Session 2

Welcome back to another week with our Super Sa’ah Scientists. 


Actor 2 – Dua before anything with flat images not 3D

Actor 1 – Handshake breakdown A3s joined


What makes friends go, Lets meet, talk, can you help me out, wohooo, lets play, I promise, pssst ….. secret. 

Why!!!! Its science of course. It’s the science of friendship. 

So come on lets make things go up, down, poof, bang, explode, freeze and discover how to be the best friends we can be. 

You can count on me rhyme. – everyone together recite by heart. Then fade away into the background doing moves and Actor 1 in front. Then Actor 1 goes towards the back and next next and so on. After the introduction, rhyme stanza to close. 


Salaam Alaykum, My name is Sparkly Spiraly ‘Actor 1’ . I am a Scientist Exploring Outer Space. I spin around in my space shuttle, travelling the sirat and sparkling my soul. Join me , 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 blast off into space and orbit the rising sun.


Salaam Alykum, my name is Zeo Light ‘Actor 3’. I am a Scientist exploring crazy chemical reactions. H2o is my favourite Husayni drink. Mixed with Co2 makes it fizz and whizz. Join me in my kitchen for more friendly chemical calabashes. 


Salaam alaykum, My name is Scaler ‘Actor 4’. I’m a Scientist exploring the world of calculations. I find everything I calculate equals, made by Allahs master design the common denominator. Join me and discover the intersecting lines in this world and the next. Oh by the way, Allah is closer to you than a micro millimeter. 


Salaam Alaykum, My name is Forecasting ‘Actor 5’. I’m a Meteorlogist exploring weather. With my thermometers and barometers, I help discover the weather. Its just amazing how Allah, the all powerful sends winds and rains, sunshine and snowfall around the globe. Join me and discover the friendly forecast for the future. 

Salaam Alaykum, My name is A B C D E – Environmentalist ‘Actor 6’. Call me EF! I spend my days loving Nature and saving Nature. The earth we live on is our cradle, carrying us through our lives towards forever. Join me as I travel the earth spreading  gorgeous Green Deen Delight! 


Salaam alaykum, My name is Nautical ‘Actor 7’. I’m a marine Biologist. That means I study the life under the sea. We are friends with Allahs creatures in the underwater garden. Join me as we dive into the ocean of what Allah made and swim in His Glory. 


You can count on me rhyme

You can count on me like 1,2,3,

I’ll be there,

I’m a friend that cares,

I can count on you like 4,3,2,

You’ll be there,

You’re a friend that cares.


Clapping- count on me x4


If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea,

Lost in the dark and you can’t see,

I’ll sail the world to find you,

Be the light to guide you,

Ill be there,

You can count on me.


Clapping- count on me x4


You need a shoulder to cry on,

I’ll never let go,

Let you worries sail on,

Soon they’ll be gone,

When we’re called to help our friends in need,

I’ll be there,

You can count on me.


Clapping – count on me x4


I thank Allah for a friend like you,

Loyal, kind, brave, godly too,

This journey we take to the akhira,

I’ll take you with me,

You can count on me.


Clapping- count on me x4


First Paragraph.


As you remember, the scientists met at the Super Sadiq Science Fair. At one of the booths, they were mesmerized by one of the science experiments they observed and the story they heard. Join the Super Sa’ah scientists discover their closest friend. 


Nimrod – Actor 4

Azar – Actor 7

Nabi Ebrahim father– Actor 6

Sarah – Actor 1

Nabi Ebrahim – Actor 6

A little baby – Baby Ebrahim



Cave area on stage – Actor 1 to draw on cardboard box.


Star on a stick with string 

Moon on a stick with string 

Triangle for bell sound


A long time ago, a King ruled the land. His name was Nimrod. He was the first king to make gold and silver coins. He thought his ideas and his ways were the best. He began to think he was god. One day, his advisor, Azar came very worriedly to him and said, A baby is going to be born who will destroy our people and our idol worshipping religion. 


Actor 4 to come on stage and walk the stage. Have a bag of coins and show them to the children. Then Actor 7 comes and speaks to him with actions of a baby. Actor 4 get off stage and Actor 1 as Sarah and comes with Actor 6 as Nabi Ebrahim dad and baby

Nimrod tried to stop all babies from being born but sure enough a baby was born. When Azar, the kings advisor found out about it, he wanted to tell the King immediately but because the baby was his brothers, his brother and his wife Sarah convinced him otherwise. 


