Rasulallah Revolution Movie Night


Congratulations Beloved Meandmawla Class! You all made the best choice for the leader to guide you in your life. You together with Luqman Lego love chose Rasullulah to guide you.


Allah says in the Quran:

Ya ayuhalazinaamanu Atiulaha wa atiur rasul wa ulil amri minkum

O you who believe Obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those with authority among you 4: 59


He is the best leader. 

Actor 1 to come on stage and stand as Rasullulah.

Actor 2 to put on background sound Muhammed….

Actor 3 put spot light on.

Then one by one all mualims to come up and say the line. 

All mualims to come up and read one line of the scroll. 



Rasullulah knows our destination. He is like a train track. The train tracks know the destination before the train gets there. 

We are like the train!!! The train headed into Allah’s pleasure, into Jannah! 


All mualims onstage and offstage as we will have only one stage on this day. Maybe we could form a train and go round and round with our hands at the chilentikups.


Actor 2 play Tooting Travelling Train Rhyme



Long time ago in Arabia, people would name the year after something big that happened in that year. 

The year 570 was the year of the elephant. Amul Feel. 

Allah showed the world how big and how powerful a protector He is. Abraha…. Actor 4 to come out looking like Abraha wanted to destroy the Kaaba. He didn’t like that the people would visit the Kaaba and not his church made of gold in Yemen. 

He got an army of elephants and marched towards the Kaaba to destroy it. 

Actor 4 and Actor 5 to come on stage as elephants and Abraha. 

Actor 3, Actor 1, Actor 6 and Actor 7 to come on as elephant army people. 


Actor 2 to do the drums and elephant sound effects from the back.


Lets watch and see how Allah, khayran hafeedhan, the best of protectors, made Abraha and his army’s plan fail. 


Play movie 16.00-30.18



Read Surah – Qurans and one voice, all mualims. Arabic one line. English one line. 


The Kaaba was saved. Fallahu khayran hafeedhan wa huwa arhamur rahimeen. 


This year was the year in which Rasullulah was born. The noor, the light were all signs, ayatim bayyinat of something super duper special happening. 

Lets watch and see this amazing amazing day, the 17th of Rabiul Awal. 


Birth movie points – 34.28- 38.49




Actor 2 plays born in mecca into the arms of Amina.


Actor 6 to come wearing white and holding Raadhiya doll wrapped in white. Hold baby on stage and look lovingly at the baby. Hold and smile and rock and love the baby.


What an amazing sign of Allah, our blessed Rasullulah is. Allah loves us soo much and to guide us, He chose the bestest man on earth! 


Flying kisses for Rasullulah. 




People in the past had read and learnt about Rasullulah the last and final prophet. The torah and the Injil had mentioned the coming of Rasullulah. 

To prove it, Rasullulah came with signs. 


Allah sooo lovingly and kindly shaded His prophet with a cloud. The cloud followed him everywhere giving him a nice shade in the sun. Bahira the monk spotted the sign. He invited the caravan for a meal. Lets watch!


MOVIE: 2.16.09 – 2.18.32

    2.20.08 – 2.25.42


Our Mawla Mahdi atfs will also have a cloud shading him like RAsululah. It’s a sign we can look out for, for when he comes super soon, InshA.


Allah says in the Quran, 

wa laqad anzalna ilayka ayatin bayinat

We have surely sent down clear signs to you.


Lets look at ourselves and see the beautiful signs of belief in one God, Allah and the words of the Holy Quran in every moment. 


Actor 2: Finish off with who do I want to be like rhyme 


Tooting Travelling Train Rhyme


Ya Hadi Allah, my Guide


A Tooting Travelling Train is a lot like me

Chilentikup Chapaka uuch Chilentikup Chapaka uuch

I see the track and it guides me, Oh yipeee! 

Terrific taqwa tracks


Downhill and Uphill and through the dark tunnels

Lead back into the light, I can seeeee! (Ya Hadi)

Chilentikup Chapaka uuch Chilentikup Chapaka uuch

Terrific Taqwa Tracks


Raving and roaring and having lots of fun,

Faster and faster, riding round the bend (Ya Hadi)

Chilentikup Chapaka uuch Holding tight Chilentikup Chapaka uuch

Yahooo Terrific Taqwa tracks


Puffing and Chuffing slowly uphill, (Ya Hadi)

Chilentikup Chapaka uuch Chilentikup Chapaka uuch 

I place my trust in you

Thank you, terrific taqwa tracks


In the distance I see, and the signs are telling me

Almost, at my heavenly home, 

Oh yes, that’s where I want to be. (Ya Hadi)

Chilentikup Chapaka uuch Chilentikup Chapaka uuch

Please keep guiding me

Terrific Taqwa Tracks


Yahhooo Yippeeee! Home at last

That was it, the simple lifes journey. I am free!

Chilentikup Chapaka uuch Chilentikup Chapaka uuch 

Terrific Taqwa Tracks


Laqad kana lakum fee Rasullulahi uswatun hasana

There is for surely an excellent example for you in the messenger of Allah 33:21





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