Rasulallah Revolution 2

The Rasulallah Revolution – session 2


Amul Feel and birth of the Holy Prophet



Aqaeed – Allah is all Powerful/ Allah is Protector

Akhlaq – Jealousy my church not Kaaba – no tatmainal Qulub

Ayat – 12: 64 Fallahu khayran hafeedhan wa huwa arhamur rahemeen. Allah is the best protector and He is the most Merciful of the merciful and Surah Feel

Asma – Al Hafeedh

A dua – Dua for protection – Seeking protection from shaytan



Costume for King

Crown for king

Throne for king


Lego tidy upper

Posters of I am smart etc

Poster of I follow Rasullulah my excellent example, uswatun hasana

Scroll of Rasulullah already there on backdrop

Angry Mr. Whoopsie poster to send with fishnet.

Black cloth for Kaaba

Black handbag with foil balls inside




Actor 6 Actor 9 and Actor 3 to go round the Kaaba on stage wearing ehram or just white namaz chadoors


Already on stage, the mini bench – first covered with something from Luqman bedroom and then Actor 7 or Actor 5 to quietly pull off from the back to reveal the bench for when they stop to chat on the bench


Actor 8 jacket start up and discuss the protection they give


Salaam Alaykum, my name is Luqman Lego love.


I am smart! 

Actor 1 to tap his head and wear some nerdy glasses and pick up a book and read!

From background – Actor 7 drop smart sign


I am cool!

Actor 1 to drop down sunglasses and do a cool walk on stage.

Actor 2 to drop down the cool sign from background


I am kind.

Actor 1 to take out erasers and crayons from pocket and give to a fellow student- Actor 6 who passes by on stage who has a sign that says do you have an eraser

Actor 7 to drop down the kind sign from the back


And yes, you guessed it, I loveeeee lego! 

Actor 1 to hold up a huge heart made of lego. Hold up and then give to someone in the back quickly

I am also guided by Prophet Muhammed, He is my leader. 

I follow Prophet Muhammed , my leader, my uswatun hasana, my excellent example – Poster to send down here

Actor 1 get busy playing lego

Luqman! Luqman! Let’s go for our walk! Remember your jacket.

Actor 4 to say in another mic from backstage. 


Ok mum, I’m tidying up my lego.

Actor 1 to draw string pull the lego


Now where’s my Jacket. Actor 1 to look from one side of the stage to the other.

Why do we even need jackets? Wondered Luqman lego love


Oh bother, I can’t find it. No jacket no problem thought Luqman lego love and off he went with mum for their evening walk.


Actor 4 and Actor 1 to be dressed sporty and walking brisk around the stage. Give water, talk to each other. Arms moving. Actor 4 with her nice sporty Jacket, Actor 1 – no jacket. and then Actor 4 to notice Luqman feeling cold.


Where’s your jacket Luqman? Asked mum

I couldn’t find it. Why do we need jackets anyway.


Hmmm, Luqman come, let’s sit on this bench for a bit and I’ll tell you a story. 



Your role is also to ensure no kids are on stage as the curtain opens and closes people.

While curtains are closed, get ready. When curtains are open, don’t reveal yourselves. 

Actor 8: Do you wear jackets sometimes? When? Why? 

What else can you think of is like a protection for you when you wear it?


Lets join Luqman’s mum. I wonder what story she’s gonna tell Luqman today. 


ACTOR 3 AND ACTOR 2 OPEN CURTAINS –ready to act too

Backstage – change backdrop from Luqman colourful to original plain beige backdrop.

Throne and other kings like stuff on stage. 


A long long time ago in the land of Yemen, there lived a King. His name was King Abraha.


Tuuuut Tuuuut Tuuuuu! Actor 5 sounds from computer and mic at the back.


Actor 4 dressed all pomp and posh. (get red cape and lordly fur around and golden king type crown – party store)

Actor 4 to walk around the stage and come and stand centre stage looking down at the children and then to take a seat on the throne. 


King Abraha was a rather mean King who did not like that people would go every year to visit the Kaaba. 

Send a Mr Whoopsie poster who looks fuming and has an unhappy heart from the backdrop.

Actor 3, Actor 9 and Actor 6 to be in namaz chador going round the kaaba on one side of the stage 

He didn’t have a happy happy heart. I know none of us here are like King Abraha. He decided to build a big church in Yemen.


Actor 7  and Actor 2 come on stage with this card board of a church wearing neon yellow builder jackets and builder hats and then get off stage. 

He said, this church was the new Kaaba and everyone must come to this church and not go to Mecca to the Kaaba. 

Actor 4 to point at the church while I say the above lines and then go off stage. 


Actor 2 and Actor 6 to come on with red and orange and yellow fabric and cover the church and take it off stage.

Smoke effect if possible

One day, some people burnt the church down. 

Actor 4 to come back on stage. Look at audience fuming to yourself

Actor 7 and Actor 2 Quick change by taking off the jackets and come with red sheilas and orange sheilas and yellow to show fire. Throw the sheilas on and off the church and then take it off stage as you go off. 

