Session 11

Imam Mahdi (AF) Active intizar


Goal posts

Large Sheila flags for each country


UAE Flags 

Sound effects – 


Lots of safety pins for flags on sheilas.

Colourful cones




Actor 1 – Ahmed Dressed as a young boy with a cap

Actor 2 – Mum in abaya with football clothes inside.

Actor 3 – Coach, dressed as coach training Ahmed at academy 

Actor 4 – Old man 

Actor 2 –  Ali Reza Beiravand, IRAN player

Actor 4Jalal Housseini, IRAN player

Actor 5 – IRAN player

Manuel – Actor 3 GErmany

Timo – Actor 1 – germany

Javed  one mum ? GERMANY


Ahmed liked all sorts of sports. He liked swimming, biking, and tennis.  

He really liked athletics, basketball and cricket.

Actor 1 to Show actions and children can imagine. 


But he absolutely loved football. He loved watching football on TV with mum and dad , but most of all, he loved playing football. 

Actor 1  to come and do some football tricks


Every Saturday morning, Ahmed would get up, jump into the car and mum and dad would take him for football at the Birri football Academy. He trained with the coach in many different ways. He stretched. He dribbled. He ran. He practiced scoring goals.

Actor 1 to come and coach to get her to do football training kind of stuff. Ahmed to demonstrate and then Actor 1 to copy for visual for kids.Stretch exaggerated so kids can see/ ribbled, take ball from side to side.Run from side to side. And then score goal. Actor 3 exit at the end of this football training n get ready for football player


When Ahmed heard about the FIFA world cup coming to Dubai, he was super excited. Can we go and watch please,mum . 

Ahmed to come on stage holding newspaper fifa advert and do all of these nice and swiftly. Actor 2 to be there as mum.


Sure beta, let me find out dates and timings. 

Actor 2 to starts looking in her phone and then show expression upon finding deal


Ah heres a lovely deal, Its got football match iran vs germany in the afternoon with free entry for the opening ceremony. 

That’s sounds super, mum!


Let me book these tickets. 

Actor 2 and Actor 1 to exit after this. 

The day of the opening ceremony arrived. 

Mum and Ahmed arrived at the stadium. The energy in the stadium was electrifying. Mum and Ahmed got to their seats and the opening ceremony began.

Actor 6 to play some sounds, then Actor 1 to come on looking super excited with Actor 2 as mum . 

Then exit and become football players really really quickly n change to look like players.


Welcome to the UAE FIFA world cup. 

Here we do some action on unraveling the FIFA sign and Actor 6 lots of football cheering whisteling sounds. 

We will begin our ceremony with the UAE national anthem.

Play National Anthem UAe loudly. All mualims as players to come on and stand in respect of anthem holding flags and standing in respect of the anthem.

Then go back behind partition 


The different countries will now go around the stadium with their flags but for this years UAE FIFA world cup, for the first time in history all the players will be a part of all the teams opening ceremonies. Lets welcome them with claps and cheers. 

Audience cheers and claps. Actor 6 to help here on cue.


Over here, you need to add some accessories to look the part for each country. Maybe face paint, or a scarf or a cap in the colour of the flag. 

Lets welcome Brazil. Brazil anthem played and Actor 2, Actor 4, Actor 3, Actor 1, Actor 2 all come out holding flags of Brazil and go around the kids. Some of you hold cheerleading pompoms

Audience cheers and claps. Actor 6 to play brazil anthem


Lets now welcome Iran. Iran anthem played. 

Actor 5, Actor 4, Actor 3, Actor 1, Actor 5 to hold up iran flag and go around the kids. Some of you hold cheerleading pompoms

Audience cheers and claps. Actor 6 to play iran anthem


We now welcome Germany. German anthem played. 

Actor 2 Actor 1, Actor 4, Actor 3, Actor 5 all go around the kids with german flag. Audience cheers and claps. Actor 6 to play Germany anthem. Some of you hold cheerleading pompoms


We now welcome Russia. Russian anthem played. 

Actor 2 Actor 1, Actor 4, Actor 3, Actor 5 all go around the kids with russian flag. Claps and cheers and Actor 6 play Russian anthem Some of you hold cheerleading pompoms


A wonderful welcome from all countries. The players will now stand and recite the FIFA anthem together. 

