Session 10

The science of friendship – Zamin e Ahu The guarantor of the deer

Imam Reza story 



Actor 1: Hunter

Actor 2: Deer

Actor 3: Imam Reza / mouse

Actor 4: Actor 2’s mummy/ Bunny/ Fox



Imam Zamin for bride 


Bunny ears 

Bow and arrow

Mouse head gear

Birds on sticks 

Fox head gear 

Baby powder for tornado dust

Horse on stick

Butterfly on stick 

Flowers on partition 

Sun ons tick

Deer head gear 

Baby deer cardboard standing 

Outfit of Imam Reza 

Spot light

Face paint 

Zamin e Ahu calligraphy 

Blanket story cape 

All stuff for Station

White dress for 

Blue saree for pond 

Camel top

2 green leaves 

Roses – narrator and 

Clip on Butterflies and Bees 


Sheilas for animals – White- bunny/ Grey- mouse/ Orange/Fox Brown – Deer

Poster of Land of One and Only One

Blue saree for water


Yasin Kit


Easel -1

Hadith Kisa Rhyme

Raadhiya protection pillow


Space in the middle/ Space on the sides for access.


Prep for stage. 

Safina with Ahlul bayt on it on the partition 

Green and brown sheilas to make it look like forest. 

Big Flowers on the partition for forest

narrator/ Nabeeha in horse galloping time to use the coconuts for added effect


One upon a time in the Land of One and Only One, there lived a young scientist.  

 Actor 2 to come on stage now as a bride. Act out what I say in the paragraph

Her name was Scaler Actor 3. She was very sweet and kind. Many a time, you would find her helping others, sharing her food and toys with others, worshipping Allah, her creator and sending her greetings, her salaams to our beloved Masumeen. She constantly remembered the intersecting lines of this world and the next.  Her heart loved Allah so much. She knew he is closer to her than a micromillimeter. The rope she held on to was none other than the Rope of Allah – the Quran and Ahlul bayt.

Actor 3 to hold the Quran and open and read and hug it. 

Point to the Ahllul bayt Safina and blow kisses. 


Holding on tight rhyme


There came a time in Scaler Actor 3’s life when she was getting married. 

Actor 1 to come as Actor 2 mother all happy about the wedding. Bring a tiara Actor 2 and put it on her head. Bring the Imam Zamin for her to wear and tie it on her right arm 

Her home was a busy place with family and friends all happy on the occasion of her wedding. On the day of the wedding, Scaler Actor 3 chose the birthday of Imam Ali(As) to get married. She got ready in a sweet dress. Her mummy came into the room and made her wear a special green band. This is your Imam Zamin. 


What’s that mummy? Scaler Actor 3 asked. 


Its your protection. This band has a coin inside with the niyyat of protection from Imam Reza. After the wedding, you can give it in sadaqa.


Why mummy? 

Scaler Actor 3 loved to ask questions. They are the keys that unlock the secret doors to the aakhirah. 


I am Mr Guided, 

I love to ask questions,

For my Golden Heart,

The key is to ask,

Unlock the treasure of knowledge,

I ask, I know and I act.


Oh Allah, increase me in knowledge,

Rabbi zidni ilman,

I follow the best guides,

Quran and ahlulbayt,

They unlock the path to the sirat.


Come Let me tell you a story. 


Actor 4 and Actor 3 leave stage.


Narrator to engage the audience with learning some sound effects and actions. This gives Actor 2 and Actor 1 time to quick change. Actor 1 to come as mummy with abaya and hunter outfit inside. Just add moustache etc and accessories.  


Teach the children how to do butterflies with hands

Teach the children flap hands for wings. 

Teach the  children how to make the sound of the galloping of the horses. – tap quickly thigh and then clap

Teach the children – wind sound

Teach children bees buzzing sound

Teach children squeaking sound

Quick hide! The hunters here. Quick hide.


Hundreds of years ago, there was a hunter. 

Actor 1 to come on stage as the hunter. Jump into the stage area and stand in like a hunting position. Then act out as I speak. Come holding your horse. 

The hunter had powerful arms, a big face and sharp eyes. His thick mustache made his face even more terrible. He used to hunt animals and sell them in the market to earn his livelihood. When the hunter galloped into the forest, all the animals were scared. 