Actor 6 and Actor 1 to do actions of pleading to save the baby. (Even if the real baby cries, don’t worry. Just act. You will give the baby to her mother after.)


Sarah took her baby boy, Ebrahim to a cave outside the city. She prayed to Allah and trusted Him to look after her baby. She visited him often. Allah protected him and angels cared for him the whole time. Allah can do anything and everything. 

Actor 1 to take the baby to the cave area, and make dua.


When Ebrahim was 13, he could not remain in the cave anymore. The sun was setting. Ebrahim followed the path outside the cave and came to the city gates. He asked the guards the way to Azar’s house where his mum lived. 

Now Actor 6 comes out as young Nabi Ebrahim. 


When Azar found out who Ebrahim was, he was shocked. Sarah convinced him not to worry. Azar, Ebrhaim’s uncle softened his heart towards Ebrahim. The next morning, Azar decided to take Ebrahim to the temple to offer thanks to the gods.

Actor 7 and Actor 1 on stage at the house and Actor 7 quite a shocked face to see Nabi Ebrahim and then takes Actor 6 to the temple. Actor 4, here is where you are dressed in black and you quickly help to bring all the idols and be one of the priests worshipping these idols. Actor 1 to go off stage and become a priest and also bring some idols and worship idols. 


Now all these years, Ebrahim’s heart spoke to none other than Allah. He worshipped Allah.

Actor 6 to stand there and watch what is going on. Lots of questioning looks.  Actor 7 as Azar also worshipping these idols. 

When they entered the magnificent temple, Ebrahim was amazed by what he heard, what he saw, what he smelt. There were so many idols and lots of people worshipping these idols. This really puzzled Ebrahim. He knew the creator is greater than any of his creatures. Azar joined the priests and for hours prayed to the idols. Ebrahim watched in amazement as they spoke to these idols for hours without answer. They offered gifts and the idols just stood there. 

Hmmm hi ho hah x2
Lat manat uzzah
You r my stone idols 
Give me what I want 
Give me food give me money give me yummy yummy 
Give me toys give me give me give me give me give me 
Hmm hi ho ha!

Actor 4 to burn a agar batti to get sense of smell going. 

Actor 1 to ring some bells and recite this chant

Actor 6 to watch with eyes wide. 

Actor 7 to worship as Azar

Ebrahim approached some priests and asked very kindly, What are you worshipping ?

Actor 6 to go to Actor 4 and ask yourself, What are you worshipping? But Actor 6 to ask in a kind gentle tone

Remember, he had been in a cave all his life and this was his first time to see such.

They said, we spend our days worshipping them. 

Then Actor 6 says, do they hear you when you call them?

DO they hear you when you call them? Ebrahim asked

Or do they help you or cause harm?


Azar, came and said, we do not know but our fathers and grandfathers did so, and we copy them. 

Actor 7 to come and speak to Nabi Ebrhaim here.

Ebrahim had seen enough. A god must be powerful and wise and hear the duas of the worshippers. A god must be active in providing for the people. These idols are lifeless forms. 

Actor 6 to turn towards the crowd and raise hand to forhead and show like seen enough. Then point to the idols when I say about lifeless forms.

Azar grabbed ebrahim and quickly took him home.

Actor 7 grab Actor 6 and go to one side of the stage

At home, Ebrahim asked his uncle Azar, Do you take idols for gods? 

Actor 6 to look at Actor 7 questioningly. Actor 7 hold a small idol in your hand.

Azar was furious but he controlled his anger and said, they are not gods but representations of the Gods of Kutha. Kutha is the place where they lived. 

Azar said, I will take you to the Gods of Kutha. 


Ebrahim looked forward to this meeting. He walked with Azar back to the temple. They went to the terrace at the top. 

Actor 6 and Actor 7 to walk back to centre stage where Actor 1 andActor 4 are still busy worshipping idols.

Ebrahim saw, people worship a star in the sky. This is my Lord but Soon enough, the star disappeared. 

