Rasulallah Revolution 4

The Rasullulah Revolution – session 4



Actor 1 – Luqman Lego love

Actor 4 – Luqman mum

Actor 6 and Actor 8 in queue at happiness centre

Actor 2 – Happiness centre lady

Actor 8 – Pot and pans seller

Actor 2 – Fabric seller

Actor 5 – Rasulullah

Actor 7 – Arab supporter of Hilful Fudul

Actor 1 – Soap seller

Actor 4 – Thief

Actor 6 – meandmawla shop seller

Actor 7 to be arab also in the bazaar




Sketch pad


Posters of animals

Funny drawing with things not in place


Blue table


Pots and pans in Actor 8s basket

Fabrics I basket for Actor 2

Bag with a box in it – supposed to be a new blender. 

Meandmawla cds and stuff in a basket and meamawla Sheila

Bazaar sheilas and sarees to drape.

Table cloth

Actor 2 happiness centre

Actor 2 – costume for customer service

Soaps basket with solid soap, liquid soap etc.

Al Adl – Word wall poster

Smiley popsicle sticks 2 



Luqman backdrop

Beige plain background

Hang things on the beige background to make it look like a bazaar scene



Rhyme to play

Bazaar sounds

Chase speed sound effect humorous


Holding on Tight jamaah rhyme



Dua first line with sign


Luqman lego love sat in his room and began to draw. 

Actor 1 to be with easel and drawing, show an image and then begin drawing the sun

He loved to draw pictures of different things. He loved how his drawings would make him remember Allah. When he drew the sun, he would think about it and how amazing it is. It is sooo bright and warm. It helps tell the salaat time and dries all our clothes. What a wonder, the sun is! Alhamdullilah, Luqman legolove thought as he drew. 

Ayats of the Quran would pour out of his mouth every time he drew. 

Actor 1 to say: Wa laqad arsalna ilayka min ayatim bayinat.

We have surely sent down clear signs to you


Everything is a sign pointing to Allah, thought Luqman lego love. Petting the animals in the meandmawla garden

Posters of animals to fall from the backdrop was a big eye opener for Luqman. The perfect design in each animal is a sign pointing to Allah. Luqman also loved how Allah placed everything in the right place. One day he drew a really funny drawing. Can you spot what is wrong with it?


Allow children to answer and have a giggle. Actor 1 to interact with the audience


Rhyme here – everyone comes out and sings one by one style

Actor 5 Actor 4 make commotion noise in background

Just then, Luqman heard a commotion in the kitchen. 

Whats up mum? You seem troubled. 

Actor 4 to come and Actor 2 to bring small blue table and place blender on top and some glasses

My blender driving me round the blend! 

Actor 4 to seem really harassed by the blender

Everytime I try to take the blender out it unscrews and spills all the lemonade from the bottom. 


Why don’t we take it to the happiness centre at the supermarket mum.


That’s a really good idea, Luqman. Maybe they can take a look at it or replace it. I paid a good amount of money for it. 

Actor 4 and Actor 1 to talk to act as talking about the blender. Point and stand and express with body language too



Be ready to change the background in sync as no filler for you. Fast Fast!!!!!! Actor 2 on stage, background change and table cloth removed, poster of happiness centre up fatafat.

Same table as Actor 4. Remove table cloth. Add a happiness centre. Place in the centre of the stage now and Actor 2 to sit at the table

Remove animal posters and change background to beige plain




At the Happiness Centre, Mum and Luqman queued up. They waited for their turn.

Actor 6 and Actor 8 in queue before Actor 1 and Actor 4 now in queue. 

Actor 2 to pretend to act like she’s sorted out their issues and Actor 2 and Actor 8 leave happily.


Actor 2 to say yourself: Next please. Actor 1 and Actor 4 come and then say

How can I help you Ma’am, asked the lady. 

I bought this blender a couple of weeks ago and it is really not doing a great job. Everytime I try to take the blender out of the base, it unscrews and all the liquid pours out. 

Actor 4 to show the blender. Actor 1 to stand nearby. Allow audience to see what’s going on


Can I see the receipt pls, maam. 

Actor 4 to pull out the receipt from the bag. 


Here you go. 


ACTOR 2 to say yourself: Would you be willing to wait for a while. I can get the service team to take a look at it right now for you ma’am?


That sounds lovely, said Mum. 


Luqman shall we go and have a milkshake while they look at the blender. 


Yumm Yumm! Mum, Hope their blenders are working, laughed Luqman.


I will be back in about half an hour, said Mum to the lady. 


