Rasulallah Revolution Milad

Rasullulah Milad



Actor 1 and Actor 2 – singing duo I love reading

Actor 3 and Actor 4 – Rasulullah

Actor 1 – Luqman legolove

Actor 5 – Chef shakshuka

Actor 6 – Harry Hover man 

Actor 7 = Tariq Toy maker 

Actor 3 – Doctor

Actor 6 – Mechanic

Actor 2 – Google Guy  

Actor 7 – Country president 

Actor 6  Abraha 

Anyone free – Elephant army at least 2 people off stage 

Actor 5 – Abraha’s army man

Fire – Actor 7 and Actor 2

Actor 3 -Abdul muttalib 

Actor 2 – Abraha army man

Actor 2 –black cloud birds

Actor 7 – Abu talib

All other mualims free – caravan people 

Actor 1 – Cloud



A stand with the Quran on it

Goggles in Zohra bag

Swim ring 

Actor 7 to make Ya and Sin Crowns



Lego box and lego

Lego tidy

Basket with umbrella, sun glasses, giant jacket, sun screen, Sheila, 

Kaaba  mini on a stand

Wig for President and Wig for Abraha

Abraha costume

Elephant stuff

Drum and stick

Yemen church

Neon jackets 2

Fire balls and red and yellow fabric

2 stools with fabric covers

Black cloud birds 

Qurans with English surah feel ready 

Bags for caravan

Bahira outfit

Bahira window

Caravan people beige and brown outfits



Few plates and things for Bahira meal

Animal posters

Candles and lighters for when we sing – no cake



I went to the mosque one evening, just like you and they were reciting Surah Yasin. 

Actor 4 to play softly

Wow! I thought! Everybody loves the Quran so much. 

We are reciting it all the time. 

Go to the mosque – Surah Yasin

Go to madrasah – Quran

Go to school – Quran

Wake up – Quran

Go to sleep – Quran

Quran Quran Quran!


So, then I was like why? What is it about the Quran that our mummies and daddies, our teachers and our Prophet want us to read the Quran.

What is it saying and I wondered and wondered and wondered.


And then a few days later, I went for a swim and there I was with my goggles

Narrator  to wear goggles here 

Actor 4 sound effects

Throw swim ring to me from back

And I was swimming and doing tafakur and then, ahaaa! I  realized why!


I realized why Quran Quran Quran all the time.


Our mummies and daddies and teachers want us to swim closer and closer to Allah and the way to get there is through the ocean of the Holy Quran.

It’s the ocean that gets you there. 


So I began to read the Quran, not just read it, but read and understand it, just like you all. I mean, why would we spend hours and hours and hours reading something that we don’t understand.  


I love reading rhyme:


Actor 1 and Actor 2 to come and do this one together  no paper

Actor 4 to play on speaker. 

Then Actor 1 and Actor 2 to go off stage


Then one day, I got to Surah Number 36. Surah Yasin. I remembered hearing it at the mosque. Go to the mosque, Surah Yasin. Thursday – Surah Yasin. What is this Surah about, I wondered. So I began to read and you know what I found! Do you know what I found? I found the leader that we all chose to guide us in our lives. I found Rasulullah. 


Following (our leader)x3
Following our leader 
RasulAllah my guide

2) Following (our leader) x3
Following our leader 
He’s Sadiq and Amin
I’m sadiq and Amin 

3) He is the best guide 
For you and for me 
Truthful and trustworthy 
He’s a rahma to mankind 

4) following (our leader) x3
Following our leader 


Surah Yasin begins with the letters Ya and Sin. Do you know them? Give me a Ya! Give me a Seen, Put them together and you get Yasin! 

Actor 7 and Actor 2 dressed up as Ya and Sin. Come out one by one and then hold hands

And I discovered Yasin is one of the names of our Holy Prophet, Muhammed (SAW).

Actor 3 to come out and Actor 4 sound effects – Muhammed. 


So what is it? Why does everyone know him and love him so much? Who is he? Trying to understand by asking questions like you guys do and researching to find answers, one fine day, I found an answer. I met up with my friend Luqman Lego love. 

