Rasulallah Revolution 18

Rasulullah Revolution – session 18


Battle of Badr

Story referenced Ayatullah Jafer Subhani

Participated in Battle of Badr = Badris



Look at different maps

Google Maps – 

Discovered a very old map in her grandmother’s attic

Discover pieces and they come together to show what happened and they get pieced together while they go backstage to change and there is also a rhyme that gets sung while hunting that is a filler. Each piece takes you to 


Mid Jamadil Awal in 2 AH, report received Medina that caravan going from Makkah to Syria of Abu Sufyan 

Prophet went to pursue caravan reaching beginning of following month


The Holy Prophet always collects information about the strength of the enemy and location. Finding things out is super important – lesson 1


Sent spy to find out about route and itinerary of caravan, number of guards, nature of merchandise


Big Caravan All Makkans have shares

Leader Abu Sufyan 40 guards of caravan

Merchandise loaded on 1000 camels value 50,000 dinars


Quraysh took Muslim property only appropriate to confisicate makkan merchandise. So the prophet told people, you can go out of Medina to take possession of property. 


Prophet left with 313 men to confiscate property of Quraysh

Abu Sufyan refrained from going further – Hubb Dunya. 


Inform Quraysh about the impending danger to caravan , 

Sent zamzam swift camel rider


Go to makkah and tell valiant men of Quraysh to come out of mecca and guard caravan from attack of muslims


He cut ears of camel, tore shirt, turned saddle upside down, stood on camel and cried 

O people the camels which are carrying musk are in danger. Help help. 

Lesson 2 He lied


All Makkans are brave and ready to go except Abu Lahab.

He was chicken – hired someone to fight on his behalf – Lesson 3 – no courage and faith


Force of Truth and Force of Falsehood face each other  – lesson 4 for first time in Battle of badr


313 vs 3 times that 

muslims not properly equipped


Whole of Islam on one side 


Prophet encamped northern passage badr foot of mountain udwatud Dunya waiting for caravan to pass 

Fresh report received people of makkah come out to protect caravan and tribes formed an army


Holy Prophet at crossroads. They only came to confiscate goods, not in a position to fight- no military equipment.

Return home nothing

Also the army might continue to attack and also attack madina, Holy Prophet thought not a good idea to retreat but put up a good fight with what we have till the last moment.


Most soldiers were Ansars only 74 Muhajireens and in pledge of aqabah – defense pact not war pact. – Defend in madina like their own but not undertake to go with him out of madina and war against the enemy. – Lesson 5


Consulted companions about battle 

War consultations 

HP: What is your view on the matter

Abu Bakr: The tribes of Quraysh have joined hands and formed a huge army. We have not come prepared from madina.


HP: Sit down. 

Umar: said same thing

HP: sit down

Miqdaad: Our hearts are with you. You act according to orders of Allah. By Allah we shall not tell you what Bani Israel told Musa

When Musa asked them to perform jihad, O Musa, you and your Lord should go and perform jihad and we shall sit here. 


HP was so happy, he prayed for Miqdaad

Lesson 6

Imagine being in Miqdaads position where brought smile and joy to RAsullulah- ahhhhhh 


Sa’d bin Ma’az Ansari said O prophet of Allah, we have faith in you and that islam is true religion, we have promised and agreed that we will obey you and stick to all the decisions taken by you

We promise if you go into the sea, we shall follow suit and none of us will lag behind. We are not afraid to face the enemy. 

Sa’ad’s words made the prophet extremely happy. 

 HP: Let’s move. I give you good tidings that you will either come across a caravan to confiscate goods or you will fight against forces which have come to help the caravan. 


Muslim army proceeded and encamped near wells of badr


Acquiring info about enemy conditions, military secrets, war strategy, 

Success lies in spying.

HP army took position camouflage 

Gathered info 

Wall of  Badr was a place where lots of info was exchanged.

Found slaves of Quraysh brought to Hp

Where is Quraysh? Other Side of mountain in desert land.

How many? Didn’t know 

How many camels slaughter every day to eat?

10 camels on one day and nine on the other.

They must be 900-1000 men said HP

Who are chief of Quraysh? Utbah bin Rabbiyah, Shaybah bin Rabiyyah, Abul Bakhtari bin Hisham, Abu Jahl, etc


Abu Sufyan flees. He found out from camel poo that the camels ate date seeds from dates in madina. He changed course and headed to mecca using another harder route. 