Actor 2 to say yourself: Super

Actor 2 to stand up and shake hands with mum

Actor 1 and Actor 4 to pretend to thank Actor 2 and then go off stage.


All this Happiness Centre stuff reminds me of a time when Rasullulah was so young but stood for people’s happiness by standing for truth and justice. Adl – Justice


Slowly the curtains close while I say the above lines. 

The desert background comes on 



Immediately Actor 5 to begin sounds of the bazaar. Long sound so the stage can be set up for bazaar scene and straight away Actor 2 to come out of the curtain and pretends to sell your goods from baskets. 


Actor 8 comes out on stage.

Actor 8: Pots and pans! Pots and pans! Get your pots and pans here! You can clang a few of them. The best pots for your cooking! Get them here! Pots and Pans! Pots and Pans! 

Actor 8 dress like a man arab with excentrics


Actor 2: Fabrics and sheilas in one basket. Call out like a businessman. 

Fabrics! Fabrics! All sorts of fabrics!  For your curtains, for your beds and scarves for the ladies. Buy the best fabrics here! Fabrics! Fabrics!

Actor 2 to dress like a lady seller with colourful fabrics and scarves and a big mole on cheek


OPEN CURTAINS – scene ready for bazaar. Small tables and baskets and lots of bazaar-like scenery. 

Stools covered with Sheila cloth and some baskets with potato and onion and other things to look bazarish

Actor 2 and Actor 8 to just join the bazaar scene with your baskets. Sit down and try and sell your stuff. 


Once a long while ago, when Rasullulah was a young man, he walked the streets of Mecca. Actor 7 to come out and begin to walk the streets.

The bazaar was a busy busy place. Traders would arrive and bring their goods and sell them all the time. Everyone needing something would come to the bazaar to buy what they needed. 

Actor 8 Actor 2 Actor 6  all to buy and sell . This should be a very moving scene with people coming and going Pretending to talk and buy and sell while I narrate. Actor 7 to be a buyer here and pretend to ask the price of this and that etc. 

I will pause here for the children to watch the bazaar scene. 

Actor 5 you can tone up the sound here

Then after a while I will begin narrating…

One day, a soap businessman arrived in Mecca. He had the most lovely lovely soaps. Such sweet smells of flowers and musk. The soap trader loved to make people happy by allowing them to try out his soaps. 

Actor 1 to come on stage and shout out. Soaps….

ACTOR 1: say  yourself

Soap! Soap! Get your awesome soaps here! Soap! Soap! Get your awesome soaps here! 


People heard his call and came to buy his soaps. 

Actor 4 to come and look at Actor 8 and Actor 2 shop and then go towards the soap seller when you hear the soap call


A man came to his shop and asked to smell his soaps. He happily made him smell the pink one and the blue one, the round one and the square one. The foamy one and the liquid one. The man asked for lots of soaps in different colours and different shapes. The man asked for almost all the soaps he had. 


Actor 4 to come and look at the soaps.


He took the bag of soaps and made a dash for it without paying. 

Huhhhh!!!!!! Actor 4 to take the whole bunch of soaps and run for it. Go behind the backdrop and Actor 1 to shout out and chase her and then come out from the other side and then do this 3 times. Actor 5 chase speed sound effect at the same time the bazaar sounds going on ( let’s test this)


My soaps! You must pay for them! My soaps! 


The soap trader tried to chase the man but the man was much too fast. The soap trader tried to speak to the other shop keepers but nobody helped out. 

Actor 1 to talk to Actor 2 and Actor 8 but they are too busy selling their stuff. Bazaar scene sound still going on Actor 5


When young Rasullulah saw this, he spoke up against the unfairness and the injustice in the city. 


Everything must be placed in the right place. If you buy soap, you take the soap and you pay for it. The soap is in the right place and the money is in the right place. The soap maker can make more soap, and the buyer can have a bath. 


Young Rasullulah and a group of people in the city formed a group to help protect people in the city and make sure everything is in the right place. This group was called the Hilful Fudhul. The Group of Justice

Actor 7 as Raasullulah comes on with the poster. Al Adl poster of Asma. Actor 6 to come as Arab person to be with Msukan to be part of Hilful Fudhul


Through the Hilful Fudhul – The Group of Justice,  Alhamdullilah, the soap trader was returned his soaps.

Actor 1 to come and be returned her soaps from Actor 6




It’s not too late to buy your pots and pans! Pots and Pans – Actor 8 to come out and still try and sell the pots and pans. Get some mums to be interested in your pots – very eco friendly and non stick and maybe you can sell an insta pot.

