Session 5

The science of Gratitude – session 5



Farmer Farid- actor 1

Farmer Faaris – actor 2

Little boy Bashir – actor 3

Little boy Shakir – actor 4

Zahra – actor 5

Molana – actor 4

Doctor – actor 3

Sick Son – actor 5

Brain – actor 2

Lungs – actor 5

Mouth – actor 4

Lips – actor 4

And Tongue – actor 3



2 Farm Hats 

Learn teach circle poster


For the opening, all mualims to do intro at the same time. It will get so noisy and messy and you are going to do all lines yourself. 

Crowd will be confused cause they are used to one by one.


Then I will say: Wow! That was a lot of people talking at the same time. Ask scientists. Ask children. Ask mums. 

Is that a good idea?

We take turns like the scientists normally do. 

We listen, this is how we learn.

We, all the mums and all the children are going to listen to the story. 

Scientists go quickly and get ready

You know, I really like circles. I like drawing them, I like painting them. 

actor 4 to hold my tray for me with the paints and brushes on stage.

Look, I’m gonna show you this amazing circle art.

Zohra to talk through the art.

Talk about how I like painting cause it helps me think. 

I was painting circles and thought about what they mean. 

And then it struck me. What goes around, comes around. 

When I start my brush here, it comes around and meets my starting point here. 

It’s the same thing with good we do. Hal jazaa ul ihsan illal ihsan. 

It’s the same with learning. When you learn something, you love to share it. Like Aunty selina. Shes a teacher. She learnt and she shares. Shes doing the circles. And you know what, Aunty Selina learnt it from Allah. He’s our teacher.  He teachers Quran. Allamal Quran then we learn and we teach and share. But how? Aunty Selina, how do you share your learning? Ask her- until she comes to the answer. Aha! She uses her speech. Who gave you speech? Allah. Allah says Alamahul Bayaan.He taught speech. It’s a full circle. 

Zohra finish painting and leave easel on stage for actor 1 to do spray paint later. 


actor 1 and actor 2 to come on stage and do farm moves. 


You all remember Farmer Faaris and Farmer Farid, Yah!

actor 2 and actor 1 to bounce out from backstage 

Farmer Faris and Farid had a farm 

And on their farm they had some cows, 

actor 5 bounce out again

With a moo here and a moo moo there, here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo moon

actor 5 quick change to sheep

And on their farm, they had some sheep, with a baa here and baa baa there, here a baa, there a baa, everywhere a baa baa

actor 5 quick change to chicken

And on their farm, they had some chickens with a cluck cluck here and cluck cluck there, here a cluck cluck, there a cluck cluck, everywhere a cluck cluck. 

actor 2 exit with actor 5


One morning, Farmer Farid sang, I am a learner, I am learner from my teacher Allah as he ploughed his farm, ready to sow more seeds. He was super busy all afternoon sowing seeds. 

actor 1 to be busy on the farm. Go round n circles. 


That afternoon, Little boy Bashir joined Farmer Farid. 

actor 3 to join actor 1 on stage and act like you are learning from actor 1 how to farm

Farmer Farid showed little boy Bashir how to sow seeds. Farmer Farid’s learning was now being shared. 


As little boy Bashir grew into Uncle Bashir, he too became a very successful farmer. He taught his farming skills to Little Boy Shakir. 

actor 4 to join actor 3 now and actor 3 teach actor 4 how to be a great farmer. 


 Farmer Farid began to see a pattern. Learn… teach Learn…. Teach.  

actor 1 to stand by this circle poster and use hand gestures to show circle of learning and teaching. Learning and teaching.


Farmer Farid remembered what grandpa Ahmed had said to him. Allah is our teacher and we are His students. He taught the Quran. Allamal Quran. 

Farid thought, the circle must be completed. We learn, we teach. Farid opened the Quran and read, Allamahul Bayan. He taught speech. 