Muslims found out that caravan had escaped. 8:7


Go to the Badr region , stay there 3 days, drink wine, kill camels and hear women sing and dance. Elevated point in the desert behind a mound they waited. Heavy rain made movement difficult


Rain did not have a bad effect on the slope of the desert where Hp camped. Muslims moved to an area close to wells. 

Badr – southern side – Udwatul Qaswa – high

Northern side – Udwatud Dunya  – low and sloping


Water available in desert wells and stopping places for caravans. 


Hubab bin Manzar – suggested to occupy a place by the side of water which is nearest to the enemy. Build a tank so water is available regularly for men and animals. 

 HP appreciated the viewpoint and ordered the army to move. 


54: 45 – Hp reciting this verse wearing a coat of mail – the Quraysh army was going to be defeated. 


17th Ramadhan – Quraysh descended from behind a sandy mound into the desert of BAdr.

When Hp saw them, raised his face to sky 

O Allah. Quraysh are up with pride and arrogance to fight against You, and to deny Your Prophet. Send the aid which you have promised me and destroy them today. 


Quraysh sent Umayr bin Wahab to get info. He rode around the encampment and came back saying. Faces tell their intentions, moving their tongues in dhikr like deadly serpents. 


Huge army of Quraysh became panicky. Objective of merchandise sorted. We should leave. Confusion in army


Aswad Makhzumi – hot tempered man saw tank. Said he would either destroy the tank, drink from it. 

Fought hamza – protecting tank.  Finished. 

Quraysh were mad now. 


Single Combat

First custom to do single combat then general fighting. 


Utbah Sahybah and Walid


Awf, Mauz and Abdullah who were from Ansar came out. They said we have nothing to do with you. 


Man shouted send our equals.to fight us. 

Ubaydah Hamzah and Ali

Covered faces introduced themselves. = yes you are our equals.


General attack started. 


Quraysh attack in groups. 

Muslims used archery and not advance. 


HP prayed : O Lord, if this group is annihilated today, none else will worship you on the face of the earth. 


Then the prophet picked up some dust and threw it towards the Quraysh. May your faces be metamorphed. 

Quraysh were stricken with terror and began to flee.

The muslims with the help of Allah, be nasrillah knew that both killing and being killed were a blessing – advanced and were not afraid.  – Lesson


14 men from muslims killed. 

Quraysh – 70 killed 70 captured. 


Martyrs Badr buried on corner of battlefield 

Dead bodies of Quraysh collected and thrown in a well. 

HP – did you find what your God had promised you to be correct

Are you talking to dead bodies? They are hearing my words but cant reply


After Battle Badr

Battle ended around noon when Quraysh fled and some captured. Left Badr before sunset. 


Differences between companions over war booty – claiming precedence. 


To prevent hub ud dunya – Lesson 

Hp entrusted Abdullah Ka’b to transport and safe custody of war booty until the problem was solved. 


Rule of justice is all should be shared in booty. Prophet divided equally. Martyred Muslims delivered shares to successors.




Hp also distributed khums amongst the army. 


After Abu Lahab heard news, heart struck with some kind of lightning  he got a mysterious fever for 7 days and died. 


Abu Sufyan said he would not sleep with a woman until and unless revenge was taken on muslims. – 


Captives of Badr – 70 of them were to work to their capacity. 

Educated ones employed in educating others. Become free if they teach 10 to read and write. 

Industrialists impart instruction in the field of industry. 

Free by paying 1000 dh to 4000 dh. 

Makaans sent money for release captives. 


Suhayl Amr set free, one of companions wanted to pull out teeth – not speak again against Islam. HP said no , no mutilation in Islam. 


Mualims please note, there are 2 groups of whoopsies. The ones from Syria and the ones from mecca. Please read the above notes in case you are struggling. 



Actor 1 – narrator first

Actor 2– Dadi

Actor 3 – Uzayr

Whoopsie Swift camel rider – Actor 1

Actor 4 – Miqdaad 

Actor 5 – Sa’d bin Ma’az – 

Actor 6 – Abu Bakr

Umar – Khalil cardboard

Mr guideds – Actor 1 and Actor 7 

Actor 8 – Rasulullah

Actor 5, Actor 4 and Actor 6 – Mr whoopsies.