Zohra to raise the stick for the star to come right infront of the audience. Actor 7, Actor 4 and Actor 1 to make these idol whorshipping sounds. Recite a sentence about the star being god that makes no sense at all. 

Hmm hi ho ha 
Twinkling star 
Give me food give me toys give me football 
You twinkling star 
Give me give me give me

Ebrahim said, I don’t like those who set. 6:76 Soon after, the priests turned towards the moon Zohra to raise the moon on a stick and began worshipping it until the early hours of the morning. 

Hmm hi ho ha 
Shiny moon
Give me food give me toys give me football 
You shinning moon
Give me give me give me

While the moon is up, say a sentence like above replacing star with moon Ebrahim said, This is my Lord but the moon too disappeared. Ebrahim said, if my lord does not guide me, I will be misguided. 6:77

The priests turned towards the east and as the sun began to glow, they began worshipping again. Ebrahim looked at the sun and the xplosion of light and said, This is my Lord. Zohra to hold out the sun on a stick here.

The priests worshipped all day, however at the end of the day, the sun set just like the moon and the star. 

Actor 1 and Actor 4 and Actor 7 to keep worshipping.

Ebrahim said, I don’t take partners to God. I turn my focus to the one who made the skies and the earth, Allah. With this certainty, Allah made Ebrahim a prophet. 

Actor 6 to go front stage and use hand gestures as I speak


The angry priests surrounded Ebrahim. They threatened him with their gods anger. Their gods could not even speak or guide them. I don’t fear your Gods. These idols, the sun, the moon and planets have no power if left to their own. Everything belongs to Allah and He can do anything He wants. 

How can you expect me to be afraid of your idol gods and you are not afraid of making partners to God?

Who is feeling more safe right now? You with your idol God or me with my Allah? 


Actor 7 and Actor 1 and Actor 4 to go around Actor 6 with angry looks surround her. But let audience also see her

The priests and people had no answer. Their faces were dark with what they believed. The Scientists conducted an experiment at the Sadiq Science fair to show you what happens when we worship idols. (show experiment here of the iodine clock )

We start off with a clean sparkly white heart but with the worshipping of idols as God, the heart turns dark. The saah scientists were amazed by this experiment. Nobody wants a dark yucky heart. Tell us more about the story, tell us more said the scientists. Back to Nabi Ebrahim. 

Actor 1 and Actor 4 to quickly get off stage, wear your white coat and come and do the experiment. You don’t need to explain anything, just bring your 2 beakers and pour one into the other. And allow the children to watch. Then when done, say, join us at our station to find out how we did this experiment. 

Then go back stage and take of the coats and take on your roles

Azar quickly took Ebrhaim home. Upon reaching home, Ebrahim asked, why do you worship that which can’t hear, see, or help you in any way. Knowledge has come to me, follow me I will guide you to the straight path. Ebrahim wanted Azar to know that he was a prophet. 

Actor 7 to take hold of Actor 6 hand and go to one side of stage. Then act and then Actor 7 angry face and point to show get out

Azar was now super angry. He said, Get out! Forever! 


Ebrahim said kindly, Peace be on you. I will plead my Lord to forgive you. Ebrahim left.

Actor 6 to raise hands in dua and then leave kindly

In the following years, Nabi Ebrahim tried to talk sense into the people. Only a few listened. But he never gave up trying. 

Actor 7 to leave stage and Actor 6 to take centre stage and act as if guiding the audience. 

Come my people

One and All

Your best friend is Allah

Call out to him

He loves you very much

And he gives you the gift of life

Worship him

Let us worship him


Then once, there was a festival to remember the idols. All the towns people were going to the edge of the city to have their idol worshipping festival. 

Actor 4 and Actor 1 and Actor 7 to come worship the idols and then leave together.


Nabi Ebrahim did not go for the festival. Infact, he was one of the only ones who stayed behind. 


Actor 6 to be on the side of the stage and then come centre stage with a cricket bat hanging with some string at the end.

When all the people had left, he went to the temple. He saw the idols. He saw offerings of food and sweets. 

Knowing fully well that the idols don’t talk, he asked, Why aren’t you eating? Why aren’t you speaking? 

Actor 6 to ask facing the audience and making a questioning expression.

And then with his club he chopped down all the idols except for the biggest one. He put the club around the biggest idol and left. 