Aha! Shouted Farid. There it is. We learn – Alamal Quran, We teach – Allamahul Bayan.

actor 1 to take gold glitter spray paint and spray outer circle  stage with  gold glitter on the outside. While I am narrating the above to show Allah’s learning is sparkly and needs a full circle too. 


We must use our speech to share what we learn from the Quran. That completes the circle.


Hmmmm! Thought Farmer Farid out loud. What is speech? 


Farmer Farid went onto his computer to do some research.


All mualims to come out one by one with these body parts to show speech

In the below rhyme, you need to do moves to match the words and get the meaning across


He read about T V Speech TEAM VOICE SPEECH



TTTTTTT T V Speech! 


Brain – actor 2

Lungs – actor 5

Mouth – actor 4

Lips – actor 4

And Tongue – actor 3



The brain’s thinking comes first, then the lungs send the air that’s needed to speak and then the mouth, tongue and lips make the sounds. This makes T V SPEECH! 

Team Voice Speech! T VSPEECH 

Mualims you stand from top to bottom to show each part. Last is actor 3 with the tongue.


Isn’t Allah amazing. He gave us speech after reminding us that He taught us Quran so we can complete the circle. Learn Quran and teach Quran. 

actor 1 to now take over the stage area and pace from one side to another so other mualims can get ready for next part and does not look like story is disjointed. 


Just then His neighbor, Farmer Faaris popped by with his little granddaughter, Zahra. 

actor 2 to come with actor 5 as a baby. actor 2 can you carry actor 5 to make it funny. actor 5 dress is baby outfit and bib and big huge bow on your head.

Salaam Alaykum, how are you Farid? 

Wa alaykum salaam Faaris, Alhmadullilah. 

And how are you Zahra? Said Farmer FArid giving Zahra a pat on the head. actor 1 to hug actor 2 and pat actor 5 on the head

Zahra is learning to speak said Farmer Faaris.

Mama! actor 2 to say. 

Mama! actor 5 to say in baby tone


Baba  actor 2 to say

Baba actor 5 to say in baby tone


Allah actor 2 to say

Allah actor 5 to say in baby tone


Mawla  actor 2 to say

Mawla actor 5 to say in baby tone


It’s a circle said Farmer Farid. You learnt, you teach

Zahra learns and soon she will teach too. 

Allamahul Bayaan! He taught speech!


Zahra pointed up to the tree and giggled. (actor 5 to giggle loudly yourself here)

There was a mama bird who chirped and then the little baby birds chirped back. Mama bird chirped and the babies all chirped learning from their mummy.

actor 4 to Bring golden heart poster with the birds in nest here

See it’s a circle. 

We learn, we teach, others learn. Then they will teach. The best learning to learn and teach is the Quran. 

Hold poster of birds and baby birds saying chirp. actor 4 to hold 


Lets thank Allah for speech. We would not be able to share our thought and our feelings if we did not have speech. 

 Mr 2 T Think and Thank rhyme


You know Farmer Farid, I know a really lovely story about the power of Allah’s words.


Once upon a time, there was a wealthy man who had a dinner party. The guests included a molana and a doctor from another land. 

After the dinner party, the man’s son became so dizzy and unwell. He went to bed. The wealthy man asked the molana to recite some ayats of the Quran so his son would feel better. 


Ammayujibul muztara iza da a wa yakshifusu

Please take the ouch away from the ouched one

Ya Kafi Ya Shafi O sufficient O Healer

Waizza maridtu fahuwa yashfin.

When I am sick, He restores he health.


The doctor said, in this day of vitamins, medicines and science, do you really think some words are going to heal him. 

Poster of vitamins medicines and science discovery


The molana turned to the doctor and said, I didn’t know they were putting doctor coats on donkeys.

The doctor was sooo angry, his face turned red and he could not speak. 

actor 3face to turn red. 

The molana said in a soft and kind voice, Please forgive me, I said that just to make a point. See how your face has turned red. Your heart is beating so fast, just because of a few words. Do you not think that Allah’s words can help heal?


