Rasulallah Revolution 8

Rasulullah Revolution – session 8



Actor 1 and Actor 2 – open Curtains

Props- Doll, little girl, Stool, Curtain book, ikea or other furniture manual, pots and pans

Actors: Narrator 

CURTAIN OPENS – Narrator  sitting on stool on stage with doll in arms and a little girl


Listen to my narration and come and do what you want when you want

Principle of School – actor 5, Principle of School- actor 4 , Curtain shop owner – Actor 3, Furniture shop owner – actor 6, Household Pots and Pans Shop Owner – Actor 2



ACTORS: Holy Prophet, Abu Talib – Actor 1 , Abdul Muttalib – actor 4 

PROPS:     White wig ;  Kaaba


When Prophet Muhammed was a young boy, he lost his family. His mummy and his daddy. His grandfather, Abdul Muttalib cared for him. 

actor 4  and Rasullulah on stage

Kaaba on stage


Abdul Muttalib was the chief of Mecca and the caretaker of the Kaaba and the guardian of Prophet Muhammed. He wanted to ensure, like all great leaders of the world, that he had chosen and made it known who was going to take on his responsibilities. 


Abu Lahab- actor 6

Other Arab brothers – Abbas, Hamza Actor 3, actor 7, Actor 2

Abu Talib – Actor 1      Rasullulah Abdul Muttalib- actor 4 


  • actor 4  standing first holding Rasulullah’s hand .
  • Go near Kaaba and then feel age and feeble
  • Fall and lay centre stage


As the family sat around Abdul Muttalib, it was Abu Talib who came forward and said, I have no love for power and this world and have lots of money.  I would like to care for Muhammed. 

Abdul Muttalib realized the care of the Kaaba and its visitors would be best done by his son, Abu Talib and he was the best guardian for Muhammed. 


  • actor 4  lying down in the centre of the stage. 
  • All others around behind Abdul Muttalib  so crowd can see
  • Rasulullah on the side standing near the back curtain



  • Abdul Muttalib – get off 
  • Abu Talib take centre stage with Rasulullah by his side






Props for Actor 1 for the whole scene

Jug and spoon with water

Glasses to serve


Bags for Trading baskets

Reusables and table cloth



Abu Talib was an amazing uncle. He was a glowing glowing giver.

Because he was entrusted to look after the visitors of the Kaaba, He would go out of his way to make them happy. 

He would put raisins and dates in the water to make it sweet so they had lots of energy. Prophet Muhammed watched his amazing uncle glowingly give. 

  • Actor 1 to mix a jug of water with a spoon. 
  • Actor 3 actor 6 actor 4 , Actor 2, actor 5 as arabs come and drink water in mini meandmawla glasses, poured by Actor 1


Abu Talib was sooo just and fair in everything that he did. 

There was a time when there was a storm and the kaaba needed to be re built. Abu talib made sure that all the money that was used for the re building was halal. Prophet Muhammed watched as his uncle made justice and truth the way of life.

  • Actor 3 actor 6 actor 4  Actor 2, actor 5 as Arabs and build the Kaaba. 
  • Actor 1 telling them, Halal Halal
  • Arabs get off stage


Abu Talib loved Rasulullah like his own son. When he wanted to eat, he wanted Muhammed to share his food with. 

  • Actor 1 to lay the table setting and look and look as if looking for Prophet Muhammed. 
  • Rasullulah comes and joins him and they eat.
  • Say loudly Bismillah and take salt and begin pretend eating


When he went trading to Syria, he took Muhammed with him. He taught him how to trade. Prophet Muhammed watched how fairly and kindly Abu Talib conducted his business. He always made his customers happy. 

  • Arabs back on stage bringing cargo bags – Not actor 6 n actor 5
  • Actor 1 and Actor 2 centre stage and doing selling and buying and show happy faces with business deals


Abu Talib wasn’t happy at all when there was no justice with the traders who came to trade in Mecca. Do you remember the soap seller?


actor 6 come on stage with soaps

actor 6: say  yourself

Soap! Soap! Get your awesome soaps here! Soap! Soap! Get your awesome soaps here! 


People came to buy soaps. 

  • actor 5 to come and look at actor 4  and Actor 3 shop and then go towards the soap seller when you hear the soap call


A man came to his shop and asked to smell his soaps. He happily made him smell the pink one and the blue one, the round one and the square one. The foamy one and the liquid one. The man asked for lots of soaps in different colours and different shapes. The man asked for almost all the soaps he had. 


actor 5 to come and look at the soaps.

He took the bag of soaps and made a dash for it without paying. 

Huhhhh!!!!!! actor 5 to take the whole bunch of soaps and run for it. Go behind the backdrop and actor 6 to shout out and chase her and then come out from the other side and then do this 3 times. 

Actor 8 chase speed sound effect at the same time the bazaar sounds going on 


My soaps! You must pay for them! My soaps! 


The soap trader tried to chase the man but the man was much too fast. The soap trader tried to speak to the other shop keepers but nobody helped out. 

    • actor 6 talks to Actor 3 and actor 4  but they are too busy selling their stuff. Bazaar scene sound still going on actor 8


  • Run around stage 3 times



When young Rasullulah saw this, he spoke up against the unfairness and the injustice in the city. And you know who spoke up with him. None other than Abu Talib, his uncle. Together with Bibi Khadija’s brother, they formed the Hilful Fudul, Meccas Happiness Centre. 

  • Actor 1 and Actor 2 hold up hands like Ghadeer hand hold


They worked together to make sure everything was in the right place. The Soap trader returned his soaps. 

