Rasulallah Revolution 3

The Rasulullah Revolution – session 3



Bahira monk story

Aqaid – Signs of Allah

Akhlaq – Good akhlaq signs 

Ayat – 2: 99 wa laqad anzalna ilayka ayatin bayinat

We have surely sent down clear signs to you

Asma – Ar Rahman

A dua – Sahifa Sajjadiya 20


Young Rasulullah – Actor 7 

Abu Talib – Actor 8

Actor 2 – Member of the caravan

Actor 5  – sound effects

Actor 4 – bahira the monk/ mother

Actor 1 –  Luqman lego love everywhere else needed – tree

With face paint to make a face like a tree, leaf hairband and leaf on face for realistic.

ACTOR 2 – owl costume and face and ears

White coat, hat with flashing lights; member of caravan. Once you have sorted out the cloud, come on stage and be there as a member of the caravan

ACTOR 1 – sheep headgear, grass, white namaz chador; sun yellow fabric and sun and gold Sheila; Luqman, member of caravan where possible

ACTOR 7  – Steering wheel, hat, light blue shirt and blue pants

 low battery poster; Stick with upside down triangle poster on stick; mother of luqman – standard for all days

All mualims – musalla

ACTOR 8 – hijabi outfit, Abu talib




Luqman room




Cloud book – Actor 9

Bags and camels for trade caravan atmosphere

Cardboard Wall with big window for Actor 4 to sit and show her reading book 

Branching out tree

Big moving cloud

Dastakan and reusables and reusable water bottles


Empty nutella jar

Moon on a stick – crescent

Apples and bananas on stick


Backdrop- Beige

Today, we are going to begin MeandMawla by playing a game. It’s a guessing game. I’m gonna play a sound or show you something and you gotta guess the sound or the sign. 

Deal???? Deal!!!!


Play sound 1 – Owl only sound. Actor 9 conversation with audience. Then Actor 2 to come out as an owl.


Play sound 2 – Sheep sound –. Actor 9 conversation with audience. Then Actor 1 to come on all fours with grass in mouth


Play sound 3 – Car hooting aggressively – Actor 9 conversation with audience. Then Actor 7  to come out holding the steering wheel and taxi hat and looking like a driver. Dubai Taxi on shirt.


Next one. Actor 4 to come out holding poster of low battery on phone sign. 


Play sound 4 – Mummy! Mummy! Actor 9 conversation with audience. Then Actor 6  to come on stage pretending to be hurt and Actor 8 with a crown that says mummy on it comes out and helps Actor 6  who is hurt and then off the stage. 


Play sound 5 – Ambulance – Actor 9 conversation with audience. Then Actor 2 to come looking like paramedics and holding steering wheel with a hat with red lights and blue lights flashing.  – Fairy lightS RED AND BLUE


Next one. Give way sign. Upside down triangle. Hold on stick. 

Actor 4 to come holding this. 


Play sound 6 – Adhan sound – Actor 9 conversation with audience. Then All mualims come on stage with musallas and begin praying. Actor 5  taper sound away as mualims pray and I talk to the kids. While I talk to kids, mualims finish a rakaat and exit. 


Next one! No sound –Actor 8 to come on stage wearing a nice colourful but hijab outfit. Walk on stage and then stand humbly in the centre. Actor 9 conversation with audience


Next one – Actor 1 to come as Sun, yellow draping cloth and you holding round yellow sun. Actor 9 conversation with audience


Next – Rasullulah come one, spot light come on, hold Quran and Actor 5  come on. Scroll falls from the backdrop. Children get to look and this scene. 

Actor 9 conversation with audience Discuss signs 



Everything is a sign. Even our faces are signs. If I do this, what does that tell you? Actor 9 makes a sad face.

How about this. Actor 9 makes like crying. And this. Actor 9 make happy face. Kids answer.


When a plant is all yellow and the leaves are dying, it is a sign saying, I am not feeling so well. please give me water and sunlight. When it is green and happy, it is a sign telling us I am well and doing A ok! 


Today’s story is all about a big sign that Luqman lego love discovered and he is sooo super excited to see this sign return soon. Shall we see what happened?



