Session 10

The Science of Gratitude Session 10


Fee ha fakhihatun wan nakhlu zhatul akmam


Therein is fruit and date palms, producing enclosed dates. 55:11


Dates are fruits but spoken about separately in this ayat and called nakhl – not ratab. Ratab is date. Nakhl is date tree. Why?


The whole date palm is a blessing from Allah. Its branches roots, leaves are all counted as bounties and are used for medicinal purposes. It is also called zhatul akmaaam : a blanket. 

Mother is like that. Baby protected in womb. Dates protected in sheath. We on earth protected by Allah in abundant ways. 

Our guidance is our greatest protection. Quran and Ahlul Bayt. 



actor 1 – Grandpa Imran

actor 2 – Grandma Hanna

actor 3 – Nabi Zakariyya

A doll – Baby Maryam

actor 4- Bib Maryam – no make up 

Angel in form of man – actor 5 white kandura with golden Sheila like arab inside white makna




FRUITS  -1each Orange/ apple/ banana/ bunch grapes/ strawberry

Poster – Fakiha joined written and also broken – actor 6

Twinkling lights already put on partition- actor 6 to put on when I say Maryam.

Blue and Green Mussalo

Fruit basket

Palm tree

Mosque background 

blue Sheila


Who likes riddles? Can you figure these out!

I will say the riddle and one by one, when the children answer, mualims, you can come out holding that fruit


What Am I?

I have skin but I’m not a person
I can be peeled but I’m not a potato
I’m a fruit but I’m not an orange
I grow on trees but I’m not a banana
I’m usually red or green but I’m not a grape     –   APPLE

My color is yellow
And I grow on trees
I’m a popular food
With apes and monkeys         –    BANANA


What Am I?

I grow on trees but I’m not a leaf
I’m round but I’m not a soccer ball
I provide juice but I’m not an apple
I’m sometimes naval but I’m not a sailor
I’m a color but I’m not red                        –      ORANGE

I am a type of fruit
That you might eat at lunch
It’s small and it is round
And it comes in a bunch                     –       GRAPE


What Am I?

I am a common type of red fruit
But I am not a cherry
I’m used in milkshakes, yogurt, ice cream
And jam – I’m a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _              –      STRAWBERRY


Altogether these are called ????? FRUITS In our Favourite Book, they are called Fakiha. 

All mualims to hold Quran and show and then say

Poster of Fakiha on partition to be revealed here. Children can pick up the letters to make word FAKIHA


Allah reminds us about another beautiful blessing He made especially for us. FRUITS!

Lets thank Allah for these beautiful fruits that are so good for our bodies. Mr 2T 

All mualims on stage singing Mr 2T rhyme with movement together

Thank you Allah for fakiha. FRUITS! 


 But there is a another fruit I would like to talk about with you. It is one of the most powerful fruit you can eat. Anyone wanna guess?

Gonna tell it to you from a story in the Holy Quran, your and my favourite book. 

All mualims to pick up quran again


A long long time ago, there lived 2 grandparents. There was Grandpa Imran and Grandma Hannah. 

actor 1 to be dressed as Imran and actor 2 as grandma Hannah. Come on stage and hug each other. Then actor 2 to raise hands in dua.

They were super lovely. For a long time, they did not have children. Grandma Hanna made lots of dua to Allah with all her heart, asking Allah to give her a baby. She made a promise to Allah, that she would send her baby to the ma’bad after it was born. The ma’bad was a place where the people gathered to pray to Allah. 


Allah gave Grandpa Imran and Grandma Hannah, a beautiful baby girl. Maryam!

actor 2 and actor 1 to go back behind partition, get the baby and come back on stage. actor 6 put on twinkling lights on partition the moment I say Maryam.


Grandpa Imran and grandma Hanna loved Maryam soooo much. 

actor 1 and actor 2 on stage cuddling the baby, grateful expressions

actor 5 and actor 3 to hold hearts from behind partition and wave from behind above 


When Maryam was old enough, Grandma Hannah gave her to the mabad’ just like she promised Allah. Prophet Zakkariyah told Grandma Hannah that he would take good care of Maryam. 

actor 1 and actor 2 exit, and actor 2 to come back with actor 4 dressed as modest beautiful Maryam with blue dress and white 

actor 3 to come on stage and talk to actor 2, then take actor 4


Maryam spent her days and nights taking care of the mabad and praying to Allah. She grew up to be a strong and kind lady. 

actor 4 to come and sweep  and then put blue mussalo and green mussalo. Look very humbly and smiley but not at the crowd. 


Whenever Prophet Zakkariya visited Maryam in her room, he found delicious Fakiha  – fruits lying next to her. He asked, where did this food come from? 

Maryam said, From Allah. Allah gives to whoever He wishes as much as He wants to give. 

actor 3 to come as Nabi Zakarriya and now actor 4 on the floor sitting on mussalo and basket of fruits beside you. 


One day, Allah sent an angel with a message to Maryam. The angel came in the form of a man. He told Maryam that she was going to have a baby. Maryam was really surprised. A baby without a daddy?