Actor 6- Abu Sufyan



Truth vs Falsehood poster with whoopsie and guided

Question Mark popsicle sticks

Armchair with cushion and blanket

White board

Maps books

Carpets n blankets and cushions and toys

Rope to pack 


Kaaba box somewhere

Hessian sacks and bags

Map pieces

Few things for camping. A fire and some matkas or something

Khalil cardboard dressed

Mr whoopsies lanyards

Mr guided lanyards

Large twinkle light for angels

Spot light

Book and writing alif baa tha



dadi!!!!!!! Shouted Uzayr excitedly. 

I missed youuuuu! Said Dadi lovingly!


Uzayr loved visiting dadi with Baba Hussein and Mummy Sana. He loved cuddling up with Dadi on her big arm chair and looking at maps. Uzayr loved maps of everything. Maps of the world, maps of train stations. Google maps.  Anything maps. Dadi loved maps too. She loved sharing stories about the different people who lived in the places on the maps they looked at. 

Actor 2 to be seated on the armchair with Actor 3 on lap. Actor 2to take out maps books and show with Actor 3


Actor 2 says to himself: Uzayr I have a wonderful map to show you today, said Nani  excitedly. It’s a very old map. 

Actor 2 take out Actor 1 old Quran and show Actor 3

I found it in a very special book that I treasure so much, but It’s in pieces, will you help me piece it together?


Actor 1: Yes Dadi, but will you tell me the story of the people on the map. 

Actor 2 says to himself: Yes,of course Uzayr. I’d love to. 

Actor 1: Dadi and Uzayr cuddled up in the armchair and then Dadi began


Actor 1 you can fade away silently now to prepare for next roles


A long time ago in the land of Mecca, the Mr Whoopsies had taken all the toys and the carpets and the blankets and the chairs and tables of all the Muhajireen Mr Guideds of Medina.

Actor 4, Actor 5 on stage packing away in rope and bags all the toys and carpets and furniture stools away. Like come on and wrap things up in fabric and rope and take it away. 


When Rasullulah heard that the Mr Whoopsie businessmen of Mecca were coming from Syria with lots of toys and cushions and carpets, he said, it was a good idea to get the things the Makkans had refused to return. 

Actor 8 and Actor 7 and Actor 1 to come on as Mr guided and Rasullulah and do actions of wanting to travel to take what rightly belonged 


Rasullulah left Medina with 313 men to go and get what rightly belonged to them. 

Battle of Badr rhyme here. Bring camels and some sacks on your back and travel with RAsullulah at the front

Actor 8 Actor 1 and Actor 7 to march together showing love and affection towards each other, being kind. 

Actor 5 and Actor 6 to sing from the back.


Uzayr, here’s the first piece of the map with Rasullulah leaving Medina heading to meet the Mr whoopsies coming from Syria at Badr. Badr was a midpoint that all caravans travelled past on their way in and out of mecca, medina, Syria and other surrounding cities.

Actor 2 to give Actor 3 the first piece on the map. Actor 3 to stand up and place on the map. 

Sing map map rhyme that tells of history and the truth in it and how history will repeat itself. 


Mr Whoopsie Abu Sufyan had a huge caravan with 1000 camels heading back to Mecca from Syria. He had lots and lots of carpets and toys and furniture from Syria. 

Actor 6 as Abu Sufyan and Actor 5 and Actor 4 join her to come on with and camels and all the goods

When he heard about the Mr Guideds coming from Medina, he got scared and changed his path to return to Makkah. He chose the difficult path along the red sea and north through Badr.

Actor 6 to say: I think I will change my path and travel the difficult route by the Red sea


Here’s the second piece of the map, Uzayr. Can you help me put it up beta.

Actor 3 adds piece 2 to the map – Sing a map rhyme to give time and no pregnant pause to the map building.


But he also did something else. He sent a swift camel rider to go to Mecca quickly and tell the Mr Whoopsies in Mecca to come and help protect his caravan and battle the Mr guideds.

Actor 1 to come on with whoopsie lanyard and camel and ride around the stage and then leave


Many Mr WHoopsie Meccans left Mecca to go and help. Abu Lahab whoopsie was scared and sent someone to go on his behalf. 

Actor 5 andActor 4 to come on and start getting ready to leave

For the first time the Mr Guideds would go against the Mr whoopsies. It was truth against falsehood. 

313 mr guideds against almost a thousand mr whoopsies. 


