Session 2

The Science of Gratitude Session2

Gratitude Scientist intro


actor 1  – actor 3’s dad

actor 2 – actor 3’s mum

actor 3 – First as a baby and then as Scaler actor 3

actor 4 – The earth and teacher and then Mr 2T








Basket with stuff inside

Salaam poster 

70 poster with sparkles

One bayat hand 

70 hands 

Ar rahman poster 

La in shakartum poster 


30 years ago, as the earth spun around the sun and as the winter wind blew through Birmingham, a little baby girl was born. Her parents named her actor 3, Scaler actor 3. 

actor 4 to come out from one side of the partition holding a globe

And wearing blue and green flowing Sheila and spin around and go back from the other side and then actor 1 and actor 2 to immediately come out holding the doll


Scaler actor 3 grew up ever so fast. 

 Now actor 3 to come out crawling and actor 4 to come and spin the globe and go back out again. actor 3 crawl to centre of stage and then actor 1 and actor 2 to come with a ball and play with crawling actor 3. actor 3 push the ball a short distance like a baby would.


She was a curious little girl always wondering how the world works. 


When she began to crawl she noticed, when you push a ball, it goes far.


When she began to walk, she noticed, when you push a ball hard or kick it, it goes further. 


Now actor 3, stand a walk and kick to actor 1 and then make a thinking face. Then Stand and throw the ball downwards and see how it falls.


When you throw a ball from up high, it falls down below.


Her mummy and daddy played ball with her all the time. 

Scaler actor 3 always thought about the ball and how it moves.


actor 3, actor 1 and actor 2 to play catch the ball now. Make happy faces and laugh and subliminally show how family time is awesome


As she grew older, Scaler actor 3 began to go to school.

actor 3 wear your scaler actor 3 coat on stage and the tie and get a back pack on and pretend to go to school


In Science class one day, Scaler actor 3’s teacher taught her how every action has an equal reaction. Whatever you do, will have an equal opposite reaction. 

actor 4 to come out looking like a teacher, smiling , kind and show on point to the easel. On it we have written from before and drawn 


Scaler actor 3 thought about her ball. If she didn’t throw the ball, it didn’t go anywhere. If she pushed the ball softly, it went a short distance but when she threw it with enough force, it went much further.  Every action has an equal reaction. Her teacher called it Newtons 3rd Law of motion.


actor 3 to hold the ball, and then do the above with actor 4


Scaler actor 3 thought about this a lot. Every action has an equal reaction. 


When you pull open a drawer, it pops out and you can get what you want. Action – Equal Reaction.

actor 3 to show this live here and say yourself loudly. Action- Equal Reaction. actor 4 or actor 1 to give the prop as needed

When you lift something, it goes as high as you lift it. Action- equal reaction.

actor 3 to lift something and show and say. 

actor 4 or actor 1 to give the prop as needed


When you tap a drum softly, the sound is softer

When you tap a drum hard, the sound in louder. 

Action, equal reaction

actor 3 to tap drum softly and then hard. actor 4 or actor 1 to give the drum


One evening, Scaler actor 3 was playing balloon tennis with her dad. They loved playing games before bed time. When she hit the balloon, she said, Action, equal reaction. 

actor 3 and actor 1 to play balloon tennis with kitchen utensil

actor 3 to say yourself – Action, equal reaction


That’s true said Dad but Allahs physics or science is different.


Different? Scaler actor 3 asked. actor 3 looking questioningly

Yes! Its very different.


When you do good, He gives you much more than the action. For example, when you say salaam alaykum He gives 70 rewards for that salaam, not one reward. Action – multiple reaction. actor 1 to hold up the Salaam poster and then hold up the 70 sparkles poster. actor 4 to give the props here


When you help someone once, Allah helps you 70 times. One action of helping once, Allah gives you 70. Action – multiple reaction. actor 1 to hold up one bayat hand card. Then helping hands 70 poster next to it, so they can see.


When you pray salaat in your day, the reward is soo huge. But we remember that when we do anything, we do it to please Allah, not just for the multiple reaction. But Allah also gives before we take any action, because He is sooo loving. This is why He has a name called Ar Rahman. It means the most super super Kind. And not just kind when you do something, He is super super kind to you all the time. He gives you even before you ask. He gives gives gives all the time. 

actor 1 to hold up Ar Rahman poster – 


In the Quran, there is a Surah called Surah Rahman. The first ayat says, Ar Rahman. The most super super Kind. 


Think about what you have? Tell me. Lets play some balloon tennis. Every time you hit the balloon, shout out something that Allah has given you. 

actor 1 and actor 3 to play Balloon tennis and everytime you hit the balloon you say something you are thankful for yourself


Mummy and Daddy. Food, Time, clothes, teeth, hands, family, legs, friends. Quran


Gosh, He has given me sooo much. He is soo super kind. 