Actor 5 to put crackling fire sounds as the church is burnt down


Abraha was very very angry. He decided, 

Actor 4 to say yourself: I am going to destroy the Kaaba. I am going to destroy the Kaaba. I am going to destroy the Kaaba. – LOUDLY each time you say it, it gets louder and louder. 



Actor 8: 

Why was Abraha so angry?

Do you think he will be able to destroy the Kaaba? Why?

Shall we see what happened?

Actor 5 sound effects on the mic from laptop. Will discuss which sound I want.



He got an army ready. 

On stage, Kaaba is there. All the soldiers on stage. Desert backdrop. 

Actor 9, Actor 6, Actor 2 to come on stage as the bad guys. 

Sound effects of elephants, stomping sound, army kind of sound from your mouths. Actor 5 – elephants angry sound. 

Actor 5 drum beats of elephants stomping, slow and with the mualims.


Actor 4 to look like she is sitting on Actor 1. 

In your place, you stomp stomp stomp. 

Allow this scene to take effect into the kids. You are in your place and you slow motion stomp stomp stomp. Angry soldier sounds and marching sounds on the stage. Elephants should look like they are moving and coming closer. 

Drum sounds with drums for stomping. Actor 5 from the back.


When they reached the outskirts of Mecca, Abraha captured 200 camels belonging to Abdul muttalib, the grandfather of Rasulullah. 

Stomp again 5-6 times in slow motion


Abraha sent one of his men, – Actor 2 to find the chief of Mecca to tell him how he was going to destroy the Kaaba. 

Actor 4 to talk to Actor 2 and point in the direction of the audience.

Then Actor 2 to go. 


Actor 7 and Actor 9 to CLOSE CURTAINS

As army people – be on the side. 


Actor 2 to come outside the curtains and talk to yourself but audience can hear. Say yourself these lines I am on my way to tell the chief of Mecca that we, the army of Abraha are going to destroy the Kaaba. Hahahahahaha!


Actor 9 to come out of the curtain looking like Abdul Mutallib and say yourself these lines

, My name is Abdul Muttalib. I live in Mecca.

Actor 2 to say: Salutations! We, the army of Abraha, have come to destroy the Kaaba. 


Actor 9 to say: I can’t fight you but I know the Kaaba wears a jacket. It is protected by Allah, Himself.


Actor 2 to say: Why don’t you come with me to meet King Abraha


Actor 9 to say: Ok, I will come. 


OPEN CURTAINS Actor 8 and Actor 7


Actor 4 standing there, and welcomes Actor 9.

Welcome to my camp. Please sit near me. 

Both Actor 4 and Actor 9 to sit down next to each other

Drape 2 dinner table chairs with red and earthy colours 

Actor 4 to sit on one and Actor 9 to sit on one. 

Other soldiers here and there and Elephants on the side. 


Actor 9 to hold up a poster with camels stuck and number 200 written on it: I have come to complain about the 200 camels of mine that you have taken. Please may I have them back. 

Actor 4 to stand up and say yourself. WHAT!!!!!! I have come to destroy your place of worship, the Kaaba and all you are worried about is to save your camels!!!!!!!

Actor 4 – rather angry look


Actor 9 to action as if saying: The camels belong to me, I am their jacket of protection, their owner. The Kaaba belongs to Allah. He is its jacket. He will protect it. 


Actor 4 to turn to Actor 2 who is a soldier and say yourself

Return him his camels.


Abdul Muttalib returned to Mecca

Actor 9 to leave



Actor 9 to say out loud to the audience

Actor 9 on the outside say: O People of Mecca, protect yourselves by going to the mountains around the city so you are safe from Abraha and his army. 


Raise hands and pray

O Lord, send your protection. O Lord, we seek your protection. 


Abdul Muttalib and all the people went to the mountains to be safe. 

Actor 9 to go from the side and go behind the curtain and show like you can see this black cloud coming.  




Suddenly from the sky, Abdul muttalib saw a black cloud coming. Then Actor 9 after seeing the cloud, run behind the backdrop. 

Actor 1, Actor 4 and soldiers are on stage. Kaaba on the side 

Actor 1 to be the elephant and Actor 4 looks like she’s riding on your. Actor 4 to stand on a chair to be super tall. 


Actor 3 to have the black cloud on head with the black birds hanging. Hand bag with foil balls. you will throw the stones on Actor 4 and Actor 1 and any one else who can be a soldier at this time. 

Actor 5 to make bird flying and sound. 

Once you get pelted you fall and crash down. 

Actor 5 sound effects from back of falling Even live sounds. 


Actor 2 looking like arabs not Abdul Mutalib though comes running on stage and says: The Kaaba is saved. The Kaaba is saved. Frantic running around the stage and shouting yourself



Actor 8: How was the Kaaba saved?

Who sent the birds to pelt down the Abraha’s army of elephants?

How big were the elephants? How big were the birds? FLASH CARD ANIMALS USE FOR THE LITTLE KIDS

The tiny birds were stronger than the giant elephants? 