The angel replied, that is easy for Allah because he can do anything. 

actor 5 to come dressed as a man an pretend to talk to actor 4


Maryam went far far away from her home. She sat alone under a dried up date palm tree. It was finally time for the baby to be born.

actor 4 to walk back and forth on stage and then sit sideways under the palm tree. Palm tree already there on stage 


As soon as the baby was born, a stream of water began to flow under Maryam’s feet. The dried palm tree became fresh again and it was full of dates, yummy super energy giving dates. Maryam shook the tree and fresh dates fell from the tree. 

actor 1 and actor 6 to come from either side of partition and let water flow. With this cover, actor 5 quickly give actor 4 the baby Isa. Then, actor 4 to shake the plam tree and actor 5 or actor 3 to make the fresh dates fall beside her


Dates rhyme here

In the Quran Allah has mentioned,
about these fruits which are awesome,
They are Allah’s blessing,
and they have so many benefits,
They are healthy for the body,
They are dates, oh yum yum dates!


They grow on date-palm trees,
They are not so out of reach,
They come in varieties,
they all taste yummy,
They are healthy for the body,
They are dates, oh yum yum dates!


Fee ha fakhihatun wan nakhlu zhatul akmam

Therein is fruit and date palms, producing enclosed dates.


Maryam’s 2 T tank was super full with gratitude to Allah for His love and care. 

Mr 2T rhyme here. 


Allah told Maryam to return to her home with the baby. Baby Isa. She was worried but she did as she was told. When she arrived back all the people were shocked to see Maryam had a baby. The people stared and stared waiting for Maryam to say something. 

actor 4 to hold the baby and actor 3 to speak clearly and loudly from the back and actor 4 to show the baby a bit more and actor 4 to look at Baby Isa


Then suddenly Baby Isa spoke and said: 

A small child in crowd say these lines. 

 I am Isa, the servant of Allah. Allah has given me a book and chosen me as a prophet. 


The people were amazed to hear a baby talk. Allah gave this power to baby Isa so they could know he was a prophet and spoke true. 


Just like Nabi Adam was born without a mummy and a daddy, Nabi Isa was born without a daddy. All this is easy for Allah because he can do anything, Inna llaha alla kulli shayin qadeer. 

Allah has power over all things. 


Did Allah give Lady Maryam chocolates, crisps, cookies and donuts to get energy?


What did Allah give her?  


Is Allah Hakim/ Wise?


Are we all going to eat fruits and dates and get amazing energy to do more and more good works and good deeds?


And you know what else He sent for us to get super powerful energy for our Golden hearts? 


He sent us our Imams. And the sparkly energy we put into our golden hearts from the life lessons and love of Imam Ali (as) will make us the most super duper powerful servants of Allah. The best! 

Dates for your super body energy and Love for Imam Ali (as) fro your super golden heart energy.


You remember the story of Isa the Ant????And how he got the energy to climb up mount mushkil. He called on Imam Ali


actor 6 will tell that story to you in her station. 

But lets come together and call on Ali


Call on Ali rhyme




Read the story of Isa the Ant and Mount Mushkil

Share love for Imam Ali and Key words for Naade Ali for older kids. Send him a gift on his birthday. Ask children what they would like to give him? 

He came as a guide to us all and the best gift he loves is when we are following his guidance. 

Talk about the book, Nahjul Balagha.

Share a beautiful saying of Imam Ali (as) 

When you go out to do good, Allah will protect you from all sides. 

Talk about how He is the energy for our golden hearts. 

Prophet Muhammed brought the final message to mankind and the Imams safe guarded it. Everything needs protection. Earth – layers of atmosphere. Give other examples. Date in a sheath. 

Deen also protected by Imams chosen by Allah


Science  – actor 5 and actor 3

Date palm hosts humans is the most amazing ways. 

One of Gods amazing amazing gifts to mankind.

Really emphasize this to the children. 

The whole whole tree is just Give Give Givinggggggg!!!!!

Ask the children what comes to their minds when they think of date palm tree?

Most probably they will say the green spread out leaves and trunk. Great! Intorduce them to the leaves. 

Ask them what the leaves can be used for?

Show them the props we have. 

Then get them started on the weaving. In and out and out and in. 

Then while they are weaving. Talk about the rest of the tree. 

Show them each part while they weave. 


A look at the date palm tree and how it is used in every way. 

Take the children through a story of how a date began first as a tree, then in a shealth or protective blanket – zhatul akhmam

Then the shealth or protective blanket opened and the dates hung in clusters protected by the leaves. Date clusters are always under the leaves for protection. We can choose to also be like that with Quran and Ahlul Bayt above us. 

Then the dates became ripe and were harvested. The date is eaten and given super energy to people. 

DATE ENERGY: Super Energy/ Sore throats/ Bronchitis/  Fever/ Tummy Ache/ Water retention/ Helps control bad colestrol/ Kidney health/ digestion/ healthy heart/ feel good – mod llifter

Full of B Vitamins/ full of iron/ good for pregnancy/ 

Daates are rich in fibre, potassium, amino acids. Amino acids are in each and every body cell. 