Backdrop- Desert scene to Luqman room live 


Luqman Lego Love was busy playing outside with his scooter when he heard a sign. 

Actor 5  to play thunder sounds. Desert background to luqman room live  while curtains open – Actor 9 to explain. Actor 1 with Raadhiyas scooter on stage


I think it’s gonna rain. I better go indoors now. 

Actor 1 to go behind the back drop, leave the bike and come right back out.  Actor 2 and Actor 8 to let down the Lego love bed room backdrop


Low and behold, it began to rain. Actor 5  rain sound and gets heavier and heavier, louder and louder. 


Luqman in the room playing with lego. 

Singing mercy like the rain is falling down few lines


Luqman beta, how are you? What are you up to? Actor 4 to come in

I was playing outside when I heard the sign! There was thunder and lightning and then it started to rain. So I came indoors. Today I am building a legoland ship like Imam Husayns safinatun najath

Actor 1 be quite elaborate in your expressions, stand and use hands to express the sign you heard and saw. 


Wow! Luqman! That’s lovely. I love how you see and are aware of the signs. Actor 4 to look outside. Look at all those clouds. The clouds look super heavy. We may not be able to go out for our evening walk today. 

Don’t worry mum, We are pipe cleaners! This means we are flexible and don’t crack like popsicle sticks when things don’t go as we plan. 

Luqman and Actor 4 stand and on stage singing pipe cleaner rhyme


Come luqman, all these clouds remind me of one of my favourite stories. 



Cloud book and discussion Actor 9 or draw white board and how some clouds are rain bringers and some are not or discussion about how heavy one cloud is


Backdrop- Desert scene 

A long time ago, in Mecca, Rasullulah’s uncle, Abu Talib was taking a trade caravan to Syria. Just as he was ready to leave, young Rasullulah said, he really wanted to go too. 

Uncle Abu Talib agreed and off young Rasullulah went. 


Actor 8 to come dressed as Abu Talib and Actor 7  as Rasullulah. Actor 7 need to make yourself look youngish


Actor 2 to manage the cloud from the backdrop. Actor 8 to give Actor 7  the fish net to hold and Actor 5 to do sound effects. 

Trade caravan sounds. Camels and busy people chatter. 


The caravan stopped to rest as it always did at a place called Busra. A Christian monk lived here. His name was Bahira. He was always found reading his books. He rarely spoke to anyone preferring to read his books. 


Actor 4 to be on a side of the stage, Make a window on stage with cardboard and you can see books and Actor 4 reading. Actor 1  on stage as the tree


On this day. Bahira looked out of his room and noticed the cloud following young Rasullulah. He also saw the tree spread out to shade young Rasullulah better. 

Bahira, the monk, knew exactly what this meant. 


He ran towards Abu Talib and said, O people of Quraysh, you are invited for a meal. Everyone must come, big and small

Actor 4 to come out of the window house and run towards young Rasullulah and Abu talib and invite with urgency for meal. Actor 1 to be hands and neck stretched and moving with Rasullulah movements to ensure he is covered from the sun.


Is everything ok, Bahira. You are acting very strangely. We pass this place every time we have a trade caravan and never ever have you been this way. 


You are right, said bahira.But you are my guests. I want to honour you with  a meal.


The caravan accepted Bahira’s invitation. Everyone went to eat, leaving young Rasullulah behind to look after all the luggage. 

Actor 4 to set the dustakan with Actor 8. Actor 7  to stay by the tree. Actor 1 to cover and protect Actor 7 .

Re usables and reusable water bottles


When they all gathered to eat, Bahira looked around the room and asked, is everyone hereeee?


We are all here, except for one lad who is looking after our luggage. 

Call him to eat with us. It’s not nice to leave him alone like this. 

Actor 8 to call Actor 7 . Actor 7  holds the string and allows the cloud to stay with you. Actor 1 to leave and go and change to luqman.

When young Rasullulah joined them, Bahira could not take his eyes off him. He kept looking and staring. 

Actor 4 to keep staring at Actor 7 . Sit afar as in near Abu talib not next to Rasulullah


After everyone had eaten, Bahira spoke to young Rasullulah. 