Actor 1 to cover his face and from one side of the stage to the other side – hold a poster of truth against falsehood with whoopsies and guided images and big words. Lets crowd see and in the background we sing short liner of truth vs falsehood


Rasullulah and the Mr guideds camped on the top north of the badr mountain waiting for the caravan of Mr Whoopsie Abu Sufyan and the Mr whoopsies to pass. 

Rasullulah to come on and show waiting with Actor 1 and Actor 7

Make marching sounds and some camel sounds


Mr Whoopsie Abu Sufyan decided to change course.

Actor 6 and Actor 4 and Actor 5 to come on as Mr wHoopsies and show how you decide to change course. March and get off stage and come from the back window.

Rasullulah found out that they changed their path and began to head back to Mecca using the difficult path along the red sea. They were not going to pass Badr. Here’s the next piece of the map, Uzayr.

Actor 3 to add next piece and sing map rhyme


What should Rasulluah do? He and the Mr Guideds had come only to take the goods not to fight in battle against the Mr whoopsie army. They didn’t have lots of swords and shields and bows and arrows.

Actor 8 Actor 7 and Actor 1 to come on with Question mark popsicle sticks then sit to discuss


Rasullulah knew going back to Medina was not a good idea. 

Shake your head here Actor 8


He decided to have a discussion with his people. 

Abu Bakr and Umar both said that the Quraysh are a big army and we have not come to fight. Rasullulah asked them both to sit down. 

Actor 6 to come with Khalil dressed as Umar, you as Abu Bakr.


Then Miqdaad Mr guided, stood up and spoke on behalf of the Mr guideds who did hijrah with Rasulullah.

Our hearts are with you, Rasullulah. We will not tell you what the people said to Nabi Musa when it was time to do jihad. 

They said, you and your Lord go and fight. We will sit here. We will never say that. 

Actor 4 to change into Miqdaad and come and say your lines yourself here


Rasulllah was sooo happy. He made a special dua for Miqdaad. 

Actor 8 raise smiling face popsicle stick


Then Sa’d bin Ma’az Ansari stood up and said, 

O Prophet of Allah, we have faith in you and Islam is the true religion. We have promised to obey you and will stick to every decision you make. 

Actor 5 to come and say yourself


Rasullulah was so happy. Actor 8 pick up another smile popsicle stickNow

Rasullulah had the support of the Mr guideds from Mecca and the Mr guideds from Medina. 

Actor 8 and all the guideds get up and move with Actor 8 and begin to set up camp 

They moved towards the wells of Badr.

Here’s the next piece of the map, Uzayr. 

Actor 3 next piece with rhyme


Rasullulah found out that the Mr whoopsies were almost a 1000 in number and they were coming to attack the mr guideds. 

Actor 8 standing and Actor 7 to give poster that says 1000 mr whoopsies


Abu Sufyan Whoopsie fled and headed to Mecca with the caravan of goods. The other mr whoopsies headed towards Badr to fight the mr guideds. 

Actor 6 to come on and rush from one side of stage with mr whoopsies and leave

The Mr Whoopsies camped on the south side of Badr. The rain did not help the mr whoopsies at all. They got stuck in the mud.

Then quick change and all the others Actor 5 and Actor 6 to camp on one side of the stage

Here another piece to our map, Uzayr. 

Actor 3 add to map and sing


Hubab a young mr guided advised Rasullulah to camp near the wells of Badr.It would be easy to get water for the people and the animals.  Rasullulah loves to listen to everyone and their ideas. He thought it was a good idea and so they moved closer to the wells. 

Actor 7 to stand up and use hand gestures to talk to a standing RAsullulah

Uzayr you can move the mr whoopsies and mr guideds into position.
Map rhyme here


When the Mr Whoopsies arrived in Badr, Rasullulah raised his hands and prayed to Allah. He said, O Allah, Mr Whoopsie Quraysh are full of pride and arrogance to fight against You and Your Prophet. Send the aid which you have promised me and destroy them today. 

Actor 5 and Actor 6 and Actor 4 to arrive here and already Actor 1 Actor 7 and Actor 8 on stage


When the Mr Whoopsies arrived at BAdr, the first thing, they went about finding out was how many Mr guideds, there were. They found out that they were about 300 but they had faces of strength and tongues repeating Allah’s praise.

Actor 5 to go around from a distance the mr guideds. Then appear to count them and then head back to whoopsie camp. 

In the meantime, softly, Actor 7 and Actor 1 are doing dhikr of laailaha illalah. Be nasrillah. Alhamdullilah Be nasrillah

They had trust in Allah! Be Nasrillah! Here’s the final piece to the map Uzayr. 