  • Everyone off stage now except Actor 1 and Rasulullah
  • actor 4  there as Sayyida Khadija


Abu Talib, Prophet Muhammed’s uncle was also the man who spoke at the wedding of Prophet Muhammed and Sayyida Khadija. He reminded everyone that they were monotheists, believers in one God. 


This tells you that he believed in one God, Allah unlike his brothers and other people in mecca at the time. 



Put black fabric for Kaaba all over the back curtain – quickly,




One day Prophet Muhammed was praying at the Kaaba. An idol worshipper came and rubbed yucky stuff on his face. Abu Talib was very very upset. He went there and warned them 

Actor 1 say yourself: Don’t you ever do such a thing again to my nephew. What a protective uncle.  

  • Rasullulah to pray towards the black back curtain. 
  • actor 5 to come as an idol worshipper
  • Put some brown stuff on the white face cover of Rasulullah
  • Actor 1 to come and stand there in a stance of protection over Rasulullah
  • actor 5 to look a bit afraid. Actor 1 up, actor 5 lower down – off the stage towards the front


It is clear that Abu Talib is a believer, a monotheist. He had to keep his faith a secret in Mecca for a long time. 

Wa’budullaha wa la thushriku bihu shyaan. Wa bil walidayni ehsanan wa bidhil qurba

And worship Allah and do not associate with Him anything, and do good to parents and relatives. 4: 36


When anyone says to us that he was an idol worshipper, we will never agree to that. Abu Talib is a monotheist, a believer in one God!


It’s no wonder that his wife, Fatima bint Asad went round the Kaaba asking Allah to help. 

actor 5: Fatima bint Asad

Say yourself: O Allah, in the name of your majesty and in the name of your power, help me, help me! (from narration- simplified for children)


Allah helped by cracking open the walls of the Kaaba. 


  • actor 8 sound effect – wall crack sound
  • actor 5 (cushion tummy)goes inside the middle of the stage and then comes out middle too.

3 days later, she came out with Abu Talib’s Baby, Ali! Our beloved Imam Ali. The only person born inside the Kaaba.

  • actor 5 come out with baby in arms, twinkle lights
  • Give baby to Rasulullah


She placed him into the arms of Rasulullah. This is when he opened his eyes. The first thing he saw is our leader, our guide, Rasulullah.

actor 8 plays Ali Nasheed! Clapping Happy!

All mualims on stage as Arabs and clap and joyous occasion of birth of Imam Ali.

Abu Talib Rhyme here



Red and Blue – actor 6 and Actor 3 first Family tree

Yellow and Green – Actor 1 actor 5 Actor 2 Baking

Purple – actor 4  and actor 8


Fantastic Family Tree and Family Values Activity

Rasullulah’s Fantastic Growing Family Tree

In the station, children get to fill in the gaps on the family tree worksheet . But together with that, they also fill in the different qualities of the personality in the relationship. 


Starting with H Abu Talib, add his qualities as an uncle.

Talk about how he maxed his opportunity as an amazing uncle. He got this one chance in life to be an uncle and he was the bestest uncle ever. 

He was kind, caring, fair, just, monotheist, stood for truth, etc


Other members to add. Spaces where children can add the personalities as we learn about them or they can add them if they please.

Prophet Muhammed wife Khadija

Uncle Abu Talib

Father Abdullah

Mother Amina

Grandfather – Abdul Muttalib

Son of Abu Talib – Imam Ali


On the leaves at the edge of this tree, we get the opportunity to write our and our families names. 

Talk about salawat and how the Al in Ale Muhammed are those who are like Ale Muhammed. The more we are like them, we become part of this tree.


Connect to the ayat. Talk about how H Abu Talib was a monotheist and also was amazing to his family as the ayat suggests. 


Here’s a little history you could share age appropriately. 

Prophet Ebrhaim preached belief in one god, no idols and idol worship. Smashed the idols etc. As time progressed, more prophets came and preached the same. 

However, polytheism did take root especially because of love for power, wealth, pride etc. 

In Arabia at the time, there were 2 types of people. The hanifs who were believers in one God whom they knew they could not see and then there were those who believed in idols as representations of God. H Abu Talib was a Hanif. A monotheist.


Emphasis with building this family tree is the glowing giving kind to each other tree.

We become part of this tree if we adopt the beliefs and character.


Here’s a bunch of questions – Food for thought

  1. I have one chance at being a …….
  2. I only have one chance
  3. As a family member, we can be the best son/daughter/ brother/sister we can be. 
  4. What qualities make me an amazing family member?
  5. What can I do to make a positive difference in my family life?
  6. What does adl and ihsan mean to me and in my family?
  7. What 3 things am I going to do with each member of my family to make myself grab this one time opportunity of being a bro/sis/daughter/son etc


Yellow and Green can do this activity basic and the older ones can get into more detail with regards to qualities .

Younger children can add pics at home.

Blue, Red, Purple can go deep deep.



Gingerbread cookies. 

Children get the chance to learn the ingredients of a gingerbread cookie. Talk about how it is the value of each ingredient that it brings to come together and make something amazing. 


The ingredients do the best at being the ingredients that they are and come together and form something amazing. Yum!

In a family, we are all different. We bring the best of ourselves to the family relationship and Wow!

If the flour didn’t provide dough quality or the milk didn’t bind, we would not be giving off what we are.


In family, we are patience truthful, just, caring, communication,, love,  etc and we bring each of these ingredients to every moment of our lives and this makes a fantastic family.

My family treeProphet Muhammed Family Tree EmptyProphet Muhammed Family Tree names



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