Narrator get children to make galloping sound. 

Actor 1 to go galloping on the stage for a bit while children enjoy making the sounds and you are galopping

They feared being caught by the hunter. The hunter would ride his wild horse to the forest carrying his bow and arrow on his back. 


Upon hearing the sound of his hooves, all the animals would hide themselves for protection from the hunter. 


The bunnies heard the sound of the hunters horse. 

Actor 4 to come on stage and hop around.


narrator get the children to make galloping sound. 

narrator to get children to say: Quick Hide. The hunters here. Quick Hide!

The little bunny rabbit hid behind the bushes. 


Actor 4 to go and hide as a bunny after children tell you quick hide hunters here.  


The mouse heard the sound of the hunters horse. 

Actor 3 to come on stage and be a little mouse

narrator to get the children to make a squeaking sound

narrator to get the children to say: 

Quick hide! The hunters here. Quick hide.


The mummy mouse heard the hunter and she quickly gathered her babies and crept into a near by hole

Actor 3 disappear.


When the birds heard, the hunter, they too flew as far away as possible. 

narrator to get the children to say: 


narrator to come on stage and have 2 sticks with birds. narrator do bird sounds and some flowing bird movement and then show how they fly away. 


The Fox was hungry. He crept out of his den. He looked for food. He heard the hunter coming 

Actor 4 to come in as I will start narrating this line as I take the birds away. So Actor 2 takes over the stage area while I go away with the birds

narrator to get the children to say: 

Quick hide! The hunters here. Quick hide.

He too hid himself among some logs.


The hunter came galloping so fast, a tornado of dust trailed behind him. 

Actor 1 to come running with the hisan horse and keep throwing some powder to make a dust storm

narrator get to the children to do the galloping sound


All the animals in the forest were frightened. They hid from the danger and protected themselves. They knew if the hunter saw them, they would never be free again. 

Actor 1 to get off stage now 


One day, as the sun rose, 

narrator to make the sun rise

the birds began to chirp their beautiful tasbeehs.

narrator get children to chirp with you

narrator to hold birds up again and make chirping sounds.


The butterflies with their coloured wings fluttered from flower to flower. 

narrator to get children to make flutter movement with hands

The bees buzzed around sipping nectar from the flowers

narrator to bring the butterfly on a stick and the bee on a stick and flutter it on the partition where we have the big flowers


It was a beautiful beautiful day. The grass waved in the breeze and the deers gathered around the spring water. 

Actor 2 to come as the deer and go by the spring water – a blue saree and drink 

The deer looked at her reflection in the water. She could see her redish brown shade with a few charming spots. The mummy deer had come to find some food for her baby fawns. She used her nose to smell out where to look. 

Suddenly, the sound of the hunters horse’s legs struck the ears of all the animals. 

narrator get chidren to make galloping sound

narrator get children to say. Quick hide. The hunters here. Quick hide


All the animals rushed to hide to protect themselves. The deer was frightened. It trembled with fear. The deer began to run fast. The hunter chased the deer. 

narrator get children to make gallop sound

The hunter placed an arrow in his bow ready to hit the deer. The birds were all silent with fear. There was no sound except the horse’s footsteps and the wind. Woooohooo

narrator get children to make wind sound

Actor 2 to be on stage and show the dear in your expressions and movement. Actor 2 to run fast to back behind the children 


I want to catch you alive deer. You are the fastest mummy deer in the forest. You cannot get away from me now.  Actor 1 to say yourself. 

Actor 1 take over stage area here, Actor 2 at the back


The deer prayed to Allah asking for help.

Actor 2 from behind the children raise hands in dua and say your lines. 

O Allah! I am the guardian of my children.  Actor 2 to say yourself

The deer quickly ran and prayed, ran and prayed. 

Now Actor 1 go to ne side of the stage and Actor 2 to come back on stage and pray and run, pray and run


The hunter missed his chance to get the deer. The deer was a fast runner. This made the hunter very very angry. 

narrator: Angry sound for the angry hunter

Actor 1 to act and say something in anger. Really transfix the children from what you do on stage and say. 


