Rasulallah Revolution 6

Rasulullah Revolution – Session 6


Sadiq and Amin


O you who have Faith! Be in awe of Allah and be (always) with the truthful ones.” 9:119


Believers are being addressed here. Once you believe, you have yakeen and have chosen to follow the guide. Here is a way of life advice. 

Being in awe of Allah, always having His presence in the forefront of your life and so then not only avoiding disgraceful action but also performing duties. And being truthful. Being friends with truthful ones. 

Being truthful is being your word and has leaps and bounds in spiritual progress. 

Habitual sadiq speaker


Actor 1- Taqi Tortoise – 

Actor 2- Taha Daddy tortoise – 

Actor 3- Tasleem Mummy tortoise – 

Actor 4- Taiba Sister Tortoise – 

Actor 5- Tariq Tortoise – 

Actor 2- Rasullulah – 

Actor 3 – Shepherd friend

Actor 5 and Actor 6 and Actor 1 – Sheep

Actor 4 to be Actor 3’s sheep 

Actor 7 – Rasulullah

Actor 6- Messenger – 

Actor 4- Roman Trumpet guy – 

Actor 1 – King Hercules

Actor 5, Actor 3, Actor 6, Actor 4, Actor 2- Arabs 




Empty cereal bOx



All Tortoises should have shells on their backs

Black football

White gift bag with hole

Chair with 3 legs

Blue table

Whole Gift bag

Proper Gift bag

Birthday hat

Party blower things for birthday

No phones at dinner sign on the table



Costumes as in baskets for each tortoise to put on their back as your shell home

Accessory for each. 

Tie for dad. 

Handbag and long necklace for mum

Big bow for Tayba tortoise

Cap for Taqi

Stuff to show each doing something different in the opening scene.

Football – lets clean it shiny

Lanyard with What I say is my word



Begin the story with curtains closed. When I open the curtains, the family is on stage and will begin narrating. 

As a family, you should be like the stage is your home and you are all doing stuff. Then when your name is called out, you wave. Once everyone is introduced, you come together and sing the family rhyme together.


Meet the Tortoise Family! 

This is Taha, Daddy Tortoise!

This is Tasleem, Mummy Tortoise

This is Tayba, Sister Tortoise and 

This is Taqi, Brother Tortoise.


They are one big Happy Tortoise Family!


Family rhyme here. All moving together moves


Actor 7 put Family rhyme on

Once the rhyme is done, Actor 1 goes to the centre stage and pretends like you have just woken up, The rest of you quickly get off stage after the rhyme. No curtain closing here. Get off stage matter of factly, like you always sing family rhymes when you come together and then go off.


One morning, Taqi woke up really really hungry. He went down to get some breakfast. He got his cereal ready ……… (give time here to get the cereal) and sat down.


Actor 7 sound effect. – Boing Crash


OUCH! Shouted Taqi! My shell! OUCH!

Fall and land with your back with the house on it and your legs and hands in the air. +1. You can move them around like a little to add to the fun


What happened Taqi! Exclaimed mum as she helped Taqi up and rubbed his shell better.

Mum comes on stage to find out what happened


I fell off the chair. 

Ah yes, the chair! The chair we can’t trust because it’s broken!


After a nice soothing rub from mummy, and some warm hugs, Taqi was smiling and eating his cereal on an unbroken chair. A trustworthy chair. 

Actor 3 to give Actor 1 a really nice shell rub here and if the basket has got karab show how you pop it out and fix it. 


Taqi was super excited because it was his friend, Tariq Tortoise’s birthday. Taqi had bought an amazing football for Tariq and could not wait to give it to him. 

He got a gift bag for the ball. 

Actor 7 ball boing boing sound  when the ball falls out of the bag. 

Whatttt! Shouted Taqi! What’s happening today. Can’t trust the chair. Now I can’t trust the bag. My hand can go right through.


Actor 1 to put the ball into the bag, the ball falls and that’s when Actor 7 makes the boing sound and then Actor 1 to put hand right through and see the audience from through the bag


Taqi got another gift bag, a sturdy one for the football and was on his way to the party. 

Actor 1 to get another bag and wear a birthday hat and be on your way


At the party, Tariq, Taqi and all the tortoises played lots of fun games and ate lots of yummy party food. 

Everyone on stage and acting like a birthday is going on. Mouth party things and party hats etc. Sing happy birthday. I will leave a gap here for you guys to do this birthday – no narrating. 

Actor 2 and Actor 3 can take off the tie- daddy look and mummy look and be part of the party as other tortoises. 

Then when you are mum and dad again, you put those back. Let’s make sure you look slightly different. Hence Actor 1, Actor 2, Actor 3, Actor 4 and Actor 5 all on stage here

Actor 7 soft sound effects of party going on

When Taqi was thirsty, he grabbed one of the tortoise glasses and poured some water to drink!

