allah

Majalis  Khutba – reminders and directions to be Godly and taqwa

Dhikr – Remember Allah

Quran RUA – Be guided and live guided

Meet brothers and sisters – community travelling to Allah together etc


Younger children have a range of stuff to build a mosque in which they can go inside. 







They get to work together on their first community project and build a msq. 


As a further connection, there are inscriptions on the doors to jannah and one of them is to build a mosque, lay a carpet in a msq and those who do that will be able to go through that door in jannah. 

Building the msq today is living and being just like uswatun hasana who built 2 mosques in such a short space of time. 


Look at the qualities and Al Hafeez of 

Knows everything and knowingly protects.

Children call out to him Al Hafeez.

On the other side of the umbrella, children design Ya Ali as holding to the Imams as a core belief is the biggest protection, Al Hafeez. 

A variety of supplies can be given to the children here to do an umbrella artwork with sewing as a life skill and then some art work and making it pretty with sparkles and glue etc. 



Hijrah Powerpoint.pptx






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