Rasulallah Revolution 17

Rasulullah Revolution – Session 17


Put Pom Pom to make it look like a unicorn like in the back curtain and meadow and flowers etc. 


actor 1 to come on

I love playing with blocks. Show jenga blocks (only a few)

But what can I do with only one block?

Ask audience

If I had a few more, I could make a tower. Look! 

If I had a few more, I could build a city! 

The things we can do with more blocks supporting more blocks! 


actor 2 already on stage and say

I love to play with sticks. One stick by itself is not strong. Look I can break it in half. Break the stick. Crack! 

With lots of sticks, we are stronger and less easy to break! 

The things we can do when we support each other. 


actor 3 already on stage and say

I love to play with my loom band. 

But what can I do with one loom band?

Ask Audience

If I had a few more, I could make a bracelet, even a lovely necklace. What a pretty pretty sight to see! Lots of loom bands coming together to dress me. The things we can do when we wrap each other in harmony


Actor 4 already on stage and say

I love to draw and colour. 

But I can only draw so much with only one crayon

If I had a few more crayons, the masterpieces I could make are endless. The world we can colour when we are more!


Narrator  closes curtains and from outside with Actor 4 and actor 3 using cheerleading things. 


Then actor 3 and Actor 4 open curtains. 


actor 3 – Alia with Bunny Puppet

Actor 4 – Shakir with Mouse or another puppet 

actor 2- Trinket

actor 1 – Sapphire

Actor 5 – Bunny 

Actor 6 – Rasulullah

actor 3 and Actor 5 – Muslims from MEcca

Actor 6 –  Butterflies on stick from the backstage

Actor 4 and Actor 5 – Muslims from Medina

Narrator  – Mayor Bubble Berry Village




Flower headbands

Meadow backdrop


Butterfly on sticks

2 unicorn outfits

Black wings and Pink wings

Water bottle with twinkle lights around

Cloud with twinkle lights

Blue fabric drapped with twinkle lights at the back

Backpacks for unicorns

Tie for Mayor

Rasulullah costume

Arabs outfit

Bunny ears

Spot light


Let’s take this idea of what we could do with more and tell you all a lovely story. 


Actor 6 soothing sparkly ongoing sound effect of meadow with twinkly sounds too. Something magical sound



scene and animals having fun and Alia and Shakir picking flowers etc. 


Twilight Meadows was a wonderful place full of love and sparkle. It sat at the edge of BubbleBerry Village where Alia and Shakir lived. 

Actor 3 and Actor 4 with puppets and Actor 5 and Actor 6 with butterfly on stick on open curtain. Move around and show having lots of fun. Picking smelling flowers, playing hopscotch etc. 


Alia and Shakir were siblings who loved playing in twilight meadow. They would pick and share blueberries with all the lovely animals there and play games of hide and seek. 

actor 3 and Actor 4 and Actor 5 to play hide and seek

It’s my turn to count. _ first Alia

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Ready or not here I come

Seek and shout out found you with a hug! 


Then Shakir do the same. Actor 5 has to hide only

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Ready or not here I come

Seek and shout out found you with a hug! 


Then Alia and Shakir and Actor 5 hold hands, go round in a circle and sing yourselves

Twilight Meadows Twilight star

Twinkling high above so far

Shining light Shining bright

Grant me a wish tonight

I wish to see the Shimmering Shining unicorns 

They all shouted together. 


Meeting the unicorns was a super treat for Alia and Shakir. 

actor 1 and actor 2 to come on as Unicorns and dance around the stage so children can see your large wings and beautiful headgear and flower head gear.

Sapphire can be blue body with black wings and sparkles

Trinket can be white body with colourful wings


Trinket and Sapphire are very special Unicorns with large wings that take them soaring into the sky. Their bodies gleamed in the sun by day and sparkle in the moon by night. They lived in a land high up in the sky called Moonlight Cloud. 


Simple unicorn rhyme 


Trinket and Sapphire are very kind and hardworking, brave and god loving unicorns who always bring about a sense of love and wonder not to mention friendship and delight to one and all. They would fly down to Twilight Meadow to meet all their friends. 


They loved to sing the Praises of Allah together


Sound: Praises of Allah Nasheed. 


Everyone together doing moves together. Actor 4 actor 3 actor 1 actor 2 and Actor 5. 


Alia and Shakir loved their visits to Twilight Meadows. 

The unicorns would come down from Moonlight Cloud which is a Palace high in the sky above Twilight Meadows. 


Fi Amanillah Friends (actor 1 and actor 2 say yourself) said the unicorns as they fluttered their wings to fly back home.  


