Rasulallah Revolution 7

Rasulullah Revolution Session 7 – Sayyida Khadija



Actor 6 – Prophet Muhammed 

Actor 1 – Bibi Khadija 

Actor 2 – Maysarah 

Actor 3 and Actor 4 – Arab traders

Actor 5- Monk Nestor

Actor 5 – mother with crying baby 

Actor 6- hungry orphan visiting BK 

Actor 6/ Actor 7 – Rasulullah

Actor 4 – Widow coming to BK house

Actor 2 – visitor at Bk house

Actor 5 – Manager

Actor 2, Actor 3 – Arab man helping to load cargo

Actor 7 if you feel you can do Rasulullah, then it’s good then Actor 6 can do all the Arab and Bk house roles.



-Made of hangar and worn as Amama with huge above head cloud for Rasulullah

-Chair for Bk to sit on in opening scene


-Reusables to feed people at BK house

-Blankets at BK house. People come and cover themselves with

-Lanyard which says Ameerat quraysh manager

-Baskets and cargo to create caravan

-What I say is my word lanyard for Actor 6 to wear in all scenes

-Partition tree

-Spotlight Extension

-Kaaba Quran stand 

-Poster with Tahira The pure one

-Poster with Palace of Love and Kindness

-Sadiq and Amin posters



Curtains open to Bk house and her caring for all.


Actor 1,

 Actor 5- mother with crying baby, 

Actor 2- visitor to BK house, 

Actor 6 as orphan,

 Actor 3

Once upon a time, long long ago in the land of Arabia, a kind and generous Princess lived. Many people called her Ameerat al Quraish. Other people often called her Tahira, the Pure one. 

Actor 7 can you do a soft opening sound as we open the curtains and show her giving and selflessness

  • Open curtains to BK tending to a baby 
  • Actor 5 mother comes saying Ameerat Quraish, I’m hungry.Eat and leave.
  • BK stands up holding the baby and welcomes the lady shows her to the table where there is plates etc
  • The backdrop is the beige curtain with golden heart posters and words like love, care, kindness, generosity. There Should be a plant there. Cushions. Good vibes only – one. 


She was the kindest princess in all the land. She had a lovely palace in the middle of the city. But it wasn’t an ordinary palace. It was the palace of kindness and love. 

  • Actor 3 come on and go to sleep
  • Actor 4 come and drink water

Anyone who was hungry could come to her palace and eat. Anyone who was tired and didn’t have a place to rest could come to her palace to rest. 

  • All other mualims come and rest there. Actor 3 you can sleep on stage. 
  • Others come and eat. Make sounds of happiness and joy as you are all on stage. 
  • Some of you can play ball. 
  • Some of you can sleep, eat, drink, 
  • Make it appear real. NO CABBAGES


All the orphan children would come and be looked after by the Princess herself. They loved her sooo much and she loved them. Her belief in one God never ever changed, even though almost all those around were idol worshippers.

  • You all go close to BK and hug her and here we sing the first part of the rhyme



Actor 6, Actor 4

2 people, Actor 6 and Actor 4 come out of curtain and have a conversation about the challenges in their life and how they have become friends and have flourished because of BK and her generosity. Like you have left the house and are talking outside her house,And how you are so amazed by her constant giving. No wonder she has the title Tahera. Make your own conversation so it is real. No dubai mall Actor 6 

Actor 7 play rhyme part 1



  • Scene setting: First Bk talking to Actor 5 with the cargo on stage and then after conversation with manager, Actor 1  leaves 
  • and then the Trade caravan getting ready to go with lots of bags and cargo. All Arabs on stage getting the caravan ready.
  • Bk was very careful of her male interactions. So modest.

Actor 1, Actor 5, 

As a business woman, the princess was brilliant. She would hire a manager who traded for her in the summer in Syria and in the winter in Yemen. Ilafihim rihlatash shitaie was saif. 

We protect their trading caravans in winter and summer. 


Actor 1 leaves first then Actor 3 and Actor 2 come on as men

Actor 5 Actor 3, Actor 2, 

Actor 5: I am Ammerat al Qurash’s manager. We are taking our goods to trade. Lets load the cargo.