Actor 4 to go close to Actor 7 

By the great idols of Quraysh, Latt and Uzza, please answer my questions. 

Young Rasullulah said” By Allah I have never hated anything more than those 2 idols. Actor 7  to put hand up gently as if to say no


Then I ask you by Allah, please answer my questions. 


Bahira the monk asked many questions about his life and his activities. Young Rasullulah answered and assured Bahira the monk about his thoughts. Bahira was so amazed with young Rasullulah and what he said, how wise he was.

Bahira listened intently.


Actor 4 to keep nodding your head and listening and Actor 7  to act like you are talking by moving your head etc and some hand gestures

Then Bahira, the monk made a very strange request. 

He asked Rasullulah if he could take a look at his back. Bahira, found exactly what he was expecting. The mark of Prophethood, right there between his shoulders. 

Actor 4 to look behind Actor 7  on her back

Bahira the monk asked Abu Talib how they were related. 

He is my brother’s son, said Abu Talib. His father died before he was born, so he is in my care. 

Actor 4 to talk to Actor 8 now


Take him home quickly. Protect him because something great will happen to him soon. 


Bahira had read the sign. The cloud shading young Rasullulah and the proof of Prophethood between his shoulders are all signs. Bahira the monk had read about them in the Tawrat and the Injil. 



Actor 9 to sing a rhyme here of Rasulullah with whoever is free. 


Change back to the Luqman room scene. Actor 4 and Actor 1 back on stage and mum and Luqman


Actor 4 and Actor 1 in luqman room chatting again

So the cloud shading Rasullulah was a sign that Bahira the monk knew about. 

Absolutely, and the mark between his shoulders was another sign to prove his finding that Young Rasulullah was someone special and he had read about him in his busy book reading times. And you know what Luqman, when our Awaited Imam returns, he too will have a cloud shading him just like Rasullulah. It’s a sign we can look out for too just like Bahira, the monk.


Allah says in the Quran, Actor 4 to open Quran

wa laqad anzalna ilayka ayatin bayinat

We have surely sent down clear signs to you


Mum, is everything a sign? 

Absolutely, Allah makes knowing Him so easy. Everything is a sign. If we take the time to do tafakur, we will find Allah everywhere. 


Think of the sun. It rises every morning. It’s a sign of a new day, a sign pointing towards Allah. Raise sun from behind briefly


Lets play a game. I’ll think of something and you tell me what the sign is. 


Actor 4 to show the empty nutella jar. Bring it out of your basket. Its empty. Show the audience and finally luqman. 

What’s the sign?

It’s time to go Nutella shopping! Actor 1 to be ecstatic about that

Yes, also everything gets finished but Allah does not get finished. 


How about this? Actor 8 to send moon from behind backdrop , holding moon on a stick. Thin crescent moon

Actor 4 to pretend to ask Actor 1 questioningly. Both of you wear your pretend binoculars with your fingers. 

It’s a sign of a new month! Yes! Can anyone make the moon and how much we see of it every night ? 

No only Allah can. It’s a sign pointing to Allah isn’t it


How about this? Actor 4 to pull out an apple and a banana

Fruits. They are signs of Allah’s Love and Rahma. He made them grow from the earth. We eat them to charge our bodies. We get strong and healthy from the juicy fruits and other foods we eat. 

No wonder, we say Bismillah before eating. We have thought about the sign and begin with the signmaker’s name.

I like to eat apples and bananas rhyme here


Mum! Mum what’s that sound?

It sounds like a chicken. 

Actor 4 to make chicken sound with Actor 9s chicken.

Hahaha, that’s funny mum. That sound is a sign a chicken is nearby. 

Mualim wearing black to come on stage holding chicken poster 

Seeing the chicken with its perfectly designed beak is a sign of Allah isn’t it luqman


How about this sound?

Actor 5  to make duck sound. 

Actor 1 to say yourself – That’s a duck.

Mualim to come on stage holding duck poster

Seeing the ducks perfectly designed webbed feet, is a sign of Allah isn’t it Luqman.


How about this sound?

Actor 5  to make goat sound

Actor 1 to say yourself – That’s a goat

Mualim to come on stage holding goat poster

Seeing a goats perfectly designed ….is a sign of Allah


How about this?