Actor 1 to come on stage and big impact and slowly Muskaat as Rasullulah off stage

Luqman lego love had initially been looking for a way to tidy up his toys. He had so much lego and lots of fun to have but tidy up time took a while. Luqman’s friend Chef Shafshuka had an ingenious plan. Why don’t you use the ultimate Lego Land Tidy Tong! 


Actor 5 to demonstrate how the lego is picked up piece by piece and placed in the basket. 


That’s amazing Chef Shakshouka. 

Actor 1 to try and take time and show how it is a slow process. Fun with the whole tong thing but slow. 


Thank you Chef Shakshuka. I I can pretend my legos are chicken legs on a sizzling BBQ, 

Actor 5 exit


Chef Chafshuka’s lego tong is much like the tongs in the kitchen thought Luqman but Chef shakshuka is a specialist in the kitchen. I think that’s his speciality. Tong tidying the toys takes toooooo long. 


Harry Hooverman, Luqman’s other friend also came up with an ingenious idea. 

Actor 6 to come on stage with the hoover

Feast your eyes on the Lego Zip and Zapper. 

Harry to show how it works


Hey Harry, where’s all my lego?

Don’t worry, Luqman, it’s all stored in here with all the dust and stuff. 


So I gotta dumpster dive to find my lego? 

Well sort of. But hey, you wanted something fast. This is the fastest way to tidy up lego. 


Luqman wasn’t too thrilled with Harry’s super fast Lego Zip and Zapper. He had to wash all the lego before playing again. Too much more work and too much more time. 


When Luqman asked Tariq the Toymaker to come up with an idea, he designed the My Lego’s Already Tidy Tidy


First Actor 7 places the circular cloth down. Do some drama and movement while saying things yourself.Sprinkles lego pieces on and say, Now it’s tidy up time. You got loads of lego around. 


All you gotta do is pull the string. All your lego is tidy! When you want to play again, open it up and you are ready to play!


Tahir Toy maker! This is the best. I literally don’t have to tidy up. The lego is already nice and tidy! 


This is amazing! Absolutely ingenious!

Actor 1 to try here


Thank you sooo much! Your invention has given me 10 more minutes of play time, cause I don’t need to spend 10 minutes doing the tidy up anymore! 




You are welcome! Gotta go, got a truck load of toys to make!

Actor 7 exit

Luqman realized the specialist came up with the perfect way to tidy up toys. Luqman had a new found respect for all specialists. 


When he looked in his life, he realized he used so many specialists. When he was sick a couple weeks ago, he went to the doctor – The specialist in health


Actor 3 to show up and check luqman with a stethoscope. And then leave. Fast fast scenes here

When his car broke down, he took the car to the mechanic. The specialist for cars. 

Actor 6 Mechanic to come on stage . Actor 1 holds the steering wheel and fixes the car and then leaves. have a spanner in hand and some grease on face. 


So what about life. Who is the life specialist? Luqman was super confused. Who should be the go to to get the specialist advice for life.


Once again, Luqman decided to choose 3 and see which fits best. 


First he chose google guy. 

Actor 2 to come on as a computer screen on legs. With the google page showing. 

Google maps! Google classroom! Google goggles! But google only knows what google is programmed to know. It does not know everything. I mean if I ask google guy, guide me to heaven, 

Actor 1 to click the screen then Actor 2 to say

I’m not sure I understand!  I am only programmed to say and do things. I don’t have a brain. 


Actor 2 to go and stand on the right of the stage. 


Then he thought of choosing a country president. They are the leaders of the country. Maybe they can be my guide. 

Actor 7 to come on wearing a suit and tie and wig.  

Actor 7 TO SAY

I make laws to suit my country and myself. Life is about you. Make choices to make yourself happy always. That’s success


Hmm. That does not make any sense at all. 

Actor 1 to come and do Taffakur here. Walking back and forth on stage


Then Luqman thought of a Prophet. Prophet Muhammed 

Actor 4 or Actor 3 to come on as Rasullulah holding the Quran


I am Prophet Muhammed (SAW). The holy Quran says 4:59 atiullaha wa atiur rasul wa ulil amri minkum. 


I have been charged with authority from Allah.

Some of my titles are Sadiq and Amin. This means truthful and trustworthy. 

Poster to be bulldogged to the partition and stay there the whole time slightly on the side so Rasullulah can stand near it.

