Session 3

Science of Gratitude – Session 3



Farmer Faaris – actor 1

Farmer Farid – actor 2

Grandpa Ahmed – actor 3

actor 2, actor 3 , actor 4 – Cows / sheep/ chicken

actor 2, actor 3, actor 4 – Apple, Banana, Carrot, cucumber

Mr 2T – actor 1 and actor 5



Farmer hat for both farmers. 

Wear jeans and checked shirt and hat with F for both. 

Maybe with masking tape on your clothes or something.

Folder with Farming foundation course on it with masking tape.

Cow horns or hat or mask for all 3

Sheep hat and hair band for all 3

Chicken hat and chicken gear for all 3

Friday magazine

Brochure – Farming fantastic foundation

poster – Allah is my teacher

poster – I am Allah’s student


Poster – My guide book, the Holy Quran

poster – Salaam 

poster – Allamal Quran


Farmer Faaris and Farmer Farid were friends. They both had farms in Finland. 

actor 1 and actor 2 come on stage as farmers one by one and greet the audience and then actor 1 goes about farming and actor 2 comes with her chair and just sits eating grass


Farmer Faaris began to learn about farming from when he was  five. He went to school and then university and was always learning how to be a better farmer. 

actor 1 to come holding a folder with masking tape written Farming foundation course. Walk back and forth reading the book and actor 2 just sitting and eating grass


Farmer Farid on the other hand was the complete opposite. He didn’t bother to learn or strive to learn. He sat with his feet up by the barn chewing grass. 

actor 2 to continue to sit. When I say your name, you lift your hat, nod at crowd and then put hat back down, eat grass and feet up on a stool.


Farmer Faaris grew fruits and had lots of animals on his farm. 

actor 2 to leave now and actor 1 to take centre stage. 

Do some cool moves with your animals actor 1 here. 

actor 4, actor 3 and actor 2 you need to work fast to change from one animal to another. 

There were cows. 

Give me a nice moo sound. 

All mualims do a small cow moo move and sound here


There were sheep. 

Give me a nice Baa sound. 

All mualims do a nice sheep baa move and sound here

actor 1 stays on stage the whole time. actor 3 actor 4 actor 2 to come out looking like sheep

There were chickens

Give me a nice cluck cluck sound. 

All mualims do chicken move and sound here


Farmer Faaris kept on learning how to be the best farmer he could be. He read farming magazines. 

actor 1 to come folding a Friday magazine which we masking tape Farming Friday on it. Pace the stage and sit at laptop and pretend to study. Then go back stage with laptop and come back with fruity friends.

He studied on his computer and became better and better at farming. 


Look at his fruits and vegetables. They grew so big and juicy.


Rhyme here on fruits.

We like to eat eat eat fruits and vegetables

We like to eat eat eat carrots and cucumbers

We like to eat eat eat apples and bananas

Thank you Ar Rahman Thank you Ar Rahman 

actor 3, actor 4 to come out and do some fruit moves and rhyme

Mualims to come out as fruit faces and do fruit moves. 

And singing and happy with Farmer Faaris.


Farmer Farid didn’t learn more and more about farming. 

Farmer Farid didn’t read magazines and study on his computer about being a great farmer. He just sat there on his chair chewing grass.

actor 2 to come out as Farmer Farid and just sit eat grass


Harvest season was coming up. Farmer Faaris was super busy. He had so many tomatoes. He had so many carrots. He had so many cucumbers. He had so many apples. He had them all. His farm had one lorry after another visit him to pick up fruits and vegetables. 

actor 1 to go round and round the partition bringing same box showing fruits and veg harvest. actor 2 to be seated on your farm eating grass


Farmer Farid on the other hand, didn’t have lorries coming to collect things. 


Farmer Farid didn’t have anything to share with the people. His farm didn’t even grow one tomato. 

actor 2 still seated there eating grass


As the birds flew by the farm, they could not help but notice the difference between the two farms. Farmer Faaris’s farm was full of fruits and vegetable 

actor 3 and actor 4 to come as fruits and exit – do this really quickly

and happy animal sounds with a moo moo here and a moo moo there, here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo moo 

Now actor 3 and actor 4 to come back as cows

and a baa baa here and a baa baa there, here a baa, there a baa, everywhere a baa baa. 

Now actor 3 and actor 4 to come back as sheep

And a cluck cluck here and a cluck cluck there. Here a cluck, there a cluck, everywhere a cluck cluck. 

Now actor 3 and actor 4 to come back as chickens


Farmer Faaris went to visit his friend Farmer Farid one day. 

actor 1 goes to visit actor 2 and talking with exaggerated expression

How’s harvest season Farid?


I haven’t harvested anything Faaris. 


You what??????


I haven’t harvested anything.


Did you sow the seeds during sowing season, water the seeds and pull out the weeds?


Nooooo! I didn’t know I had to do that. 


Did you milk the cows, feed and bathe them?


Nooo! I didn’t know I had to do that?


Hmmmmm said Farmer Faaris scratching his head. 


You need to learn farming. Farming Fantastic Foundation is the best school to learn farming. They have the best farmers and farm teachers there. Why don’t you go there?

actor 1 to pull out brochure from back pocket. 

Any brochure and masking tape. Farming Fantastic foundation


Will I learn to be the best farmer and have a great farm?


You sure will, Farmer Farid. You sure will. 

It’s the best place with the best farming teachers. 