Actor 6 to chop the idols except the big one.

Later that evening, when all the people returned to the city, they went to the idol worshipping room. They asked, Who did this to our idols? Actor 1 Actor 4 and Actor 7 to come and be very upset to see the broken idols and then talk to each other.

Nabi Ebrahim said, why don’t you ask your Gods, why don’t you ask this one, he has the club. Fizaa to do body language of the above. Point to the one with the big club.

They said, you know very well they cant speak. Then why do you worship them, said Nabi Ebrahim. They cant do anything for themselves let alone for others. Worship Allah. That is better for you. 

Be a monotheist. 

Monothiest rhyme Actor 6 to recite this rhyme and Actor 1 Actor 4 and Actor 7 to look in disgust and disagreement. Shake your head and finger saying no! you disagree.

Believe in ONE God

Be a monotheist



Qul huwal laahu ahad

Say He Allah is one

Allahus samad

We all depend on HIM

Lam yalid wa lam yulad

He has no children, no mummy no daddy

Wa lam yakul lahu kufawan ahad

And there is no one like HIM.


Believe in ONE god

Be a monotheist



The people could not answer Nabi Ebrahim. They had nothing to say because they knew is right.


Suddenly from the crowd, people shouted, Burn him! Burn him! 

Someone to say Burn him from the back and get one of two other people at the back to say with you. 

Azar, the uncle and priest of the people ruled that he should be burnt. Actor 7 to come next to Actor 6 and pretend to speak to her. 

Now don’t worry! Do you know who Nabi Ebrahim is friends with? Does a friend leave a friend in difficult times?

No! Nabi Ebrahim’s best friend is there for him and for us if we take him as our best friend too. Lets see something amazing! 


Azar asked everyone to bring lots and lots of firewood. Everyone in the city helped to bring wood. 

Actor 4, Actor 7, Actor 1 all bring the brown pillows and place there. Actor 2, bring the cardboard making sure they don’t see the garden on the other side. 

They built a huge huge fire. It took a year to build and was soo huge and high, the fire reached the sky. Birds could not fly above the fire, it was so high. 

On a cardboard we cover the whole ladder with a drawing of firewood. Then flames on top.

Nimrod and Azar came and watched from a special viewing tower that was made especially for this occasion. Actor 7 and Actor 4 to come as Nimrod and stand on the sofas and watch

 They put Nabi Ebrahim in a catapult. Nabi Ebrahim called out to his best friend. He knew he could trust his best friend. He knew he could count of his best friend. 

Actor 6 to stand infront of the fire and recite this rhyme


Count on me! Rhyme – with a few word changes to Allah.

I can count on Allah for anything 

He’ll be there he’s a friend that cares 

I can count on Allah 

He’ll help me through 

He’ll be there he’s a friend that cares 

Count on Allah 

Best friend he is 

Count on Allah 

 best friend friend he is 

I love you my bestie 


Friends don’t let each other down. They stand by you no matter what. Nabi Ebrahim was catapulted into the fire. 

As Nabi Ebrahim fell into the fire, Allah said, Ya Naaru O Fire, Kunu bardan wa salama ala Ebrahim. Be cool and peaceful for Ebrahim. 

Actor 6 to hold a stick and pretend to do like a high jump and then go and climb the ladder and stand at the top smiling and happy and take a bite into a fruit.

And in an instant, the hot fire became a peaceful cool garden. When Nabi Ebrahim landed in the fire, he felt like he landed on a super soft carpet. He didn’t feel hot or get burnt at all. Allah, Nabi Ebrahims best friend made plants and fruits of all seasons grow around so he could eat and enjoy. That’s what friends do. They will do anything for their friend. And just like Nabi Ebrahim did everything to stand for his friend Allah, Allah did the same for his friend Nabi Ebrahim. 

Actor 6 to throw petals from the top of the ladder and show like she is enjoying. 

Nabi Ebrahim stayed in the garden for 3 days. After that time, the fire began to go out. When Nimrod and the guards climbed the viewing tower to see, they saw the garden and Nabi Ebrahim sitting there enjoying this haven. 

Actor 6 to be up there really enjoying

Actor 4 and Actor 7 to be so shocked that he is still alive

Nimrod and his guards were in shock. He was mad. He was angry. 

