Session 3



Scaler Scientist – Actor 1

BFFs – Actor 2 and Actor 3

Actor 2 mother – Actor 6 

Doctor – Actor 5

Prophet muhammed- Actor 6

Salman – Actor 7

Christian priests – Actor 2 and Actor 9 

Arab travellers – Actor 8 and Actor 5

Arab man with suitcase – Actor 5

Man asking – do you know who this is – Actor 8



Actor 7 scientist outfit – Actor 7

Small white table with stuff for pulley 

Images to show from ipad (find list in story crane, etc. Pls put in order I have written)– Actor 7 to find images, make a powerpoint and bring on large size ipad.

Bench – 

X ray of leg –

Crutches – Actor 2

Bandage – Actor 2

Pope hats 2 –

Camels on stick –

Khandaq drawing on speech black board with chalk – Nabeeha from meandmawla cupboard

Suitcase – 

Caricature of Actor 2 and Actor 9  for Actor 7’s pulley – Nabeeha

Palm tree-

Fresh dates – Actor 2


Stage set up

Actor 7 stall on one side. Bench covered with some science stuff or hidden on other side of stage. Middle of stage used to do acting and movement as per script.


Scientists ready with all their stuff for intro with up, down, poof explode freeze etc and come on stage. 



First line of dua before begin anything

Count on me rhyme 

Scientist intro like every week. – Salaam Alaykum welcome intro by each. All other scientists to MOVE themselves to match the movements in the background


Actor 7, once you have done your salaam, quietly get off stage and take off your gear as you need it to wear when we start the play on stage. Keep ready and come with it when I start the story. 


All scientists get out and Actor 7 to bring her stuff and come on stage

Scaler Actor 7 works at Meandmawla. She’s a scientist. She wakes up early in the morning, says salaam to her Mawla AF and gets busy with her day. 


In the morning, eyes full of sleep,  First thing I do is , Imam to greet. Al Ajaal ya Imam. Peace be with you. My pledge I renew. Peace be with you. 

To Allah I pray, To keep you safe, Mawla each day. Al Ajaal ya Imam Peace be with you. Peacccceeee be with youuuuu.


Actor 7 to come and stretch and wake up, rub eyes and then exaggerate act out these movements. 


Actor 7 woke up, brushed her teeth and get ready. She put on her white coat, top hat and glasses and headed to Meandmawla where she worked. She was super excited because all the children were coming for Science Week. 

Actor 7 to dress up on stage


The students arrived buzzing with excitement.

Actor 5, Actor 6, Actor 2 i to come to school wearing uniform like clothes with school ties and behave like school friends and go and sit down with the crowd.


Welcome to Meandmawla’s, Science Week, a week where we shall be diving into the world of science and discover, investigate, ask questions and find answers.

narrator to come and welcome everyone to science week.

By this time, Actor 2 and Actor 3 are seated in the crowd. 


The children walked through the halls viewing the exhibits.  Actor 2 and Actor 3, 2 BFF’s best friends forever went straight to Scaler Actor 7’s stall. They loved her class. 

Actor 7 has her stall on one side of the stage. Actor 5 and Actor 6 slowly disappear from the stage leaving the two BFFs Actor 3 and Actor 2 with Actor 7. Actor 2 stand and come on stage like bestys and walk around and then find yourselves at Actor 7s stall.


Actor 3, can you carry Actor 2? Asked Scaler Actor 7. 

I can try replied Actor 3.

Actor 3 to try and carry Actor 2. Get the crowd to have a bit of a laugh

 How about I show you how? You can show me how to carry Actor 2? Oh yes I can. All we gotta do is use a pulley. A pulley? Yes! Watch.

Actor 7 to demonstrate.


Actor 7 to show the pulley

A basic pulley is made of a wheel on a fixed axle with a groove along the edges to guide the rope. The Load is the weight of what you want to lift and the effort is the amount of force needed to lift the object pulling on the rope. This way it becomes so much easier to lift something. 

Actor 7 shows the amazing workings of a pulley. First show them the pulley. Then attach to the partition and then add Actor 2 to the basket and then pull up. 


That’s amazing! Said Actor 2 and Actor 3 together. 