As the summer days grew hotter, all the animals took shelter in the shade of the trees in the meadow. Water began to become less and less. All the animals were thirsty. Alia and Shakir were thirsty too. Actor 4 and actor 3 and Actor 5 on stage feeling hot using hand fan and really feeling hot and no food water to eat drink


The grass was beginning to dry out and turn brown. 

actor 3 and Actor 4 and Actor 5 to pick up some grass to show the children how it was dry and dead. 


When the friends met in Twilight Meadow, they were too tired to play hide and seek just to sit in the shade of the few trees that had leaves. Fall and sit on one side of the stage not able to play and enjoy

Sound: taper the sound away completely now. 

One afternoon, Twilight Meadow was so quiet. No birds were chirping, no butterflies dancing in the sunlight, just everyone sweltering in the heat with no water to drink. 

Actor 4 and actor 3 very expressive heat. Red cheeks and feeling really hot and sweaty 


Trinket, Sapphire, thank you so much for coming they all shouted when they saw the unicorns fly down. We are so thirsty. There is no water in Twilight Meadow or Bubble berry Village. actor 2 and actor 1 to come 


The friends huddled together and told the unicorns how all the fields were dying out because there was no water. 

They told them how there was sooo much drought in the land. Nothing was growing. There was no food to eat. 

actor 3 and Actor 4 and actor 2 and actor 1 to talk together


Trinket and Sapphire knew they had to do something. They used what they had, their ability to fly to search for water. 


As they soared through the sky they searched for lands from which they could get water.


With the intense heat, this was no easy task but with striving and trusting Allah, the unicorns flew to further and further lands in search of water. 

Actor 2 and Actor 1 to take centre stage now and Actor 3 Actor 5 and Actor 4 to go off stage. 

Sing unicorn rhyme here on trust in Allah


At last, they spotted a shimmer and a shine, a glimmer and a sparkle. There pointed the Trinket. I see water. They flew down to the bottom of Sunshine Mountain. And there flowing from the bottom of the mountain was a stream with water flowing down. 

Actor 6 to switch on the lights on the blue fabric which is draped on one side of the stage. Add twinkle sounds and some hope and happiness sounds 


Trinket and Sapphire unclipped their magical saddlebags and filled all the reusable water bottles with water. They poured the water into a magical cloud and then they flew over Bubble Berry Village and Twilight Meadow sprinkling magical water to all the rivers and farms. Actor 2 and Actor 1 to show how you fill bottles of water and they have twinkle lights all around. Then get Raadhiyas cloud pillow with twinkle lights all around and fly back taking your time while flying so kids can enjoy getting to see the unicorns. Actor 6 sound effects of unicorn which is a soft sweet subtle sound you play everytime the unicorns are flying 


As they are flying Actor 4 and Actor 3 to come back on stage. But let them fly first for a bit. They are coming from very far so don’t be too hasty in returning to stage.  When you come back, sit like you are hot and haven’t drank water for a long time 

Look! Its Trinket and Sapphire shouted Shakir excitedly. 

Actor 4 to point to the unicorns Show your excitement and hope

Trinket and Sapphire holding a cloud and water sparkles falling 

The trees are getting water 

Look, the leaves are growing too said Alia excitedly. 

Suddenly there was a buzz of excitement everywhere. Twilight Meadows was alive with everyone energized from Trinket and Sapphire’s glowing giving. 

Actor 5 to come hopping slowly on fours on stage from one side and off and then again to show excitement. Actor 6 butterflies come back.
Sound effect of the happy buzzing twinkling meadow


When the unicorns landed in Twilight Meadows after a very busy and tiring journey, they offered water to all their friends and then sat to have a rest. actor 2 and actor 1 to give reusable water bottles in twinkle lights to actor 3 Actor 4 and Actor 5


Thank you so much Trinket and Sapphire. You saved us all!

Just then the kind mayor of Blueberry Village came to Twilight Meadow. 

Narrator  put on lanyard of Bubbleberry Village Mayor

Thank you sooo much for your magical kindness and your magical giving. 


Sound: keep mic ready and narrate here from backstage. 

The mayor sat with all the friends and unicorns in Twilight Meadow and shared a story.  He began his usual way by singing. 

Narrator  to close curtains and sing blanket stories rhyme

Then open curtains

The Mayor (Narrator )  takes centre stage and sings a solo about stories and what they do. 

Narrator  to sing blanket stories and actor 1 and actor 2 to sing from the back with me 

In the meantime everyone changes to the next scene. 



Rasulullah is the last Prophet sent by Allah. He began to teach everyone about Islam in Mecca near the Kaaba. In those days, the people in Mecca were all idol worshippers. 

Many of them became muslims loving Islam and living Islam in their lives. 

Actor 6 on stage preaching uses hand gestures. 