Pour the water from the jug into the yogurt pot with the hole and let it spill – a lot onto the carpet on the floor. Don’t let the children see the hole. When Actor 1 takes centre stage and now the children are focused on the spill, everyone else slowly disappears to the back. Actor 3 and Actor 2 to quickly get into dad and mum mode


Ahhh! What’s Happening today, a broken tortoise glass. I can’t even trust the tortoise glasses. 


Taqi to say yourself! 

Time to use my life skills. Hey hey hey wipe it away!

Don’t be too thrilled about it in the sense we want to not emphasize this but rather we do this when things like this happen and the focus stays on the trustworthy concept in the story

Get a cloth and wipe 

Later that evening, when Taqi was back home and the family were eating their dinner together. 

NO Phones at the dinner table sign somewhere


Everyone shared something about their day. You will do this live. Dad can say something. Let it be natural. 

Mum can say something. Tayba can say something. Then Taqi says, I have had a question about trust day today. 

It all started in the morning at breakfast time. I fell off the chair. Then Tariqs gift went right through the gift bag and at the party, I spilled all my water cause I got a tortoise glass with a big hole in it. 


Hmmmm Taqi, seems you’ve had a case of Trust in questionitis.

Said Sister TAyba Tortoise


mini rhyme here about trust in questinitisthe 

whole family sing it together with lots of plus 1


Well all this talk about trust reminds me of one of the greatest man who lived. He was his word and not ever did he breed Trust in questionitis in his entire life, Dad said.


He is none other than Prophet Muhammed, the leader we each choose ourselves to guide and lead us in our lives. 



Actor 7 – Sound effect Muhammed 

Prophet Muhammed outside the curtain and shaking hands with the children. Lanyard that says, What I say is my word


CURTAINS OPEN with all the sheep on stage on 4s

Rasullulah just joins the sheep he is herding from the curtain to the stage. Actor 3 and Actor 2 and Actor 3 to have a conversation as if to agree that tomorrow we meet and bring the sheep to graze. You sheep, be sheep and eat grass on stage. Don’t be a cabbage pls. Then Actor 3 to go behind the scenes. 

Rasullulah was a shepherd. A shepherd is someone who looks after sheep. He had planned with another shepherd that they would take the sheep to this new green grass area that they had found at 10 in the morning. 


The next morning, when Rasullulah got to the green grass, 

Actor 2, here you give love to the sheep, pat their heads, give them a hug, and then the sheep follow RAsullulah here. Then try to push to get to the grass but Actor 2 you hold them back. Make Sheep sounds pls. Don’t be cabbages. I will pause in narration here to allow for the scene to take effect

his friend was not there. He said, they would take the sheep together so he stopped the sheep from eating the grass until his friend came. Actor 3 comes on stage here with Actor 4 as your sheep. When his friend saw what he was doing, he said, why didn’t you let the sheep graze. Rasullulah said, I am my word. We agreed to take our sheep together and graze. 

Rasullulah’s friend was so amazed by his truthful and trustworthiness. He said to himself, 

Actor 3 to say yourself:

What I say is my word. I am gonna be like that too. 

Can you all repeat after me? What I say is my word. 

Actor 4, and Actor 3 on stage as Shepherd and sheep.

After repeating, Actor 4 says, Uswatun hasana at work!

Actor 3 acknowledges what her sheep is saying and give her a 

Pat and close curtains



Are you your word? When you say something, do you make sure you do what you say?


If you do, then your word is not broken. It can be trusted. 


Daddy Tortoise to come out on stage and tap narrator  

Actor 2 Say yourself: I’ve got another story to share. Can you open the curtain please. 

narrator : Absolutely

Actor 2 go to behind scenes



Actor 7 Rasullulah on scene writing letters with a feather

When  Rasullulah began to spread the message of Islam to the world, he wrote letters. Lots of letters. One of the letters was addressed to King Hercules of Rome. 

The letter for Hercules of Rome is what you show to the audience and then give to the messenger. Messenger takes the letter and gracefully bids farewell and both of you go behind scenes


King Hercules to come on stage first and walk around your kingdom. 

Roman trumpet guy walks on stage. 


Actor 7 to make trumpet sound here 

Actor 4 to hold the paper trumpet we have.


Actor 4 to say: Presenting a letter from Prophet Muhammed

Messenger – Actor 6 to  give a letter to King Hercules. 


Actor 1 to Open the letter and read.


Actor 1 King Hercules to say yourself: Hmmmmm.

Let me ask those Arabs who have come to trade.


Then loudly tell Actor 4 the trumpet guy Go and call the Arab traders for me, at once. 


Actor 4 and Actor 6 leave together and quickly become the Arabs. Whoever is ready comes first, Others can join as you are ready

Go behind the partition and then  Arabs come out with bags. 

As soon as Actor 4 and Actor 6 arrive behind scenes, Actor 1 is walking around the Kingdom. 

Actor 7 put on some Roman sound effects

Then Arabs arrive.