I have never sinned in my life. Never lied. I am not greedy and selfish. 

I know what humans do not know. 

My job is to guide humanity to know Allah and live a life of justice, peace and love. 

I know all of Allah’s laws. I don’t make them myself or get anything by you obeying the laws. Your obeying the laws helps you. 

I am the talking walking Quran. Allah made man to know Him. You can know Allah through his prophet. I am His Prophet.

I am not forgetful.

I am always aware of what I say and do. That’s why I cannot sin.


Hmmmm. Actor 1 in tafakur on stage walk back and forth back and forth in front of the 3 select to guide


Luqman, you’ve got google guy, country president and Prophet Muahmmed as your life guide. Who do you choose?


Actor 1 to ask the crowd. Who shall I choose as my life leader and guide?


Google Guy –Actor 2  on stage with screen saying choose me

The President – Actor 7 on stage looking edgy with popsicle stick poster saying choose me

Or Prophet Muhammed – Actor 4 to remain calm and composed.


Crowd answers then Actor 1 asks, Who do you want to choose for your life leader and guide?

Children answer and Actor 4 or Actor 3 in the centre front and rhyme starts with movement. Google guy and President exit


Following (our leader)x3
Following our leader 
RasulAllah my guide

2) Following (our leader) x3
Following our leader 
He’s Sadiq and Amin
I’m sadiq and Amin 

3) He is the best guide 
For you and for me 
Truthful and trustworthy 
He’s a rahma to mankind 

4) following (our leader) x3
Following our leader 


So that’s who Ya sin is! The leader for the whole world. reading the Quran helps us  know what’s right and what’s not. That’s why our mums and dads and teachers are always saying read Quran, read Surah Yasin, read Quran. 

Actor 3 there on stage holding Quran 

Actor 1 there too as conversation  going on


So, then I was like you guys. I said, I want to know more.

So I read the second ayat. Wal Quraanil Hakeem. By the Quran full of wisdom. 


Why is Allah saying Yasin and then talking about the Quran and how Wise it is? 

Ahaaa! I know. Both Rasulullah and the Quran are the same. They are guides and they are both wise. So Rasulullah is the walking talking Quran and the Book is the written word and Hikma or wisdom is a big giant protection and the Quran and Prophet Muhammed are full of wisdom. This wisdom protects. It protects like an umbrella protects. 

Actor 2 to Walk out with umbrella and a basket of protection stuff. 

Actor 3 Actor 1 off stage before Actor 2 comes on.

It protects like a pair of sunglasses. 

It protects like a big giant protective jacket with a hood. 

It protects like sunscreen. 

It protects like a hijab. 

It protects like the Kaaba was protected in the year Prophet Muhammed was born. 


You know that story, don’t you?


A long long time ago in the land of Yemen, there lived a King. His name was King Abraha.


Tuuuut Tuuuut Tuuuuu! Actor 4 sound from computer and mic at the back.


Actor 6 dressed all pomp and posh. (get red cape and lordly fur around and golden king type crown – party store)

Actor 6 to walk around the stage and come and stand centre stage looking down at the children and then to take a seat on the throne. 


King Abraha was a rather mean King who did not like that people would go every year to visit the Kaaba. 

Actor 2, Muskan and Actor 5 to be in namaz chador going round the kaaba on one side of the stage 

He didn’t have a happy happy heart. I know none of us here are like King Abraha. He decided to build a big church in Yemen.


Actor 2 and Actor 7 come on stage with this card board of a church wearing neon yellow builder jackets and builder hats and then get off stage. 

He said, this church was the new Kaaba and everyone must come to this church and not go to Mecca to the Kaaba. 

Actor 6 to point at the church while I say the above lines and then go off stage. 

One day, some people burnt the church down. 


Smoke effect if possible

Actor 6 to come back on stage. Look at audience fuming to yourself

Actor 7 and fatti Quick change by taking off the jackets and come with red sheilas and orange sheilas and yellow to show fire. Throw the sheilas on and off the church and then take it off stage as you go off. 

Actor 4 to put crackling fire sounds as the church is burnt down

Actor 7 and Actor 2 to do fire dance with the sounds

Abraha was very very angry. He decided, 

Actor 6 to say yourself: I am going to destroy the Kaaba. I am going to destroy the Kaaba. I am going to destroy the Kaaba. – LOUDLY each time you say it, it gets louder and louder. 