I m the anger gremlin, Your anger is my food yum yum yum, get angry. 

And the more angry he got, the more food Nimrod’s anger gremlin got. 

He ordered the guards to bring Nabi Ebrahim out. Actor 1 to come and take Actor 6 out 

Then he asked, Who is your Lord. 

Nabi Ebrahim said, My Lord is He who gives life and death. 

Nimrod said, I am the one who gives life and brings death. 

If that’s the case, then since God brings the sun from the east, you bring it from the west. 

Nimrod was furious and helpless. He could not defeat Nabi Ebrahim and his ideas. He could not even burn him. 

Actor 6 to stand centre stage and talk to Actor 4 and Actor 7 and Actor 1. Actor 4 to be furious. And show Actor 6 to get out.


Nimrod forced Nabi Ebrahim to leave the city. Nabi Ebrahim said he would go to a place where he could worship Allah freely. And may he grant me good children. 

Allah heard his friends dua and from Nabi Ebrahim came the family of the Prophet Muhammed. The purest of family with the purest of heart. 

Ahlul bayt rhyme Muhammed, Ali Fatema Hassan Husayn

These are the ones in whose love we will remain. X2


Nabi Ebrahim moved to a place where lots of people passed for work. He spread the message of truth, about monotheism and believing in one God far and wide. Nabi Ebrahim never forgot his friend, Allah.

Actor 6 to act like calling people to believe in one god. 

 Nabi ebrahim was soo kind. He never ate without a guest. He would look for people to share with. His friend, Allah loves that so much. Every morning he would say, I wake up praising my Lord who has no partner. He would look for poor people to feed. Actor 6 with green deen bag and take out plate and find someone to eat with. In the meantime, Actor 1 to go and become a person who shares food with Actor 6 Both of you eat rice from same plate. Actor 1 to be thankful. Actor 6 so happy.

 One day, he went searching for someone to share his food with. He could not find anyone. When he went home, Angel Jibrael was there. Angel Jibrael said, Allah sent me to award someone with a very special title. Khalilulah Friend of Allah. 

Nabi Ebrahim said, Please tell me who it is, I want to serve that person all my life. 

Angel Jibrael smiled at Nabi Ebrahim and said. You are the one. 

Nabi Ebrahim was shocked. 

Wat takhazal llahu Ibrahima Khalila

And Allah took Ebrahim as a friend. 4: 125

Rhyme here using the ayat above. Zohra make up something on the spot to recite during the play.

Wow! Isnt that amazing. Would you like Allah to be your best friend too?

Actor 4 to go and become angel and come and be at Actor 6 house.

The Holy Quran, our favourite book, tells us how. 


Be Completely for Allah – miman aslama – “Muslim”

Can you hear the same sounds – aslam/ muslim aslam/ muslim

And he is muhsin – a doer of good

Wat tabaaa milata Ibrahim – follow the faith of Ebrahim hannef – upright.

Nabeeha to make 3 step by step for children to see 

If we do that, we will also become Allahs best friend and Allah will be our best friend. 




The Super Sa’ah scientists were so amazed by the story of Nabi Ebrahim and how he got the title, Khalilullah – Friend of Allah. They loved the experiment so much so they brought it for all of you to learn to do. 




In the dark experiment. – Connect to belief and disbelief

Actor 1 and Actor 4 – Green


Conduct the experiment used in the play and show children how a good clean heart can become so dark when it disbelieves in Allah. We all come clean in this world like the first beaker and what we put inside our heart through our beliefs and actions makes us maintain this light or become dark. Belief and ahsanu amala makes it sparkle and disbelief makes it dark. For older children talk about how there is a fight inside the beaker between the two reactions taking place. Two colourless solutions are mixed and at first there is no change but later on the solution turns dark blue/black.  This is chemical kinetics. For the purple group, we can talk about the chemicals and show them these on the periodic table and why the mixture turns dark. For purple group, talk about how when we turn buloogh, Allah in His inifinite mercy places us in this blanket of protection by asking us to do taqleed and perform wajib acts. This is because the forces out there have the ability to take this beautiful white bright heart and darken it and by constantly befriending and talking to Allah, He is ensuring that our hearts stay sparkly white and light. Just like when our best friend comes over, of has a birthday, we want to do the best to prepare for their party, give them the best of the best, As striving Khalillulahs – Friends of Allah, we want to give to our best friend the best worship. To do this, we are so kindly given a guide book to ensure we get it perfect and that is the Islamic Laws. This book gives us all the instructions we need to give to our friend the best of the best. To make things easy, we befriend and follow our chosen marjah in taqleed so we have this guidance. If the girls have not down taqleed, make them do it and honour them in this wonderful way.Have a little mini ceremony in the class for this occasion, throw chichra on them and give them something sweet in their mouth. Finish with a Actor 1da of thanks to our best friend Khalillulah. All the while in each station, we are trying to instill the desire to adopt Nabi Ebrahims ways and be Khalil and friends with Allah. This is the best friend in our life who will never leave us, always loyal, always there. Etc. 