Actor 1 acts out like you are talking to Arabs. 

People from Arabia, I would like to ask you a question. Before Muhammed said he was a prophet, did he ever tell a lie?


The arabs – and some of them were idol worshippers who did not like Prophet Muhammed said,  Not ever! NEVER!

Shake your heads Arabs. Look at each other thinking and then say nooo, hand gestures of no.


He is the most truthful and trustworthy Sadiq and Amin man in all the land.  

He has never broken his word. 

He is his word! 


King Hercules knew this as a sign of a Prophet of God and the best way to be. BE your word!


King Hercules and Actor 4 leaves and the Arabs stay and then say


Actor 3 to come front as an arab and use expressions and hand gestures as I narrate

You know, when I travelled to Syria for trade on my last trip, I left my treasures with Prophet Muhammed and upon return, I collected my treasures and they were just as I had given to him. 


He is his word! That’s what Sadiq and Amin means. 


Actor 2 comes forward and acts out as if talking to Actor 3 

That’s exactly what happened to me too. The only person who can look after my treasures in Mecca is Prophet Muhammed – Sadiq and Amin. and I know for sure,  they will be safely returned to me. 



Actor 1 and Actor 4 act as tortoises on stage now when the curtains open. All other tortoises quickly join them

All tortoises on stage now .


Tayba Tortoise- Actor 4  to say yourself: Wow Dad, I have learnt so much from these stories and how important it is to be your word. 


Taqi Tortoise to say yourself: Hold the chair/ bag and tortoise glass and show the audience. I am not ever gonna be like these. 

If I am not my word I will always be sick with Trust in questionitis. 

No way! Not for me. 


Actor 7 to come to the stage as RAsullulah and say. What I say is my word


Actor 3 Mum tortoise say clearly and loudly and calmly : What I say is my word


Actor 2 Dad Tortoise says clearly and loudly and calmly : What I say is my word


Actor 4 Tayba Tortoise say clearly and loudly and calmly : What I say is my word


Actor 1Taqi Tortoise say clearly and loudly and calmly : What I say is my word


Mummy Tortoise: The Quran, the book that is its word, says Kunu ma’as sadiqeen. That means, being your word.

Be with the truthful!


Everyone: What I say is my word!

Kunu ma’as sadiqeen. 


In your positions, others at the back join the stage and Actor 7 starts playing the Who do you want to be like?




Get 2 bags of M n Ms and remove one and fill with pebbles.

Seal again. 


A bag of M nM s and 2 bowls

When we buy items from the grocery, what do we expect to find inside them.

What should it look like?

What quality?


Now open the MnM’s into the bowl with the pebbles 

Pout the contents into the bowl.

Are you surprised to see what’s inside?

How do you feel?


Just like the bag of m&ms, what’s on the inside, needs to match the outside. 

Nobody wants to buy m&ms and find pebbles inside. 

Same with people. We want to be with someone who is their word. 

The mnms was not its word. Can’t be trusted. 

It was not Sadiq and Amin. 


When you are honest, how do you feel?

What does it feel like when people treat you honestly ?

Are there times when it is difficult to be honest?

What should I do then?

Who is responsible for being honest ?


Connect to the stories in the lesson. The chair, the bag and the glass from the first part and the stories from the second part.


Because Rasullulah was his word, all his life, when he began to preach islam, people knew him to be true. 

Here you can share the story where he asked the people, if I told you there was an army beyond the mountains, would you believe me?


Children can share a time when they were sadiq and amin even when nobody is watching is another nice thing to add to purple. 


Purple groups get to go into pairs and come up with a little skit where they first don’t show sadiq and amin and the effect it has on the relationship and then when they are sadiq and amin and how beautiful a relationship and growth blossoms from there. 


Discussion on breaking a trust and its ripple effect. 

Cry wolf story type of stuff.


Children down stairs can have a sports station. Children can play football/ badminton/ running race/ balance beam, trampoline, dodge ball and enjoy the importance of being sadiq and amin. You can do this, the whole group together,. Divide the children and then swop activities. 

Connect within the lesson. 


After the one m&m activity and discussion, the whole group can play and enjoy different sports. 


Tell them that Mummy narrator  promised to dodgeball the children at the beach one day in a station and cause she is sadiq and amin, she is her word, here we are playing the game. 


Purple groups can come down for a game of football as well. 

Purple group can have loads more examples


If you bought a DVD of a certain documentary on dolphins and when you switched it on, it was a kids singing show.


Talk about the implication of not being your word. What is the after effect? 


Imagine dipping a paint brush in what looks like red paint and you are about to paint your red flower and its black. 

You would have trust issues with paint. 


You would be cautious. Etc. 

You would not want to buy that brand again. Etc

What happens when we are not our word…..


Have a discussion about what to do if someone has the sickness – Trustinquestionitis. 

Steer the conversation to a way to restore and maintain integrity. 

IF you break a trust , what are you going to do to restore it and maintain it.




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