I will give you time her to load the cargo and then trade. Other people who can, please come and be traders. In this scene, the cargo is loaded, then you will go around travelling carrying the cargo and then open and sell your ware. No narration. 

Actor 5 you can do your tanzilat….

Actor 7 can we get a trading in souk sound



All traders get off except Actor 5. Leave props on stage. 



Instant close, instant open. All you have to do is exit


Actor 1 Actor 5

  • You are in conversation here. Actor 5 giving you hessian bag and showing you accounts.
  • Actor 5 leaves

Her business did ok, however something was a miss. 


On the next trading caravan, she was looking for a manager. A manager who was truthful and trustworthy. A manager who was his word.  Someone like all of you. 


Someone suggested Prophet Muhammed. He was famously known for keeping his word, for being Sadiq and Amin. Just like all of you.  

The Princess decided to hire him as her manager. What she also did is ask her helper Maysarah to go along and help Prophet Muhammed on the business trip.

  • Actor 6 enter here – wear lanyard What I say is my word and Actor 2 as Maysarah
  • Actor 1 have a conversation with Maysarah and then Actor 2 talks to Prophet – Actor 6 
  • Actor 1 leaves


They got lots of lovely things to sell ready. There were dates and woven fabrics. Perfumes and herbs, silver bars and carpets made of animal hides.


Actor 3, Actor 4, 

  • All the Arab men return to load the cargo again.
  • I will give you time, no narration for you to load the cargo
  • Then you travel and stop by the tree. But only Actor 6 sit under the tree. Spot light on


Actor 7 some sound effects again here



Actor 5, Actor 2, Arabs

When the caravan reached one of its regular stops, a monk called Nestor spotted The Princess’s manager sitting under a tree. He noticed a cloud shading him and lots of noor on his face. He asked Maysarah, who is that?

A man of Quraysh from the Bani Hashim tribe said Maysarah. 

  • Actor 5 comes and watches the caravan from the side.
  • Tree on the right side of the stage
  • Actor 5 coming from left and stand close to me and watch
  • Actor 2 and Actor 5 in conversation in front 


He is most surely the last Prophet of God that I have read about in the books. Look at the cloud shading him. Look at his bright face. Wa Laqad anazalna illayka ayatim bayyinath.  For certainly we sent to you clear signs.



Upon arriving in Syria, Prophet Muhammed conducted his business in such a way that the poorer businessmen of Syria flourished and grew in their ability to be stronger in business. And he also made a wonderful profit for the Princess. 

  • Travel again with Rasullulah who will have a hanger and white cloud over him contraption designed .Rasulullah 
  • Do business and lots of trading makes the hessian bag really big and heavy with coins. 
  • Narrator  with larger white board and white board marker and Narrator  to draw and describe this for benefit of older children and mothers 


SCENE 7 – on White board

Cost 10   big sharks 20  profit 10 sell 25

Cost 10  wait sell 16  profit 6  

Poor afford 16 not 25 and they could sell at 21 so still sell n cheaper than big sharks at 25

So he flourished and the poor flourished



Actor 1, Actor 2

When they returned to Mecca, Maysarah could not stop talking about Prophet Muhammed. The Princess listened to her, tell her about how Sadiq and Amin he is and how he was his word. His business deals helped the poor yet brought profits for the business. His beautiful character and gentle nature was super fantastic. Maysarah went on and on about how wonderful Prophet Muhammed was. 

  • Actor 1 listening intently to Maysarah
  • Masarah rather expressive body language used
  • Maysarah point to Sadiq and Amin poster
  • Maysarah point to white board about poor


Actor 1, Actor 6, Arabs

The Kind and Giving Princess later on decided to marry. She decided to marry Prophet Muhammed. 

She wanted to marry a man who was his word. A man who was Truthful and trustworthy. A man who cared for humanity.  A man who was for God. A man in whom she found her Lord.

These are the qualities we look for when we want to marry.

This princess is none other than Sayyida Khadija. The Princess of Arabia who gave all her wealth for our faith, islam and who is one of the women of Jannah. Be like her and be with her there too. 