He got an army ready. 

On stage, Kaaba is there. All the soldiers on stage. 

Muskan, Actor 5, Fatti to come on stage as the bad guys. 

Sound effects of elephants, stomping sound, army kind of sound from your mouths. Actor 4 – elephants angry sound. 

Actor 4 drum beats of elephants stomping, slow and with the mualims.


Actor 6 to look like she is sitting on Actor 1. 

In your place, you stomp stomp stomp. 

Allow this scene to take effect into the kids. You are in your place and you slow motion stomp stomp stomp. Angry soldier sounds and marching sounds on the stage. Elephants should look like they are moving and coming closer. 

Drum sounds with drums for stomping. Actor 4 from the back.


When they reached the outskirts of Mecca, Abraha captured 200 camels belonging to Abdul muttalib, the grandfather of Rasulullah. 

Stomp again 5-6 times in slow motion


Abraha sent one of his men, – Actor 2 to find the chief of Mecca to tell him how he was going to destroy the Kaaba. 

Actor 6 to talk to Actor 2 and point in the direction of the audience.

Then to go. 


Actor 2 to say:  I am on my way to tell the chief of Mecca that we, the army of Abraha, are going to destroy the Kaaba. Hahahahahaha!


Actor 3 to come out looking like Abdul Mutallib and say yourself these lines

, My name is Abdul Muttalib. I live in Mecca.

Actor 2 to say: Salutations! We, the army of Abraha, have come to destroy the Kaaba. 


Actor 3 to say: I can’t fight you but I know the Kaaba wears a jacket of protection. It is protected by Allah, Himself.


Actor 2 to say: Why don’t you come with me to meet King Abraha


Actor 3 to say: Ok, I will come. 


Actor 6 stands there, and welcomes Actor 3.

Welcome to my camp. Please sit near me. 

Backstage put colourful covered stools for them.

Both Actor 6 and Actor 3 to sit down next to each other

2 stools with the beige fabric covers

Actor 6 to sit on one and Actor 3 to sit on one. 

Other soldiers here and there and Elephants on the side. 


Actor 3 to hold up a poster with camels stuck and number 200 written on it: I have come to complain about the 200 camels of mine that you have taken. Please may I have them back. 

Actor 6 to stand up and say yourself. WHAT!!!!!! I have come to destroy your place of worship, the Kaaba and all you are worried about is to save your camels!!!!!!!

Actor 6 – rather angry look


Actor 3 to action as if saying: The camels belong to me, I am their jacket of protection, their owner. The Kaaba belongs to Allah. He is its jacket. He will protect it. 


Actor 6 to turn to Actor 2 who is a soldier and say yourself

Return him his camels.


Abdul Muttalib returned to Mecca

Actor 3 to leave


Actor 3 to say out loud to the audience

Actor 3 on the outside says: O People of Mecca, protect yourselves by going to the mountains around the city so you are safe from Abraha and his army. 


Raise hands and pray

O Lord, send your protection. O Lord, we seek your protection. 


Abdul Muttalib and all the people went to the mountains to be safe. 

Actor 3 to go from the side and go and show like you can see this black cloud coming.  


Suddenly from the sky, Abdul muttalib saw a black cloud coming. Then Muskan after seeing the cloud, run behind.

Actor 1, Actor 6 and soldiers be on stage. Kaaba on the side 

Actor 1 to be the elephant and Actor 6 looks like she’s riding on your. Actor 6 to stand on a chair to be super tall. 


Actor 2 to have the black cloud on head with the black birds hanging. Hand bag with foil balls. you will throw the stones on Actor 6 and Actor 1 and any one else who can be a soldier at this time. 

Actor 4 to make bird flying and Knowsound. 

Once you get pelted you fall and crash down. 

Actor 4 sound effects from back of falling Even live sounds. 


Actor 8 looking like arabs not Abdul Mutalib though comes running on stage and says: The Kaaba is saved. The Kaaba is saved. Frantic running around the stage and shouting yourself


Wow! Isn’t it amazing how the Kaaba was saved. Tiny birds sent by Allah against a massive army of elephants. 