Mualim to come bouncing on stage like a bunny holding poster

Actor 1: That’s a bunny

Rabbits and bunnies have such large ears. They are signs pointing to Allah aren’t they. 


All animals are signs pointing towards Allah’s clear signs

All other mualims to come on stage with their posters and standing in a semi circle for the audience to see


Signs Rhyme here

How about we visit some animals Luqman and find Allah’s signs?

Mummy, that sounds like a super idea. 

When can we go mum?

How about now!

Let’s pop outside in the meandmawla garden and enjoy finding Allah’s signs in all these animals. 




Children get to go outside and enjoy an opportunity to pet the animals and observe them as signs of Allah.

Mualims wear your posters and go outside and be with children. 

As they experience the joy of petting the animal, talk and ask questions about this wonderful creation of Allah and the signs that point towards Allah.

Repeat the ayat both in Arabic and English and with joy in your heart, shout out Ar Rahman. 


Purple Group. 

Actor 8 and Actor 5  go upstairs and show the children the cloud experiment. Allow children to see and understand how clouds are formed. Make their own cloud and then bring them down for their chance to see the animals. 


Yellow Group. 

Once they have seen the animals, they can enjoy the shaving foam and water experiment to create clouds. This also helps with the washing hands process. 


Blue and Green and Red groups can also do both the experiments time permitting. 


Mualims, the focus this week is the animals and it might be that the petting zoo with hijack the other station and that’s ok. 

8-10 children are allowed at a time so you can try and get the others to come and enjoy the other station but if they want to observe Allah’s signs instead, that’s absolutely fine too. 


Be available to ask thoughtful questions about the animals so children can see Allah through the signs.



Allah – Ar Rahman – The Super Super Kind Rhyme


 Vroom vroom 

Buckle up ( buckle sound) 


Were going to the zoo zoo zoo 

How about you you you 

(theres the zoo sign it’s got a lion drawn on it )

You can come too too too 

Were going to the zoo zoo zoo 


(Peeeyooooo is that pooo?? 

Is that you ???



Smells like animal poo


It’s a sign. We’re close by.


Can you find ar rahman in the tall neck of a girrafe and the hard shell of a tortoise ??


Absolutely,  every animal is perfectly designed by Allah

I can reach the green leaves at the top of the tree 

Thanks to my neck chew chew 


Hey you up there mr giraffe, check me out down here 

I’m super safe in my hard shell thankyou cool creator ar Rahman


Now, Were going to the mosque mosque mosque 

(I see the minarets)

To Pray with love love love 

Meeting our friends there too

Salaam and Hugs for you 

Were going to the mosque mosque mosque  

( I can hear the adhan  allah hu akbar sound here 

 it’s a sign absolutely  were on the right track 

Masjid  here we come)

Can you find ar rahman in the brotherly hugs after juma prayers 

And the rows of shoes on the shelf ?



He made the love we have for each other 

And our feet to get us there 


Now, Were going to school school school 

Learning is cool cool cool 

(Time tables here)

Theres ali and fatma walking into school school  school 

(Bell sound )

It’s a sign were on time for school 

Mwaahh kiss khudafis  mummy love you 


Can you find ar rahman in your lunch box and in your play ground ??

He made all the colourful berries I eat 

And he made juma yogesh and Sarah 


Each and every day, 

Were going to Allah  Allah Allah  

How happy we are are are 

Everything we see see see ( look at the sun moon stars trees mountains and my mummy )

Are signs from ar rahman 

( I can’t make none of those can you ?)


Mercy like the Rain Rhyme 


Mercy like the rain is falling down

Mercy like the rain is falling Down

Can you feel the rain is falling down, falling down


Mercy like the angels in the rain

Mercy like the sun, the moon, the stars

Blossoming flowers, bearing fruits

Showing us the greatness of Allah,of Allah


Mercy like the faith that shines within us

Mercy like the prayers that Allah answers

How it gives purpose to our lives

Helping us strive for paradise,paradise


Mercy like the smile for one another

Mercy like the kindness for each other

O how it takes sadness from our hearts

Spreading God’s love throughout the world,spreading love








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