The deer ran and ran as fast as her legs could go. The hunter followed close behind. 

narrator make galloping sound with the kids

narrator get children to say. Quick hide. The hunters here. Quick hide


The deer could feel the horses breath close behind. Hooowhooooo – Actor 1 and narrator

The deer prayed to Allah.  She could hear the hooves of the horses clip clock close behind. 

Actor 2 and Actor 1 to run to the back behind the children. Actor 1 leave space between you and Actor 2. Make your movements exaggerated but slow. Let Actor 2 be the fast one. You are now at the back behind the children and then Actor 3 as imam Reza enters stage area. Children have turned to look at Actor 2 and Actor 1 and so they don’t see Actor 3 enter the stage area. Then come to centre stage area.

That’s where she saw him. 

Actor 3 to enter stage area and stand there peacefully. Switch on the spot light and enter. 

The man. He looked sooo kind. The kind man. The deer ran towards the kind man. He wore a green amama on his Head. His face was full of light. Butterflies fluttered around him.

narrator get children to flutter the butterflies


 The deer ran towards the kind man. 

The kind man spotted the deer and saw the hunter behind. The birds had stopped singing. The kind man prayed for the deer. 

Actor 3 raise hands in dua

The deer ran and ran towards the kind man. Finally upon reaching the kind man, the deer fell in the kind mans lap. Now Actor 2 reaches Actor 3 

The deer was exhausted puffing and panting. Actor 2 to make these sounds Her body was trembling, sweating from the fast running. 


The hunter stopped his horse near the kind man. 

narrator to get children to make sounds


This is my deer, said the hunter rudely. – Actor 1 to say yourself. 

The deer belongs to Allahs forest, said the kind man gently. 

The hunter got angry- Give me my deer or I will take it Actor 1 to say yourself.

One of the kind mans friends said to the hunter. Do you know who you are talking to

I don’t care. I want whats mine. Actor 1 to say yourself

Isn’t it good to be polite. 

The kind man said, Let the hunter speak how he wants. He is our brother and our friend. 

Actor 1 and Actor 2 and Actor 3 on stage together in conversation. Actor 2 nuzzling next to Actor 3

The hunter began to feel ashamed of his bad akhlaq.  His eyes looked down and then he said. I have been chasing the deer for a long time.  She is one of the fastest in the forest. I cant lose her. 

The deer felt so safe with the kind man. He stroked her 

Actor 3 to stroke Actor 2

and spread rays of love and light in the deers heart. The deer had never felt so safe, so at peace before. 

She felt like she was in heaven. 


Leave the deer for Allah’s sake. Let her live. She has a right to live. Said the kind man. 


I too have a right to live and I live on hunting animals. This is my job said the hunter. 


The deer has a right to graze in the grass and drink from the springs. Said the kind man. 


Don’t think I will leave the deer behind because of your advice. Said the hunter loosing his patience. 


I will give you whatever you want instead of the deer. What do you want asked the kind man,

I don’t want anything, I want the deer.  Said the hunter rudely. 


I will not hand over the deer to you, even if I must give my life. Said the kind man. 


The deer did not want anything to happen to the kind man. The deer talked to the kind man. The kind man talked to the deer. 


The deer wants to feed her babies. She will go and feed her babies and return. Said the kind man.


Do you really think that she will run off and return. Said the hunter loudly. 


I am the guarantor. If she does not return, you can take me as a slave.


The hunter trembled on hearing this. 

Who is this man he thought, who has so much love and care for a deer. He does not get angry. He is so kind and generous and his face shines with kindness. 

Who is this man who can talk to the deer and understand what animals are saying?


The hunter agreed. 

The kind man said, I am the guarantee for the deer. Zamin e Ahu


Go to your children, mummy deer. Go and feed them. 

With tears in her eyes, with thanks in her heart, the deer headed towards her children. As the deer ran, she could not stop thinking and thanking Allah for the kind man. She could feed her hungry children now. 

Actor 2 to go and pretend to collect some food and feed the bardboard baby deer

She fed them and hugged them and then told them, she needed to return to the hunter and the kind man. We are all loyal and keep our promises just like the deer promised the kind man that she would return.


The babies did not want to leave their mummy. They came with her. 


Stay and look after each other, she told her babies. But they all came with their mummy. 


In the meantime, the hunter was loosing his patience. He was getting very angry. 