When this happened, they called this the Year of the Elephant. Amul Feel.  



All mualims standing on the stage with beige background. Spot light on. 

Everyone is holding a holy Quran. 

Keep my Quran ready. We recite Surah Feel in one Voice. 

Arabic and English line by line. English will be in your Quran




Quickly get the bench and Actor 4 and Actor 1 to sit 

Actor 1 and Actor 4 to sit on the bench as to show the end of the story on the bench. You are dressed in sports clothes and no jacket. 

It was in this year, just 55 days later, when Rasulullah was born. 

Allah sent him to do the same thing that Allah did to the Kaaba, be a jacket and protect. Actor 5 to come on and scroll to fall from backdrop

Thank you Allah,  Al Hafeedh, our Protector. Luqman beta, Jackets protect and preserve. Your jacket protects you in the wind and the cold just like Rasullulah’s guidance protects us in our life and life after. Now, you understand why we wear jackets. 


Ya betcha mum! I am gonna find my jacket and wear it everytime we go walking and I’m also going to wear my Rasulullah jacket! Which means I’m guided by the Quran and the AhlulBayt. 


Allah says in the Quran: Fallahu khayran hafedhan wa huwa arhamar rahemeen. 

Allah is the best Protector and He is the Super Kind and Super Merciful.


Immediately get into rhyme mode. 

One by one come out wearing jackets from my own start up thing




Science and Art of Expression

Begin with the science experiment to illustrate the protection.

Get a jug of water. 2 kitchen towels. 

One is placed into the water and it comes out all wet and soggy. 

The next one is you. You have chosen to live your life protected by Allah just like the Kaaba. You are a sign of belief and good deeds just like the Kaaba. This means you have the Hafeedh protection of Allah, Rasullulah and Quran. You are guided and protected. 

Place the kitchen towel that is you into a glass and push to the bottom. It should not fall out. 

Now submerge the glass into the water upside down and hold it down. Then take it out and show the children how the kitchen towel is not wet soggy and destroyed because it chose protection as opposed to no protection. 

Discuss the two. 

Discuss choices in life, at school and what the protection does for us. How it does and why we choose it. 


Have a fun fashion show down the stage wearing an array of jackets. When they put it on they say Al Hafeedh. When they get to the end of the cat walk they describe their jacket in physical and then they describe their spiritual jacket, what it does, why they chose it. Or get a bunch of things and children get to touch and feel and be able to think and tell what things are for and how connected to protection and exercise.


Sunglasses, Jacket of a book, My water bottle keeps my water cold from its inner jacket of steel, kitchen jars keep food safe from insects – like jackets, socks protect feet, goggles protect eyes in swimming, pen with its lid, cream protects skin- children can put some on here, wisdom, knowledge, discuss how they protect, libas ut taqwa, Husayni coat discussion, bring the drawings kids made, friends are jackets, 


The younger kids get to enjoy trying on different jackets and why those professions use them. We talk about the different kinds of protection they give. Connect to Al Hafeedh and how they all wear the Spiritual Jacket too. 

Connect to the story and how Abraha was wearing a really cool jacket but did it protect him. It was useless. A tiny little bird threw a stone on him and he fell down – buuufff. 

What we put into our heart from what we see, hear, think, do becomes a jacket. Put the right stuff in and you are super duper protected. 

Discuss why sometimes we choose not to wear a spiritual jacket and what happens and how to prevent this from happening – purple 

Keep connecting to the ayat. 11.57


Station 2

Black Bags and Water guns. 


Pre preparation. Masking tape 2 or 3 squares on the floor one foot by one foot. These will be the spots where the children wearing the black bags will stand. 


Our topic is protection. 

Children get to volunteer to be shot at by the water guns. 

Then with the black bags on. What is the difference? One was protected and one was unprotected. 

Protected one ensured not getting wet. Our guidance is much like this protection. Keeps things safe. 


Protects and preserves. 

Children get a chance to swop and try out both shooting and being shot at. 

Connect to ayat and asma and the story and how when we have Allah’s protection we have the Mightiest Protection. 

 Our golden hearts need guidance. This guidance is like a jacket that protects and preserves it for its home and true purpose. 

Allah, Al Hafeedh wants what is made to reach where it is supposed to reach safely. He wants our golden hearts to reach their home, close to Him. Rasulullah our guide and Quran our guide help our golden hearts reach their purpose.


Discuss jealousy- purple group and how it is not in any form protection. What is jealousy? We don’t have something and we don’t want others to have it either. How does that help in any form or shape – discuss. 

Whereas a tatmainnal Qulub is so opposite and provides a jacket of joy. Grow discussion into their own lives. 


Jackted in Mercy Rhyme


I am so jacketed  in mercy 

You are so jacketed in mercy 

We’re all jacketed in allahs mercy and protection 

Thankyou al hafeedh  

You are the kharayn  hafeedhan  

The all knowing all seeing the best of protectors is allaahhh

He protected the kabaa  

He protects my golden heart 

With Quran and ahlulbayt 

The best guides hip hip  hooraayy




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