Rasulallah Revolution 5

Rasulullah Revolution – Session 5 

Actor 1
Actor 2 
Actor 3 
Actor 4 
Actor 5
Actor 6 
Actor 7 
Sound from Actor 8 

“And We have sent you (O Muhammad ) not but as a mercy for the Aalameen 21:107 

“There has certainly come to you a Messenger from among yourselves. Grievous to him is what you suffer; [he is] concerned over you [i.e., your guidance] and to the believers is kind and merciful.” (Quran: 9:128

Actor 1 – Luqman
Actor 2- Luqman mother
Actor 3- Nurse Noor
Actor 4- Doctor Wiggly Woogly Actor 2 – Little Kitten
Actor 6 Actor 3 – caravan people 

Actor 4 Actor 5 – thieves
Actor 6 Actor 3 – rich people
Actor 4 Actor 5 – poor and bullied by rich
Actor 6 Actor 3 – mean to animals Actor 4 and Actor 5 – horse and camel
Actor 6 Actor 3 – prisoners
Actor 4 Actor 5 – mistreat prisoners Actor 7 – Rasulullah 

White jug with fake flowers
– Feather duster
– 1 bed – air mattress with white bed sheet
– Holy Personality clothes
– Cardboard window
– Garbage in dustbin
– newspaper etc
– Basket of gifts for Rasullulah to give to lady -Bowl of water for Rasullulah
Sign – “Sad to him (Rasulullah) is what you suffer”.
– Everybody bring an abaya and green Sheila – Iron the green abaya for RAsulullah
Spot light
Sound Effects
Who do you want to be like?”


SCENE 1: Actor 4, Actor 1, Actor 2 

Luqman lego love sat in the hospital bed while the doctor put a cast on his leg. He wasn’t going to be able to do any sports for the next 6 weeks until the broken leg healed. 

Actor 4 put a bandage on Actor 1 leg and then put on the blue leg cover and give her the crutches. Actor 2 to be beside Actor 1 being a mother. Actor 1 to be on air bed Actor 4 off the stage standing and Actor 2 on the stage sitting on a little pink chair 

Mum and Dad had brought him to the hospital after they had got a call from school. Bully Brian had purposely pushed Luqman Legolove into the goal post during football. Luqman crashed into it and then fell hard on his leg. It broke and needed a cast. 

The doctor asked Luqman legolove to take a few days off school and rest. 


Actor 3, Actor 1, Actor 2 then Actor 6, Actor 3, Actor 4, Actor 5 

Actor 3 to come looking like a nurse and holding a clipboard. Pretend like you are working doing your nurse activities and say these lines which you can place on the clipboard. Basically you are talking to yourself preparing the report for Luqman legolove. 

Actor 8 put a hospital announcement sound effect in the middle of Actor 3 talking 

Luqman lego love Age 12 Incomplete fracture of the Right Tibia Talk to the audience- You know that’s the shin bone of the leg right. (Actor 4 pls put cast on the right leg ☺ ) Appointment scheduled with Doc Wiggly Woogly on 7 th November medication – I’m doing good tablets 5 times a day Bone Bounce test request and I can see your bones X Ray request for 7 th November scheduled. 

Ok, Looks like the reports are good to go! Pat on the back Nurse Noor! Actor 3 pat your opposite shoulder. Look up and smile. I’ll go give this to the legoloves before they go home. 

SCENE CHANGE to Luqman at home- all actors available 


While at home, Luqman saw all the things mum got up to. He never really thought about everything that she did. He watched as she cleaned, cooked, and spent time with Luqman. Never once did she complain. Wherever she went, she brought love and life to that place. Even all the plants and flowers were happy wherever mum was. Actor 1 lying in the same bed, Actor 2 doing all sorts of things around the house – humming a rasullulah something. Dusting with a feather duster and cooking and then bring a vase with fake flowers. 

Mum would come and tell Luqman stories too, bringing lots of love and cheer to Luqman’s heart. 

Actor 1 and Actor 2 stay on the side of the stage in the bed and beside the bed and as I now narrate the next part, the rest of you act out all the below- off stage. 

You know Luqman, A long time ago in Arabia, a whole bunch of bullies lived. In Fact almost everyone was a bully or being bullied. These bullies bullied lots of people in different ways. 