Known as Natures candy! Why eat human made candy when you can eat Allah’s candy. 

Juice extracted from Dates to make syrup. 

The shealth-protective blanket has medicine in it. 


SEEDS are replanted and also used to make tasbeehs. Also ground and given to animals like goats, cows, chickens in their feed. Animal Energy!

Oils in the seed used to make soap and make up. 

Seeds can also be burned like charcoal to make heat energy.


DATE PALM ROOTS used to make medicine for toothache.

DATE PALM LEAVES are used to make carpets , baskets, fans

BEANCHES: Used to make roofs of homes

GUM extracted from TRUNK used to help diarhoea – fastpoo and urine infections – ouch in kidneys

TRUNK – used to support tents and used in the framework of many homes

Show them all the parts and what they think they are used for. 

Let them touch and feel. 

Show them what each part is used for. 

The leaves are woven into straw mats and carpets.

The fruit is eaten


Share the ayat and Fabi ayyi alaa irabikuma thukaziban. 

Which then of the favours of your Lord can you deny. 


One date palm tree produces about 80- 200  kg of dates per year. It begins producing from the 2-4 th year. 

Just some additional info to put you in context with our discussions on Fadaq. 


Date Tasting and Cooking – ART – actor 2 and Muskan

Children get to taste dates. – Fresh dates. 

Collect the seeds. These are very very good source of food for animals once ground, used to make tasbeehs, etc. Give to actor 5 station as you collect. 


We want to move from eating sugary chocolate bars to Delicious Date bars. 

We want the super energy Allah has so kindly and wisely kept in dates so we can do many fantastic things. 


So lets learn how to make them. 


Show the children the date paste. This is dates from which the seeds have been removed. 

1 tbsp of date paste for each child

1 tsp crushed nuts

½ tsp peanut butter

1 tbsp corn flakes

tiny bit of cocoa powder. 


Children mix in their bowls and then spread out on the work surface and shape into whatever shape they like. Make shape like the letters of Ali – ayn lam yaa and then eat. Or they can make into balls or roll and cut out date palm tree shape. 


For this station, line the tables with dastakan and possibly give all children one sinia to make their date bars in. Each child can get one of the silver plates we have. 


While you are cooking, talk about the ayat:

Fee ha fakhihatun wan nakhlu zhatul akmam


Therein is fruit and date palms, producing enclosed dates. 55:11

What a huge blessing energy is. When we don’t have energy, and we want to do something, we don’t feel so nice. So lets give our bodies the energy , the super energy and do many wonderful things for our Mawla Atfs. Lets make good choices with what we eat. It’s a big blessing. 


When you were in your mummies tummy, she ate this fruit so you could get super energy. When you were born, your mummy ate this fruit so she and you could get super energy. The first thing you may have had was a little of this fruit after you are born. Anyone know which fruit this is? DATES


Pass the Parcel – Movement – actor 4


Do recap of the all the ayats of Surah Rahman so far and connect to Imam Ali (as) while they play. Inside are dates that children can eat or a treat for Imam Ali birthday. 


  1. Ar Rahman – Imam Ali (as) is a huge Rahmah for us. Through his safe guarding and guidance we know Allah and worship Him. 


  1. Allamal Quran. He taught Quran. Imam Ali is for sure the channel with which we know Quran. He followed Holy Prophet everywhere. He was chosen by Allah to guide after Rasullulah.


  1. Khalaqal Insan. He created man. The insan that is truly complete using both energy laws and sparkly energy laws is none other than Imam Ali (as)


  1. Allamahul Bayaan. He taught speech. There is no mistakes in anything that Imam Ali(AS) has said. His bayaan is even recorded and mind blowing – Nahjul Balagha. 


  1. Ash shamsu wal Qamaru be Husban. Precisely calculated movements of the sun and the moon. The Sun represents Holy Prophet and Imam Ali(aS), the moon. All the light the moon has is from the sun. They are both super perfect. 


  1. Wan najmu was shajaru yasjudan. The herbs and trees bow in prostration. In all times, sitting and standing, Imam Ali life was one of complete submission to Allah just like we have learnt from this ayat. 


  1. Was samaa a wa rafaah wa  mizan. 

The shy hosted the revelation of the Holy Quran. The Quran came as a blanket of protection or a balance to know right from wrong. Imam Ali (as) is a complete example of what is haqq and batil. Imam Ali is the meezan. The balance. His business dealings were also based on truth and goodness. A complete example to follow. 


  1. wal ardha wad aha lil an am. He made the earth for his creatures. Imam Ali is the one who said upon being asked whether he prefeered living on earth or heaven and he said, earth because can worship more. 


  1. Fee ha fakihatun wa naklu zhatul akhmam. 

Fruits and date palms in covered blankets. Imam Ali was one of the members in the kisa. From it comes the best!

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