I’ve shown it to you with a small pulley here, but when you go outside for stations, you and all the children at meandmawla can try it out with the bigger one. 

May I try please? Asked Actor 3.  Sure said Scaler Actor 7.

Actor 2 to use the pulley and enjoy how it works


Pulleys are used in so many different places. They are used in elevators. Flag poles. Curtain blinds. Cranes, garage doors, rock climbers use pulleys too to help them climb. Even wells. 

Actor 7 to show a bunch of coloured A4 pictures on a laptop.


That’s amazing. I always wondered how elevators worked and now I know said Actor 2. The pulley does the lifting. Yes, you can see here in this picture how the pulley helps space out the weight of the people in the lift 

Actor 7 to show picture here of how pulleys work. 

Thank you so much, Scaler Actor 7! See you around said Actor 9

Actor 9 then nudges Actor 2 to say thanks and then Actor 2 says thanks as well. (Do this part loudly) And then Thanks her friend Actor 9 for reminding her to goodness.


As Actor 2 and Actor 3 roamed the Science Fair, they watched many other amazing science discoveries. After a while, they decided to go outside for a break. 

Actor 7 to take your table and exit the scene now. 


As they opened the door, Actor 2 rushed out enjoying the breeze and then 

Ouch!!!!!!! Shouted Actor 2. Ouchh!!!!!!! I think I’ve broken my leg. 

As Actor 2 tried to get to the Friendship bench, she tripped and fell. Her leg looked in a bad way.  


Here, let me help you up. You need a pulley said Actor 2 between moans and groans. Actor 9 giggled and helped her friend up on the bench. Lets get you to the school clinic. 


Actor 9 to help Actor 2 up and sit on the bench.

Upon observation, Actor 2 needed to go to the doctors and have her leg checked. Actor 2’s mum came. The doctors x rayed her leg and yes, it was broken. Actor 5 to come with stethoscope and be the doctor and hold up the x ray for all to see. Where the white coat. Actor 5 to put bandage on Actor 2 leg. 

Short few lines of doctor rhyme Actor 9 to now start singing with Actor 2. Will also help here with lines. 

Wa izza maridtu fahuwa yasfin

When I am feeling sick, he restores me health.


 She needed a cast and would need crutches. Actor 3, her best friend stood by her and helped her all the while. That’s what friends do. Stand by you, pulling you up, up, up just like a pulley. 

Actor 3 to help Actor 2 to stand and with crutches

Slowly all 3 of you exit the scene and now the stage becomes the salman part. 

Later that evening, Actor 2 lay in bed with her mum and her best friend by her side. 

Knowing very well that stories distract Actor 2 from pain, Mummy Actor 6 decided to share a story  


A long time ago, there lived a man by the name of Ruzbeh. He came from a very rich Persian family. 

Actor 7 to come dressed in intricate pattern clothes looking Persian. 

He lived a life with many servants at his beck and call. Ruzbeh searched and searched for meaning in his life. 

Actor 7 to walk on stage from one side to the other, stop on one side, and wonder and then walk towards the other side and wonder. Hands point like at the sun and then hands up in like question mark wondering. 

When he was 16, his father asked him to be in charge of the temple where the burning flame was. 

The bench now transformed to the temple with fire there. Actor 7 to come and like look after the flame abd then pick up books and read and then raise hands in confusion looks and hand gestures of question marks

Ruzbeh guarded the flame and spent his time studying the religion. Many things did not make sense and so he asked lots and lots of questions for which he got no answers. 


One day, hs dad asked him to travel for some work. There he met some men who believed in the Lord of Nabi Isa. 

Actor 2 and Actor 9 to become Christian priests dressed in robes and pope type hats come from one side, talk to Actor 7 and then leave. Actor 7 on stage and now sitting on the side prisoned but still curious thinking like gestures. 

He was drawn to them. His father was not happy about this. In fact he was rather cross. He kept Ruzbeh at home. Ruzbeh still found ways to search for the truth. Allah helps all those who search for haqq and shares super friends along the way. 


Soon he travelled to Syria with a group of people. He heard about Prophet Muhammed. 