The doctor was quiet and realized his mistaken thinking. 

actor 3 to stand there with good facial expression to demonstrate

Lets remember to use our speech, our TV SPEECH in Allah’s way. This is where Speech has POWER!!!!!!!!!!


Allamahul Bayyan. He taught speech 

Surah Rahman 55: 4




Qul Quran and Science and Tech – actor 5 – Blue

Children get to watch a video on how our bodies work in sync to speak. 

Purple group can watch the Operation ouch video to take a look at the voice box. 

And then we run through the Arabic alphabet and create the correct sounds for each of the letters. 

Recognition for the younger children and creating correct sounds. 

While they are doing this, they place their hands on their throats to feel the vibrations inside the voice box, hence the sounds. 

End with sounds of the letters in the ayat and write on white board to form the ayat. So subliminal reading is taking place. 

Children get to look at human body book to see inside the body at the lungs and the ability to speak.

Play dough can be used to make the different parts of TV SPEECH and or letters. 

Older children can make ayat from playdough. Allamahul Bayan


ART – Nabeeha and Zohra in separate stations for double time.

Kandinsky art circles – Red Nabeeha  and Green Zohra to start here

Black construction paper and oil pastels to make a circles art work with 4 circles. While they do this, we give each of the children 2 stickers with learn and teach. They place these on one of the circles to illustrate the full circle of learning and teaching from Allah. Allamal Quran – He taught Quran

Alamahul Bayaan – He taught speech. 

We complete Allah’s circle by learning Quran and speaking it. Others learn this way. 



This is a life skill. If I had to draw a perfect circle and all I had was a pencil, a Sheila pin, card and paper, how would I draw a circle. The students get to try and see what they can come up with and then we show they how.

Pin on one side of the rectangular card and then poke a hole on the other side with the pencil and then allow the pencil to draw in a circle. 


MOVEMENT – actor 2 – Yellow to start here


Ask the children to do an assortment of activities. 

Show activities which are from past and future. 

Stand like Firawn and walk like an Egyptian. 

Future – robotic move. 

They enjoy doing them and then conclude with how it was speech which Allah has so kindly blessed us with that allowed for them to hear the thoughts and instruction. 

In the same way, Rasullulah used his speech to guide people to truth and goodness. 

Cross connection with the pen. Which is also talked about in the Quran, infact there is a surah called Surah Qalam. 

The pen also acts as speech. 


Discuss the power of words. Show children different objects or pictures. Place them all on a tray. Ask them to look at them and then cover with a Sheila. Children have to guess as many as possible. Then ask them which one they think is super powerful. 

The tongue that helps us to talk is one of the most powerful for it is part of TV SPEECH. TEAM VOICE SPEECH

Speech can do so many things.

Talk about famous speeches in history like Martin Luther King Junior or Rosa Parks or Malala. Look at Prophets of the past who used their speech to bring people to belief in one God. 

Then look at how Rasullulah has used his speech to share the Quran with us. We believe in one God and Rasullulah as his messenger from the guidance of speech. 

End with a speech checklist.

Is it kind, it is true, its is Rasullulah Approved. 

We use our gift of speech to learn and to teach Quran. 

Our speech does this all the time. 

Speech should always be of this nature.


Purple Group get to do a wordsearch finding the names of famous people who used speech in the way of Allah. actor 1, please make this word search for your group.


Purple Group – actor 1, you are going to teach them how to play carum. Talk about the game, how it’s played, What are the rules. Then talk about the physics of it all. Every action will have an equal opposite reaction. 

The striker hits the counter and with the right force and aim, it goes into the whole. 

Talk about how you used your speech to share the workings of the game. Talk about how you learnt from your grandpa and he taught you etc. The learning was shared. It’s a full circle. Make the Quran connection. – Allamal Quran. Allamahul Bayaan.

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