Sometimes if a caravan was passing by, coming to Mecca to sell their goods, the bullies would come and steal their things. Actor 6 and Actor 3 and Actor 4 and Actor 5 This is a new style of acting you are going to do. On stage, no props, no costumes you are going to transform into the different people to match the story. Wear arab dress and then change. Your body language and expression does the work. Actor 6 and Actor 3 will be caravan people first Actor 4 and Actor 5 will be the thieves Then Actor 6 and Actor 3 will be the rich people and you guys will bully Actor 4 and Actor 5 Then Actor 6 and Actor 3 will be the people mean to animals and Actor 4 and Actor 5 will be the horse and camel Then Actor 6 and Actor 3 will be the prisoners and Actor 4 and Actor 5 will be the ones who captured them and mistreated them. Some bullies would be mean and nasty to those people who were not rich. They would bully the poor and force them to do whatever they said. If they didn’t do that, they would push and beat them up. 

Some bullies had no respect for girls and women and would not let them live a sweet simple life. 

Some bullies were terrible even to animals. They would whip their horses or donkeys for going slowly even though they overloaded them with lots of bags. 

When there was a battle, the bullies would give big ouch to the prisoners. They might be prisoners but they also feel pain and thirst like we do. 

Actor 7 to come on as Rasulllah here. Spot light on. 

Actor 8sound effect – Muhammed Rasullulah All the others to leave. Actor 1 and Actor 2 still on stage. Actor 1 lying down. 

Allah sent from among these people, the bestest man on earth. A man better than any man that lived this earth. A man who used the most powerful thing in the world to sort the bullies out. Do you know what that is, Luqman? 

No mum, pls tell me. What is more powerful than strong bullies and all their muscles and mean ways. 

Let me share a few stories with you and you tell me if you can figure out what the most powerful thing in the world is. 


Actor 7 as Rasullulah to go out of stage Actor 8 to put rhyme – Actor 7 to walk in the area for a bit and children watch you. Be gentle and loving and allow them to soak up the rahma 


One day, early in the morning, Rasullulah was on his way to the mosque to pray. A bully lady lived a few blocks down. She did not like Rasullulah at all and his message of Islam. She 

planned a bullyish mean plan. When he passed by her window, she threw all her garbage on him. Actor 7 just to walk around and then get on the stage from the side and when you pass the window, Actor 3 to throw the garbage. The window is up above the partition. Actor 8sound effect when garbage is thrown Place the msq on the stage on the sideActor 6 

He simply returned home, cleaned up and was on his way to the mosque. Actor 7 to go behind the curtain and pop out again. Go to msq and pray 

The next day, he got up, got ready and was on his way to the mosque. The bully lady was also ready with her garbage. When he passed by her window, she threw the garbage on him. Rasullulah returned home, cleaned up and was back on his way to the mosque. Repeat Actor 8sound effect when garbage is thrown 

The next morning, Rasullulah got ready and was on his way to one of his and your favourite places, the mosque. When he passed by the bully ladies window – NO garbage. No garbage. 


When Rasullulah got to the mosque. He prayed salat with the people and later, he asked his friends, Do you know anything about this lady? One friend said, Yes, she hasn’t been feeling well. Actor 7 prays salat. Others come and join and pray behind Actor 4 and Actor 6 and Actor 2 and Actor 1 

Rasullulah got some gifts for the bully lady and went to her house. He knock knock knocked on her door. When she saw who it was, she got a little afraid, for she had done some bullish mean things to Rasulullah. Actor 7 goes to the side and then 

Actor 8 sound effect for door knock

Actor 3 to come out looking sick with shawl and tissue for a runny nose and blow your nose in the tissue. Also have a scared look on face.Come down from window and then both Actor 7 and Actor 3 to use full stage. 

When she opened the door, Rasulllah greeted her in his always super kind way. He gave her the gifts and asked about her health. She was shocked with a capital S. I have been so mean and rude to you and you are bringing me gifts and asking about my health. The bully lady said, I want to be like you. And right there, she decided to become a muslim. 

Actor 8play the Kalima

Everyone on stage doing actions of one god and movement and then goes backstage. Bully lady now changes and looks soft and kind. Facial expressions key for all scenes here. 