Sing map rhyme


Imam Ali, Rasulullah’s uncle Hamza and Ubaydah fought the Mr Whoopsies. Then all the Mr Whoopsies fought the mr guideds. 


Rasullulah and all the mr guideds and mr whoopsies do combat. Whoopsies fall but don’t die. Actor 8 if you have time to change to black and show as Imam Ali will be great. Or a lanyard.

Rasulluah prayed for the mr guideds. 

Allah sent angels to help the mr guideds. They had Allah’s mighty powerful help unlike the mr whoopsies. 

Actor 2put spot spotlight on and the twinkle light on. Have the wire near my feet somewhere for both.


Yayyyyyy! Alhamdullilah the Mr Guideds won. The Mr Whoopsies got scared and began running away. 


When you have faith and trust in Allah, you have everything! 


The Mr Guideds took the Mr Whoopsies back to Medina. Rasullulah made sure all the Mr whoopsies were treated kindly even though they were Mr whoopsies. They were given food and shelter. And if they taught the muslims to read and write they were set free. 

Actor 8 and Actor 7 and Actor 1 take Actor 5 and Actor 6 and Actor 4 and give them food and water and then Actor 4 you can teach how to read and write.

Many of them became muslims just by seeing the beauty of Islam and its belief and teachings. 

Actor 4 you see Actor 1 being so kind and Rasullulah pass hand on forehead and give you water and you take off the red turban and wear green one to show you change to muslim. Take off mr whoopsie and wear mr guided lanyard


Today we are sooo thankful to Rasulluah and to the Mr guideds for their brave stand against falsehood. We are muslims today because of the amazing trust and courage of the mr guideds. 


Innamal mominoona ikhwa. 

Bring truth vs falsehood poster again, Then with red marker on top write, Truth will always win!





Purple group get to watch the bilal section with battle of badr if possible. 

Purple Group watch the two videos on Battle of Badr 

5 Major lessons on battle of Badr

The Prophets Emotional Dua during the battle of badr


Purple group makes a powerful poster of lessons learnt from battle of badr. 

Discuss the lessons learnt. Make them into mission and living statements and then ask them to design these statements into a poster to live by. 


Practise archery and connect to always aim for Allah for Purple Movement. 


Yellow and Green and Blue can design their own Be nasrillah poster. Design in black and white and they can make it and put up at home. 



Piece all the parts of the map and discuss the map together. 

Talk about why the various groups did what they did. Draw lessons from the story. 


Lesson 1

Find out about enemy

We can find out about shaitan and protect ourselves with libas ut taqwa . Recognize him and his works and be wise in our ways. 


Lesson 2

313 men – trust in the Leader. They trusted their leader. We have chosen the same leader. We trust him with what he has guided us to do. Belief in Allah and good deeds is life motto


Lesson 3

Abu Lahab was scared. Didn’t come to bAttle of bAdr. No courage. When you are in the wrong, you know it and you will always be afraid even if you have the best armour and best sword. In our lives, we can have the best of the best but if we lie we know and so we choose courage. Liars are losers. 


Lesson 4

Whenever truth vs Falsehood takes place. Truth will always prevail. Falsehood is a vanishing thing. Reflect on this ayat and why it is true. Play out a scenario to prove the Quran is truth. 


Lesson 5

In the pledge of Aqaba signed by the Ansar, the Ansar did not sign standing against the enemy out of medina. Rasullulah knew this and wanted to honour the agreement. It was after they offered their support and lives in the way of Allah that things then moved. 

Let’s honour our promises as a lesson we draw from the Battle of Badr. 


Lesson 6

Miqdaad offered all of the Muhajireen to Rasulullah. Trust in a leader and faith in his works. Offering of self. Translate into life Now Offering ourselves to Awaited Imam. 


Lesson 7

Be NAsrillah. Enemies got stuck in the mud. Rain fell angels came. When Allah promises his help, there’s no stopping Him. We do what we can and leave the rest to Allah. 


Lesson 8

Praying to Allah constantly for help. 


Lesson 9

Constantly doing dhikr and remembering Allah. 


Lesson 10

Be careful of hub dunya. After the battle the fight for the war booty was really bad. After serving Allah and receiving his mighty help, squabbling about who will get the war booty.


Lesson 11

Abu Lahab lost himself with his love for the world. Let’s be careful . 



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