Then Actor 2 to pop her head out and do your Arabic selling and get some mums to be interested in the sheilas.

Then Actor 9 to  come out and shout out. Meandmawls rhyme CDs Meandmawla Rhyme CDS. Get the best rhymes at the meamawla shop. Stationery kits and Yasin Kits. Get your shark pens and sparkle pens here. See my agent, Actor 6 after meandmawla. ( I need a Meandmawla style outfit to wear for this – Meandmawla Sheila in hanky style over the head.




Wow mum! Young Rasulullah is the inventor of the Happiness Centre. It was his idea to form a group to help make sure everything is in the right place. 

Actor 4 and Actor 1 to talk to each other.


Absolutely beta! And when everything is in the right place, your smile is also in the right place. Right there under your nose. 


It isn’t any trouble just to S M I L E 

Turn to a friend and say he he he he he 

Rasulallah has taught us how to S M I L E x2 

Actor 4 and Actor 1 to sing together and do moves with smiley popsicle sticks

Lets go check If they have managed to fix the blender. 


Actor 2 to quickly bring the table and sit there with a bag with a box in it. 

Actor 1 and Actor 4 to go and Actor 2 comes on stage with the blender. 


Hello Ma’am. Your blender has a defect. We have given you a new one. Please try it. Here is your receipt and if there is any problem, please don’t hesitate to come back. We want to see all our customers smile. 

Actor 2 to talk to Actor 1 and Actor 4


Thank you, Mum said happily. 

Thank you Rasullulah said Mum smiling. 

Thank you for guiding our supermarket, and ourselves to put the right thing in the right place just like Allah does. 

Allah says, Innalah ya’muru bil adli wal ihsan

Surely Allah commands us to justice and goodness.

Actor 4 to open quran  


Rhyme time. In your eccentric wear, we do a beautiful rhyme about adl


Word Wall


Talk to mums about the mummy meandmawla charge!



Yellow  and Green group


An assortment of things to tidy up. Forks and spoons and other things in the cutlery tray. Have other objects that also need a home then they have to figure out how the shoes do not belong there. Putting the right thing in the right place is justice. 

Children are given a variety of props and they have to isolate the location first and then tidy it up neatly. 

Clothes, Hair clips/ Groceries/ Spoon and  Fork/ shoes/ socks. Etc


We label boxes, and shelves and boxes etc and the children need to place all the objects in the right place. 


Blue and Red and Purple Groups

Station 1

Assorted nuts and bolts, keys and lock, screwdriver and screws into and out of a wood block. 

Children get to select the right tool for the right output. They learn how to use the tools and what they are and what they are used for. 

Putting the right tool in the right place gives you the right output. 

In the same way, when we place our heart in the right place, with Allah, we will get the right output. 


To add more fun factor to the game, you could try and get them to do this blindfolded. 

Connect to the importance of seeing the signs from the previous week. Everything is a sign pointing to Allah. 

When we keep the eyes of our heart open, we will see the signs and place the right thing in the right place. 


Station 2

This is for all groups. 


Children get to look at a variety of blenders. They need to match the right blender to the right machine. It is only when we place the right blender with the right machine that we are putting the right thing in the right place. Then only can we make a milkshake. 


In the same way, we place our heart in the right place – with Allah. Placing our heart or making ourselves live for our true purpose is putting the right thing in the right place. 

The outcome is like this sweet milkshake. 

Our life becomes a sweet sweet heaven cause we placed everything in the right place. 


Do some scenarios through everyday life that display justice and goodness. 

If I have a pet, it is justice to look after the pet by feeding it and cleaning it and caring for it. Then I am putting my time and love and effort in the right place. 

What would happen if I had a bunny and did not take the time and effort to clean its hutch and give it food?


My body needs a whole bunch of things for it to grow strong and do many wonderful things. Eat the right amount of proteins, carbs and veg and fruit to put the right vitamins, minerals, calcium in the right place to flourish. 


What would happen if I put the socks in the spoon drawer and the spoons in the spice rack and the shoes in the cereal dispenser and the cereal in the garage. Chaos. 

We put the right stuff in the right place. 


In school, if the art teacher showed up in the math lesson and the math teacher showed up in the PE lesson, there would be confusion. Timetables help us get to the right place at the right time in the right class. 

That’s justice. 


Children get to make some funny scenarios themselves to realize the adl of everything. 

Connect to the story and the ayat and the asma

Make a milkshake and enjoy. 

Milk and ice cream and some ice and some love and the right blender and the right base. 


Ask questions in conclusion. 






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