Actor 1 to make angry sounds and stomp feet, while Actor 3 on stage and very calm

The kind man told him to be patient. 

The kind man knew that the deer would return. 


Then from a distance, they spotted the deer. And the deer was not alone, she was with her babies. 


Even deers keep their promises, said the kind man smiling. 


The hunter stood up quite shocked by all that was happening. 


The deer reached the hunter and the kind man with her children. Her heart filled with the beautiful smell of the kind man. The deer felt like she knew the kind man all her life. 

Actor 2 to come back and be close to Actor 3


The kind man stroked the deer and looked into her eyes. Her eyes shone with trust and truthfulness. 

Actor 3 stroke Actor 2 and the babies, bend down and give love to them, then stand up again


The hunter moved towards the deer. He said to the kind man with respect. O Zamin e Ahu O Guarantor of the Deer, who are you with such greatness. What is this love that you have for the deer. I feel like the eyes of my heart are open finally. I will chose another job from now on. I don’t want to be a hunter. Let the deer and her babies go. 


Deer, you are free to go said the hunter.  Go with your children wherever you want. 

Actor 1 to move closer to Actor 2, stroke her too.


The kind man smiled at the deer. The deer looked into the kind mans eyes with deep love and so much thanks. The deer and her babies ran into the forest with the love of the kind man in their hearts. The birds began to sing a beautiful tasbeeh. The deer praised Allah and thanked Him.

Actor 1 and Actor 2 to go off stage 

narrator to bring the birds again and chirp.


Look around and what do you see

Do you see Allah’s mercy

Thankyou Allah, thank you Allah, I am thankful

Thank you for the birds and bees, the flowers and trees, the sand and seas, Thank you Allah, thank you Allah, I am thankful.  X2

During this rhyme, narrator with birds, Actor 2 as the deer with the babies and Actor 1 as the hunter all do some moves 

narrator in the back with the birds. 

Then Actor 1 and lastly in front Actor 2 as the deer. 

Then Actor 1 and Actor 2 go away reciting the rhyme and narrator left on stage as the birds chirping and recite the rhyme while Actor 2 and Actor 1 quickly do a change of clothes and come back as bride and mother. Actor 3 to go off stage while the rhyme is going on and change back to be the daughter Leave the light on to show the noor of Imam Reza here. 


And the kind man, this amazing kind man is none other than Imam Ali Reza, our 8th Imam. 


Lets count and put our fingers up for Imam Reza


narrator engage the crowd. Actor 4 and Actor 3 to come back as mother and daughter

narrator to get children say and say together

Ya Imam Reza! Ya Imam Reza! X2


So you see, my dear ‘Actor 2’. Just like the deer got protection, I would like for you to be protected too by our amazing 8th Imam. In the time of Imam Reza, the King at the time, Mamum had coins made with the name of Imam Reza on them. People would keep these coins with them as a way of keeping them safe with Imam Reza as their Protector. We tie Imam Zamin on our arms with some money in it with this niyyat and then give the money to charity. It is a way to be safe with the blessings of Imam Reza. When we get married, we tie this one on the bride and groom with the niyyat of keeping you safe beta.


Thank you mummy, said ‘Actor 2’. I will treasure this for always. I love Imam Reza soo much. 


Can I ask you a question Mummy? 

Sure beta


What can I do to always be connected to Imam Reza?

That’s a beautiful question.


When you want to be close to someone, what do you do?

Spend time with them, talk to them, visit them, give them gifts


In the same way, you can spend time with Imam Reza by talking to him. He hears you. Begin by greeting him. Send him a salaam. 

You can say, Assalamu Alayka ya Imam Ali Reza. Peace be on your O Imam Ali Reza.

You can plan to visit him in Iran, in Mashhad. 

But even when you are here, you can greet him, talk to him and give him gifts. 

How mummy?


You can take a Dirham and give it in charity in his name. You can gift him a surah that you recite. You can help someone and give the reward for that to Imam Reza. 

Wow! Mummy its so easy to be his best friend. 

Yes, Our guides are the best and so easy to be friends with. Remember in the story, the deer felt like he knew him. Our Imams know us so well, they love and pray for us and protect us too.


Ya Imam Reza Ya Imam Reza

Actor 1 to Show the calligraphy of Zamn e Ahu for visual 

When you wake up in the morning, send your salaams to Imam Reza and ask him to protect you. 