All stand at attention and recite the fifa anthem together in loud voices at front of stage


Kick off for our first match begins soon. This is going to be an interesting match. Iran vs Germany The last time Iran met Germany was 2 years ago at the Spanish world cup. 

Actor 2, Actor 4, Actor 3, Actor 1 and Actor 5 to get on the pitch and do some warm up exercises. Actor 2 Actor 5 and Actor 4 are iran and Actor 3 and Actor 1 and one mum are Germany


While the players got ready, Ahmed asked, Mum, what is an anthem? 

An anthem is a recitation people do to show love for their country. Some anthems are religious, some are about important battles and some express pride for the country.


Do all the countries have a different anthem?

Yes, they do. 


The uae anthem talks about the nation having Islam as the religion and Quran as the guide and how we work together to build the nation. 

Actor 2 to hold up uae flag here small size ones 


The Brazilian anthem talks about how we are all equal, free, love and hope on earth with unity.

Actor 2 to hold up Brazil flag here small size ones


The Iranian anthem talks about justice and freedom for us altogether for our souls

Actor 2 to hold up Iranian flag here small size ones


The german anthem talks about standing brotherly together, unity, justice, freedom

Actor 2 to hold up german flag here small size ones


The Russian anthem also talks about unity of the people.

Actor 2 to hold up Russian flag here small size ones


Why do they all have a different anthem when they are almost all saying the same thing – UNITY? Asked Ahmed. 


That’s a really good questions, Ahmed. Inside our hearts, we all want the same thing. A little like the FIFA anthem. We may look different, come from different countries but deep down, we are all the same and want the same too. We all want friendship, unity and peace. A global anthem would be the best ever, Ahmed. 


Oh look, the match is about to start. Lets watch the kick off. 

Iran vs Germany.  Look, both teams have a muslim, a Christian, a hindu Now That’s unity.


Blow whistle – long Zohra

And we’re off, the Iranian team playing left to right and the Germans playing right to left. Jalal Housseinin with the ball. Pass to Ali Reza Beiravand and tackled by Maneul. Manuel with the ball, pass to Timo and it’s a gooaaaallllll! Germany have scored a goaallllllllllllllll! Actor 1 to score a goal here

Whistle blow – Zohra


The Iranians all fired up now. Ali Reza to Jalal Houseeini, Ramin with the ball. Ramin, pass to Ali Reza and there he goes, It’s a goallllll Actor 2 to do a Actor 4da

It’s a tie 1-1. There’s Ali Reza thanking god in Actor 4da for the goal he just scored. It’s amazing how he always thanks God after scoring a goal. Obedience to God at all times! What a great motto. I remember watching one of his interviews. He 

 says, without Allah, football is not possible.  

Whsitle blow Zohra


Iran 1 Germany 1 Both teams is good form today, playing a great game of football. 

Javed from Germany with the ball. Javed racing towards the goal. Javed pass to Timo, Timo to manuel. Manuel tacked by Ramin. Ramin with the ball. Ramin. Ramin racing away. Ahhhhwwww Ramin down.Actor 5 to fall down and then helped up kindly by Actor 1

 He’s up again with the helping hand of Timo from Germany. Great spirit at todays game. Both teams playing for their countries but also playing with humanity and kindness. 


Timo with the ball. Timo pass to Javed. Javed has the ball Germany looking very focused pass to Manuel and it’s a gooalllllllll. Actor 3 score goal here

Javed placed the ball so perfectly for Manuel. 2-1 to Germany. 


10 minutes left for the game. We are watching a very edge of the seat football match today. There’s the whisle. And the boys are off. Jalal Houseini with the ball. Jalal heading straight for the goal. Pass to Ramin and Ramin scores another goallllllllllllllll 

Actor 4 has the ball pass to Actor 5  , then Actor 5 scores. 

for Iran. What a quick recovery Iran has made. The score is 2-2

Only 10 minutes left of the match. Will we head to penalty shoot outs? Its so hard to tell. Both teams playing a fantastic game.


Just in news from miss woogle the weather google – massive shamal passing. 