CLOSE CURTAINS- Actor 6, narrator and Actor 2 to do tandem Arabic and English Go and make everyone recite KAlima here. 

SCENE CHANGE – OPEN CURTAINS (anyone available) 

Actor 6 Actor 3 Actor 4, Actor 5 and Actor 2 to join them as the travellers of caravan. Actor 1 to be the helper. Initially everyone holding bags but then after being tired and traveling and travel 2 times, the bags begin to get given to Actor 1. Until you are travelling and Actor 1 holding all the bags. Actor 1 can’t see your face, the bags are soooo many. Back bent, it’s only cargo. Actor 8sound effect of desert and wind and heat feel 

There was this other time, when some people went on a long journey. After travelling for many hours, they became very very tired. The people had no energy. They were sooooo tired. They would often stop to rest. As they were passing through Medina, the people decided to rest again. In the group there was one person who was their helper. One by one, the people began to dump their bags and things on the man, forcing him to carry all the bags. Soon the helper was loaded with all the bags. From a distance, he looked like a mountain of bags, not a human being. When Prophet Muhammed passed by, he saw the helper. He patted him and said. There is so much weight on your shoulder, you could be a ship. The Prophet smiled and began to help the man. The man was so relieved, he forgot he was ever tired. Prophet Muhammed has shown us that no man should be treated less than anyone else. No bullying anyone even though they work for or with you. Actor 7 to come and warmly help Actor 1. Take some bags and Actor 1 to show proper expressions here of happiness Actor 8sound effect when Rasulluah comes to help. Muhammed Rasullluah something 

CLOSE CURTAINS (anyone available) 

Narrator out on stage and talks to the audience about people who help us at home but we don’t over burden anyone. Everyone is human and we all feel the same thing. In the story the man was as tired as the others but he ended up carrying everything. Etc All this talk reminds me of a rhyme. Let’s listen to it. If you have a helper, a nanny here, look at her and say thank you to them. Actor 8play rhyme here. – 


Mum shared another story with Luqman while he was healing, thanks to Allah 


One day a very thirsty kitten wandered through the streets of Medina. The little kitten hadn’t drunk any water for hours. It was soooo thirsty. The kitten’s tongue was very dry. The little kitten was sooo tired but knew it needed to keep looking for water. Actor 2 to come on as a little hungry kitten. Nice fluffy clothes, and nice cat mask and ears. Face paint whiskers.The way you move and facial expression show the thirst. Be on all 4s. Use off and on stage. Actor 7 on the backside left of the stage come and be busy making wudu. Actor 2 you make sure audience on you not Rasulullah Meow sounds from Actor 2 mouth 

Through backyards and little alleyways, the little kitten could not find any water. Eventually after much searching, the little kitten found herself in the Prophets yard. The prophet was holding a bowl of water, ready to do wudu. 

The little kitten saw the bowl of water. She wanted to leap forward into the bowl and quench her thirst, but the little kitten stayed where she was. The bowl was out of her reach. The little kitten caught the Prophet’s eye. It was clear to the Prophet that the kitten was very very thirsty. Actor 2, you spot the water and the bow and start going towards Rasulullah. Remember your movements are like a thirsty cat, not a strong one, almost slow motion. Actor 7 as your face is covered, you need to use hand gestures. Actor 6 backstage give Actor 7 the sign that says – 

He knew what to do just like you all. The Prophet bent down and placed the water bowl in front of the kitten. The kitten meawed with happiness. She lapped the water up happily. When she had drunk enough water, she lifted her head from the bowl with more energy than before. Actor 2 sit next to Actor 7. Actor 7 gives the water bowl to Actor 2. Actor 2 you take it and slowly slowly drink the water. When you lift your head up, complete transformation of the face.Big smile, big twinkle eyes 

The little kitten looked up at the Prophet with gratitude. The Prophet smiled down at her caringly. He watched as she wandered back into the street with a new bounce and energy in her step. Actor 8sound effect here – Muhammed Rasulullah Truly while I narrate 

The prophet was sent as a mercy to all Allah’s creation. Being caring and loving towards everything was what Rasullulah taught us. Actor 2 looks at Actor 7. First let the audience see you. You can Meow a thank you and then you can bounce off with energy. Go towards the audience, off stage and show them the change in your movement and smile. Everyone backstage helps Actor 2 quick change to mum. 

