Imam Husayn (a) stood brave and courageous in the land of Karbala. He didn’t leave his salaat even during the time of battle. His heart was focused on Allah because it was  a pure heart. Before he did anything, Imam Husayn (a) stopped and listened to Allah and went Allah’s way everyday. We all have this kind of traffic light in our heart. Our heart knows when we should stop doing something, when we should slow down and when we rush to go and do something. Lets learn to listen to our heart, which guides us towards Allah. Imam Husayn (a) ‘s traffic light was always shining- Go free in Allah’s way! Lets follow the Husayni Heart Traffic Light! Lets LIVE HUSAYN!

Your memory ayah from the Quran  to guide you in instilling this value is, Surat Taha, (20:14):

“… and keep up prayer for my remembrance.”

Salaah Activity Kit:

  • Black card
  • Red, Yellow & Green felt
  • Print out of text to glue under each traffic light colour
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • String
  1. Turn your black card so that it looks like a large rectangle- this is your Husayni Traffic light.
  2. Cut out the words & ayah from your traffic light print out.
  3. Stick the words ‘LIVE HUSAYN!’ at the top of your Husayni Traffic light.
  4. Stick the ayat,’… and keep up prayer for my remembrance.’ below the words ‘LIVE HUSAYN!’
  5. Fold your red felt square in half, draw a semi circle on it and cut it out. When you open the semi circle, it will be a circle.
  6. Stick the red felt circle below the ayah.
  7. Stick the words, ‘STOP & Listen to Allah’ beneath the red circle.
  8. Cut out a yellow circle from the felt. Ensure it is the same size as the red circle.
  9. Stick the words, ‘SLOW’ & ‘Make Time for Allah’ beneath the yellow circle.
  10. Cut out a circle of the same size from the green felt.
  11. Stick the words, ‘GO Allah’s Way Everyday’ beneath the green circle.
  12. Punch a hole at the top of  your traffic light.
  13. Thread the string through the hole and hang up your Husayni Traffic Light!







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