Bang mic to create more noise – Zohra


Whoooooo whoooosh whooooooo whooooosh


A very sudden shamal has blown over sports city. Players on the pitch, please take cover. I repeat. Players on the pitch please take cover. Fans pls remain seated Look at that. All the players are helping each other out. There’s Manuel, fallen so terribly by the stands. Actor 3 to fall, really badly Look its Ali Reza Bairavand from the Iranian team helping him to safety. Actor 2 to help Actor 3 to safety What a great show of friendship and unity.  This is true service to others. 


The players have all been safely evacuated from the pitch. 

All players behind wall of house

Fans, you are requested to remain in your seats as we await the shamal to pass. The fans all praying for the players. This is beautiful show on unity n brotherhood at the stadium today. 


After the Shamal subsided, the players returned to the pitch to complete the game.

Iranian players hugging german players. 


The players are getting ready to complete their match. It’s the last few minutes of the game left. The score is tied 2-2. The fans are cheering away! Ramin pass to Ali reza Bairavand Actor 5 pass to Actor 2 and Actor 2 scores a goal then hug

And it’s a goaaaaallllllll! What a kick that was. Iran have scored the final goal in the last minute! What a goal! And there’s the whistle. 

Zohra blow whistle. 

Actor 2 to do a Actor 4da here

There’s Ali Reza bairavand bowing to Allah in thanks for the goal that has taken Iran to the semi finals. 


But look at that, the germans are all saluting and hugging the Iranian team players. Never before have we seen such a wonderful display of humanity and brotherhood. This is true friendship at the UAE FIFA world cup

Swop t shirts and hug. 

Actor 4 leave here and go and become the old man with a walking stick. Actor 1 and Actor 2 leave and go and become Ahmed and Mum


One world One language Football.

One world one language UNITY BROTHERHOOD &PEACE

All pose for photo. Actor 6 to come with DSLR camera and take pictures. All players to stand in football photo pose. This should happen quickly. Hug from back and front row all kneeling with one leg front with knee bent. Both Iranian and german take photo together.


Time to head home, Ahmed. Ahmed and Mum looked around at the souvernier store before heading out. 

Ahmed was intrigued by this smart phone magnifying glass. The lady at the counter showed Ahmed how to use it. You place the magnifying glass on your phone over the camera lens. Then you switch on the phone to camera mode and you can see and take a picture close up. Just them Manuel from Germany and Ali Reza Bairavand from Iran came by the shop.

 Actor 3 and Actor 2 to come to the shop, come as friends 

The fans asked for autographs. Ahmed asked for the oddest thing. He asked to take a picture on mums phone of their thumbs. Ahmed was amazed. They both had similar patterns, different but similar. We are all the same, we may look different, come from different countries but we are all the same, we all want the same thing, n above all we all want peace. 


Ahmed thanked them so much as they left. 

We are all one race, the human race. If we magnify our outlook, we will see that we are all one and want the same thing. 


We can all have one global anthem, said Ahmed aloud. 

You are absolutely right son, said an elderly man in the souvernier store. Its Dua Ahd, Dua of the Promise to be friends with our savior by believing in God and serving others. Here why don’t you read it. Give paper to Actor 1 and then everyone recite together. – Shortened Dua Ahd recitation. 


Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. 13:11

Guess what dear friends at meandmawla. Today, you will all take home a magnifying glass to do some lovely experiments with. Remember to ask mum or dad before using their phones. Enjoy! 


You will now get to enjoy some football training and a football match with the Iranian and german team.



Actor 3 and Actor 5 with Abdul

Actor 3 and Actor 5 to help organize the children and be directed by Abdul for the training. 

Set up the training area by blocking out the area with sofas etc.

All children divided into 2 groups. Yellow and green together. 


Actor 1, Actor 4 and Actor 2 prep for the match. Get the kids on teams and they play a match. Then swop. 

Blue red and purple together


In the station talk about how football is not possible without Allah. Our ability to do anything comes from Allah this makes us humble. Then talk about how when we play, we play peacefully, not unfairly. Yes, it’s a competition but above the competition is our values and we never go down on our values at any time. This realization breeds the formua of life. The recognization that nothing possible without allah and serving others in every walk of our life is what will help our friendship with our Awaited Imam grow and grow and his return come sooner. When playing, if team member falls, we help does not matter which side they are on, which religion they believe in, etc. We are all one human race. Our Imam is for all! 


Go home with magnifying glass and snack. 

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