The Wisdom of the Quran and Prophet Muhammed are like the birds that protect and save us. All we gotta do is read and act on the words of the Quran. No wonder, Surah Yasin says Wal quranil Hakeem By the Quran full of wisdom. 


I feel like reading the surah from the quran about this surah, don’t you. Come lets, together in one voice, Recite Surah Feel. 


Mualims to come one by one except those needed in the next scene and hold your quran and we read together. Spot light on. 

Everyone is holding a holy Quran. 

Keep my Quran ready. We recite Surah Feel in one Voice. 

Arabic and English line by line. English will be in your Quran



A loud salawat. 


More Quran! More Wisdom! More protection! 


Wow! We are all becoming more and more aware that this is the best book in the world. Surah Yasin is like a huge exclamation mark for the heart! Look at the next ayats. It says, innaka laminal mursaleen.  Ala siratim mustakeem. 

Surely you are one of the Messengers. On the straight sparkly path. Allah is super emphasizing on Prophet Muhammed and how he guides the right way. All we gotta do is follow the guidance. And That’s exactly what happens when you spot the signs. Signs guide you. You know, a long time ago, in Mecca, Rasullulah’s uncle, Abu Talib was taking a trade caravan to Syria. Just as he was ready to leave, young Prophet Muhammed, said, he really wanted to go too. 

Uncle Abu Talib agreed and off they went. 


Actor 7 to come dressed as Abu Talib and Actor 3 as Rasullulah. Actor 3 need to make yourself look youngish


Actor 1 to be the cloud Actor 4 to do sound effects. 

Trade caravan sounds. Camels and busy people chatter. 


The caravan stopped to rest as it always did at a place called Busra. A Christian monk lived here. His name was Bahira. He was always found reading his books. He rarely spoke to anyone preferring to read his books. 


Actor 2 to be on a side of the stage, Make a window on stage with cardboard and you can see books and Actor 2 reading. Actor 1 is the cloud. Tree on partition only


On this day. Bahira looked out of his room and noticed the cloud following young Rasullulah. He also saw the tree spread out to shade young Rasullulah better. 

Bahira, the monk, knew exactly what this meant. 


He ran towards Abu Talib and said, O people of Quraysh, you are invited for a meal. Everyone must come, big and small

Actor 2 to come out of the window house and run towards young Rasullulah and Abu talib and invites them with urgency for a meal. Actor 1 to be hands and neck stretched and moving with Rasulullah movements to ensure he is covered from the sun.


Is everything ok, Bahira. You are acting very strangely. We pass this place every time we have a trade caravan and never ever have you been this way. 


You are right, said bahira.But you are my guests. I want to honour you with  a meal.


The caravan accepted Bahira’s invitation. Everyone went to eat, leaving young Rasullulah behind to look after all the luggage. 

Actor 2 to set the dustakan with Actor 7. Muskan to stay by the tree. Actor 1 to cover and protect Actor 3.

Re usables and reusable water bottles


When they all gathered to eat, Bahira looked around the room and asked, is everyone hereeee?


We are all here, except for one lad who is looking after our luggage. 

Call him to eat with us. It’s not nice to leave him alone like this. 

Actor 7 to call Actor 3. Actor 3 holds the string and allows the cloud to stay with you. Actor 1 to leave and go and change to luqman.

When young Rasullulah joined them, Bahira could not take his eyes off him. He kept looking and staring. 

Actor 2 to keep staring at Actor 3. Sit afar as in near Abu talib not next to Rasulullah


After everyone had eaten, Bahira spoke to young Rasullulah. 

Actor 2 to go close to Actor 3

By the great idols of Quraysh, Latt and Uzza, please answer my questions. 

Young Rasullulah said” By Allah I have never hated anything more than those 2 idols. Actor 3 to put hand up gently as if to say no


Then I ask you by Allah, please answer my questions. 


Bahira the monk asked many questions about his life and his activities. Young Rasullulah answered and assured Bahira the monk about his thoughts. Bahira was so amazed with young Rasullulah and what he said, how wise he was.

Bahira listened intently.


Actor 2 to keep nodding your head and listening and Actor 3 to act like you are talking by moving your head etc and some hand gestures

Then Bahira, the monk made a very strange request. 