Ok! Sign me up. Farming Fantastic Foundation, here I come. 

actor 2 to now stand up and be quite excited about learning. 


Farmer Farid learnt everything he needed to know about farming.


Slowly but surely, Farmer Farid’s farm became a flourishing farm. With so many different kinds of fruits, flowers, vegetables and animals. 

actor 2 goes to school. actor 4 to come as teacher and pretend to teach

His learning paid off. 


Farmer Farid thanked Allah for the blessing of learning. 

actor 1 and actor 5 to come as Mr 2T and sing with moves


Mr. 2T – Think and Thank!

Mr. 2T – Think and Thank!

I go about my day, Mr. 2 T joins me and shouts

Fill up my tank! Fill up my tank!

Mr. 2T – Think and Thank!

I think about the blessing, I’m in.

I thank Allah for it, and fill up the tank


Thank you Allah, for my friend Farmer Faaris who guided me towards getting the knowledge to be the best farmer I can be.

Thank you Allah for my farm, my animals, my fruits and vegetables. Thank you Allah for everything. 

actor 2 to raise hands in dua and narrate yourself or actor 5 to say for you. 


When Grandpa Ahmed visited the farm, he chatted with Farmer Farid commending him on his farm. He said, Farid, you have done well because you learnt and acted on your learning. Your farm is super fantastic

actor 3 to come as Grandpa Ahmed and pretend to talk to actor 2


You know Farid, we all have a great teacher. His name is Allah. 

actor 4 to come out holding poster – Allah is my teacher

He says Allamal Quran. He taught the Quran. 

Now actor 4 show Next poster – I am Allah’s student

Our learning from our teacher Allah through the Quran and the guides makes us spend our lives sowing the best seeds that reap the juiciest fruits in jannah. 

actor 1 to hold up Quran and poster – My guide book, the Holy Quran

Success comes from listening to your teacher Allah and acting on what He teaches. Be His student. Allamal Quran. 

actor 1 to hold poster – Salaam 

actor 3 to come and hold poster – Allamal Quran


Then actor 5 to sing and point to posters like talking through the rhyme acting

I am a learner I am a learner

I am a learner from my teacher, Allah


I am a student I am a student 

I am a student in the class of Allah


I have a guide book I have a guide book

I have guide book, the holy Quran


I listen to my teacher, I read from my guide book

I follow the guides and Hip hip Hooray Hip Hip Horray

Hip Hip Hooray, I graduate into salaam

Salaam Salaam Salaam Salaam Salaam all mualims say together


Allamal Quran, thank you Ar Rahman

Allamal Quran, thank you Ar Rahman. 

Thank you Ar Rahman


My dua, my lifes motto: 

Rabbi zidni ilman. 

O Lord, increase me in knowledge. 


Allamal Quran

Surah Rahman 55:2

Rabbi zidni ilman 

Surah Taha 20: 114




ART – actor 4 and actor 2

Children get to see the instructions on how to make an origami piece. Then with your guidance, they all make this amazing origami piece. We see how the instructions are like the holy Quran and the mualim or teacher is like the guide. Allah sent Ahlul bayt to take guidance from and the end result is the origami piece. Following the guidance both instruction and people achieves the outcome. 

In our llife, the outcome is Allah’s pleasure. Allah in His mercy sent both book and guides to make this easy and possible. 


Learn and act – Origami instruction and guidance from mualim makes me make this thing. 

Same way. Instruction from Quran and guidance from Holy Prophet and Ahlul Bayt makes me make this beautiful place close to Allah – seek His pleasure.    


MOVEMENT – actor 1

Pretend to be a seed

Then a shoot  Then a flower  Then a fruit

All the above movement action based play. 

Then look at the self

Seed is sowing belief in our heart. 

Actions for one God, Allah

Then shoot. Go about our days doing good with this belief

Then jump for joy in jannah when we reach the aakhirah having fulfileed our purpose. 

Jump on trampoline.

Guidance, Alive, Learning

Seeds and soil


Time permitting, plant in the meandmawla garden. Or taking a walk to see the fruits and veg we have growing in the garden. 

Lime, tomatoes, chillies, aloe vera, mint, okra, 


SCIENCE & ART- Nabeeha

Science of Plant growth 

Younger children can do the worksheet on life cycle of plant.

They make dots with cotton buds and paint for seeds.

The do leaf printing for shoots

They do leaf printing and sponge flowers for flowers.

End with daram fruit which they make with cotton buds for the seeds.

Sheet shows the same with ourselves on the outer circle. 

Purple group can get an indepth lesson of seed germination, seed dispersal, pollination and look at the time of the year when seeds are sowed and then when farmers reap the harvest.

In the same vein, this time on earth is the time to sow the seeds to reap the harvest in the aakhirah. 

Its hard work time. What do farmers do.

Plough the land, plant the seeds, water and remove weeds


We want to plough our hearts with love of Allah

Sow seeds of belief and iman

Care for them by watering with amilus salehat 

Remove weeds by asking forgiveness 

Also self accounting

Harvest waiting in the aakhirah. Keep doing good



Pencils and rubber bands and Holy Quran. 

Children work in teams.

All the pencils build like a da vinci’s bridge where each pencil has something that the holy Quran is. 

Children get to engineer this bridge that is your path into the aakhirah. 


What is the Quran?

History Book

Science Book

Book of Morals

Best examples

Dua book


Allahs content is the best content 

I listen to the teacher

Apply the content. Note here it is not learn the content

I reach my full potential

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