The Husayni Coat – plus movement  Actor 6 and Zohra – Red

In this station, children will get to hear the story of the Husayni Coat and then get to try on a whole bunch of coats and look in the mirror and talk about how wearing the Husayni Coat is being a friend to Allah. All the values of Imam Husayn are in line with Nabi Ebrahim. Nabi Ebrahim is a great great great grandfather of Imam Husayn and his dua is the Imam Husayn. 

Do the parachute with balls. Children together act with kindness, are thankful, brave and it creates this energy like the energy you see in your smiles and joys while playing parachute and this togetherness and strength and bravery and kindness and gratitude and godliness is what will help hasten the reappearance of our holy Imam.


Upon wearing the coat, 


Marvellous milky magic – Actor 7 And Nabeeha – Yellow


Milk is a lovely pure good healthy drink. It is good. The milk represents the love we have. This is great, but there is something greater. With friendship with Allah, it makes the love even greater. Add the strawberry syrup. Allow the children to watch. Has the milk remained the same? The love of Allah has changed the milk into something sweeter. But to make it really amazing, we need to mix it. This is the the time we spend, the love we give, the worship we do, for our friend. Put in the whisk and watch as the milk now gets a good whisk and becomes properly mixed and frothy. Allow children to have a shot glass and enjoy the milk. 

Whenever they have a drink, they can now use their very own whisk to remind them to put in the effort to become friends with Allah. All friendships need communication, time, love, selfless giving etc. It’s the effort we put in. In the same way, as striving Khalilulah, we want to put in the effort in our relationship with Allah to get to Khalilullah. Purple group can talk about how buloogh is giving them the opportunity to take that time to do the sa’ah and 



Ask questions like what qualities we look for in friends. Why?

What qualities do we have that would want others to be our friends?

Do we want to befriend Allah and why?

What qualities does Allah have that we love and we cultivate a friendship with Him

What qualities do we have that Allah loves so we can be striving Khalilulah?

Look at life of Nabi Ebrahim and what he did that gave him the title

What advice does the holy Quran give in ayat 4: 125 to become friends with Allah

What 2 things are we going to do to cultivate the friendship with Allah.

With buloogh, and the wajibat, using the experiment show the girls how Allah wants to protect His friend and give to His friend the very best place to stay with the ultimate comfort and peace in the next world and so does everything with that in mind. All that He does is so sweet and kind and caring for our future because He is a besty. 

To prevent our hearts from getting rusted and dark, He places us under a very beautiful protection however He does not force us. He has given us a choice. Everything He gives is out of His mercy and buloogh is like that too. 

With our understanding of Islam and our core beliefs and becoming best friends with Allah, we now do everything for our best friend in a manner that is perfect just like how we would do for a dunia friend at school or madrasah or a sibling. 

For example: Planning a party for a friend, what would we do? Discuss. Party, games, supplies, decoration, cake, surprise etc, cause its our best friend in the same way, we want to do the ultimate for our friend Allah. Pray correctly, pre requisities are correct and kind. Etc. Allah our friend makes everything perfect for us, we do the same for Him and the acts of worship  too. 


Talk a little bit about marjah and how they are like the best in the field. We go to the doctor if we are ill, the builder if we need something made, the gardner for the farming, etc. Why would we not go to the doctor if the garden needs doing up?Everything has a specialist. The specialist on our guiding laws is the amazing lovely ulema or alims. We do their taqleed. It 

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