Mr 2T helps me remember all my blessings.

actor 4 to come and do the Mr 2T moves and sing the rhyme

Mr. 2T – Think and Thank!

Mr. 2T – Think and Thank!

I go about my day, Mr. 2 T joins me and shouts

Fill up my tank! Fill up my tank!

Mr. 2T – Think and Thank!

I think about the blessing, I’m in.

I thank Allah for it, and fill up the tank


I remember to thank Ar Rahman for what He has given me everyday. 


Well, when you are thankful, Ar Rahman says, wow that’s an action, but my reaction is way much more. He says, la inshakartum la azidanakum. If you are thankful, I will give you much much more. 

actor 1 to hold up the La in shakratum poster


Whats more, at the end of Surah Rahman, Allah says Tabarakas murabbika dhil jalali wal ikram

Blessed be the name of your Lord, the Lord of Glory and Honor.


Allahs blessings upon blessings make you stronger and stronger. Baraka upon Baraka.


Wow! I love Allah and I love to Thank Him. 

Thank you Mr 2 T for helping me remember to Thank Allah everyday. What are you thankful for?  (ask crowd)




Qul Quran. – Nabeeha

Ar Rahman

On card, children are given print out of Ar Rahman and then glue the inner and place sparkles to make His name. At home, read this name using fingers and think of what blessing you are in. Place with Mr 2T and do daily. 


Talk about following the vein of Thaqalaku be Akhlaqillah – Adopt the etiquette of Allah, we want to instill the value of being merciful to others. This in turn has action, multiple reaction as well. I want to be merciful to others just as Allah is merciful to me. While the children are engaged in this activity, we want them to realize this in themselves. 

Share some scenarios and ask open ended questions to drive this home. 


Purple can learn some calligraphy here. Each given an understanding of letters and how to make them form thick and thin using the same pen. Other supplies given to embellish their artworks. Calligraphy lesson. Zohra / Nabeeha can come in and help here. 


Art and Science – Recycled Bottles Bubble Art actor 2 

Mesh bags that hold fruit.    Liquid water Paint    Cut bottles in half   super large Paper   Bubble solution

3 parts bubble solution 1 part water colour


Children blow the bubbles close to the paper in array of colours and see how many bubbles come out from just blowing once but more so, the aftermath is this beautiful rainbow explosion. Talk about how this is how Ar Rahman works. Action, multiple reaction. One bubble blow, so many bubbles and then on the paper, this colourful amazing return for you. You do one good, and Ar Rahman returns back to you soooo much more. And it is sooo beautiful colourful. Connect to sibghatullah


Engineering – Lego   – actor 3

Children get to understand the last ayat of the Surah RAhman here. Tabarakasmu Rabbika Dhil jalali wal ikram

The key word here is Baraka. 

Children play with blocks and lego. The objective is to see how high a tower they can make before it falls.

As they do this, we talk about how Allah is opposite to this in that sense. Each blessings is like a block but as He blesses us upon blessing up, it makes us stronger and stronger not weaker and fall like the blocks. This is how His Baraka works. It builds and grows and grows. 

We want to strive to be like this, where when we are with others, we give of ourselves and it helps others more and more just like Allahs many uncountable Baraka. 


Purple group do this as a group by maling a tower with toothpicks and marshmallows. See how tall you can get and challenge them to try and get to their own height. Connect to how the structure gets shaky. So much was done to ensure Burj Khalifa became tallest tower. But Allah’s blessings work in opposite. Connect to ayat. Each blessing makes you stronger. 

Toothpicks and marshmallows needed here. 


Movement and Science – actor 4

Children get to play balloon tennis with kitchen cutlery to show them how this game can be played with things in your home. We will also give the children an unblown balloon to take home. As they play, they shout out something they are thankful for. As an added twist to challenge the children, they have to try not to let the balloon touch the floor. Floor is lava kind of game. While playing you can talk about the 3rd law of motion, action equal reaction but Allah science is before action multiple reaction. Allow the children to understand this law during play here and magnify the Rahma of Allah in how he kind He is. 


FOR PURPLE actor 1 upstairs all stations plus the video.


PURPLE GROUP: Talk about thankfulness

When you are given something, we all say thank you. Allah is constantly giving us. The word rahman is Sighatul mubalegha – which means like exceedingly. 


Give the example of other things like Atash means to be thirstly but Atshan is super super thirstly.

Ghazib – means to be angry but Ghadhbaan means like super super Angry

Rahma means mercy but Rahman means like super super merciful and now. In the state of. So He is showing me super super mercy now  . 


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