  • Actor 1 uses expressions and body language here. Nothing else


  • Actor 5 to come outside of the curtain. 
  • Use a mic dress like an arab with red knot in head
  • Hold scroll and say
  • You can read from the scroll

Bismillahir Rahmani Rahim

Humanity is invited to the wedding of Prophet Muhammed, son of Abdullah ibn Abdul Muttalib and Amina bint wahb to Ammerat al Qurash, daughter of Khuwaylid and Fatima bint Za’idah

A walima, feeding humanity will be held for 3 days in honour of this blessed beloved wedding



Actor 1, Actor 2, Actor 6, All rest of cast as Arabs

The wedding ceremony of Prophet Muhammed and The Kind and Giving Princess.


  • Nasheed playing Actor 7


Everyone was invited for the wedding. It was a beautiful wedding with lots of love for Allah. Abu Talib, the uncle of the Prophet gave a speech.

  • Then Actor 3 as Abu Talib to make a speech.

All Praise be to Allah who made us the family of Prophet Ebrahim. Monotheists! Believers in one god. And who made us the caretakers of the Kaaba. Praise be to Allah for making us a house, a place of safety. This nephew of mine, Muhammed, is not like any man, He is not a man of wealth, because wealth vanishes. He is a man of Bani Hashim and wants to marry Khadijah daughter of Khuwaylid. ( still checking more resources – ensuring only authentic stuff here_


  • Partition already in place.
  • First Actor 1 and Actor 6 to sit and then afterwards to stand and serve, post the wedding nikkah and speech .
  • Actor 1 helping to set up the dastakan ladies side
  • Actor 6 doing same on gents side
  • The guests arrive and convince both to sit now
  • Actor 3 to dress in Blue Arab and tie blue Sheila around waist
  • Cue Khalil and Maryam to come and participate in this wedding


People were fed a walima for 3 days. The wedding was about giving not getting. The perfect wedding. The perfect way of life.

  • Everyone on stage to carry on eating and enjoying the wedding celebration 
  • Congratulations that you do to BK and PM.


There was so much happiness and joy and it spread far and wide. Two glowing givers came together and glowingly gave. 


Possible Rhyme here depending on words

We can share this story today, because of the glowing giving of Bibi Khadija and Prophet Muhammed. 


If you think of Islam as a little sapling. It has grown in the sunlight of Rasulullah and watered by none other than Sayyida Khadija. 

Today Islam is a strong deep rooted tree whose fruits are feeding humanity, thanks to Prophet Muhammed and Sayyida Khadija!

  • All Mualims to come on stage as a different religion, different culture. 
  • Mexican, Nigerian, Sheep, Arab, Khalil, Maryam, 

Allah says in the Quran, 

Mathalul lazina yunfiquna amwalahum fee sabilil lah kamathali habatin ambatat  sab’ah sanabila fe qulli sumbulatin miata habatin wallahu yudhaifu limay yashah. Wallahu wasiun Aleem


The example of those who spend in the way of Allah is like the example of a seed growing 7 ears with a 100 seeds in every ear, and Allah multiplies for whom He pleases. And Allah is All Giving, All knowing. 


We are all the multiples of Sayyida Khadijah giving. 

And so that’s what we are going to do today. We are going to do some gardening and see what amazing blooms come from one seed. 


But before we do that, there is another Glowing giver we would like to remember today. …….



Each mualim can do the experiment and then do the gardening with your designated group.

A simple science experiment with a magnet and paper clips. 

One magnet, then add one paper clip and then another to the paper clip until you have a paper clip chain or all together. 

Bibi Khadija like this magnet giving off what she had ( magnetic force) for Islam. She attracted all to this wonderful place with her giving. More because of giving. 

Children can try it out themselves too. Older children can get the lowdown on how all this works.

When you give, it attracts so much more. Bibi Khadija’s giving in the way of Islam has attracted so many to this wonderful place.


Magnets have a magnetic field around them. This allows for them to attract other objects that can be magnetized.


Gardening.- All mualims in the garden with a group of children. Share the ayat and talk about BK. Apply to my life. 



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