Session 4

The science of Gratitude – Session 4


Khalaqal insan – He created man


Take a deep breath , In – Out? 

Now take another deep breathe. But in from your eyes and out from your toes. 

Try Try! 

Mualims do some silly things on stage. 

It’s a law you cant change


How many of you are boys. Shout out boys!

How many girls. Shout out girls. 

Can you wake up one morning saying, talk to actor 1. 

Can you wake up wanting to be a boy? NOOOOOOOO

It’s a law you cant change.



How about if I wake up and I want everything I have not to fall. I want everything to go and stay upwards instead. 

Lets try. 


I have this feather. I want it to not fall down, only stay up. 

actor 2 blow blow actor 1 blow blow until it falls. 


Conclude that these are laws we live in this world by. We cant change them. Allah – Ar Rahman made these laws and they are all good for us. 


Use same millions of bubbles and show children how these laws are another blessing. – Ar Rahman


Flying kisses to Allah. 



Nautical actor 3 – as is

Miss woggle – actor 5

Scaler actor 4 – As is

actor 1 – Mr2T/ Earth/ 



Nutribullet – actor 2

Nutri bullet 2 – actor 1

2 gifts bags with nutri bullet in each – actor 2

extension wire – actor 2

snack Box of fruits – actor 2

water for blending smoothie – actor 2

yogurt pot – actor 2

spoon – actor 2

photos of bbq / doof cooking on cooker – actor 5

Human book – actor 2 

Globe – sheilas bue and green

Energy laws of Allah – poster – actor 1

I follow Allah’s energy sign for actor 1- actor 1

Sparkly energy to add to Quran poster – actor 1 and actor 2

Khalaqal insan poster – actor 1/ actor 2


After scientist start, scaler actor 4 and miss woggle to stay on stage. 

actor 3 go at the back and come back with the gift bags.

actor 5 bring the table to the front


Miss Woggle! Scaler actor 4 look what I got for you! Said Nautical actor 3 one day. 

actor 3 gives actor 5 and actor 4 a pretty gift bag. HUG actor 3!!!

actor 5  and actor 4 take out a blender from the gift bag. Both have Nutri bullet and set it on 2 separate tables 


Wow! Thank you Nautical actor 3! I really wanted a Nutri bullet to make smoothies. 

Well, here you are! A gift from a friend to a friend. 


actor 2 and actor 1 with actor 4 and actor 5 do the Mr 2T with movements here. 

Mr 2T think and thank.

actor 5 and actor 4 to say – Thank you Allah for a friend like Nautical actor 3 and my nutri bullet. Thank you Allah for smoothies. Yahoooo!!!!!!


Lets make a smoothie Miss Woggle! Said Scaler actor 4 excitedly. 

Yah! Here I have some fruits in my snack box. 

actor 5 takes out box of fruits. 

actor 4 and actor 5 to get ready with the stuff they need to make smoothie. 

actor 5 plugs the nutri bullet in quite subtely and then adds the fruits

actor 4 goes about adding the fruits. Don’t plug in the nutri bullet. Happily humming away. 


Ok, Scaler actor 4, are you ready


Yep! I’ve got my fruits in. I’ve added some yogurt and some water. Here we go. 


Lets count to 5 and start our nutri bullets together. 

1 2 3 4 5! Gooooooo!


Only actor 5’s works. 


Yahooo! Smoothie! Super Smoothie. 

actor 5 holding the blender and enjoying watching the smoothie spinning in nutria bullet. actor 5 oblivious to the fact that actor 4’s is not working. 


actor 4 is really wondering what to do. Looking this way and that. 

Then actor 5 opens hers and pours it in and ready to drink when she notices that actor 4’s is not even blended. 


Hey! Scaler actor 4! What happened?

Well my blender is not working. I think I better ring up Nautical actor 3 and tell her mine is faulty. 

Let me have a look! Said Miss woogle


actor 5 to look at blender and try and see.