Actor 5, Actor 8 to come on stage from one side of partition as arab travellers holding camels and some bags and take Actor 7 with you. Get off stage on other side of partition and Actor 7 to now go to the palm tree and start harvesting 

Someone told him, that the truth and the best way is to follow Muhammed. Ruzbeh, strived and strived to find a way to get to Mecca where he knew he could meet Prophet Muhammed. but

He was bought as a slave and taken to Medina. There his job was to harvest lots and lots of dates. Actor 7 harvesting the dates. 

One day, he heard that Prophet Muhammed was coming to Medina. He was soo happy. At the first opportunity he got, Ruzbeh went to meet  prophet muhammed. 

Actor 6 to come as Prophet muhammed and talk to Actor 7

Ruzbeh introduced himself to the holy prophet and shared the story of his life and how from the start, he has struggled and strived yearning to find the truth. 

Actor 7 to hand gesture exaggerate 

Rasullulah loved Ruzbeh so much. He gave him the name Salman which comes from salam, which means peace. 


Prophet Muhammed lifted his new friend Salman from the darkness of not knowing the truth to the light of Allah. 

Spot light goes on here. Actor 8 to put on the spot light from the back and it shines from behind them as they stand together

That’s one of the qualities we look for in friends. We look for friends who lift you up, up , up to great character, towards Allah. And Salman found this character in Prophet Muhammed. Salman loved Prophet Muahmmed and the truth so much, giving his all to find it. Prophet Muhammed loved his friend Salman so much too. He made Salman a member of his family, a part of the Ahlul bayt. 


Prophet Muhammed honoured Salman’s ideas 

Actor 7 to hold black board speech bubble with chalk drawing of ditch drawing. as all good friends do. Once, his idea was to build a ditch to protect the people and that idea ended up helping saving the people in Madina. 


Prophet Muhammed was very precious to Salman just as Salman was precious to Rasullulah and his family. When Rasullulah was in his last days, Salman never left his side. Great friends will stick by you no matter what. Salman stayed with Prophet Muahmmed’s family even after he left this world for the next. 

Actor 6 and Actor 7 to hug here and then Actor 6 to leave once I finish this paragraph


One day, when he became the Leader of the land of madain, Salman met a man on the road. The man asked him to carry his suitcase. Salman who was the leader of the land, carried the bags without questions. Someone asked the man, do you know who you have asked to carry your bags? He said, no. He was told, he is the leader of Madain. The man begged forgiveness but Salman said, it is an honour to serve others. These are the qualities we look for in friends.  


Actor 5 to come with suitcase and come on stage on the side. Actor 7 to go and help carry the bags.  Actor 8 to come and ask Actor 5 questioningly. DO you know who this is. Actor 5 then begs Actor 7 for forgiveness and takes the suit case and leave the stage with Actor 8. Actor 7 to be humble on stage


Salman got the title of Salman al Muhammadi from Prophet Muhammed. He was a great friend who stood by Rasullulah and his family no matter what.

and then also leave the stage making way for Actor 2 and Actor 9 to come on. Actor 2 to come with crutches and Actor 9 helping her. 

Wow! Said Actor 2 so mesmerized by the story of Salman al Muhammadi. I wish I could meet him. Friends are like pulleys. They lift you up to goodness, to good akhlaq, towards the Almighty.  Wa ta awanu allal birri wat taqwa. And help one another in good ness and taqwa. As Actor 2 looked at her friend Actor 3, she thanked her for being her pulley. She lifted her up when she fell, She lifted her to good akhlaq. She lifted her towards goodness which all comes from Allah. 


Are you a pulley for your friends? Do you lift your friends up towards goodness? How was Actor 3 a pulley to Actor 2?






Actor 2 and Actor 5  – Engineering


Pulley for children to go up and down on the swing. 

Ask the children to pair up and ask them to try and lift each other to the height of the pulley. Let both in the pair try. Now show them how you can help them make this possible.

Using the construction pulley, the sailors rope and the green swing, get children to experience what it is like to be pulled up and to pull others up. Ask children to observe the determination with which they want to pull their friends. Observe the joy on the faces of the ones being pulled up. This is friendship. When we pull our friends up to goodness, to good akhlaq, to Allah. 