People listening and then show efforts to help each other and pray. actor 3 and Actor 4 


Some people however, even Rasullulahs uncle did not like this new religion and began to ouch all the Mr Guideds who lived in Mecca. The ouch was too much. The people could not practice Islam without getting ouch. So, Allah sent a message to Rasullulah to move to Medina. All the muslims moved with Rasullulah. They left everything they had to make Islam alive. They left their land. They left their homes, They left their toys. They left their carpets and cushions. They only took one or two things that they could carry and began a long and hot journey to Medina. 

Actor 6 on stage as Rasullulah telling people let’s go and then packing stuff and leaving homes with stuff. Only a small hessian sack 


Upon arriving in Medina, Rasullulah made all the Muslims from Mecca become brothers with all the Muslims from Medina. 

Actor 4 and Actor 5 to come on as Ansars and pair with Actor 5 and actor 3. Give keys and welcome home to the Muharijeen moves. 

They had land and homes and fields and factories. This gave so much strength to the muslims from Mecca and so this gave so much strength to Islam. 


Islam spread from the sacrifice of the Mecca Muslims and the Glowing Giving of the Medina Muslims. 

Today we are muslims because of this giving up of the mecca muslims and the giving of the medina muslims. 

Everyone lets join hands and raise them high and say together. 

Innamal muminoon ikhwa. 

Surely all believers are brothers. X2

Actor 6 sound of Rasullulah playing. 

CLOSE CURTAINS All leave and actor 2 and actor 1 to return


Today the unicorns have given of themselves, from what they have – their ability to fly and we are all saved from this glowing giving. This is the winning way. We are family. Thank you so much. 


Trinket and Sapphire raised their hooves to thank Allah for the opportunity to be part of Bubbleberry Village and Twilight Meadow family. 


Together, we are the Husayn Team. Rhyme

actor 3 and Actor 5 and Actor 4 to come back on stage as Arabs and actor 2 and actor 1 as Unicorns and we sign together. 


actor 2 say yourself: Hey everyone, this reminds me of Mr 3G

actor 1 says: Yess! Lets 3G ISLAM!


Everyone sings Mr 3G Rhyme here Jamaa with moves. 


Everyone on stage and sing together in sync moves Mr 3 G rhyme




Children get to play with circuit boards and show how when we come together and give off what we have to offer, we can power light fans etc. 

Talk about the science of the circuit board and how each piece is used to create the circuit. 



Children first come and can do a unicorn dress up if we have stuff they can wear.

Children get to play with the unicorns and how they helped Bubbleberry village. 

Create a similar scene setting with Rasullulah and the mecca and Medina on a board. We can have the Kaaba box. The people props and Medina msq they can build with lego or duplo. How they came together and Islam got strengthened. 



Actor 4 can teach the children who want to learn to loom a basic bracelet. They can learn. 

Younger children can make a paper chain 


Younger children can play hide and seek and ball games. Lets build ball skills this week

 When we play together we have so much more fun. When we build together, colouring the world with strength and love and humanity. 


Purple Group

Look at the Rights of a Brother from Risalatul Huqooq


Talk about the rights and why they are there. 


The right of your brother is that you know that he is your hand, your might, and your strength. 


Take him not as a weapon with which to disobey God, nor as equipment with which to wrong God’s creatures. 


Do not neglect to help him against his enemy or to give him good counsel. 


If he obeys God, well and good, but if not, you should honour God more than him. 


And there is no strength save in God.


Focus on the concept of : He is your hand, your might, strength


Purple Group gets to build a word tower by putting masking tape on our reusable glasses and selecting all the words that tell of the outcome of brotherhood. 

For eg: strength. When the tower is ready, they explain why they choose each. This can be a 2 groups activity. 


If we look at our phones, we are able to do so many tasks from one device. This is because the apps are working in synergy with each other. Brotherhood. The central force says – app store is hosting the brotherhood between apps. 


Purple groups then get divided into pairs and they get the solar system puzzle or world puzzle if that’s easier and some are blindfolded and some can see. The blindfolded can touch. The see can speak but not touch. The objective is to use your strengths to build the puzzle in a specified amount of time. 

Discuss and draw conclusions on how important it is to give of what you have. 


MR 3G! Rhyme

Mr 3G Give Grow and Glow Mr 3G Give Grow and Glow

I go about my day, Mr 3G joins me and shouts

Fill up my tank! Fill up my Tank

I give, share and care, my stuff, my time, myself

Every give makes me grow and glow

I shout! Give Grow and Glow!

Give, grow and glow!



Living by giving’s what we love to do x4

Together we’re a team

Supporting, strengthening 

Strive and trust Allah 

Growing  closer to him


We love to give from what we have

Hearts are glowing 

( hey do you want to play?

Yes I do

I have a ball to share


Hey are you hungry?

I’m starving

I have a banana to share


Living our best life 

Together we will thrive 


Living by giving’s what we love to do x4





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