Then notices that its not plugged in and show the cord. 


Scaler actor 4! You didn’t plug it in. 


Look, you plug it in like this so it gets energy from the electricity to work. 

actor 5 plugs it in and actor 4 makes her smoothie.


Yahooo! Smoothie! Super Smoothie! 

actor 4 makes smoothie, opens and takes a drink! 

Yummmy! I love Smoothies.


So does everything need energy to work asked Scaler actor 4 thinking.


Absolutely everything Scaler actor 4! The nutri bullet will not work without energy from electricity. 

actor 5 lifting up nutri bullet and show audience the cord.


Can I use my nutri bullet without using electricity?


No Scaler actor 4, you have to plug it in and use electricity. The fruits will not blend inside without giving the nutri bullet power to spin. 


Allah has made energy so everything can work. 


Food gets cooked with heat energy from fire or electricity. 

actor 5 to lift up ipad and show bbq going on and then food cooking on cooker.


Plants grow from energy they get from the sun, water and soil.

Poster from meandmawla on above


Cars get their energy from fuel which comes from under the earth. 

actor 5 show picture of car at fueling station. Local dubai enoc eppco pic


We need energy too. We get our energy from food and rest which Allah has given us.

actor 5 show picture of food and then human asleep.

I will send of actor 3 eating and sleeping to make it fun and funny


Our heart needs energy to pump blood around our bodies. 

actor 5 show pic of heart pumping blood from book

Our lungs need energy to be able to breathe in and out.

actor 5 show pic from human book – lungs

Our muscles need energy from foods like meat and chicken to be strong.

actor 5 show muscles book

Our eyes need energy to be able to open and close and to see. 

actor 5 show eyes 


The earth needs energy from Allah to spin round so we can have day and night. 

actor 1 to come as earth and hold globe and spin round and round. Globe on head and show spin- actor 2 explain


And you know what Scaler actor 4!

Everything follows the energy laws of Allah in the world. 

The energy laws of Allah – actor 5 show poster


Here, why don’t you try. 

Take a deep breath. 

actor 4 breathes in and out loudly exaggerate


Now try and breathe in from your eyes and out from your toes.

actor 4 makes funny face. 


You see Scaler actor 4. You have to follow the energy laws Allah has made to do what you do. You don’t have a choice. 


The earth cant wake up in the morning and think, today I’m not going to spin or I’m gonna spin twice as fast.

actor 1 to come and spin. Hold sign. I follow Allah’s energy laws


A tree cant wake up in the morning and say, I want my energy from petrol.

actor 5 show image on ipad


Everything in the world must follows Allah’s energy laws. 

actor 5 hold up energy laws poster again


And guess what, Allah has made another super amazing Sparkly energy law. 


We all have a golden heart Right! 

actor 1 to come all gold and hold golden heart poster in from one side of partition and out from the other


It needs energy too. 

The sparkly energy laws for the golden heart is the Holy Quran. 

actor 1 to come back with golden heart poster and quran poster with Sparkly energy on it


If you follow the sparkly energy laws which Allah has given us as a choice and the regular energy laws for which there is no choice, then you become a complete human. 


Allah has made us to follow both laws. 

He says in surah Rahman, Khalaqal insan

He created man. 


actor 3 to come and hold up Khalaqal insan poster


What Allah makes is all good.

The energy laws and the sparkly  energy laws are the best laws. 


actor 5 hold Energy laws poster 

actor 4 hold plus sign

actor 2 hold Sparkly energy laws poster

actor 3 hold eguals sign and khalaqal insan poster

So children see the formula


Oh, I love the Quran. It’s my favourite book. Everytime I read it, I feel so bright and so light. 