Talk about pulleys and how they work. The friend is the one we pull up or we are pulled up by. The pulley makes it so much easier to do something we cannot other wise do. This is Allah and His love. Quran and Ahlul Bayt who guide us are the rope that connects us to Allah. As a true friend, we want to always hold on tight to the rope of Allah and take each other up up up too. 

From the science perspective, talk about how displacing the weight makes it possible to lift. When you trust Allah and work with His guidance, everything is possible. 

Connect to the ayat. Wa taawanu alal birri wat taqwa. 


Actor 6 and Actor 7  -Art and Engineering

 2 separate stations where you will complete the whole exercise with your group taking the time of 2 stations. So you will not see all the kids this week.


Basket weaving and then combining and making the pulley to work. 


Each child gets one basket and 2 strings. Teach them how we weave using the shoe lace type stuff. Let them take their time here. As they weave, talk about weaving and where it is used. Baskets, clothes etc. Then talk about how it is also used in friendship. Weaving good values and taqwa in a friendship is one of the best weaves we can ever do. As they weave, share qualities and sceanrios of what friends do for each other. Pose questions and let children work through these. 

PURPLE GROUP: The purple group will make the whole pulley from scratch by themselves, coming up with their own ideas on how to and enginnering it. On the basket, they put masking tape and write qualities of a friend that lifts you up up up. How I want to be this friend and want to find this in the friends I choose. In buloogh, we are talking about befriending a Marja Taqleed. This is taking a friend who will guide you with all the worship acts that get you to Allah pleasure and using the teachings and guidance of the Quran and the ahlul bayt. 

Your mother is also your best friend in the journey of buloogh. She wants nothing but for you to elevate yourself in this world and the next. Her counsel and guidance and you befriending your mum , in it is for you elevation. The wajibat of buloogh imposed on us as we turn 9 is Allah taking us as a friend and lifting us up ever so beautifully. 


Then talk about pulleys and how its all good to weave goodness but the best goodness is to raise friend and friendship to Allah. So we want to connect to a pulley. This is Allah. The rope is the Quranic teachings and the ahlul bayt. This is now the bestest of friendship. Where the niyyat is for Allah pleasure. 


Give the 2-3 sweets and allow children to use their hand made pulleys. Show them how to put on door handle and tape it at home in different ways. They can use in car game. They can use with the doll house. 


Allah’s amazing Elevator. – Movement and Reading – Zohra 


Have large black bench placed outside for children to sit on for the movement activity. 

Share the story of Nabi Ebrahim and how his best friend provided for him a lift to help build the Kaaba. Connect to last week and how Allah took Nabi Ebrahim as a friend. Khalilulah. Talk about the 3 steps. Muslim, Muhsin and wat tabaah Milata Ibrahima Haneefa. 

Your friend will always lift you up in all ways. Just as Allah did when Nabi Ebrahim needed it in the building of the Kaaba. As a friend we will use all ways possible to lift our friend up to goodness. 

Lets pretend the balls are our friends. We use everyway to to lift our friend. If this way don’t work, we use another way, but we lift them to good ness to Allah. 

Easy with the hand. Lets try with our feet. Using our feet, try and lift friend , lift ball out of water and to golden basket.


We can also use 2 friends, one hand each to help. Connect to the ayat. 




Purple group enginnering their pulley from scratch. All connections as above. While the pulley making and basket going on, place scenarios and they discuss 


This week lets talk about cleanliness. The most important cleanliness is the clean heart. You are beautiful for who you. Inner beauty and inner cleanliness. 

Cleanliness is half of faith. Ponder this hadith. 


Look at different cleanliness. 

Mind, thoughts, actions, niyyat, heart, deeds, desires, foods, body, etc. 


Why is it important to have cleanliness in all these?

How is this Allah being a pulley and pulling me up to good ness?

Why is talking to Allah something that is wajib now? How does it pull me up? Why does not praying not pull me up to my best friend Allah? Who are the guides that I can hold on ? (the rope) Why and what do they do to be the rope?

Why is it important to make a good choice with the friends I keep in this journey?

What is the criteria that helps me with this choice. Make a list.

Connect to ayat. 


Purple group can come out once completed to do the Actor 2 and Actor 5 station and experience the pulley. 


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