He asked Rasullulah if he could take a look at his back. Bahira, found exactly what he was expecting. The mark of Prophethood, right there between his shoulders. 

Actor 2 to look behind Actor 3 on her back

Bahira the monk asked Abu Talib how they were related. 

He is my brother’s son, said Abu Talib. His father died before he was born, so he is in my care. 

Actor 2 to talk to Actor 7 now


Take him home quickly. Protect him because something great will happen to him soon. 


Bahira had read the sign. The cloud shading young Rasullulah and the proof of Prophethood between his shoulders are all signs. 

The Quran, this wonderful book, we love and live, says, 

wa laqad anzalna ilayka ayatin bayinat

We have surely sent down clear signs to you

Bahira the monk had read about them in the Tawrat and the Injil. Bahira on stage until now and now leaves. Recite the ayat with me

When our Awaited Imam returns, he too will have a cloud shading him just like Rasullulah. It’s a sign we can look out for too just like Bahira, the monk did. 

Rasulullah and cloud on stage till here and now leave and get ready in the same dress we have

I am just so blown away by signs. You know when you see animals and how they have been made and designed by Allah, they remind you so much about our creator and our return to him. That’s exactly what we are gonna do today at our Big Birthday bash. 

Would you all like to see a rabbit and pet it and play with it?

Rabbit poster comes out. Whoever is ready bring the posters and come out. 

How about a goat and a tortoise

Come out

What about a macaw a duck, a cat and a snake

Come out posters

Wear the posters and then when it is time to do the rhyme. Take off and set aside


Then let’s make it happen for you all today. 

But you gotta promise me you are gonna look at the signs in all the animals you play with. The way the animal looks, feels, acts is a sign from Allah, an ayatim bayinat 


If we do that, we’re gonna be like RAsullulah. 

Who do you want to be like?

I can’t hear you?

Who do you want to be like? Audience replies Rasulullah.

Then join me and let’s sing together. Pls join in singing and with actions too

Actor 4 put on rhyme and everyone put poster on the side and begin this action rhyme

Flying kisses to Rasullulah!

Thank you so much for coming to today’s party. There is lots more fun to have outside, including a petting zoo, jumpy castles, games and stalls. Please know that what you spend here is going to go to Hajj trip for needy people. That’s your sparkly athar – sparkly footprints that you are making. 


We have come to celebrate the biggest birthday of the year and also keep the Holy Quran alive by understanding it and living it. 


We can’t have a birthday without wishing and clapping so come on everyone let’s clap and cheer and sing happy birthday to Rasulullah, the leader you have chosen to guide you in your life. 


Happy birthday to you.

A huge thank you to our host, Salma Khimji for her Rasullulah like heart. She has hosted our milad two times in a row. 

A loud salawat for Salma khimji.

Gift give. 

A huge thanks to you for your RAsullulah like love and life. You are absolutely amazing. 

A loud salawat for you.

And a huge thanks to this amazing Meandmawla Team. Your RAsullulah like LIVE is ALIVE! I love you, Super Stars. 

A loud Salawat. 


Now, let’s take this party outside! 

Please support all the stalls and games and wait for your turn, give each other a turn just like you always do .


I love reading books its fun!  RHYME

I love reading books
It’s fun
I often read them with my mum
I love reading to explore
There’s no better way I’m sure
I love reading
It’s time to read a special book
Which one to choose let’s take a look
Adventure or a mystery I want to read a love story.
I love reading
thalikal kitabu laraiba feehee huddal lil muttaqeen
This book there is no doubt in it, is a guide for the pious ones
What is that I can hear?
A beautiful sound
Telling me to come near
What are u reading?
I want to know
It’s a precious book
Sent from above
To guide us all
Does it have a name?
What’s it telling you?
I want to know the author
I do I do
On a special night of laylatul qadr
Revealed to our prophet the holy Quran
The words of Allah bring light in my life
ahlulbayt uses this book to strive
The holy Quran
It’s teaches you all you need to know
The solar system , the heavens above
Right from wrong
The straight straight path
A love story so deep u can’t put down
The holy Quran
thalikal kitabu laraiba feehee huddal lil muttaqeen
thalikal kitabu laraiba feehee huddal lil muttaqeen




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