And as you get married, I am asking Imam Reza to protect you beta. This Imam Zamin used to be mine when I got married. I kept it for you. 


Thank you mummy. I too will treasure it and wear it. 

Actor 3 and Actor 4 to hug.

Remember, hold tightly to the rope of Allah and Imam Reza is one of the ropes. 


When I save up, the first place I want to visit is Imam Reza.


Inshallah beta! 


How about we send him a salaam right now. 

That’s a wonderful idea. 


All stand and send salaams to Imam Reza. 




Actor 3

Act out scenarios and choose whether it is loyal or disloyal 

2 mualims in this station who role play and children get to point on raise popsicle sticks with whether they see the character loyal and or disloyal.



Imran’s school class planned to have a car wash in the school parking lot to raise money. Those who could were asked to come and help, but no one had to come. Janet came and brought some towels and a bucket. (Loyal — to her school.)


Imran was with two boys on the bus one day when one of the boys said some bad things that weren’t true about Imran’s best friend, Ahmed. Imran didn’t say anything. (Disloyal – to his friend.) 


Imran’s little brother had a football game one evening. Imran had a lot of homework, but he worked hard at it until game time and then went to cheer for his brother. (Loyal – to his brother.)

Imran always thought about the MeandMawla Pledge and Dua Hujjat  when he said it. He felt wonderful to be someone striving for Mawla to come soon. (Loyal – to Mawla AF.)


Imran promised mum he would help with the groceries. When they got home, he ignored mum and ran to the garden to play. (Disloyal)


Face Paint Station – narrator

Children get their faces painted as Deers. While others are waiting, they get to do a lovely deer artwork. Quick one which they can do fairly quickly while others get faces painted. 


Purple Group – Actor 1 all stations.


Purple group can play a short game of Synonyms and Antonyms

 What are some synonyms or close synonyms for loyalty? 

Let children try and answer the question. Write on the board so they can see. 

(To stand up for, to be part of, to be true to.) 

What are some antonyms or near antonyms for loyal? 

(Uncommitted, traitor, spy, out for oneself.) 

Then discuss how loyalty helps people and how its opposites hurt people.


Is loyalty important in friendship? Why? How? What are the outcomes? Can you think of examples in history of loyalty from the past meandmawla stories. Bilal stayed with Rasullulah and after his death with his family. Ammar did the same. Salman the same. Relook at the stories of the friends and the loyalty in the friendship.


Talk about loyalty to Islam. Saying I am a muslim but not believing like one. Is this loyalty. Am I loyal? Taffakur time.


Loyalty and Protection – Actor 2


Talk about how all these things protect us. Friends and friendship also protects us. Friendship with the Masumeen is a huge protection. 

Enjoy wearing and talking about the protection in things in our day to day lives. They function loyally to the purpose. The Imams, the Quran, Allah are all like that. 


Things for the station

Helmet – protects head 

Banana – Banana peel protects banana

Earth and carrot – earth protects the carrot so it can grow

Water and fish – Water protects the fish and other ocean animals

Umbrella – Umbrella protects us when it is very sunny or raining – Actor 2 

Sunglasses – Protects our eyes from the sun

Jackets – Husayni Coats – Protect us from the cold. 

Image of Husayni Coat – Protects us from being un husayni

Gloves – Protects us from cold 

Felt pen – Lid Protects from drying out

Warm blanket – Protects us while we sleep from draft

Orange – Peel protects orange inside

Seat belt – Protects us in the car

Socks – protect our feet 

Good deeds – Protect from bad deeds and astray

Dua – Make children make dua hands and talk about this amazng protection. 

Belief – Bring poster of Monotheist – Protection from going astray

Quran – Protect us from holding wrong rope and eventually falling

Imam Reza – Specialist poster – golden heart – Connect to Imam Reza and story


Guess the sound of the animal and find it – Actor 4


Actor 4 plays the sound of animals and the children have to guess which animal it is. Play this first.

Talk about how Imam understands all languages, even the different languages of the animals. He also understands our language and answers when we call him just like he answered the deer. 

Then you call out a certain animal and children race down the long garden the way the animal gracefully runs. 

EG: Bunny hop/ Deer runs/ etc. 


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