I feel so sparkly, hugged by Allah’s might said Scaler actor 4

actor 4 to skip around the stage and give flying kisses and show love for Quran in your thoughts, actions, feelings, heart


Thank you Allah for the energy laws and the Sparkly Energy law. 

actor 2 and actor 1 Mr 2T Think and Thank.

actor 5 and actor 4 and actor 3 to hold the formula behind us and actor 1 and actor 2 to do Mr 2T. Everyone sings together




Make a smoothie or watermelon juice  – Science – actor 2

compare spinning of blender to energy source – electricity. Take a look at electricity

Compare to earth spin- source is Allah no mistakes, no errors, 

We have consistency.

Energy law is needed for blender to work. 

Energy law is needed for earth to work. (Day n night)


How we know for sure we have day and night. Show with experiment how day and night is working. 

Globe and Torch. 

Energy laws of Allah, you cannot change. 

Earth uses energy to spin around and orbit. Earth gets energy from Allah to spin using energy laws. It can’t change. 

When Allah asks us to do tawaf around the Kaaba just like the spinning blender, spinning earth, spinning human, we spin around in the energy laws of Allah. This is a way to bring to awareness the sparkly energy law. 

By following Allah’s energy law and Allah’s sparkly energy law we become complete Human. 


Ride a bicycle or tricycle or scooter – Movement – actor 1

Kids get to see how law of gravity, law of cause and effect work. You put energy in, you move closer to goal. 

Also show how muscles legs at work using energy to move the leg. Go into the business of muscles and how they need fuel to push just as a car needs fuel to go forward. 

Fueled with food and knowledge and experience

Fuel of the heart with Quran – belief and action

You put energy from sparkly energy law into golden heart, you move closer and closer. 

How are we going to do that? Plan of action

Ask children what they are doing to get sparkly energy. 


PURPLE GROUP will learn how to use the Segway. actor 3 will come to help here at the end. All children should get ample time to try it out. 


Qul Quran + feelings. –actor 4


Make a box which we cut out a hole. Children get to put their hand inside and guess what it is. Then discuss the feeling. Rough, smooth, soft, prickly, cold, hard, wet, etc


Then children get to feel a hot water bottle. Talk about heat in what they are feeling. 


When Allah made us, He made us with this sense of touch and feeling. 


It is a beautiful beautiful blessing. When we feel heat, we know to draw our hand away. 

Our feelings are a protection as well as a pleasure. 


Which things to children enjoy touching from the ones on the table and why?


When we are not well, our parents feel for a temperature. That’s a big blessing. 


Allah is constantly showering us with blessings. 

Fabi ayyi ala irabikuma thukaziban


Khalaqal insan. 


The task is to use warm water or salt on the ice cubes and build the ayat. Each ice cube has a lego piece with the letters of the words khalqal insan written on with permanent pen. 

Khalaqal Insan. He created man

Talk about the feeling- cold ice. 

Can we not feel cold or hot? It’s a law that Allah has made. We cant choose. 

Can we choose to be cool/ chilled in our mood?

Can we choose not to get angry and hot headed?

Yes, that’s a choice we make. The Quran teaches us to Wa kulu linasi husna And speak to the people good. 


Good speech!!!! GREAT! The blessing of speech and using it the right way.

Children can share ways speech is good.


Hand Hand Hand Work – ART – Nabeeha


Make one ready

Children get to look at photos of a hand in different positions and the hand is doing different things. Children have to guess what the hand is doing. 

Observe the hand and the way it twists and turns, adjusts to do the variety of things. What part of the hand is engaged. 

Admire the amazing design of Allah.

Khalaqal insan. He created man.

Purple group, Red and possibly blue group get to do an art work of a hand in 3D. Green and yellow need simpler activity. 

Possibly puzzles. 

All the while talking about the hand and the different movements we can do with our hand. 

Hand is a very important part of our lives. We reach out to do things with our hands in so many ways everyday. The hand obeys Allah’s energy laws. 

A hand that is attached to a golden heart that obeys the sparkly energy laws is a hand that does wonders in the world. 



Rulers/ Paper/ crayons for this station for the art work

Images of Hand and then hand in action for this station.

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