Session 1



Chick/ Bird/ Turtle/ and the Turtle Book. 

We are friends to animals just as they are friends to us. 

Discuss how animals are our friends and how we are friends to animals and why?

What blossoms from this friendship. 

Hidden behind the apparent discussion.

Friendship with animals = friendship with earth = friendship with Allah = the bestest friendship one could have. 


Actor 2

The harmony in the planets. Human Friendships are like that. They work in harmony with each others strengths and uniqueness. We celebrate our differences and thrive in the way Allah made us each. 

Discuss what harmony brings to friendships and how this harmony brings proximity to Allah. 


Actor 3

Draw self on paper and children get to measure how everything is symmetrical. I have the IKEA measure tapes and look at the symmetry in friendship. Look at the joints and how they work together to do great things. The ball and socket joints help kick a ball, stretch to hold something with hands etc. In our friendships, we are ball and socket joints that do great things, complementing each other and working in symmetry to reach Allah. Put together, friends can do so much together and get so much closer to Allah. Look at different body parts and see how they work in such amazing friendship. 


Actor 4

Shaving Foam in a bucket and switch on fan and how the clouds move together to create this bond with the friendship with the wind to now allow for rain to fall. Using the blue food colour, show how the drops then become collected and heavy and rain falls. Rain in a collection of water droplet friendships that span the world. We are like that. We are friends from across the world. Discuss how we come together with the wind of a variety of things. We can call, skype, travel to meet friends and one of the biggest is to make dua that travels across the globe from a sincere thought for one another. 

Finish off by doing just that. 


Actor 5

Observe one shrimp, one fish, one crab, one lobster. Friends of the ocean and how they help us stay alive. We would not have beaches and sand if it was not for the creatures that live under the sea. They build homes which erode with tide and wash up on shore becoming sand. Their friendships are necessary for our survival as much as our friendships with them are necessary for our survival. Sea creatures need rain to fall for the right Ph of water for their thriving survival. Without which they are slowly becoming extinct so the choices we make with regards to carbon footprint affect sea creatures and so our good choices helps us cement this beautiful friendship. 

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