I know the answer to the question said Luqman Lego love after pondering for a bit. My mum asked me, what is the most powerful thing to sort out the bullies. It’s Rahma! It’s super super love like that of Rasulullah. Actor 1 to come on as Luqman. No need for Actor 2 to be there as these are your tafakkur moments 

Rasulullah is Rahma in everything he said and did. He showed Rahma to the bully lady, the helper of the people and the kitten. If we all are rahma in what we say and do, we change 

the world. The world becomes the loving living place Rasullulah taught us. Actor 1 walk around the stage- remember you have a broken leg as I naarate here 

Mum, I would like to thank you for your rahma, your love that you are. I never realized how much you do. With a broken leg at home, I see how much you care and love us all. Actor 2 shows up as mum here ready to sing the who do you want to be like rhyme. After I naarate these lines – HUG. I will be silent for the hug to take effect 

Thank you Luqman, that’s beautiful. And you know what, If you think, I have shown you love and care, Luqman, imagine the Prophet. His Rahma, his love is a million times more than any mum has for a child. That’s why Allah says in the Quran,”Wa ma arsalnaka illa Rahmatan lil alameen “And We have sent you (O Muhammad ) except as a mercy for the Aalameen. 

Allah also says, Azizun alaihi maa anitum harithun alaikum bil momennena Rauffun Raheem. Sad is he in what you suffer; [he is] concerned over you [i.e., your guidance] and to the believers severely kind and Merciful. 

Prophet Muhammed feels ouch when you have ouch. He does not want any ouch for you. His guidance and love and ways teach us a way to live that will not hurt us, it will help us. 

Don’t you just love Prophet Muhammed and want to be like him? Absolutely! Every mualim show up on stage. Actor 1 quickly go and where the abaya and Sheila and come back. Other mualims don’t wait for Actor 1. Just get yourselves on stage. Actor 1 come and join. I will 

converse with the audience and then with the mualims. By this time Actor 1 and Actor 8are ready. Actor 8begin to play the rhyme and then get yourself on stage from the middle. 

Who do you want to be like? Actor 8play on the spot light and show up as Rasulluah



Rahma Ripples 

The Rahma of Rasulullah caused ripple upon ripple. Groups get the blue and orange container half full of water. We have an assortment of items. Rubber band, toothpick, a little toy car, leaves, a marshmallow, a teeny tiny sprinkle Each item represents a rahma. 

The bigger things represent bigger things that we may do as rahma and the little things represent little things we do as rahma. 

Carrying a school bag for my sister Holding the door open for someone Smiling Writing a note to someone Making something for the neighbor Giving to the poor Telling someone a joke to make their day Picking up a toy or tissue without being told Washing the dishes for someone 

Saying Salaam 

In the end, the result shows that even the tiniest sprinkle causes a ripple in the water. The tiniest and the largest rahma that we do causes ripples into the planet. 

Now imagine if the whole world constantly followed the rahma ripples that Rasullulah showed, what would happen? 

Children now get to jump into the paddle pool and see the ripples they cause. You are a Rahma ripple. Choose uswatun hasana Rahma ripples every moment of your life. 

Purple groups can do the experiment in doors and then come outside for the pool jump fun. 


Get lots of different shoes. Children can try on the different shoes and get to feel what it’s like. 

Everybody wears their own shoes in life. To understand others, sometimes, we need to step into their shoes and get a sense of how they feel. Then we understand them and can be a Rahma ripple to them. 

Children get to walk around in shoes and enjoy the different and maybe even see in the mirror. What it looks, feels like. 

Then we give them scenarios and give them the opportunity to feel the other and rahma ripple from there. 

How does someone feel when we smile at them? 

How does someone feel when we say mean things? 

How does a plant feel when we pluck and hurt it? 

How does a cat feel when it is sooo hungry and thirsty? Or if we pull its tail? 

When my mum is talking on the phone and I want something……? How can I be rahma? 

When the teacher is trying to teach the lesson, rahma ripple….?

Purple Group at their level. 


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